Tracking Drug Smugglers And Unauthorized Migrants With The Coast Guard In Miami

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • After spending time at Coast Guard boot camp, Senior Video Correspondent Graham Flanagan travelled to Miami to see how the Coast Guard combats drug smuggling and illegal immigration from the air and the sea.
    In January, a Miami-based Coast Guard vessel was involved in the seizure of a boat carrying 132 pounds of cocaine. Earlier that month, a Miami-based Coast Guard airplane spotted a vessel carrying 35 migrants off the coast of Puerto Rico.
    Flanagan spent a day aboard the Coast Guard cutter Robert Yered, which patrols the Port of Miami and the surrounding region that includes the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Flanagan experienced a ride-along on a high-speed, water-jet powered pursuit boat used to quickly engage vessels for boardings and routine inspections.
    What It Takes To Survive Coast Guard Boot Camp
    What New Army Cadets Go Through On Their First Day At West Point
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    Tracking Drug Smugglers And Unauthorized Migrants With The Coast Guard In Miami

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  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen Day ago

    An *EXCELLENT piece* on the USCG by Business Insider!

  • x d
    x d Day ago

    Stop harassing legal, law abiding citizens

  • J- V-O
    J- V-O 3 days ago +1

    I doubt that those migrants that you say of Puerto Rico are those, because Puerto Ricans will migrate to other states but not illegal, we are part of the United States long before many states 1917, educate yourself before making a report like that!!!!

    • J- V-O
      J- V-O 3 days ago

      above all with great respect to all immigrants who day after day seek their dream and many trying lose their lives!

    BUILD THE WALL 3 days ago +1

    If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement *ICE* at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. For more information, please visit

  • John Leach
    John Leach 5 days ago

    Well, Sweetie, that's the summertime Coast Guard. Try shadowing icebergs or breaking ice in Feb.

  • Max/Capital
    Max/Capital 7 days ago

    Find real storys to report ! Not things that we already know.

    TRIPPYY DIP 8 days ago

    I didn’t know any of this was happening in my backyard 🤣🤣

  • Kill Sting
    Kill Sting 14 days ago

    "Why would you stop a boat with a bunch of guys inside". Wtff lol

  • Anuveer Saini
    Anuveer Saini 17 days ago

    TVclip Recommendations:

  • Nancy Offenhiser
    Nancy Offenhiser 17 days ago

    Unpredictable is correct and why they carry sidearms..Semper Paratus!

  • 7Sin0City2
    7Sin0City2 17 days ago

    132 pound's lost to let 1320 pound's in. Hit the block with 3 gram's for the 50 and have your block hot.

  • Hephaestus
    Hephaestus 18 days ago

    Is this a recruiting ad for the Coast Guard? If it is, it’s damn good! Almost makes me want to go CG instead of navy...almost...
    Edit: I’ve decided to join the CG instead of Navy.

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller 18 days ago

    Thank you coast guard I’m a offshore fishermen from NJ you guys are great brave men an women I think are more like dept of defend not transportion but there brave people when I see then on the water I wave

  • G David
    G David 18 days ago +1

    And the cost guard don’t keep ppl in cages

  • Медведь Медведь

    I liked this. Seems to be very honest reporting

  • sdiallo372
    sdiallo372 19 days ago

    I'm guessing the boat should say cocaine distribution on the side. Why would any smuggler want to blend in with the other boats?

  • jim crawford
    jim crawford 21 day ago

    I honestly dont understand why they dont just shoot them dead and then sink the boat

  • Felix Garcia
    Felix Garcia 21 day ago +1

    Was the music not dramatic enough? Jesus Christ

    THAT RANDOM CHANNEL 22 days ago

    I like to know what the coastguard spends per kilo of cocaine to catch it.

  • GReenADdicT
    GReenADdicT 22 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • Verticalpizza17 OFFICIAL

    Imma help my Mexican brothers

  • Kenuel Villodas
    Kenuel Villodas 24 days ago

    0:25 “fly away from me” FLAWLESS💀

  • ollie
    ollie 25 days ago

    please anyone what is the man saying here? 00:25

  • Alan Arzate
    Alan Arzate 29 days ago

    Bruh seriously what wall THE WALL WILL NOT SOLVE ANYTHING!!!!!

    • Alan Arzate
      Alan Arzate 28 days ago

      @Calvin he's been talking about the wall for almost 3 years ur more gullible for believing in remember what are they not telling u

    • Calvin
      Calvin 29 days ago

      They seem innocent because they are crossing the border, but they are endangering American families. I hate illegals more than anything so we need that wall.

