How Yoshi's Crafted World Crafts Level Music

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Yoshi's Crafted World is one of the cutest games to come out in recent memory, and playing through the huge variety of environments and level gimmicks constantly put a smile on my face. Likewise, I was continuously delighted hearing all of the different ways the game handled the main theme, too, and I thought I'd share some of my favourite variations from the game's soundtrack in this video.

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  • FireFlashDrive
    FireFlashDrive 4 days ago

    Okay. the music in crafted world isn't all bad...but alot of it gives me Yoshi's New Island vibes and that is not a good thing.

  • Mustafa Chaudheri
    Mustafa Chaudheri 5 days ago

    Just going to leave this here

  • ChuffTV2
    ChuffTV2 15 days ago

    This entire soundtrack, also known as Animal Crossing tricks.

  • FiveGreenBottles
    FiveGreenBottles 16 days ago

    If i was one of your patrons, id recomend taking a look at pikunikus soundtrack. A lot of the soundtrack uses specific notes that connect each area to each other, eg: the mountain village theme and the raining mountain village theme, as well as the main theme. Its got a weird, wacky and fun ost, so i think you should check it out at least.

  • Brilliant Sableye
    Brilliant Sableye 17 days ago

    The Wooly World Soundtrack was sooo much better though. I loved its tracks such as "Knitti-Knotti Windmill Hill" or "Fluffin' Puffin Babysitting"
    The TVclipr AntDude even says that he played YCW while listening to the YWW Soundtrack

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 8 days ago

      How can he listen to Wooly World`s soundtrack? Did you mean he played it back on TVclip while playing the other game? That´s lame...xD

  • Alexander Collins
    Alexander Collins 17 days ago

    I've not heard of "harmonic major" until now... thanks!

  • Bigboi 360
    Bigboi 360 19 days ago

    I liked the game except the coin slot theme, god my ears

  • MP Studios
    MP Studios 20 days ago +5

    Me: The perfect song does not exist
    Yoshi’s crafted world coin machine theme: *exists*

  • Jon Collins
    Jon Collins 20 days ago +1

    Can you please talk about Nier Automata??

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 8 days ago

      It only has mediocre music! So why should be talk about it?

  • The Bass is Loaded
    The Bass is Loaded 23 days ago

    From a western musicological perspective, the use of the xylophone to represent the skellesaurus makes sense in reference to Saint-Seans Carnival of the Animals, with a xylophone (or similar) the featured instrument in "Fossils."

  • Karuchi
    Karuchi 25 days ago

    A video on Kirby or Wario would be neat, especially since Crafted World got so much (deserved) flak about its music compared to the works of Tomoya Tomita in Good Feel's other games.

  • PhazonArcanine4
    PhazonArcanine4 26 days ago

    I love the *marimba*

  • Sachi Onishi
    Sachi Onishi 26 days ago

    can we get a metal slug soundtrack analysis?

  • Sam Putnam
    Sam Putnam 26 days ago +1

    beeg beeg yo shee

  • John Wuu
    John Wuu 27 days ago

    this is why they mad the game out of duct tape, because Yoshi couldn't afford to pay his taxes. :(

  • GHgiant
    GHgiant 27 days ago

    If the G# chord included the dominant 7th:
    /enemy spotted/

    • GHgiant
      GHgiant 27 days ago

      Ok, why does the TVclip comment modifier not work? I was going to put the "enemy spotted" in italics or bold, but apparently that was a scam

  • s90210h
    s90210h 27 days ago

    your references are on point!

  • Soul Essence
    Soul Essence 28 days ago

    It's not conventional, but you might like reviewing Splatoon's music. I'm a sucker for themes like Now or Never

  • sunnysea24
    sunnysea24 28 days ago

    Cool video, I have to say I really love that floaty water/space tune.

