• Published on Nov 2, 2019
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  • beri sings
    beri sings 9 hours ago

    Les draws just like me and I’m only 10

  • Ariana Navarrete
    Ariana Navarrete 17 hours ago


  • Natalia Palacios

    this is the first yt video ive watched of yours (i’ve watch your live’s before) and omg i’m so glad i came across this video 😍 good job you’re amazing!

  • Monique Cedillo
    Monique Cedillo 2 days ago

    i love how she made minor details as she went along. this cake is beautiful!!!

  • Karla Martinez
    Karla Martinez 2 days ago

    She keeps switching languish

  • Shurite Banda
    Shurite Banda 3 days ago

    OMG! You did an awesome job, the cake came out incredible. Les you have so many talents and I just love your personality. Stay humble and continue to be yourself never change gorgeous.

  • Raelene Analee
    Raelene Analee 3 days ago

    Anyone know what app she used for the sugar sheets?? :(

  • Mayra Rivera
    Mayra Rivera 4 days ago

    Could someone help me fine the whoville houses please i cant fine the.. i am trying to print them out for my sons birthday party on the 24 of dec

  • Jasmine Gamble
    Jasmine Gamble 4 days ago

    amazing work, I love it ❤️

  • Alexandra Moreno
    Alexandra Moreno 5 days ago

    Damn you killed it 💕💓💓💓

  • Koral SANDOVAL
    Koral SANDOVAL 5 days ago

    Omg! Her baby is due on my birthday!😁

  • Sam K
    Sam K 6 days ago

    So cuteeee !!!!🥰🥰😍

  • Giselle ibanez
    Giselle ibanez 6 days ago

    damn you talk hella fast lol

  • Erika Alexis Lopez
    Erika Alexis Lopez 6 days ago

    💕Your son is going to love ❤️ you so much. You are a beautiful mommy already. Beautiful cake.💕👸🏻

  • Erika R
    Erika R 8 days ago

    Les what is that little musiquita in the background called??

  • Zoila Alfaro
    Zoila Alfaro 9 days ago

    I would love to do a cake, what frosting does she use?

  • ceballoskathy
    ceballoskathy 10 days ago

    Lovely cake, you made it look so easy

  • Diana Gonzalez
    Diana Gonzalez 10 days ago

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🥺🥺♥️♥️ you are like super talented at everything you do and you are so so funny I wish I could be your friend literally you are goals 💛💛💛💛💓

  • Tokyo Soto
    Tokyo Soto 10 days ago

    I normally don’t watch these kinds of videos but I came across yours and I really like that I like how you explain exactly what you were doing you didn’t miss out any type of detail I enjoyed it in a year of work came out really good

  • Elizabeth Carmona
    Elizabeth Carmona 11 days ago

    Less how do you do your frosting ?

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B 12 days ago

    Omg this cake was such a long process!! I thought it was going to be so difficult but after going through the steps it seemed very easy 🙌🏼 it’s the planning that would mess me up lol like where do I even start

  • Mara Ochoa
    Mara Ochoa 12 days ago

    Me encanto jejeje !! Que padre, a que temperatura y por cuánto tiempo horneas los pasteles grandes de 10 y 12 pulgadas ?

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez 13 days ago

    BABY GIRL, you need to talk a lil slower

  • Daisy Alvarez
    Daisy Alvarez 13 days ago

    Hella late in watching this video but Leslie you are seriously talented. Idk how you had the energy being preggo and all. Can’t wait to meet baby G

  • Brittany Marie Lerma
    Brittany Marie Lerma 13 days ago

    Is there a place in El Paso to get sugar sheets? I don’t have a printer and really need something soon for a cake this Friday, dec 6. I’m a fellow baker in ep! ☺️

  • Christina Rogers
    Christina Rogers 13 days ago +1

    Omg Les you are so beautiful and talented! The cake looks AMAZING! Baby G is so blessed to have two very loving and caring parents. You and Alex are gona be great parents! I cant wait to see Baby G!

  • Alexa Piscoya
    Alexa Piscoya 13 days ago

    Beautiful!!! Sat through all 35mins glued to my phone 😂😻

  • Destiny Lewis
    Destiny Lewis 15 days ago

    I'm a new subscriber to your channel I love you already and congratulations on your little one

  • IamjustDynasty
    IamjustDynasty 16 days ago


  • Oriana Rodriguez
    Oriana Rodriguez 16 days ago

    Has videos hablando español!!! Te ves tan hermosa...! You will be a great mom💗.

