Chris Webber’s ongoing beef with Jalen Rose has kept Michigan’s legendary “Fab Five” from reuniting

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
  • Chris Webber and Jalen Rose were recruiting rivals growing up in Detroit, but that didn't stop them from being close friends. They were so close, in fact, that Rose followed Webber to the University of Michigan, joining a legendary 1991 recruiting class that came to be known as "The Fab Five." Those five guys revolutionized college basketball and won a whole lot of games, but lost both their trips to the NCAA Final. The second of those losses came after Webber's infamous timeout call. And all those wins? They've been vacated because of a sprawling scandal that included a booster, a gambling ring, and payouts to a number of Wolverines players, including Webber.
    So the "Fab Five" legacy is complicated, in large part because of Webber's mistakes. And that fact has fueled decades of beef between the former best friends. Webber has come across as sensitive and standoffish about his past, while Rose has perhaps been too aggressive in pushing Webber to apologize for his past. This beef between them has showed in TV programs, documentaries, and books, and it's only gotten worse.
    This episode of Beef History tells the tale of a friendship turned feud, with the hope that airing things out might help put the "Fab Five" and their legacy back where they ought to be: together, and prominent in Michigan history.
    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Shot and edited by Ryan Simmons
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Comments • 2 385

  • Joshua Ohale
    Joshua Ohale Hour ago

    Rose is a jealous sucka.

  • Sportsquiz Kid
    Sportsquiz Kid Day ago

    Westbrook vs Durant please

  • Robby Shutler
    Robby Shutler 2 days ago

    MJ. Isiah Thomas

  • ace94d
    ace94d 3 days ago

    Is it just me or does Jalen sound like a robot at 14:25?

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808 3 days ago

    Webber is a lil baby.
    Jalen Rose when Juan Howard got the Michigan job said everything should be squashed and everyone support Juan and move forward .

  • mtma l
    mtma l 6 days ago

    Jalen really mad that Chris left after the 2nd year cuz it wasn’t no way they was making it back after that cuz he was they best player

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P 6 days ago +1

    This is what happens when you make billions on the backs of players.


    i think it's pretty obvious that c webb is definitely still and always gonna be very haunted by that since he never won a championship at a major level, but it sucks cause even as a lakers fan he was fun as hell to watch play

  • Cameron X
    Cameron X 7 days ago

    From the start of the video it's OBVIOUS Rose NEVER respected Chris as a man or player. These two were always destined to be rivals and not teammates.

  • bigstupidgrin
    bigstupidgrin 8 days ago

    saddest beef

  • Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols

    If you don't address your past you'll never escape it.

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams 9 days ago

    I really hate this vacating of NCAA seasons- the Fab 5, Derrick Rose’s season at Memphis and even Louisville’s most recent National Championship, just to name a few. It’s unfair to the athletes who did nothing wrong, to the students and the fans. Unless cheating goes on between the lines, erasing history is bullshit. If laws are broken, the courts should do their thing.

  • Davinio
    Davinio 11 days ago

    Rose looks weird without hair and he also looks a lot like D Rose

  • Justin Pruett
    Justin Pruett 11 days ago

    Now the real question: Who is the better basketball analyst? I’ll take Rose, but Webber’s team around him.

  • Stupid Google
    Stupid Google 12 days ago

    I mean Webber will always look like the bad guy but it seems like Rose is just using him for his own self-promotion.

  • Andy Ross
    Andy Ross 14 days ago

    Bums! GO GREEN!

  • George Workman
    George Workman 15 days ago

    That timeout broke my heart I was a Michigan fan and I was 10 years old I never liked Webber after that

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas 16 days ago

    I think in my opinion Chris webber what's to be treated like the big fish he was in Jalen rose is saying bro u are not the big fish no more in let it go bro we are grow man now . Let's move forward. But Chris what's to be respected like he was in college. But Jalen was the man too in college so. It's all about a pissing contest. See i watched every game they played in college and football i am a fan For life in hate that this happened to Michigan basketball because they started the hood basketball and the suburbs in i love it all of it rose webber king Jackson Howard taylor polinko coach fish . How can we ever fix this if we always looking back . Just my two cents

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young 16 days ago +1

    u know what really went between these two? it's not the beef.... it's money.....

  • Charlie Martinez
    Charlie Martinez 17 days ago

    Shawn Michaels n Brett Hart
    Shaq n kobe
    Magic n Isaiah
    Next list
    Jordan n Thomas
    Rose n Webber
    Skip n Tebow feat. Cowgirls
    Why so serious!? 🤡😎

  • Nick Phillips
    Nick Phillips 19 days ago

    Why should Webber apologize for anything? This is the most overblown "should be" of all time. Move on JR. CWebb should get a verbal restraining order. Fight childish with childish.