  • 유튜브충
    유튜브충 28 days ago

    F F/A | Bb C | F F7/A | Bb7 C |
    Dm | Bb Bbm | F/A Fm/Ab | C7/G F

  • JacobHero
    JacobHero 28 days ago

    Id love to see your stuff for an ace Attorney evaluation my dude

  • Jesse Penner
    Jesse Penner 28 days ago

    Great video as always :)

  • LRGonzales
    LRGonzales 28 days ago +1

    Me pretending to understand the terms: Amazing OST, as a fellow gamer I love dominating

  • Kian Brewin
    Kian Brewin 29 days ago

    I was just wondering, could you make a series on music theory for anime themes?

  • WhereAml
    WhereAml 29 days ago

    Still waiting for the super mario RPG video, subbed years ago knowing you're the man to do it

  • Nathan Townley
    Nathan Townley Month ago

    1:58 I am a die-hard tin whistle player. And that definitely sounds like a recorder, not a tin whistle. The reason I think this is because the Db that's played in the melody is way too clean. In order to get this low tone in the key of F the player would need to playing a tin whistle in the key of C (a very common thing for tin whistlers). The problem with tin whistles is that there is no hole for Db on a C whistle. This is because Tin whistles are Diatonic instruments that cannot play notes out of key without half-hole-ing.
    The second reason I think it's a recorder because you can you hear overtone series when he attacks the notes specifically at 1:53 . Recorders are more sensitive in this way than tin whistles. Any who, for the zero people that care it's a recorder.

  • Nicolas Copérnico
    Nicolas Copérnico Month ago

    that reminds me majora's mask

  • Algy Cuber
    Algy Cuber Month ago

    i'm pretty sure the desert theme is in phrygian, not major, although it starts with F# maj, it comes from phrygian dominant which is phrygian with natural 3 instead of flat 3

  • Godfrey Sigamata
    Godfrey Sigamata Month ago

    Have you done Hotel Dusk: Room 215? I just finished the game and I am cryin rn. pls check it out.

  • Michael Duff
    Michael Duff Month ago

    8:54 I can't help but think this short passage is a nod to the title screen music of Mario Paint. Anyone else hear that?

  • Adam Witte
    Adam Witte Month ago

    If you're looking for more rearrangement fun to work with, the soundtrack of World of Final Fantasy has a ton of re-imaginings of iconic themes from the series, some of which you've even done other videos on. Thoroughly enjoy your work :)

  • WWyatnt 'Splosion
    WWyatnt 'Splosion Month ago

    Now, listen to Yoshi's New Island intro. You will love it. XD

  • Totallynotitsuki -
    Totallynotitsuki - Month ago

    I have a request :
    any touhou game

  • pwnmonkeyisreal
    pwnmonkeyisreal Month ago

    yes but what about yoshi's WOOLY world?

  • shadow2050
    shadow2050 Month ago +1

    Nothing beats Yoshi’s Island Kondo OST!

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 29 days ago

      But we ain´t living in 1990s any longer. We have the year 2019 now. Better sound-hardware has been made. Which is more powerful & therefore can do even better music.But neither Ps4, XboxOne nor Nintendo Switch feature this better sound-hardware.

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 29 days ago

      Wrong, sorry. Splatoon 1´s music is by 100 times better than Koji Kondos. But yeah, Yoshi´s Island-music from SNES was quite good...for the time!

  • Luke Gray
    Luke Gray Month ago of fourths........

  • Cameron E.
    Cameron E. Month ago

    This is the only person I’ve known to praise this game’s god awful soundtrack. God damn this soundtrack was so fucking bad I couldn’t stand listening to the same five songs over and over and over and over again. They were all just the same them, rearranged, and the theme itself is just bad in general. I actually had to mute the game I couldn’t stand it dude

  • Noah Goldberg
    Noah Goldberg Month ago +1

    If anything, At Least this Made Yoshi's Crafted World Somewhat Enjoyable to Listen to. ^^

  • Alex Toli
    Alex Toli Month ago

    Bless your soul acknowledging it as the circle of fourths

  • Uncle Butt
    Uncle Butt Month ago

    Could you do a video on the Crash Bandicoot 3 soundtrack?

  • Bill Ypsilantis
    Bill Ypsilantis Month ago +1


  • hslesperance
    hslesperance Month ago

    Did you post this on Easter because of colored eggs?