    • Calvin
      Calvin 29 days ago

      Alan Arzate
      False. In southern Texas and other states and such, a ranch reported people crossing the border onto his private property and threatened him.

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR 29 days ago +1


  • lester honori
    lester honori Month ago

    Build a wall That is not even monitored 24/7

  • Fate
    Fate Month ago

    Build a wall my ass, we should build a wall around trumps house

  • D Staff
    D Staff Month ago

    Honestly all the drugs confiscated should be tested for purity n then SOLD within Florida state lines DIRT cheap and proceeds would go to what they need n Rehabs... it would Dramatically cut the drug smugglers incentive to bring it thru that port of intry of the Caribbean.. n average Americans cld just go to Florida to get they nose dirty instead of risking it elsewhere n spend crazy amount of money to get it... basically all the the main routes of drug smuggling take the product, n sell it cuz what drug fiend wouldnt want the safest CHEAPEST drugs regulated n sold instead of going to some asshole drug dealer all about thier money regardless of saftey?? HUMANs do DRUGS and always will, it takes a SMART GOVERNMENT n how to stem n control it, prohibition NEVER works...

  • Dwigt Poop
    Dwigt Poop Month ago

    Yo I’m sorry but this was one of the most boring videos I have seen

  • Giovanny Madrid
    Giovanny Madrid Month ago

    Funny thing is that most of miami u.s coast guards are probably Cuban meaning their family probably came on a boat. LOL

  • Abdul Musawwir
    Abdul Musawwir Month ago

    Americans should stop taking cocaine simple no more cocaine smuggling

  • SRTUV1
    SRTUV1 Month ago +1

    0:23 wHaT tHe HeLl wAs ThAt?!?

  • Brayan M
    Brayan M Month ago

    You mean Illegal aliens?

  • retarded frog
    retarded frog Month ago

    God bless USA

  • V Torres
    V Torres Month ago +29

    They should have sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their heads.

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man Month ago +4

    “Unauthorized migrants” I love the newspeak.

  • Justin McCoy
    Justin McCoy Month ago +4

    Ok.... and those drug dealers are just unauthorized pharmacists if those are unauthorized migrants

  • Antonio Ortiz
    Antonio Ortiz Month ago

    Damn migrants transporting drugs smh

    • Jack of all trades - Master of none
      Jack of all trades - Master of none Month ago

      Antonio Ortiz Someone doesn’t know what a migrant is. They aren’t migrants, they aren’t moving permanently into the USA.... They do their business and go back home. Then the cycle repeats.

  • Clayton Gonzalez
    Clayton Gonzalez Month ago +1

    “Migrants of Puerto Rico?” Puerto Rico is US territory. US citizens. Im confused....

    • Mortician Addams
      Mortician Addams Month ago

      If they're from PR, then they're migrants. Migrants are moving from one part of a country, to another. Because PR is considered part of the US, they would technically be moving from one part of the country to another.
      Immigrants are people coming from one country to another.
      I would suggest learning the difference.

  • Davinxi P
    Davinxi P Month ago +4

    Coast guard keep America safer 🇺🇸👏

  • Nick Fletcher.
    Nick Fletcher. Month ago

    Wanted to be an ME but the wait list is too long and the special units apparently train more than do anything.
    So I guess Army for me. I'm 24, not gunna wait 3 years just to get out of non rate status

  • J Q
    J Q 3 months ago

    Lol and somehow i can still sell my coke less then the next guy . Props

  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara 3 months ago

    "Unauthorized migrants" that’s a new one.
    Please, just call them what they are - ILLEGAL INVADERS

  • I don’t Know what to put

    “It was bumpy, it was wet” -2019

  • KandM Travles
    KandM Travles 3 months ago

    1:03 yes

  • August T
    August T 3 months ago


  • Miami sands
    Miami sands 3 months ago

    god forbid someone else smuggles coccaine into the United States other than the United States govt..

  • Steve B
    Steve B 4 months ago

    the war on drugs is not a war its been lost from the start. stop the illegals and keep
    the dirty bomb materials out cause that will be the next terror attack .

  • Squatting Squirrel
    Squatting Squirrel 4 months ago

    Why couldn't a drug smuggler make a device that lowers bags of drugs deep below the center of the boat ...that way if they get boarded the drugs are 100.feet or more below the boat in the ocean . Then when the coast is clear have it on a winch and pull it up when you get closer to shore

  • George Vargas
    George Vargas 4 months ago

    Did he say Miami? Lmao

  • Derek Viveros
    Derek Viveros 4 months ago


  • HereFishyFishy
    HereFishyFishy 4 months ago +1

    Remember that one time you went out and nothing happened?

