Painting with Japanese Sumi Ink | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing


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  • MyArtJourney
    MyArtJourney 5 months ago +2719

    That paper looks like it rocks!

  • Kayla Beard
    Kayla Beard Day ago

    U gave me no help sorry! !!!!! $$$$$$!!!!!?????!!!

  • nevaeh cadman
    nevaeh cadman 2 days ago

    Please please please 😢 do a face reveal

  • The Clone
    The Clone 3 days ago

    Anyone else basically dead because of how she was holding the brush? My Chinese teacher would have killed me 😂

  • Laura Minshall
    Laura Minshall 3 days ago


  • Laura Minshall
    Laura Minshall 3 days ago

    Woo ur saying dat rocks r soft???

  • Bunnietopia
    Bunnietopia 4 days ago

    When you said “there’s no way I can write something with this “ my brain instantly went like ...”but that’s what people do work these 😅” (I live in china)

    MARCY KING 4 days ago

    i watched sagua (or however u spell it)

  • VxKopyKattxV
    VxKopyKattxV 4 days ago


  • cheetah roony
    cheetah roony 4 days ago

    I’ve seen a TVclip video where they made scissors out of paper... you could make Rock Paper Scissors

  • Tata Santec
    Tata Santec 5 days ago

    This is just too beautiful!

  • Lio Grace
    Lio Grace 5 days ago

    “My dog is adding water to his body-can you hear that?” -Rin

  • Maddie Dorau
    Maddie Dorau 5 days ago +1

    i absolutely love your vids! ❤️❤️❤️ ur so creative!
    also, humorous! 🤣

  • Naiema Draws
    Naiema Draws 6 days ago +3

    i was watching this in 2019 and when rin signed her art i was like... wait it's 2019 and then i remembered this was a old video... lol

  • Lol
    Lol 6 days ago

    I love horse hair.. then again I love horses😂 I think the brush might have been made from a pinto horse with multiple colours

  • Illluminated
    Illluminated 6 days ago

    "I never know what to do with swatching pens, like, it's a pen it makes marks." -Rin 2019

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 6 days ago

    I love drawing!!
    It’s so fun

  • Kayla Woodall
    Kayla Woodall 7 days ago

    Did you know purple = royalty to the Phoenicians

  • Lizzaniac *-*
    Lizzaniac *-* 7 days ago

    I get Charlotte's Web vibes from this one especially at the schetching phase

  • OliviaKitten
    OliviaKitten 10 days ago

    All of it

  • OliviaKitten
    OliviaKitten 10 days ago

    40 years ago my father could read that

  • Cactus Spikes
    Cactus Spikes 10 days ago

    I have those markers

  • XxWolfies CookiesxX
    XxWolfies CookiesxX 10 days ago

    Hey waffles there is a lot of artist on tik tok i thought you migh5 want to showcase your art and videos on tik tok and speed paints on there

  • Melissa Spence
    Melissa Spence 10 days ago

    Omgoodness you are so funny and random and talented ❤️💖 thank you

  • peach kit
    peach kit 10 days ago

    *my dog is adding water to his body*

  • maximum potassium
    maximum potassium 12 days ago

    I lOVE IT ❤️

  • Nissar Exodas
    Nissar Exodas 13 days ago

    The cat looks really good with the ink and such. Good job

  • Yo Baby Guuurrrlll
    Yo Baby Guuurrrlll 13 days ago

    i just... This video is just
    Girl rubs vegetable goop on rocks with horse hair for nearly 20 minutes.
    And that makes me happy.

  • Emilie Bourgoing
    Emilie Bourgoing 13 days ago

    Animal, vegetal and mineral in one drawing (I assume the brush is made of animal hair?)

  • nephco
    nephco 14 days ago

    Wash your brush first! They put a little glue on it to help it keep its shape.

  • Rachel Magowan
    Rachel Magowan 14 days ago

    I loved "Sagwa"! And now I have the theme song stuck in my head lol.

  • Whitney Ekeolere
    Whitney Ekeolere 15 days ago

    I love how they put a vegan friendly ink in the box but included an applicator that Vegans wouldn't touch 😂. loved this video btw ❤

  • Paul Lantey
    Paul Lantey 16 days ago

    Nice! I like that you tried something new and out of the box. Nice piece!

