Chris Webber’s ongoing beef with Jalen Rose has kept Michigan’s legendary “Fab Five” from reuniting

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
  • Chris Webber and Jalen Rose were recruiting rivals growing up in Detroit, but that didn't stop them from being close friends. They were so close, in fact, that Rose followed Webber to the University of Michigan, joining a legendary 1991 recruiting class that came to be known as "The Fab Five." Those five guys revolutionized college basketball and won a whole lot of games, but lost both their trips to the NCAA Final. The second of those losses came after Webber's infamous timeout call. And all those wins? They've been vacated because of a sprawling scandal that included a booster, a gambling ring, and payouts to a number of Wolverines players, including Webber.
    So the "Fab Five" legacy is complicated, in large part because of Webber's mistakes. And that fact has fueled decades of beef between the former best friends. Webber has come across as sensitive and standoffish about his past, while Rose has perhaps been too aggressive in pushing Webber to apologize for his past. This beef between them has showed in TV programs, documentaries, and books, and it's only gotten worse.
    This episode of Beef History tells the tale of a friendship turned feud, with the hope that airing things out might help put the "Fab Five" and their legacy back where they ought to be: together, and prominent in Michigan history.
    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Shot and edited by Ryan Simmons
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Comments • 2 202

  • Riiiley Hartman
    Riiiley Hartman 2 hours ago

    14:26 Jalen’s malfunctioning 👾🤖

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    Jalen rose wants to be famous so bad

  • Christian Verduzco

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Kobe scored 81 on Jalen Rose.

  • Bulbasaur entertainment network B.E.N

    Is it really that hard to apologize? Even if u dont mean it? Webber he obviously cares about you and wants everything to be better. Like wtf. It doesnt take a rocket scientist

  • Flotsam Jetsam
    Flotsam Jetsam 3 days ago

    The Fab Five was really Chris Webber + 4. Jalen needs to STFU about Webber's relationship with Michigan. He sucks for airing another man's business so publicly.

  • bob burger
    bob burger 3 days ago

    Whoaaaa they earn no money. How about a quarter of a million dollars education?

  • Edward Hill
    Edward Hill 4 days ago

    If rose team would have played webber team in homeschool rose's team would have beat them by double digits.... Real talk.. I was there i live in michigan rose's team had 3 people play 1a webber team had just webber the dunk...that was his game at that time

  • Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist

    Rose was right. Webber was nothing but a bad influence to those around him. He left a big mess wherever he went.

  • whereyoankles
    whereyoankles 5 days ago

    bruh the narrators face is irritating

  • Shane Welter
    Shane Welter 5 days ago

    13:26 Reggie Miller ain't buying it.

  • wira sagala
    wira sagala 7 days ago

    Came here bcause of the draymond timeout in game 6

  • Randy
    Randy 7 days ago

    TLDR: Jalen Rose, the third best member of the Fab Five, is still butthurt and whining over a time-out that happend 26 years ago when Webber was a 20 year-old, SMDH.

  • Sena Kashiwazaki
    Sena Kashiwazaki 8 days ago

    Absolutely love all your stuff. Surprised you haven’t done a deep rewind on the Webber timeout. I’d love to see that.

  • Kigama
    Kigama 9 days ago

    Rose low key.

  • One-Eye
    One-Eye 9 days ago

    Apparently the beef has been quashed, with Juwan Howard's signing as Michigan State's head coach being a huge step towards recovering the relationship between the college and the Fab Five..

    All we need is the public reunion to make it official.

    • One-Eye
      One-Eye 9 days ago

      @Tyler Gordon Okay.

    • Tyler Gordon
      Tyler Gordon 9 days ago

      One-Eye you mean Michigan? Not Michigan state

  • Jean Gentry
    Jean Gentry 10 days ago

    Reggie is so uncomfortable during that Dan Patrick interview...

  • JB Fox
    JB Fox 11 days ago +3

    That was simply a perfect encapsulation of the nature of the beef that most of us basketball fans didn't even fully understand. It's all personality driven and these two brothers should take the example of Magic and Isiah and squash the beef publicly.

  • I Said What I Said
    I Said What I Said 12 days ago

    Jalen seems like that type so I’m with C-Webb on this.

  • unspokenrespect
    unspokenrespect 12 days ago +1

    They both are GREAT analyst. Webber really impresses me.

  • JL
    JL 12 days ago +10

    Colin Cowherd vs marriages please

  • Rory
    Rory 12 days ago +1

    Jalen's ridden this story to the top of espn, wonder if he can keep it alive to keep himself relevant.