    So after looking through the comments here and on the videos for the games' soundtrack, I don't think most people enjoy the reuse of the main melody as much as 8-bit; it could understandably get grating after a while, though this game might be a bit shorter than Wooly World, so maybe it's not too bad. And maybe the composer was brought into development late and this was sort of a shortcut to just rearrange the same theme.

    As for the kiddy toys chosen for instrumentation, not sure if that was the composers decision or somebody else but I can see why other don't like this (I'm not a huge fan but I don't hate it). Wooly World only used it for one or two songs. This Kazufumi Umeda is a good composer (zero info online about him), but it seems he was trying too hard to copy other Nintendo composers instead of crafting his own sound. Wouldn't mind hearing another soundtrack of his that is more original and takes more chances.

    I hope Tomoya Tomita works on a new game soon. Epic Yarn has to be one of my top 5 OSTS; Wooly World and Wario Shake It are great, too.

    Thank you as always for the interesting music analysis!

  • Calsop170
    Calsop170 Month ago

    Love the video. In the main theme that sounds more like a Recorder playing the tune rather than a tin whistle. Also in Skellasaurus Rex, it's a Marimba not a Xylophone. You can tell by the softer sound - compare it to the Xylophone in the Main Theme

  • Mobbs
    Mobbs Month ago +1

    That's a recorder, not a tin whistle =P

  • Infectionform
    Infectionform Month ago

    Thank you for making this! I see so many people bashing this game online for the instrumentation choice but it's very much worth looking past that to discover the ingenious arrangements underneath!

  • Lumiel
    Lumiel Month ago +1

    Honestly, I do not find the soundtrack for the new Yoshi games very pleasing to the ear. I do understand the intention of the composer, but it does not compare to the soundtrack of the original Yoshi's Island game. It is too cowardly, in an artistic sense. It lacks some certain spark of genius.

  • Alex Chacon
    Alex Chacon Month ago +5

    Your production quality seems to have increased by quite a bit lately (not that it was bad before). I love your videos, keep up the great work!

  • musingineer
    musingineer Month ago +2

    The xylophones in Skull-a-saurus rex really feel like a callback to Birdo's miniboss theme in Super Mario 2

  • N.O.W.
    N.O.W. Month ago

    My favorite music theory channel on TVclip!

  • BuIIetBiII
    BuIIetBiII Month ago

    where do you get the sheet music you use from?

  • MidnaSMW
    MidnaSMW Month ago

    I wonder how that melody would sound in a level where you avoid taxes.

  • Stargarden
    Stargarden Month ago

    Answer to the thumbnail:

  • Isaac Mall
    Isaac Mall Month ago

    You should look at "Up Shutterhead Pass" From Woolly World

  • davyinatoga
    davyinatoga Month ago

    It would be neat for an upcoming video to explore the idea of compositional signatures, using Nippon Ichi Software games as a source. I was listening through the soundtrack to The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince, and a couple songs stuck out to me as distinctly Disgaea-esque. That reminded me of how a lot of songs from games developed by NISA and G-Angle have a very specific sound that's easily identifiable. It's been hard to articulate exactly why and how it's so easy to pinpoint those songs, whether it's frequent use of certain chord progressions, or the particular soundfont that the composers use, or similarities to how instruments are used, etc.

  • Michael David Roth
    Michael David Roth Month ago

    Great video! This was a beautifully orchestrated game!

  • TheMarionick
    TheMarionick Month ago +4

    Me: ''Hey, an interesting video.''
    Video: *Starts talking about music notes like I know what they mean*
    Me: ''Ait, nevermind.''

  • Zethra Kage
    Zethra Kage Month ago


  • Looksharp staysmart

    Yooooooo that underwater theme gives me the STRONGEST Animal Crossibg vibes

  • MasterMarioMX
    MasterMarioMX Month ago

    Well, After appreciating the genius behind the soundtrack.....
    I still don't like it. Maybe I am a bit Biased on more "adrenaline filled" music or something....maybe.
    It is still LEAGES away from the atrocity of yoshi island ds.....
    it wont be as awesome as the OG yoshi's island, at least for me.