  • Sheena xoxo
    Sheena xoxo 17 days ago

    WOW...girl u did such a great job!! I love the Grinch theme & how u decorated it. U are definitely talented!! 💕 Now I am headed over to watch the baby shower!

  • Kim Cstro
    Kim Cstro 17 days ago

    You did such a beautiful job!!

  • Lissie Santiago
    Lissie Santiago 17 days ago

    Greattttt job

  • Anahi Sanchez
    Anahi Sanchez 17 days ago

    Other women:still sleeping at 01:00
    Les:making a cake

  • becca john
    becca john 18 days ago

    Gurlllllll stop talking to fast 😂😂😂

  • Dr Scolopmpeyo
    Dr Scolopmpeyo 18 days ago

    Your going to be a great mother.❤️❤️❤️

  • Anna Perez
    Anna Perez 18 days ago

    You should do a unicorn cake(when you get ack to baking) I'm sure you have a alot fans who have kids that love unicorns or JoJo swia

  • elizabeth martinez
    elizabeth martinez 18 days ago

    Your such an amazing Mommy already Les!! Making your babyshower cake is so awesome and it came out beautiful with all the love you put into it!!! 🥰❤
    Fun Fact I have that same Friends shirt your wearing!!! 🙌🙌

  • Ben B.
    Ben B. 18 days ago

    Me sitting on my porch: rise y rise 🤣🤣
    My husband: who you laughing with.
    Me: con Les
    (Especially cuando se le olvido what she was doing. 🤣🤣🤣)
    My husband: estas loca!

  • amanda dawn
    amanda dawn 18 days ago

    Love love love this cake it is so cute!

  • Irma Sanchez
    Irma Sanchez 19 days ago

    Love the cake les you are very talented

  • Melanie Marie
    Melanie Marie 19 days ago

    WOW . You did a great job on the cake 😍💯 it's so cute 😍😊❤️👍

  • Lizz Perez
    Lizz Perez 19 days ago

    No hate but that little suqicky way she be talking at the end of each sentence IRKS my souls i couldn't even finish the video

  • Maggie Hernandez
    Maggie Hernandez 19 days ago

    OMG!!! Super cute!! 😍🎂👶🎄

  • Michelle
    Michelle 19 days ago

    Has ur man wifed u up yet?? What is he waiting for???
    Beautiful cake!!!

  • Krystal Jack
    Krystal Jack 19 days ago

    I love it you did an amazing job

  • Roxanne Cordova
    Roxanne Cordova 19 days ago

    que lindo te quedo, muchas bendiciones

  • Aide Santana
    Aide Santana 20 days ago

    That’s crazy that was my due date for my second baby and I ended up having her December 17

  • Beth Grace
    Beth Grace 20 days ago

    You speak wayyy too fast :/ but nice video though.

  • its just kaidence
    its just kaidence 21 day ago

    She talk way too fast no thank you

  • Simply Susy
    Simply Susy 21 day ago

    More cake making videos on your YT porfavor 😚

  • camille coates
    camille coates 21 day ago

    That is the cutest idea what if he/she was born on chrismas!

  • o marshall
    o marshall 21 day ago

    I want her sweatshirt

  • ICarrie
    ICarrie 21 day ago

    A nice video but u don't need 8 ads it was hard to watch lol xx

  • Shay's Ways
    Shay's Ways 22 days ago

    I don’t know how I found your channel but glad I did. 😍🥰 I love your personality!

  • Haydee Mendez
    Haydee Mendez 22 days ago

    Omg super cute love itttt

  • Dalila M.
    Dalila M. 22 days ago +5

    She speaks so fast. No hate, her cake is amazing

  • Mona Bug23
    Mona Bug23 22 days ago

    Your due date is my birthday
    December 23

  • Makiella McClain
    Makiella McClain 22 days ago +1

    im not really understanding what you're saying :|

  • my youtube
    my youtube 22 days ago

    Damn, i didn't even have the energy to shave my legs during my pregnancies....sis literally put me to shame.