  • RobinHoodGuy
    RobinHoodGuy 12 days ago

    So fast five banners are still down huh.. That's crazy.

  • ChristineCAlb1
    ChristineCAlb1 12 days ago +1

    Ouch! That’s pretty heavy. I’ve always said that Webber was going to carry that “Time Out” to his grave. Hope both men are able to sort this out.

  • Dave Kirst
    Dave Kirst 14 days ago

    Fab Five were all scumbags and crooks

  • Vance Hill
    Vance Hill 15 days ago


  • Toronto Rap Critic
    Toronto Rap Critic 15 days ago +2

    Jalen and Chris are good friends. Its just a matter of time before they reconnect. Bonds like that never die. Watch these two geniuses turn something negative into something positive....for the culture.

  • Justin Coleman
    Justin Coleman 15 days ago

    Lost me at capitalism

  • Albert Sosa
    Albert Sosa 15 days ago +4

    Please do Lavar Ball vs the toothbrush.

  • dawgpound 4life
    dawgpound 4life 16 days ago +1

    Unfortunately Webber is the downfall of the FAB 5 era . I then became after seeing my 1st osu football and basketball game

  • Sean M
    Sean M 17 days ago

    Why did they have a center bring to ball up the court?

    • Jarrod VanHorn
      Jarrod VanHorn 15 days ago +1

      Well "They" didn't have him bring it up the court, C-Webb had a brain freeze after he almost (cough) traveled and simply missed the open outlet pass to Rose because of it....and the rest as they say is history.

  • Sam Scharp
    Sam Scharp 17 days ago +3

    Jalen Rose has always irritated me. Just the way he talks and his arrogance. He needs to move the hell on from Chris Webber, It sounds like he is jealous and obsessed with him.

  • Lords of October Official

    Great video. You sound almost exactly like Bill Simmons, btw.

  • rhard007
    rhard007 17 days ago

    Chis and Jalen both need to stop acting like little girls fighting over a boy. Grow the hell up guys .. Chris you F'k up, admit it .. Jalen, it's time to shut your mouth and stop acting like you are the spokes person for the Fab 5.

  • Jay Sha
    Jay Sha 18 days ago

    89 UNLV Would Destroy the Overhyped Fab 5

  • Thrilla from Manila
    Thrilla from Manila 18 days ago +1 know its real when Reggie Miller's face sitting next to CWebb looks just like that Stephen A. Smith meme going around right now.

  • EntreproJodie Love
    EntreproJodie Love 18 days ago

    I lost so much respect for Chris Webber. Like a damn female that cant get over...bad look Chris

  • Kee-pyor Myndopen
    Kee-pyor Myndopen 18 days ago

    I don’t get it. What did Chris Weber do at Michigan? Take money to play there?

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan 18 days ago

    Jalen had a shitty career. That’s the truth, he was a nobody

  • airving
    airving 18 days ago

    Webber is a phony person. Just listen to his color commentary. He always suck up to the refs and believe they are always right. Other color commentary analyst always tell the game with their own opinion. Webber has no stance with the calls of the game. Very very sad. He has a problem of being honest and real. Just fess up and tell the mistakes, it doesn't make you weak it makes you a man.

  • Gabriel Ward
    Gabriel Ward 18 days ago

    15:23 maybe it’ll take Juwan Howard becoming the Michigan coach

  • Gregor Collins
    Gregor Collins 19 days ago +2

    Not a lot of comments about the incredible and inspiring (and accurate) writing and storytelling that went into this piece. Really nice work, Seth and Ryan.

  • Sean Hackney
    Sean Hackney 19 days ago

    Ed Martin was never a Michigan Booster. Anyone who thinks so doesn't know what a booster is.

    • One-Eye
      One-Eye 9 days ago

      True. But boosters wouldn't be a problem at all if the NCAA weren't such corrupt scumbags.

  • HustlerKid
    HustlerKid 19 days ago

    i wonder why jalen rose aint in nab 2k? he should let 2k buy the rights for him

  • HubbaBubba Bear
    HubbaBubba Bear 20 days ago

    Sounds like a young Bill Simmons

  • Peter Ye
    Peter Ye 20 days ago

    13:56 Reggie's face says it all. Own up CWeb, we still love you.

  • chrisguy9017
    chrisguy9017 20 days ago

    Jalen is using cweb for his own fame.

  • Alonzo X
    Alonzo X 20 days ago

    Still not whole

  • Marcus Crowley
    Marcus Crowley 20 days ago

    13:29 Reggie trying to look invisible.

