Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test


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  • Megan Harris
    Megan Harris Hour ago

    Wawa tho

  • Austin Patterson
    Austin Patterson Hour ago

    Subway is the best

  • grace m
    grace m 2 days ago

    Wear gloves for blind tests! Can hold to eat better but won’t be able to feel it

  • Riddlebox Queen
    Riddlebox Queen 2 days ago

    Can we talk about how Rhett puppy pawed the subway sandwich.... he put one hand halfway over it like a puppy paw and sniffed it 😂

  • Jon Lagoon
    Jon Lagoon 2 days ago

    Douchebag on the right how dare u say firehouse isn't the shipping

  • Alexandra M
    Alexandra M 3 days ago

    Will it dipping sauce

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson 3 days ago

    I really love Jimmy Johns❤️ They never disappoint

  • awesome Mario 64
    awesome Mario 64 3 days ago

    Which Wich is the best sandwich place ever

  • Krissie Brown
    Krissie Brown 3 days ago

    What about Blimpie?

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson 3 days ago

    Why dont ypu rate the food?

  • Steven Doar
    Steven Doar 4 days ago +1

    So I guess no Wawa?

  • Phoenix McCreadie
    Phoenix McCreadie 4 days ago

    No Penn station????!!!

  • Melanie Barbour
    Melanie Barbour 4 days ago

    Jersey mikes cold subs and Penn station for hot.

    NELOPES7 6 days ago

    This is a sad show

  • Ski Hat
    Ski Hat 7 days ago

    Firehouse the best hands down

  • Nick Owen
    Nick Owen 8 days ago

    Pause at 9:14

  • Chantal Gooding
    Chantal Gooding 8 days ago

    whoop whoop!! Jersey Mike's !! the best subs!!!

  • Dendrous
    Dendrous 8 days ago

    Knew Jersey Mikes was gonna win this! Best subs ever!

  • Hildebrand
    Hildebrand 8 days ago

    Couldn’t believe you thought the Jersey Mike’s was QUIZNO’S of all places, but at least you realized it was the best.

  • John Rhee
    John Rhee 9 days ago

    No Potbelly’s???

  • J N
    J N 9 days ago

    Jersey mikes all the way bro

  • jacob bellomo
    jacob bellomo 9 days ago

    I work for Publix and u should have had that chicken tender on there

  • Reiya Wiles
    Reiya Wiles 9 days ago

    3:43 When best buddies sync up 😂

  • granola
    granola 11 days ago

    Should’ve tried Publix sandwiches. They are absolutely delicious.

  • Seth Angel
    Seth Angel 11 days ago

    Firehouse is unequivocally the best. Any other option is wrong.

  • Kristen Shemanski
    Kristen Shemanski 12 days ago

    They’re hoagies!

  • Ghost Plays
    Ghost Plays 13 days ago

    I’m the same with my subs, I can’t eat one without chips.

  • Joshua Radjavitch
    Joshua Radjavitch 13 days ago

    It’s hoagie 😤

  • Samer Henen
    Samer Henen 14 days ago +1

    After all these subs, were the best of them all

  • eli ernst
    eli ernst 14 days ago

    Dino’s is in Gastonia NC !!!!!!

  • HolyMolyStudios
    HolyMolyStudios 14 days ago

    This video felt scripted

  • Tracy Hughes
    Tracy Hughes 15 days ago

    subway is so gross

  • Valtteri Rantanen
    Valtteri Rantanen 15 days ago

    Inside secret resemble hsvekc estimated benefit sigh dose marry recover fishing below silk.

  • L dub vlogggs
    L dub vlogggs 16 days ago

    Firehouse subs are all baked

  • sara y
    sara y 17 days ago

    It’s funny how Rhett kept using his hands and link was just awkwardly holding the submarine paddle trying NOT to touch the sandwich 😂😂

  • Macho Toast1122
    Macho Toast1122 18 days ago +2

    My favorite is jersey Mike's

  • Veronica Becerra
    Veronica Becerra 18 days ago


  • Veronica Becerra
    Veronica Becerra 18 days ago


  • Daniel Maya
    Daniel Maya 18 days ago

    Yuuuss idk why, but I was excited when they showed Jersey Mikes (I work there)

  • Miranda L.
    Miranda L. 18 days ago

    Firehouse all the way.

  • huggysocks
    huggysocks 19 days ago

    Firehouse lost to which wich this contest is disqualified.

