Walmart RACCOON TRAPPING Challenge in My BACKYARD!!!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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    The boys and I hit up the local Walmart for supplies to trap raccoons in my backyard! I hope you all enjoy!
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Comments • 2 265

  • Ben Mcclain
    Ben Mcclain Hour ago

    You’re not supposed to cover your dog poops

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin 2 hours ago

    You should get some heated water dishes

  • LIL SC
    LIL SC 23 hours ago

    Bonzo stole my name lol my names Austin to much love ❗

  • Braxton lefler
    Braxton lefler Day ago

    I live in a town called Henefer

  • Tyson LeBar
    Tyson LeBar 3 days ago

    flair marsh mellows are really good for trapping raccoons

  • Evan Richardson
    Evan Richardson 8 days ago

    Aren’t you a farmer? why don’t you just build your own fence.

  • Adam Norvell
    Adam Norvell 13 days ago

    I had a skunk killing my hens, so I got a live trap, set it, but passed out and forgot to put any bait in it and it was next to my bedroom window, the next morning, the skunk was trapped. No bait. New trap. I couldn’t believe it.

  • Fishing with Tanner
    Fishing with Tanner 14 days ago +1

    Ice fishing on your pond

  • Zackery Hello
    Zackery Hello 15 days ago

    Raccoons love shiny things

  • Cchannell4
    Cchannell4 17 days ago

    Flair if your trapping with dogproofs fill it up with cat treats and if you have sardines put them on top and put the honey around it

  • Landry Wilkinson
    Landry Wilkinson 17 days ago

    Go hunting

  • Jeremy Kalina
    Jeremy Kalina 17 days ago

    Especially when it gets cold the raccoons will slow down and only come out when its extremely hungry

  • Gavin Peeler
    Gavin Peeler 18 days ago +1

    Use little Smokies and peanut butter

  • Heath Fitzgerald
    Heath Fitzgerald 18 days ago +1

    Hay im flair today we are going to walmart , looking at my farm , trap somthing its going to be cheese and rice

  • William Mcclure
    William Mcclure 20 days ago

    Peanutbutter, marshmallows

  • Braxton Kennedy
    Braxton Kennedy 20 days ago


  • Remi Raley
    Remi Raley 21 day ago

    Rip bonso

  • Kayla Diederich
    Kayla Diederich 21 day ago

    Raccoons like sweet stuff

  • Chris
    Chris 21 day ago

    I see you the kg (kendellgary) trail camera

  • apple bat
    apple bat 21 day ago

    Dont bite me!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am dying

  • Chach Smith
    Chach Smith 21 day ago

    You guys leaving to much human sent on everything

  • Harlow Ellis
    Harlow Ellis 21 day ago

    My dad is a professional trapper cat food is one of the best things to use and cooking oil is an amazing Luehr u have to try it

  • The geimers poteito K

    I’m from Norway 🇳🇴

  • The geimers poteito K

    Vi get -20 degrees

  • jake 21
    jake 21 21 day ago

    Cover the dog proof with a can with no raper

  • Corey Hallman
    Corey Hallman 22 days ago

    Use gloves when setting traps

  • Corey Hallman
    Corey Hallman 22 days ago

    Honey buns in the live traps you will go 5/6

  • Adam Matney
    Adam Matney 24 days ago

    How you doing quakie? you cold as hell?🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Zesati
    Adam Zesati 25 days ago +2

    Can someone explain to me the situation of how he pays his friends and how much for all the time and work they put in aswell for his channel and overall contributing

  • Allen Reigel
    Allen Reigel 25 days ago

    Also find big trees that has big holes in the they stay in

  • Allen Reigel
    Allen Reigel 25 days ago


  • Redneck crazy Outdoors

    Why don’t you get a dog proof setter there like 6 bucks and save a lot of time

  • barry harrington
    barry harrington 25 days ago

    did you take the baller twine off if not have fun with dead goats

  • micheal ellis
    micheal ellis 26 days ago

    Use meow mix or other cat food ive had great luck with meow mix

  • swagalicious YT
    swagalicious YT 26 days ago +1

    Put a heat lamp

  • Jake's Lifestyle
    Jake's Lifestyle 26 days ago +4

    "Moisture creates moisture and then they die." Flair 2019

  • Justis Lees
    Justis Lees 26 days ago +1

    dont cover the dp up with rock or sticks it just deters them they are curious creatures and will come to a hole with food in it

  • lolEpicgamers
    lolEpicgamers 26 days ago

    2:31 u saw the flank yet you decide to kill the single.. bad strat.

  • Colby Hamill
    Colby Hamill 26 days ago

    Mini marshmallows. Instead of the dog food in the foot traps for the raccoons put the mini marshmallows in it. Also set a couple outside of the trap to make it a easy grab for them to eat get the taste and want more

  • Nicholas Tuck
    Nicholas Tuck 26 days ago

    Put a tennis ball in the water it will stop it from freezing because the ball will keep moving and water can't freeze as easy when it's moving

  • HuH
    HuH 27 days ago +1

    My personal favorite for catching raccoons are honey buns

  • Connor Linnenbrink
    Connor Linnenbrink 27 days ago

    put some corn in those dps

  • Connor Linnenbrink
    Connor Linnenbrink 27 days ago

    fish oil works real good especially the stuff thats meant for trapping

  • Royce Blackmon
    Royce Blackmon 27 days ago

    This mf in Walmart wearing waders 😂

  • Jackson Leggett
    Jackson Leggett 27 days ago

    Opossums also eat chickens, ducks, and there eggs

  • Scopeshunter69
    Scopeshunter69 27 days ago

    You should live with the goats for 24 hours

  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin 27 days ago

    Mini marshmallows and vanilla extract for the dog proofs

  • Keaton Butler
    Keaton Butler 27 days ago +1

    Put spam or tuna in a live trap

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson 27 days ago

    Dont handle or bait traps with bare hands and only use funky gloves when setting traps

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson 27 days ago

    Thats why you dont catch very many dont fill them all the way up just about 10 15 peices they have to get their hand in to set it off if full not that easy to set off

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson 27 days ago

    Put bacon grease in it it wont freeze as bad

  • DaddytechEnt
    DaddytechEnt 27 days ago

    *Racoons prefer cat food not dog food, and yeah you may want to wait a couple days before checking the traps because if they smell like you wild animals are pretty much going to stay away*

  • Matthew Guidry
    Matthew Guidry 27 days ago

    Hey should have done bothe clam and honey on one

  • Yeet Cannon Operators Union

    Put those live traps in the tunnel two facing separate ways!

  • Yeet Cannon Operators Union

    My baits of choice is sardines, fish oil(the older the better) and dollar tree dog food... gravy train!

  • ToXicRainbow6 Goat
    ToXicRainbow6 Goat 27 days ago

    Hey flair what kinda trail cams are those?

  • jlock
    jlock 27 days ago

    Try using marshmallows for bait in the traps

  • Chaise Mccoy
    Chaise Mccoy 27 days ago

    Use sardines in your traps pour the juice all around the trap then crack the can about an inch in those live traps

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts 27 days ago

    You need to build a legit barn dude. Those enclosures are a joke.

  • Jeremy Mincy
    Jeremy Mincy 27 days ago

    All you need is a piece of bread and some jelly lol works every time