  • Yami Yamz
    Yami Yamz 20 days ago +1

    Jaylen seems like a snitch and the only one hanging Webber out to dry in multiple formats. Jeez let it rest

  • Kha'lil Smith
    Kha'lil Smith 20 days ago

    they never won in college or nba who cares

  • Pauline James
    Pauline James 20 days ago

    Chris webber is KD father he threw that game

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 21 day ago

    Time Out

  • Ifeanyi  Agwunobi
    Ifeanyi Agwunobi 21 day ago

    Scottie Pippen vs. Charles Barkley!!!!

  • John Farrell
    John Farrell 21 day ago +1

    16+ minutes that will never be recovered.

  • goldenkingstoys
    goldenkingstoys 21 day ago

    They both probably have lied to some extent i think jalen was wrong by making it public

  • Touchdown Taylor
    Touchdown Taylor 21 day ago

    It has to be deeper than that.

  • don brassco
    don brassco 21 day ago +1

    Back To Back😊# Coach Should Have Put A Play Together😈

  • Richard Ashianor
    Richard Ashianor 21 day ago

    What’s sad is that it may take something huge to even bring them to an understanding. It may be Michigan acknowledging their accomplishments, if only by a mention.
    The much more bleak scenario is a tragedy. I hope they reconcile while their coach is there to be a part.

  • jaye501
    jaye501 22 days ago +3

    that was pretty good for a you tube video... that was close to 30 for 30 quality...

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 22 days ago +2

    Webber doesn't have to say anything.

  • shel i
    shel i 22 days ago

    Chris was the teenager with the talent and the most to lose. Adults around him bent the rules. Webber should do what his lawyers advise. Everybody else's expectations come after that.

  • ChucksterOLove
    ChucksterOLove 22 days ago

    Were the Fab 5 really legendary? If so, they were legendary failures! Talk about the best team to never win an NCAA title. They choked under pressure, just like Weber calling the non existent time out...
    The Fab 5 = potential unrealized.

  • bosttrain
    bosttrain 22 days ago

    Wait, so how did Rob Pelinka become GM of the Lakers? I remember him playing for Michigan, but thought that was the last I heard from him. All this other stuff anyone can figure. It's a shame because they were 2 of the most popular college players of the era.

  • Chuck Williams
    Chuck Williams 23 days ago +2

    Need To Do One With Ron Artist & Detroit Piston Fans

  • LycanVonWolf
    LycanVonWolf 23 days ago

    webber is overrated

  • Robert Peguero
    Robert Peguero 23 days ago +3

    Currently smh .. they should rename this series spilling the MF tea

  • Bald Arrow
    Bald Arrow 24 days ago

    Jalen Rose: ''I don't need to talk about him to further my career''

    Also Jalen Rose: Co-produces doc full on CWebb's case,publishes a book full of hearsay about CWebb,constantly out on the media trashing CWebb,running a play-by-play of the infamous timeout,running his mouth yet again once Juwan Howard is named new HC of the Michigan Wolverines.

  • John Harrop
    John Harrop 24 days ago

    Rose is a douche, Webber is a baby

  • Tom Platz
    Tom Platz 24 days ago

    Jalen Rose is a baby....

  • Mo
    Mo 24 days ago

    Nice work. Subscribed

  • 1motorcitychop
    1motorcitychop 24 days ago

    I don’t know what it is about Detroit but why everyone have it out for us is crazy we can’t make it harder on us it’s naturally that way from sports to rap it’s really Detroit vs everybody

  • Heetckers
    Heetckers 24 days ago +2

    Reggie Miller wasn't buying any of that for a second man you can just look at his face!

    • jaye501
      jaye501 22 days ago +1

      nope... not a single word... and ftr... neither am i... rose is far from one of my fav players... in fact i'm not fond of him either... but right is right... and wrong is webber... phony dude... and was way overrated...

  • Player 1
    Player 1 24 days ago

    Over rated...... Below avg..... Hence none in HOF.

  • Vivian Burton
    Vivian Burton 24 days ago

    Sorry for the file Chris 😂..

  • Humble Lion
    Humble Lion 24 days ago +4

    This is so well done, very informative and funny. I am just a fan.

  • Calvin Jackson
    Calvin Jackson 24 days ago

    C. Webb, at this point, this is bigger than you big bro. We (the inspired), are in the search of closure from this. if any of this is true, we need to reach a resolution. ( no Kirk Franklin)

  • Monter Glasper
    Monter Glasper 24 days ago +2

    I know both J. Rose and C. Webb. Matter fact, I lost the 1991 HS State Championship to C. Webb....