  • Delmario
    Delmario 4 months ago

    Puddle Pirates !

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 4 months ago +1

    You won't catch the REAL drug importers with the Coast Guard.
    In order to put a dent in the drug trade, you'd have to search C I A planes and boats.
    This here is all theater.

  • J Varg
    J Varg 4 months ago +1

    Don’t join the Coast Guard, plagued by budget shortfalls, and white racism! I was there

    • 101327
      101327 Month ago

      @J Varg maybe because you are a whiny turd?

    • J Varg
      J Varg 4 months ago +1

      Mike Fordham
      Oh yeah, are you white? Chances are if you are you don’t the the discriminatory treatment I got! I was being called a drug smuggler by shipmates on my cutter because I was born in Central America. Filed an EEOC and they did discharge me in retaliation with an excuse of “adjustment disorder”
      WHERE? Look at the academy with all the stuff going on there, that’s just the tip of the iceberg... Where have you been all these years? Look it up!

    • Mike Fordham
      Mike Fordham 4 months ago

      J Varg yeah our budget sucks but idk where this “white racism” is

  • NFL YoungBoy
    NFL YoungBoy 4 months ago

    Can you use your phone in the military

  • nallis01
    nallis01 4 months ago +1

    You came down and helped search for Cubans huh. A little too late for that. Lol

  • Matt Cline
    Matt Cline 4 months ago +6

    Bravo Zulu, CG! Semper Paratus!

  • Eternally Angelic
    Eternally Angelic 4 months ago +1

    lol wtf is with the over dramatic music.. My god, I was half expecting to see a clip of him taking a drink of water from a bottle with dramatic background music and a final bass hit when he finishes.. Hate american television.. and I'm American..

    BOSS MAN 4 months ago +28

    I should have joined the CG instead of doing six years in the Army. Army life sucks, specially as an 11B... Ohh well no regrets, I served my country and I'm proud of it.

    • 101327
      101327 2 days ago

      @Honour AK Sure you are, youre just not honest enough to admit it. Being a soldier=/=murderer.

    • Honour AK
      Honour AK 5 days ago

      I'm not morally corrupt like you. I don't believe in murder, even murdering myself.

    • 101327
      101327 5 days ago

      @Honour AK You have issues. Suicide would be a great option of you.

    • Honour AK
      Honour AK 5 days ago

      There's nothing to be proud about. The United States and its allies genocided hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed many countries in this century alone! Your service means nothing if your country is not righteous. The US will always be an evil morally corrupt country. Morally corrupt over-sexualised society and barbaric bloodthirsty military. Same with all of NATO.

    • 101327
      101327 Month ago

      @HC 03 Infantry is THE combat MOS. However, with the tempo in A-stan slowing, you might never see a deployment.

  • jonny777bike
    jonny777bike 4 months ago +2

    With wall being built for the USA and Mexico border immigrants and drugs will use the sea to get in. This will allow us to focus more on the seas.

    • Vato From the Astral Plane
      Vato From the Astral Plane 2 months ago

      It's a cat-and-mouse thing. US law enforcement used to focus on the Florida sea routes, which made the Colombians have to deal with Mexican cartels, which in turn made the Mexicans more powerful. This then led to counter-narcotic operations being focused on the US-Mexico border, which has recently allowed sea routes to flourish again, rinse and repeat til the end of time, blah blah blah. Not to mention the fact that the wall will barely make a dent the amount of drugs being smuggled in. It's a losing game.

  • John
    John 4 months ago +3

    Glad we have a POTUS that enforces the laws, Osama sorry Obama would let all these drug dealers and illegals in

    • /Zacky nor
      /Zacky nor Month ago

      What? Obama deported a lot of people during his term. Why do people think that he is so pro immigrant lol

    • JD
      JD 4 months ago

      Amen to that comment brother

  • chltmdwp
    chltmdwp 4 months ago +1

    2:48 That is Captain, not Lieutenant...

    • Ghoppa32
      Ghoppa32 3 months ago

      A captain in CG and navy has EAGEL PIN

    • Anthony G
      Anthony G 4 months ago +1

      chltmdwp O-3 in the Coast Guard and Navy is Lieutenant. O-3 in the Marines, Army and Air Force is Captain... Captain in the Coast Guard is a full bird O-6.

