Nikki Lilly: 'I was really surprised all the comments were positive'

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • The 15-year-old will become the youngest person to receive a Bafta Special Award as she is recognised for her role as a TVclipr, presenter and charity campaigner.
    The teenager lives with a life-threatening condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM).
    She began her channel in 2013 which has over a million subscribers and has interviewed the former Prime Minister Theresa May.
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Comments • 184

  • Nickyt
    Nickyt 2 days ago

    Such an inspiration

  • C T
    C T 8 days ago

    These comments though...

  • Charlotte Avery
    Charlotte Avery 10 days ago

    Awh that's sweet

  • F & N property solutions ltd

    May Allah bless her with health and happiness.

  • Faaizaa Nahar
    Faaizaa Nahar 13 days ago

    Eloquent. Wise. Wow ❤️

  • Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson 26 days ago

    wow - she's inspirational. so positive.

  • Sana Hussain
    Sana Hussain 27 days ago +2

    she is SO well spoken and articulate she has the intellect of an adult
    love her

  • Ethan Wang
    Ethan Wang 28 days ago

    Next time I want to complain about life and society, I'll shut up and work harder.

  • fredy bohorquez
    fredy bohorquez 29 days ago

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 29 days ago

    What a wonderful young lady. xx

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 29 days ago

    Bless her heart!! what a strong women

  • Paul D
    Paul D 29 days ago

    God bless her

  • Dellyboy666
    Dellyboy666 Month ago

    'Low it

  • Alex xx
    Alex xx Month ago +1

    who are those people that dislike this video... Thank god that haters are the minority

  • SnoopsOnline
    SnoopsOnline Month ago

    God bless her.

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is Month ago

    Bless her

  • Yorkshire Expat
    Yorkshire Expat Month ago

    Restored my faith to see how much empathy is in the comments. She is amazing. Wish her and family all the best 💖

  • Gabriel Shey
    Gabriel Shey Month ago

    OMG what happen

  • the REJECT out n about

    So beautiful on one side. Why can't they do something for her? she's such a sweet hearted woman.😢

  • Sweller Bunion
    Sweller Bunion Month ago

    very strong girl god bless her

  • Praman Nagpal
    Praman Nagpal Month ago

  • tony dunne
    tony dunne Month ago

    Avery Brave Girl

  • Lorna & Dave
    Lorna & Dave Month ago +1

    Wow, amazing person with maturity far beyond her years. May she do well and prosper. One of the best interviews I have seen.

  • Karen Chadwick
    Karen Chadwick Month ago

    Oh sweet girl! Looks fade, but true beauty is on the inside, and it will last forever.

  • paul castle
    paul castle Month ago

    A very courageous girl and I am really impressed by her !

  • PoTaTo Q
    PoTaTo Q Month ago

    Inspirational young woman. I wish her nothing but the best for the future. The type of person we should all look up to. Amazing person.

  • Joseph Green
    Joseph Green Month ago

    pretty girl

  • c e24
    c e24 Month ago

    What a lovely lady

  • Sarah Revela
    Sarah Revela Month ago

    What a wonderful girl!

  • Stuart Jamieson
    Stuart Jamieson Month ago +2

    brave girl .total respect

  • Superblue
    Superblue Month ago

    May God make her overcome her condition!

    • Gentle StormToo
      Gentle StormToo Month ago

      Why God created her that way, because He's a ...

  • malachi spaulding
    malachi spaulding Month ago

    Nikki is a beautiful girl simple. She is an inspiration to me, the things she has said has give me so much strength. Some people may think they're beautiful but their personality is not. Much love Nikki.x

  • A Real Londoner
    A Real Londoner Month ago

    Bless her, good luck to her and God bless.

  • jonny blaze
    jonny blaze Month ago

    Stay strong and keep doing God's Work !

  • Catherine Trammel
    Catherine Trammel Month ago

    If we could put our problems on the table and see others, we'd take our problems back.

  • Heidi Stinton
    Heidi Stinton Month ago

    Had 1st haemorrgh plus lost one eye sight.

  • Heidi Stinton
    Heidi Stinton Month ago

    Got same back of my eye.x

  • Crazy
    Crazy Month ago

    May God bless this angel. She is beautiful and an inspiration to the world....

    • Gentle StormToo
      Gentle StormToo Month ago

      May your deranged, diabolic, demoniacal God stop blessing as he really suck at it!

  • VibeX MaTxeMa
    VibeX MaTxeMa Month ago +1

    Beauty resides in Brians and confidence not LooKs. she nailed it

  • Abdul Shohid
    Abdul Shohid Month ago

    Bless her

  • Jay Philip S.
    Jay Philip S. Month ago

    She looks terribly beaten

  • ratsamee cunningham

    Amazing woman what alot to go threw

  • andrea moser
    andrea moser Month ago


  • F.R.T
    F.R.T Month ago

    Handling it very well, Nikki.

  • Durrpadil
    Durrpadil Month ago +1

    She truly is brave. This is one reason I would volunteer to do cosmetic surgery if I went into medical school... I would hope if she wanted to go that route, that there are doctors out there that would be willing to do this in their own time and provide her a surgery to help her as she grows older. She is brave, I have to hand it to her. Very courageous. People with good hearts only deserve the best in life and the life to come.

  • smithk016
    smithk016 Month ago +1

    Such a mature and articulate girl for her age,beautiful too.

  • MD MASHUD Khan
    MD MASHUD Khan Month ago

    May Allah bless nikki

    • Gentle StormToo
      Gentle StormToo Month ago +1

      Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah -- Muslim / Jewish/ Christian -- what ever religion/name this demonic demented evil God is who did this or allowed it in the first place! Should never be worshiped!

  • helen donohoe
    helen donohoe Month ago

    Well done

  • Straight White British Protestant

    That’s horrible.
    God bless her.

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods Month ago +3

    Just another human being who wants to be loved like the rest of us.

  • Ciccio Bello
    Ciccio Bello Month ago

    Beautiful girl...

  • Shahid Khokhar
    Shahid Khokhar Month ago

    One amazing lady

  • T L
    T L Month ago

    Such a wonderful clever girl

    GREATNESS 1 Month ago

    Nikki is cool she has a great TVclip channel im one of her subscriber's

  • Sattar Chashm-shab
    Sattar Chashm-shab Month ago +2

    I feel like, she is spreading positive energy. Awesome

  • Mortuary Artist
    Mortuary Artist Month ago +2

    Been following her on youtube for ages, she has more support than sky ever will

  • furyen1976
    furyen1976 Month ago

    brave girl, fair play to her !

  • Vittalis Chirasha
    Vittalis Chirasha Month ago

    Thank god about your life Amen

  • dede19833
    dede19833 Month ago


  • Antonio Ortiz
    Antonio Ortiz Month ago

    Wow British people’s lingo sounds way smarter than American English lol. Btw props to her for her courage