  • Lu Villan
    Lu Villan 24 days ago +3

    I feel like Webber is being portrayed like the bad guy
    Don’t think it’s the case tho

  • Gorilla Guerrilla
    Gorilla Guerrilla 24 days ago +7


    Shawn Bradley making 6'10 guys look tiny.

    • Homar Torres
      Homar Torres 23 days ago

      They look like middle school students next to Bradley!

  • OGD5000g
    OGD5000g 25 days ago

    Jalen needs to stop acting like a little girl.

  • K.C.O. JoUrNeY!!
    K.C.O. JoUrNeY!! 25 days ago


  • K.C.O. JoUrNeY!!
    K.C.O. JoUrNeY!! 25 days ago

    webber over rose factsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Jonathan Nieman
    Jonathan Nieman 25 days ago

    Great video dude! Look forward to more

  • Milin Sharrow
    Milin Sharrow 25 days ago +46

    Who's here after jalen said the hiring of juwan will bring them back together

  • Kit Fisto21
    Kit Fisto21 25 days ago +6

    It's hopefully going to heal with Juwan coaching at UM. These guys changed the face of college basketball together. I rooted for them all then and will always be a fan. Fab 5 forever.

  • pe muniez
    pe muniez 26 days ago

    It would be super cool to see these 2 men become vegetarian and give the Beef up so we can get the FAB 5 back in a Updated Photo, it was a serious mistake but, a MISTAKE IN ALL LIG...

  • Robert Costa
    Robert Costa 26 days ago

    Here's the beef : Rose shied away from bringing the ball up court vs. North Carolina at the end of the '93 Championship game. He never came over to get the ball, which is his job as point guard. It forced Webber to almost travel and then dribble up court into the corner & calling the infamous time out. No one talks about Rose as regards the way this played out. Webber gets all of the goat label. What about Rose? There's the beef right there. Rose needs to step up and take some of the blame.

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr 26 days ago

    Wait.. Don't Rose say he received small amounts? So the issue is that Webber received big money and initially denied it, as anyone usually does in this case as evidence are rarely there. So Webber is being blamed for receiving money from his school, and then when the school gets caught giving it to him and gets sanction is his fault he got it?

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr 26 days ago +1

    Your microphone is bigger than your head and you still sound like talking through a cardboard box

  • mike smith
    mike smith 26 days ago

    that team was so OVERATTED, they NEVER won anything. they got smashed by DUKE and choked against unc

  • myfatcousin1
    myfatcousin1 26 days ago

    Jalen Rose is being stingy to Webber

  • Symphony Love
    Symphony Love 26 days ago

    But wtf is Jalen Rose to demand an apology from anyone? God? Chris Webber doesn’t owe him anything. I think his obsession with Chris is scary and he needs to stop living in the past. No more Fab 4, GROWN MEN so grow up.

  • Jakub pogubila
    Jakub pogubila 26 days ago

    Webber does have a point,Rose won’t let it go.

  • Jakub pogubila
    Jakub pogubila 26 days ago

    Man Rose just won’t let it go.

    ILL BOMBER! 26 days ago +2

    This is a hit job on Webber! I don't like or respect you. Cause you're DEVISIVE!

  • Silas Beacom
    Silas Beacom 27 days ago

    Jalen Rose seems like someone who has a hard time letting things go

    • Silas Beacom
      Silas Beacom 24 days ago

      Its clear to me we are talking about the same thing

    • Silas Beacom
      Silas Beacom 24 days ago

      Oh yeah thats exactly what needs to happen

    • Todd Kort
      Todd Kort 24 days ago

      @Silas Beacom No. Chris needs to have his diapers changed and grow-up.

    • Silas Beacom
      Silas Beacom 25 days ago

      What needs to be made right? Jalens bruised ego?

    • Todd Kort
      Todd Kort 25 days ago

      It is Webber who screwed-up (the time out, taking big money from Ed, lying about taking money, shunning the 4 others, etc.) -- he is the one that needs to make things right. It would be something he could do in a few minutes and it would be over with, but he isn't man enough to make things right.

  • James Bingham
    James Bingham 27 days ago

    I s it possible that both guys overestimate how much we care?

  • sosaboy sosa
    sosaboy sosa 27 days ago +11

    You can't be friends again....when you have been ..cut so deep!....."no trust"🤔

  • Robert WILLIAMS JR.
    Robert WILLIAMS JR. 27 days ago

    Jaylen rose looks like Nick Cannon

  • Ayomide Osuntokun
    Ayomide Osuntokun 27 days ago

    wonder what that star recruit went on to do
    lol go green