• Published on Sep 30, 2019
    I love to decorate my house and change the decoration items every season. But seasonal decoration items could be pricey and I prefer to make them by hand at home. Some people may think that it’s a hard job, in reality, you don’t need to have any crafting skills and supplies are very cheap. Still, the result will surprise you! Alse, we share a lot of ides of inexpensive gifts for your friends.
    The first gift idea is really cool and so delicious. You can make a bouquet from strawberries that will be a cool present for your girlfriend. Also, you can add candies or any sweets she likes. Kids will love the next idea - a teddy bear made from a sponge. Check out the tutorial! Moreover, toddlers may create a bouquet from drinking straws for Mom.
    You will love the new collection of ideas on how to decorate a candy bar and make beautiful sweets. Check out how to make DIY Sunflower Oreo Pops that look incredible!
    Ribbons look so elegant and you can create a lot of things using ribbons! Use ribbons of different colors and create unique and fancy accessories for your hair. Watch the tutorial to learn how to make a rose from ribbons. You can decorate a gift box with these.
    One more cool collection of crafts is paper crafts. Paper crafts are the easiest and the cheapest way to decorate your house or get ready for Birthday or another special occasion. Watch our tutorials and make 3D stars, colorful garlands, and origami ideas!

    00:09 Cute gift for a girfriend
    00:25 DIY Teddy bear
    00:57 Delicious gift
    07:27 Origami ideas
    09:30 Paper flowers
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    2:06 I would be like, can I have the iphone back? I just wanted to show you the new phone I got

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  • NativeJewess
    NativeJewess Month ago

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    her: no give him more socks
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  • Elecktra Daniels
    Elecktra Daniels Month ago

    Wow this relationship is not going to last; he gets her a phone, she gets him socks

  • Gretchen The unicorn
    Gretchen The unicorn Month ago +1

    5:09 those are so hard to make!!!! I have done the store bought ones and they are horrible! They never really come out looking right, then ur gonna make YOUR OWN!!!

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    Sophie Canham Month ago

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    • Funky King TV
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