What Am I Touching Challenge #2: Melted Gummy?

  • Published on Aug 4, 2018
  • Can we guess what we are touching this time? Blindfolds on for our second What Am I Touching? challenge!
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    In the What Am I Touching? challenge, members of the Vat19 team are blindfolded before trying to guess what they are touching. You can't see it, so you gotta feel it. It could be something gross, weird, or even alive!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  8 days ago +11

    Danny is flattered at the amount of people who would like to buy his foot, however, he has decided he'd rather keep it.
    Did you see the first what am I touching challenge? tvclip.biz/video/5LQoxNdqd3w/video.html

  • Blender Bach
    Blender Bach Day ago

    Now, where's the spider I felt?
    Oh it's right here.
    Should I... (AHHHHHH!!!)

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    I child

  • John Heverly
    John Heverly Day ago

    Wheres dannys foot i want it now

  • PearlHeart Salazar
    PearlHeart Salazar 4 days ago

    I can buy Danny's foot yeet

  • Autumn Willow
    Autumn Willow 4 days ago

    Comment percentages!
    99.99999%: can I buy Danny’s foot?
    0.1%: other

    COLL BOY 5 days ago

    Ill buy dannys foot😁😅😂

  • daniel Roberto
    daniel Roberto 6 days ago

    So you can buy Danny's foot

  • Werewolf 394
    Werewolf 394 6 days ago

    Can we buy Danny's foot?

  • max i
    max i 7 days ago

    About time they sell Danny's foot XD

  • chris lai
    chris lai 10 days ago

    Omg I got the dislike counter to 250 (I don’t hate vat19)

  • Roston Oakley
    Roston Oakley 12 days ago

    next challenge use the coton candy maker and put the toe of saitin in it

  • vivien jia
    vivien jia 12 days ago

    eric is so barve in this

  • 4cool LPS
    4cool LPS 12 days ago

    Ok can someone put an original comment?

  • Metalhead Couple
    Metalhead Couple 12 days ago

    The Thumbnail reminded me of minecraft.

  • The Oshawott Gamer
    The Oshawott Gamer 12 days ago +2

    One question can I buy Danny's foot

  • The Fire Turkeys
    The Fire Turkeys 13 days ago

    I thought Eric left...

  • Psycotic Wolf
    Psycotic Wolf 14 days ago

    I never knew butcherms were from VAT19

  • TSwany
    TSwany 14 days ago

    i was going to make a clever joke comment saying "*Danny's foot not available at Vat19.com" but then i checked and realized THE ENTIRE COMMENT SECTION IS MADE UP OF DANNY'S FOOT JOKES

  • Anthony8851
    Anthony8851 14 days ago

    99% of comments: Where's Danny's foot @?

  • houdeX
    houdeX 15 days ago

    This is obviously so fucking fake lmao

  • • hue •
    • hue • 16 days ago

    Everybody is asking about if they can buy Danny’s foot. Seriously, be concerned about those flipping WET dance pants.

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 16 days ago

    I want to buy Danny foot

  • Chijie Li
    Chijie Li 17 days ago

    Adam kinda look like Harry from Harry Potter

  • Rocco Dutcher
    Rocco Dutcher 18 days ago

    I wNna buy the foot

  • Christian Walker
    Christian Walker 18 days ago

    You can buy moist dance panties only at vat19

  • Bella_love Mal
    Bella_love Mal 18 days ago

    Omg I can buy his foot jk I don't like feet

  • DarkDex
    DarkDex 19 days ago

    Can I buy Danny's foot? xD

  • Kiingg
    Kiingg 19 days ago

    I really want danny's foot

  • Joey’s Vlog
    Joey’s Vlog 19 days ago

    Wait When could I get melted gummy When it says shop for these gifts. 6:30

  • The Unpredictable
    The Unpredictable 19 days ago

    I see the the thumbnail and I be like: IS THAT A GREEN DICK *_sees title_* oh my bad

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl 20 days ago

    Basically wHaTS In tHE BoX ChaLLEnGE

  • Pranzal Neupane
    Pranzal Neupane 21 day ago

    Um I kinda need help I went online and I couldn't find Danny's foot any ideas on how to gets. It

  • chewbaccaforeyou
    chewbaccaforeyou 23 days ago

    "Buy all of the fun products in this video" I was expecting on the end screen there just to be a foot.

  • Fortress22
    Fortress22 23 days ago

    I like how he plucked Danny’s toe hair

  • AverageLarina
    AverageLarina 23 days ago +1

    I think that Danny’s foot was funny XD

  • logan chapman
    logan chapman 24 days ago +1

    "Get your hands on the fun in this video"

    Can I buy Danny's foot?

  • GreekYogurt
    GreekYogurt 24 days ago

    where can i find danny's foot hairs

  • Mobile Buyers Network
    Mobile Buyers Network 25 days ago

    3:29 it felt grrooooooss!!!

  • Subiugetur
    Subiugetur 25 days ago

    Sure looks like a Minecraft painting in the thumbnail.

  • Xander Giddis
    Xander Giddis 26 days ago


    I can buy Danny's foot?