  • JaySw34
    JaySw34 20 days ago

    I can see where both guys are coming from here

  • Herm P
    Herm P 20 days ago

    🤣 7:21 How much money did they pay these two dudes to sit right next to each other?

  • Gibaničar Stolar
    Gibaničar Stolar 21 day ago

    Both are clowns and shady. Who knows what really went down

  • William Nidey
    William Nidey 21 day ago

    Steve Nash and Jason Richardson BEEF . LOL

  • William Nidey
    William Nidey 21 day ago

    Lawrence Taylor vs Phil Simms beef

  • Vaughn Resper Jr.
    Vaughn Resper Jr. 22 days ago

    I hope they can mend the fence.

  • Quality Kickz313
    Quality Kickz313 23 days ago

    They good now Juwan Howard head coach of U of M Basketball brought them all back together

  • matt61387
    matt61387 23 days ago +1

    Kareem's face while Webber is talking about how much he doesn't care about the TO says it all. Everyone can tell you're shoveling some BS there Chris.

  • Derreck Pressley
    Derreck Pressley 23 days ago

    one day this myth that college athletes don't get paid right now will be laid to rest. The argument is, should they get paid more since everyone else is getting paid more is a fair question to ask.

  • jerry janik
    jerry janik 24 days ago

    Let's see what happens that one c
    Juwan Howard is is the head coach of Michigan basketball team now go big blue I hope these guys and settle their differences

  • Carl Ive
    Carl Ive 24 days ago

    I think this is a lovers quarrel.

    • Carl Ive
      Carl Ive 24 days ago

  • Sconnie
    Sconnie 24 days ago

    Ncaa is so retarded. Who gives af if someone gives another person money? It’s nice of them, they’re looking out for others who cares. Plus it has no impact on how the team plays on the court so why pull the banners???

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG 25 days ago

    Jalen Rose hairline vs his face

  • Nbs Tay
    Nbs Tay 26 days ago

    Jalen is a trolling dead 💀 🥀

  • Nbs Tay
    Nbs Tay 26 days ago

    Why should Chris Webber apologize when the white man paid him to play for them, when things go wrong , black man get the blame not every black man is not Uncle Tom or Sam like Jalen Rose 🥀

  • Austin Stephens
    Austin Stephens 26 days ago

    bill simmons vs espn

  • David Vélez
    David Vélez 28 days ago

    yk what haunts jalen, 81.

  • Kyle Merrick
    Kyle Merrick 29 days ago

    The jalen and jacobly show is on when I’m watching this and jalens talking bout Chris

  • Gary Thompson
    Gary Thompson Month ago

    i hate hate rose, but i sorta like webber!

  • thatfatguy
    thatfatguy Month ago

    Lavar v toothbrush

  • Envision Studios
    Envision Studios Month ago

    If you are going to tell a story tell the whole story. In the time out incident Webber team mates was screaming time out from the sidelines. On the Documentary you can clearly see his team mate calling timeout. And when it comes to Webber and Rose the problems start when Webber bad mouth Martin. Martin took care of a lot of young men. And Rose believe it was wrong for Webber to bad mouth him.

  • Jamaal Horton
    Jamaal Horton Month ago

    Jalen was always jealous of Webber!!! The timeout was after Jalen Rose ran from the ball!! And they were losing when he call timeout ! The code Webber is talking about is Jalen turned Rat!!

  • 47 47
    47 47 Month ago

    This is just a classic light skin vs dark skin battle

  • dame dolla
    dame dolla Month ago +1

    Pistons vs bulls

  • Hasade O
    Hasade O Month ago +1

    People really forget when you say "Im sorry". Webber has handled a lot wrong. Ego is evil

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Molly Shannon v Anyone who watches First Take

  • Jeremiah Howard
    Jeremiah Howard Month ago +3

    Jalen is a hater

  • forgotaboutbre
    forgotaboutbre Month ago

    All these man that are actually just children, all of them lol, sure Shaq makes everyones look like an adult, and CWEB too, but that doesn't make J Rose anyything special just because he isn't the biggest baby in the room. They all a dysfunctional family and they could resolve it all just by chatting face to face but like boys they play it out over the airwaves.

  • M. Nixxx
    M. Nixxx Month ago +2

    Roses career stats is laughable when compared to Webber’s!