  • Lilac The Dragon
    Lilac The Dragon 17 days ago

    I would’ve had the girl be the only black and white thing and have there be a cherry blossom tree behind her and the cat. I feel like it would make her pop

  • Teona Studemire
    Teona Studemire 17 days ago

    Before you even mentioned "Sagwa" I was immediately reminded of it by the ink and knew you were about to reference it

  • Alexithymia
    Alexithymia 17 days ago

    Would buy a print of that piece

  • Meube
    Meube 18 days ago

    U use samsung

  • luna fan
    luna fan 18 days ago

    I was not a fan of those type cats until you drew it

  • Maria Gkatziou
    Maria Gkatziou 19 days ago

    Sagwa the Chinese Siamese cat... oh memories!!!
    I also love the fact that Waffles drew a Siamese cat.

  • Logan Lindsey
    Logan Lindsey 19 days ago

    Sagwa the Chinese Cat just unearthed my deepest childhood memories and now I'm crying ??? no one in my family even remembers Sagwa but I'd watch that show every day, I even had it taped on vhs tapes so I could see my favorite episodes over and over again
    the drawing is amazing, you're such an inspiration (esp the way you draw cats??? like oh my god theyre precious beans) keep up ur amazing work!!!

  • The Wacko Green Alien 1212

    Maybe we all play it wrong and its meant to be "Rock-Paper, Scissors" . Like questioning if scissors can cut rock-paper...

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 21 day ago +1

    Rock paper is hard to tear I sum what stretches

    NYLITAK SSEH 22 days ago

    Did you know when they paint they hold the brush’s at the end and let the hand have less control over the brush
    Just a fun fact🐙😊

  • Leona Ba
    Leona Ba 22 days ago

    my dutterove to draw . her name is jamya she draw your picher.

    • Leona Ba
      Leona Ba 22 days ago

      it is my dutter love

  • Brooke Walters
    Brooke Walters 22 days ago

    We did this in my art class 😊

  • Sarah Syeda
    Sarah Syeda 23 days ago

    I want a cat 🐈

  • Megan The Dog
    Megan The Dog 23 days ago

    Your vegetable goop on rock looks better than my ink on paper

  • Megan The Dog
    Megan The Dog 23 days ago

    It’s 7:33am right now and I haven’t slept a single minute last night because my cousin was snoring so I have been watching waffles videos 😂 I’m tired 😑

  • israynis santana
    israynis santana 25 days ago

    You can name the cat coffee :(((

  • Drawing Wiff Mee
    Drawing Wiff Mee 25 days ago

    If you look up PBS Sagwa then the show comes up.

  • Ana-mationTM
    Ana-mationTM 28 days ago

    As soon as you said you were going to pause the video I got an add

  • Erin Smilley
    Erin Smilley 29 days ago

    U should sell prints of these drawings and sell your originals

  • fox lover 24
    fox lover 24 Month ago

    Pbs kids 👌

  • gaming with leah
    gaming with leah Month ago

    Omg your drawing looks like me and my cat axpet i dont have black hiar and bangs

  • CWink SVG
    CWink SVG Month ago

    I luv luv LOVE your channel,I like the same stuff you do! Such as... WAFFLES ... Drawing ..... Purple ...... Creativity and more! 😘

  • Faiqa Raza
    Faiqa Raza Month ago

    I always liked art, but I never really developed a style of my own, or anything, and you helped me take art way more seriously! Thank you Rin!

  • 방탄koro
    방탄koro Month ago

    I love her she is so funny :v

  • KawaiiCat 73
    KawaiiCat 73 Month ago

    My siamese cat is in my lap while im watching this

  • 134340
    134340 Month ago

    "it kinda feels like i'm drawing on mashed potato" i'm eating mashed potato as i'm watching this and i immediately put a finger on it to see how it feels

  • Brooke Iseppi
    Brooke Iseppi Month ago

    I’m probably the only one who read the thumbnail as painting with a veggie shoot lol 😂

  • Mint HumBug
    Mint HumBug Month ago

    17:54 I almost choked!
    I was drinking Pepsi and I was laughing at the same time!!! 😂😂😂

  • Mint HumBug
    Mint HumBug Month ago

    Googled it! The cat is Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

  • Alicia Alexander
    Alicia Alexander Month ago +1


  • Molly Michalak
    Molly Michalak Month ago

    All hail siamese
    (I have a lynx point Siamese!)