  • Kawaii Dog 46
    Kawaii Dog 46 27 days ago +2

    Can I buy Danny’s foot? 🦶

  • Day Light 4999
    Day Light 4999 27 days ago

    2:37 i love that shirt

  • Purple Skittles
    Purple Skittles 27 days ago

    I couldn't find Danny's foot on the website

  • Voltage Tortoiz
    Voltage Tortoiz 28 days ago

    How much for Danny's toe

  • J MinGi
    J MinGi 29 days ago

    Adam getting scared of the spitballs lmao

  • J MinGi
    J MinGi 29 days ago

    "Why are they wet? And why am I still holding them" - Adam lmao

  • Dustin Nguyen
    Dustin Nguyen 29 days ago

    I can even get Danny’s toe

  • Doge :3
    Doge :3 29 days ago

    We can buy Danny's foot? Give me 20

    Edit: I dident read the comments I did this foot th em I readed them so chill

  • Icewallowkumm 422
    Icewallowkumm 422 29 days ago

    *”What am I touching?!”* sounds wrong

  • William Marietti
    William Marietti Month ago

    can i buy dannys foot

  • iT’S Paige
    iT’S Paige Month ago

    97%:Danny’s foot
    2%:Other stuff
    1%:Great video

  • sigit purwanto
    sigit purwanto Month ago

    3:49 3:50 ERICK SO FUNNY😅😆😂😅😆😂😅😆😂

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans Month ago

    i want dannys foot

  • GD Faxe Crown
    GD Faxe Crown Month ago

    I want dannys foot

  • Wildeson.winefer Rodriguez

    Why you didn't you guy's did do like animals or like worms from it can make it more interesting

  • Mutah
    Mutah Month ago +2

    Why does the dude with the glasses flip his shit every time? It's annoying..

  • Joe America
    Joe America Month ago +1

    The thumbnail look like they were holding shreks DICK

  • KarateKid 27
    KarateKid 27 Month ago +1

    Where can I buy a Danny's foot?

  • Anne Tan
    Anne Tan Month ago +1

    Why is no one concerned about the WET DANCE PANTS?!

  • Diswob Bajgain
    Diswob Bajgain Month ago +2

    Does anyone have danny' s foot?

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi Month ago +1

    How much that leg cost?

  • MC. Muffin
    MC. Muffin Month ago +1

    I wanna buy Danny's foot

  • Night Bear
    Night Bear Month ago +8

    4:49 Shoulda been jamie's foot 😂😂
    Also where can i get dannys foot?

  • Katlyn Anderton
    Katlyn Anderton Month ago +1

    But I wanna buy Danny’s foot!!!

  • Sammy’s Gacha world
    Sammy’s Gacha world Month ago +1

    I mean vid

  • Sammy’s Gacha world
    Sammy’s Gacha world Month ago +1

    Also funny and good food

  • Sammy’s Gacha world
    Sammy’s Gacha world Month ago +1


  • Anti
    Anti Month ago +1


  • Rogah Taylah's Sticks
    Rogah Taylah's Sticks Month ago +1

    Can I just buy the whole of Danny?

  • Lost-Gaming Greninja
    Lost-Gaming Greninja Month ago +1

    1:18 yup it is

  • InitialPC
    InitialPC Month ago +3

    I lost it when danny starts kicking eric under the table for pulling out his foot hairs XD

  • Thom Bosman
    Thom Bosman Month ago +1

    6:12 i dont think you can get danny's foot at vat19.com

  • Valerie Chiara
    Valerie Chiara Month ago +1

    Um.. so we can buy Danny's foot?? I cant find it in vat19.com.

  • jan jan
    jan jan Month ago +1

    I'm dying at all the comments about Danny's foot

  • audrcher897 HUL
    audrcher897 HUL Month ago +1


  • Sallys logic
    Sallys logic Month ago +1

    Ok how much is Danny's foot?

  • Suki Plays
    Suki Plays Month ago +1

    Danny's Foot?! 🤔😷😷😯😂😂😂

  • Lilli Kenyon
    Lilli Kenyon Month ago

    Where can I get the foot

  • Piechowski Kamil
    Piechowski Kamil Month ago

    Where can i buy Danny's foot

  • Tommy Nguyen
    Tommy Nguyen Month ago

    Can I get his foot

  • Canadian Mapping
    Canadian Mapping Month ago

    Its a toy at vat 19
    That can be anything...........

  • BBeluga Whale
    BBeluga Whale Month ago


  • Random Vlogger
    Random Vlogger Month ago +1

    In the thumbnail it looked like a green long thing you put inside of you
    Like if you get it😂😂🤣

  • GEo Nick.
    GEo Nick. Month ago

    At 1:00 is that kara

  • Ethan Wakula
    Ethan Wakula Month ago

    vat19.com doesn’t have Danny’s foot.

  • Ethan Wakula
    Ethan Wakula Month ago

    You forgot to add Danny’s foot to the description.

  • Ngau Xi
    Ngau Xi Month ago

    I want Danny foot

  • Jake w00d
    Jake w00d Month ago

    Close your eyes and listen to 3:46

  • Voltorb2
    Voltorb2 Month ago

    Instasnow makes my farts literally toxic. It wasnt safe to smell. No joke

  • TwoSide Gamer
    TwoSide Gamer 2 months ago


  • Ethan Ruyf
    Ethan Ruyf 2 months ago


  • Livvy Shep
    Livvy Shep 2 months ago

    96% of the comments: Where can i buy Danny's foot? I didn't see it on the website
    3% of the comments: We all miss you Eric!! :(.
    1% of the comments: Amazing video!

  • Jamie the Warrior
    Jamie the Warrior 2 months ago


  • OneLittleCutie
    OneLittleCutie 2 months ago +3

    Great video but I looked and I cant find Danny's foot is it ut of stock??

  • Navedavey 444
    Navedavey 444 2 months ago

    The amount of fun you guys have at this job.

  • Orlando Ruiz
    Orlando Ruiz 2 months ago

    *I see the thumbnail of the video
    Me:it’s a green dildo!!!

  • Anthony Guevara
    Anthony Guevara 2 months ago

    We’re is hank the lizard like if you want to know we’re he is

  • Connor Mackey
    Connor Mackey 2 months ago

    Where’s Danny’s foot on vat19.com

  • julia gilbreath
    julia gilbreath 2 months ago

    99.9% of comments Danny’s foot
    0.1% anything else