    • Joshua Ohale
      Joshua Ohale Hour ago

      M. Nixxx Facts. That clown needs to sit his ass down somewhere.

  • Jake Van Cleave
    Jake Van Cleave Month ago +2

    Jalen Rose is an ass... It's obvious that Webber made a mistake and he does not want to talk about it... But the dude just keeps running it in.

  • Darren James
    Darren James Month ago

    From having watched this team as a UNC fan and realizing how they changed college basketball, all the way to watching the Fab Five move onto the NBA, I’d always wanted to see the Fab Five go back to Michigan and get the accolades they deserved. I’d like for this to be reconciled. Chris Webber being an honorary football captain and now Juwan Howard being the Michigan basketball coach tells me that there’s a chance of it coming. But I think that it’s still not too close to happening. It’s gonna come down to Chris and Jalen reconciling first.

  • TC L
    TC L Month ago

    "One dude is a HALL OF FAMER"...Jalen is a scrub. .. C...Web..all good ... Jalen has no second career. ..that fool is horrible as an analyst.

  • Brayden Wormer
    Brayden Wormer Month ago +29

    I knew I remembered Rob Pelinka from somewhere. I thought I was going crazy.

  • He Died And Made Me God

    I hope they finally squash it

  • P C
    P C Month ago

    Do Lavar ball vs women

  • P C
    P C Month ago

    Jalen rose is trash.

  • Rick Farley
    Rick Farley Month ago

    One dude, one dude, one dude..😂😂

    WALTER PAYTON Month ago +2

    Chris webber a real one for not snitching...rose is doing all that to cover that he did snitched.

  • Captainnn85
    Captainnn85 Month ago +1

    I really like listening to Jalen Rose talk about basketball but I’m with Chris Webber on this .

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago

    To Quote Charles Barkley " everythings cool until the BOOK comes out"

    • Victor Williams
      Victor Williams Month ago

      No one can Prove a Lie & Yahshua is the WAY the TRUTH & The Life ( John 14 : 6 )

  • Kadeen Wiggins
    Kadeen Wiggins Month ago

    Where is the background music from???? Especially the bit near the beginning of the video?

  • john Carlos
    john Carlos Month ago

    Did Webber’s “rebuttal documentary” ever come out?

  • Craig Grayson
    Craig Grayson Month ago +1

    Why Seth Rosenberg won’t do all the sports catalogs he’s the only guy i listings to! Love beef history & rewinder , collapses because of him ! We need more SETH FREAKIN ROSENBERG!!😤

  • jpin0002 jpin0002
    jpin0002 jpin0002 Month ago +1

    Jalen Rose is so damn dumb. Don't know how his ass is on TV lol

  • Marvin Santana
    Marvin Santana Month ago

    I ain't NEVER liked Chris Webber. Not back then, not during his career, and DAMN SURE NOT NOW. And his wack shtick on TNT only makes it worse.

  • Douglas Taggart
    Douglas Taggart Month ago

    Chris Webber is that guy who screws up thirty times a year, for five years straight, and then let another five years go by and expects everyone to just ignore and forget all of the screwups.

  • y2kenyon
    y2kenyon Month ago +2

    when u have to say u don't sell your soul to talk about sports on tv (Jalen) then chances are high that you sold your sold to talk about sports on TV.

  • y2kenyon
    y2kenyon Month ago

    yeah he right. jalen broke the code for mny. fck dat fck boi.

  • y2kenyon
    y2kenyon Month ago

    yeah jalen rose is a bytch. promoting books and shyt. marrying strange whores. fck rose. webber was the real one.

  • y2kenyon
    y2kenyon Month ago +1

    so... u sayin Jalen Rose is a snytch.

  • countof3everybodyOD
    countof3everybodyOD Month ago +2

    Honestly sometimes I feel the fab 5 are bigger in their own mind

    • Jamaal Horton
      Jamaal Horton Month ago

      countof3everybodyOD whole truth! They didn’t win anything no big ten no title!

  • P4T21CK K1NG
    P4T21CK K1NG Month ago

    Rose must be without sin to be casting all those stones. We already know he was without skill on the court.

    • Douglas Taggart
      Douglas Taggart Month ago

      P4T21CK K1NG Rose, unlike Webber, owned up to getting payments. Which is why that aspect of the story eventually went away and Webber’s lingers.

  • Nathan Cobey
    Nathan Cobey Month ago +2

    Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

  • Bret Hauser
    Bret Hauser Month ago +1

    Jalen Rose Fab 5 documentary was so self serving on his part, it was made to make Chris Webber look bad, I’m 💯 % convinced of that