  • MrAwesome5352
    MrAwesome5352 Month ago +1

    The Giant Skelesaurous track sounds like Radiohead’s Pyramid Song

  • Gwunhar
    Gwunhar Month ago

    Sounds like a triumph of a soundtrack. I'm pretty eager to play through this, but I'm saving it as a "hey you finished school strongly!" reward for my kiddo. She loved the demo so much she wanted to play through it again immediately when we finished.

  • Coleminer
    Coleminer Month ago

    take notes masayoshi ishi, this is how you compose music

  • Gaawachan
    Gaawachan Month ago

    The music of Crafted World is garbage compared to its predecessor, Woolly World. That's not to say it is bad *coughbutitiscough*, but it was incredibly disappointing for a lot of players who had played the previous entry. Also, cover XBC game music or Nier/Drakkengard music, plz.

  • Kela Karhu
    Kela Karhu Month ago

    Just tried out the demo of this game today, now this. Man, I'm happy. 😊

  • 7th AngelAD
    7th AngelAD Month ago

    Never has a xylophone caused such anxiety.

  • Julius Kulla
    Julius Kulla Month ago

    Answer: it doesn't.

  • Marie Brittain
    Marie Brittain Month ago

    Thank you so much for making this!! I didn't know that this was exactly what I wanted, but when I saw it in my feed, I just... :D :D :D

  • Retro Reboot
    Retro Reboot Month ago

    This video was recommended because i watch shady cicada.
    *I've been watching your videos for longer*

  • Brad Haupt
    Brad Haupt Month ago

    Loving your channel!

  • peacegiant
    peacegiant Month ago

    Yoshi’s Story did this too!

  • KirbyVolt
    KirbyVolt Month ago +1

    I don't dislike this main theme, and I get what they're going for as Yoshi's Story did this too. But the instrumentation for many of these tracks are pretty harsh. The space one sounds fine since it's more subdued, but the harshness of the whistle in the main theme kind of ruins it. The melody is great, they just needed to work on how to orchestrated it between different instruments. Even if it is fitting with the "kiddy" theme that the game goes for, that's not really an excuse to have the music sound grating. The track used at the end of this video really drove home for me just how obnoxious this OST can get. And I do feel bad saying this because again, I think the melody and the overall theme is fine. But I think Yoshi's previous outing grossly overshadows this OST and makes people clamor for it. While it doesn't have the same "toybox style" of this game, it does have more of a variety that I would say resonates with childhood. We have various different memories from childhood that don't all fall into the "toybox category" that this game tries to push for.
    That said not a bad video at all as it did make me rethink this OST quite a bit. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but it did leave a lot to be desired.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Month ago +3

    *LiETmOtIFs* If you watch Sideways.....

  • Chimroy Grugspro
    Chimroy Grugspro Month ago

    One of the major complaints with this game is its lack of different songs on each level and it overusing songs to much. Now know every level's song is based off the main theme it makes sense why there is a lack of variation from level to level but, it also makes it feel worse that there aren't different songs that don't base themselves off the main theme and that there is, technically, only one song in the game with some adjustments

  • UnC1v1Liz3d
    UnC1v1Liz3d Month ago

    Wonderful as usuals but...Spyro reignited. Multi part series needed.

  • Vesper
    Vesper Month ago +2

    For the guitar parts you wrote it in bass clef, but generally guitar is written in treble clef (with the octave lower sign). Just a small critique, and nice video!

    • Vesper
      Vesper Month ago +1

      +Vash true so that's why its a small critique

    • Vash
      Vash Month ago

      Seems easier to write in bass clef if it's playing the bass line.

  • Clarence Corbeil
    Clarence Corbeil Month ago

    Very nice vid! Thank you for expanding my musical knowledge in a very cool and re-watchable content!
    Speaking of that, one Mario series you did not touch on is Mario & Luigi. Yoko Shimomura did all of the soundtracks for all the games, so why not doing a video on the Mario & Luigi music? Perhaps on how they blend humour and darkness or something like that?