    KANKANG Z Month ago

    the rock paper seems not suitable for the sumi ink... we usually use special paper which dries fast and absorb water well

  • DailyChels
    DailyChels Month ago

    5:38 did a squirrel take over your voice for a second 😂💀

  • alisaahhz
    alisaahhz Month ago

    3:12 that giggle though aww

  • Jackie Anderson
    Jackie Anderson Month ago

    How would you make paper out of rocks

  • Joplynn Moser uwu
    Joplynn Moser uwu Month ago

    Potato brown? Waffles, that's the mindset of the people behind Ohuhu and their funny color names

  • Herbal Tea Gecko
    Herbal Tea Gecko Month ago

    Inspired me to pick out my old windsor inks and make some art.

  • Max How
    Max How Month ago

    Honey, no... Straight up, straight up! Hold them straight up. ´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `

  • T e a T e a
    T e a T e a Month ago

    My mind: we should use rock paper more so we don’t slowing suffocate our selves and help with deforestation problem
    Also my mind: ur a kid no one is gonna listen

  • M Vlogs
    M Vlogs Month ago

    It looks like venom

  • Taylor Bambrick
    Taylor Bambrick Month ago

    I have never gotten one of these boxes but somehow I have the red market with the chezle and fine tip

    It works amazing

  • Amani E.
    Amani E. Month ago

    I love it
    Would you ever consider putting it on a shirt?

  • Juan Otero
    Juan Otero Month ago

    Video gets a 10.... very inspiring. Thank you

  • Blue Poetrixam
    Blue Poetrixam Month ago

    You inspire me so much! Can you please pin my comment?🙂

  • Autumn Gray
    Autumn Gray Month ago

    love listening to your video in the bg while i sketch. helps me feel like i’m in a room w other artists.

  • t a u
    t a u Month ago


  • Pastel Monster
    Pastel Monster Month ago

    I just did Japanese calligraphy today at school! (I’m from japan)
    You should try calligraphy! It’s pretty *stressful*

  • Tory Christians
    Tory Christians Month ago

    Better than what I would do in a lifetime (but 4 real though)

  • MinxTwo
    MinxTwo Month ago

    If your brushes are like that and do what ever they want I suggest shampoo, conditioner, or fabric softener depending on what the brush is made out of. Fabric softener being for the more artificial brushes.

  • come slime with mua


  • ValasaFantastic
    ValasaFantastic Month ago

    Personally i'd be terrified the rock paper would damage my art supplies. and also how archival is the rock paper? Until i get reputable answers to these two questions I wouldn't use it personally. Imagine destroying your copic brush tips on this paper! The horror! Fun overall video thanks for sharing!

  • Karina Karinuta
    Karina Karinuta Month ago

    i have the calli duotips! :3

  • CP Sisters For Life

    No offence but in my opinion that is the WORST drawing you’ve ever drawn but I haven’t watch all of your videos so maybe it’s not

  • Texting Storys
    Texting Storys Month ago

    ily so much Rin (waffles) you are a truly a inspirational lady you’ve helped me with my art so much! If it wasn’t for u I wouldn’t be able to do the things with my art that I do today
    Sincerely, your loving fan

  • Prince-shruikan
    Prince-shruikan Month ago +1

    I have the exact same sketching pencil as you xp

  • TheTheAazaazaaz
    TheTheAazaazaaz Month ago

    Looks so cool

  • Chilli
    Chilli Month ago

    fun fact: horses dont feel as much (or any) pain in there hair so when you pull on it it doesnt hurt that much. I only know this cause at some point when i first rode a horse (i do it every summer now,its really fun) the person helping me get on said i can grab their hair and i freaked out lmao.

  • Isis Warren
    Isis Warren Month ago

    This lady sounds like my aunt.

    EPIC J&JGAME Month ago

    I love how you do your anatomy

  • Sour Moon
    Sour Moon Month ago

    The paint brush is made of bamboo

  • Os Potato
    Os Potato Month ago

    This looks so cool! Reminds me of that time I made paint out of soap. No clue why though.

  • Ya oi
    Ya oi Month ago

    You should do guy characters

  • Catgirl_Tuber
    Catgirl_Tuber Month ago

    I used to get super excited when Sagwa came on as a kid. I would always run and grab my cat and try to get her to watch it with me lol

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl Month ago

    OMG I LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH! and I have an idea, can we say some dares and u have to draw them?

  • Riot Johnson
    Riot Johnson Month ago

    This was fun to see you push through and challenge yourself. Every artist knows that point where you don’t even want to color bc the sketch is soo good

  • Vivi x
    Vivi x Month ago

    that reminds me of the girl of bernhard and bianca...penny I think¿ love it

  • Life Of Dolly
    Life Of Dolly Month ago

    I tried chinese ink on a field trip, it was awesome, you should try it!!