  • Joel Fleming
    Joel Fleming 4 months ago

    lmao coast guard

  • Westley Sellers
    Westley Sellers 4 months ago +3

    I want to join the coast guard so bad

  • Jonny Villa
    Jonny Villa 4 months ago

    The music was more dramatic than the video. What a snore. Lol

  • LightSkinLui
    LightSkinLui 4 months ago

    So since when do Puerto rico dont got the green card for ppl to come to the u.s i mean i came in 2007 ive been in the u.s for 14 years now i came in 3rd grade ...but thats weird i nevrr hurd of puertorican imagrants

    • Erik P.T.
      Erik P.T. 2 months ago

      Don’t think they are from Puerto Rico

  • Mike  Jones
    Mike Jones 5 months ago

    Bravo Zulu Miami..from the 9th Western Region Great Lakes!!! Do your thang!!!!

    • Shayn Steele
      Shayn Steele 4 months ago

      BZ!! 9th D sailor group Det SAI for 2yrs &D-7 for 2yrs!!!

  • tc1uscg
    tc1uscg 5 months ago +4

    1998, we intercepted 350 migrants (that had survived) just off one boat, one day. They weer "repatriated". Bet you didn't see that in the news. :-)

  • jb jb
    jb jb 5 months ago +7

    Did you know that the coast guard seizes more/less the same amount of drugs yearly than all LE agencies combined. They do so much with so little and LE is only a part of their mission they have 11 other missions 14usc2 and they are only roughly the size of NYPD

  • Subversive
    Subversive 5 months ago +2

    bunch of horseshit. Unreasonable search and seizure

    • 101327
      101327 Month ago

      @Subversive 14 USC 89 (made law in1949) which states in part, “The Coast Guard may make inquiries, examinations, inspections, searches, seizures, and arrests upon the high seas and waters over which the United States has jurisdiction, for the prevention, detection, and suppression of violations of the laws of the United States for such purposes, commissioned, warrant and petty officers may at any time go on board of any vessel subject to the jurisdiction, or to the operations of any law, of the United States, address inquiries to those on board, examine the ship’s documents and papers, and examine, inspect, and search the vessel and use all necessary force to compel compliance . . .”

    • Evan Ogburn
      Evan Ogburn 4 months ago

      @Subversive bilateral agreements with foreign countries give us jurisdiction to operate in their waters.

    • jb jb
      jb jb 5 months ago +1

      @Subversive did they search anyone's personal effect? They are just doing an inspection for they're safety equipment. Now if drugs are onboard and on plain view or they have some sort of reasonable suspicion that's a different story.

    • Subversive
      Subversive 5 months ago

      ​@jb jb Sounds like you parrot the same horse shit line every agency does about drugs. You cannot search a person's personal effects while you inspect their vessel this is subterfuge being used for illegal search and seizure.

    • jb jb
      jb jb 5 months ago +1

      And it sounds like you support people bringing drugs in and destroying families

  • Mother Nugget
    Mother Nugget 5 months ago +9

    trump has limited vocabulary

  • chefdan87
    chefdan87 5 months ago +73

    You spelled Unauthorized Migrants wrong in the title. It's spelled "Illegal Immigrants"

    • operator wolf324
      operator wolf324 19 days ago

      @Karl V Redweld idiot we only support and aid Puerto Rico and panama its not our fault people dont know how to run a country

    • Jack Package
      Jack Package Month ago

      chefdan87 It’s illegal aliens or invaders.

    • If only Cain were Abel
      If only Cain were Abel 3 months ago +4

      @Karl V Redweld I'm sorry for being "ignorant." Nah man. What i'm saying is that people who cross the border ONLY to sell drugs are not immigrants because they just do their business then go back to mexico with a cyclical pattern

    • Karl V Redweld
      Karl V Redweld 3 months ago

      @If only Cain were Abel Not really, most are trying to escape the conditions our government created in other countries, like fascist dictatorships partially run by the cartels of whom we provide weaponry and resources to. Amazing how ignorant you westerners are.

    • LightSkinLui
      LightSkinLui 4 months ago

      @If only Cain were Abel but dont p.r peoppe have the rights and green card...? Isnt part of u.s and p.r was a talk back 2012 as potential as bieng the 51 star

  • Petter Drahun
    Petter Drahun 5 months ago +1

    0:25 sounds like the sleep walking seen in step brothers

  • Nakidz
    Nakidz 5 months ago

    Unauthorized migrants? You mean “illegals.” PC BS is ruining our country.