  • TheMystFire
    TheMystFire Month ago +1

    You should do an analysis of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. Honestly one of the best gaming soundtracks of all time

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 29 days ago

      Sorry, don´t agree. Mario 3D World´s soundtrack was better. And Splatoon1´s of course too. Mario Galaxy was "good" though.For 2010.

  • Casey Riggs
    Casey Riggs Month ago +2

    I love the homemade style music in Yoshi games, I feel like even I could replicate it

  • karotofel
    karotofel Month ago

    It’s really annoying tbh

  • Jonathan Truong
    Jonathan Truong Month ago +16

    It'd be cool if you looked at some of Super Paper Mario's soundtrack.

  • Void lon iXaarii
    Void lon iXaarii Month ago

    All your videos are so so great. Thank you so very much

  • idliketobeagummybear
    idliketobeagummybear Month ago +4

    dude. professor layton, any game, any soundtrack. i beg😭😩

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 29 days ago

      Professor Layton-games don´t use high-quality midi-tracks/notes. They use cheaply-designed low-quality mp3-like ones.

  • EMZ998
    EMZ998 Month ago +4

    Honest question: Has this channel ever done any non-Sonic SEGA related content?

  • Alex Menéndez Albarracín

    Great video, as always! Could you analyse the "Crazy Bus" soundtrack? I bet it could make a great episode

  • CJWproductions
    CJWproductions Month ago +1

    Hol up a minute! Is this soundtrack actually great?

  • Ritxman
    Ritxman Month ago

    4:18 reminds me of some night time theme from animal crossing

  • Alciel
    Alciel Month ago

    Could you do something like this but about the various Punch Out themes?

  • bcortale
    bcortale Month ago

    Would you have anything interesting to say about the music of Golden Sun 1 and 2 on gameboy advance?

    • Walther Penne
      Walther Penne 29 days ago

      GBA simply didn´t have ANY good music! xD It had horrible music-quality in general.

  • Nick Wallette
    Nick Wallette Month ago

    It bothers me so much that Yoshi is painted as a child-minded simpleton. Having only played SMW until recently, i felt like Yoshi's Island robbed him of sophistication, and each later entry just made it worse. This Playschool aesthetic is a terribly orchestrated regression from the light, bouncy, charming, but still tasteful, Super Mario World OST. Way to ruin a character, N.

  • Aimen 2
    Aimen 2 Month ago +1

    Wooly world still has best music dough.

  • Senseless mind
    Senseless mind Month ago +1

    I just got the game and you post this video. ^^ I've read many comments about the music being not good, but I think it's just fine.

  • YoshMaster
    YoshMaster Month ago

    The underwater theme reminds me a LOOOOT of the Link to the Past slower songs!

  • MischievousPirate
    MischievousPirate Month ago

    really wish there was a good source online to learn about music, no clue what hes talking about but it sounds very interesting.

  • Noah Moody
    Noah Moody Month ago +1

    at 2:28 there is a g written in the final two eights notes of the phrase but in the recording it's an a....

  • x Critical Strike x
    x Critical Strike x Month ago +5

    Another vote for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Personally i think it is the greatest soundtrack ever made.

  • Vicctre Tamaj
    Vicctre Tamaj Month ago

    I really don’t like the music in this game tbh...mostly the boss theme disappoints, like Kirby got some bad ass themes and Yoshi Wolly world had some good boss themes that were intense, but this games OST isn’t that great IMO

  • Michael Leue
    Michael Leue Month ago +1

    Both music and video seem a little dry, maybe the latter as a consequence of the former? Easy to analyze, sure, but not very interesting. Only so many times I can listen to the same seven notes before getting kind of tired of it, and the video was only 10 minutes long. Imagine playing a game where it never stopped for hours!

  • Benjamin Baxter
    Benjamin Baxter Month ago

    8-bit Music Theory: “Take that, Girlfriend Reviews!”

  • MathieuVIII
    MathieuVIII Month ago

    Maybe with this video, people will stop saying Yoshi's Crafted World soundtrack sucks...

  • Robert Stocking
    Robert Stocking Month ago +3

    I'm not the first to mention this, but Skelesaurus uses a marimba, not xylophone. Marimba has that bone-rattley clatter, but with a much darker tone than xylo.