  • sadasd12rqfe
    sadasd12rqfe 19 days ago

    What’s up with the laugh track wanna be fake laughs

  • Aaron Cruz
    Aaron Cruz 19 days ago

    "We always finish each other's--" "Sandwiches."


  • Gavin Sprunger
    Gavin Sprunger 20 days ago

    I guess you could say that they thought quiznos was pretty subpar.

  • ImKrissLee
    ImKrissLee 20 days ago

    Can you please do a comparison for fast food pizza??

  • Muni Animations
    Muni Animations 20 days ago

    I argue that Wawa should be on here

  • Susan Chizmadia
    Susan Chizmadia 20 days ago

    Detroit area fave: Tubby's Submarines!

  • Slater Brazeal
    Slater Brazeal 20 days ago

    Publix deli has all these subshops beat except for maybe firehouse.

  • Jcubed
    Jcubed 21 day ago

    No Wawa, invalid contest

  • Eurydice Schuyler
    Eurydice Schuyler 23 days ago

    9:13 yall know those animal charger guard that looks like it is chomping on ur phone? someone needs to make a rhett and link one lmaooo

  • Antioch Aldo
    Antioch Aldo 23 days ago +1

    Penn station east coast subs > Jersey Mikes

  • Dioscoro Federico Duran

    just wondering who finishes the subs you've tasted

  • Jack Welch
    Jack Welch 24 days ago

    Good God Americans need 6 different stores for every product

  • Jace macfie
    Jace macfie 24 days ago


  • Morring100
    Morring100 24 days ago

    Um... yeah look into Larry's Giant Subs... They'll beat them all to be honest.

  • Ballistika Games
    Ballistika Games 25 days ago

    Jersey Mike's is in fact the best I love them

  • Ballistika Games
    Ballistika Games 25 days ago

    Will it cheese? Have they done that yet lol. I'm a cheese lover soo.. Yeah lol

  • EPpro
    EPpro 25 days ago

    No Wawa hoagies? Disappointed

  • Ryan Schaffer
    Ryan Schaffer 25 days ago

    If you know what to get their all good but quiznos imo is king for sure. Used to have one where I live and now I have to travel 2 hours at least to find one. Worth the drive all day long

  • Crysta Theurer
    Crysta Theurer 25 days ago

    Why no togo's? 😢

  • DamnMyMeatSmall
    DamnMyMeatSmall 25 days ago

    Which Wich is really good.

  • Dark Prophet
    Dark Prophet 26 days ago

    who is the girl always narrating she sounds so sexy lol

  • Jess Zorn
    Jess Zorn 26 days ago

    No Wawa?!

  • Ray powers
    Ray powers 28 days ago

    5min 55 looks good

  • Brandon Sims
    Brandon Sims 28 days ago

    Definitely going to Jersey Mike’s once I get off work. I knew it was good, but I can’t take it for granted now😂

  • loveableme59
    loveableme59 28 days ago

    We always finish each other’s
    That’s what I was gonna say!

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan 29 days ago

    I finally get the joke.

  • Bob From Accounting

    Where is davannis? Davannis make good samiches and hoagies.

  • alex
    alex Month ago

    I got a subway ad

  • Devin Hill
    Devin Hill Month ago


  • Catalyst Chris
    Catalyst Chris Month ago

    I got a subway ad at the start
    Oh TVclip you really do have a sense of humour don’t you

  • Two and a Half Potatoes

    Working at a Which Wich you have no idea how many times new customers come up and ask for the menu. You tell them how the system works and they come back and ask for a sandwich. You tell them to fill out a bag and they scratch their head for a second, turn around and leave xD

  • KiloSixTV
    KiloSixTV Month ago

    Being honest I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before but to make this a contest you need to make WaWa part of it.

  • Wasi Khan
    Wasi Khan Month ago

    Y nt split all subs in hlf instead wasting so mch

  • Miranda Miller
    Miranda Miller Month ago

    I used to work at Which Wich! I love their sandwiches!

  • Tim Skarin
    Tim Skarin Month ago

    Jersey mikes: so good but so small

  • Not a Somm
    Not a Somm Month ago

    good mythical nighttime. a rhett and link spin off that is 18+ and has dirty jokes where r and l can be adults on camera

  • Mike Hart
    Mike Hart Month ago

    Subway skimps on everything, which is why I never go there. Jersey Mike's is #1!

  • TheMajesticMilotic
    TheMajesticMilotic Month ago

    A. Its A hoagie
    B. A sandwich comparison without wawa is irrelevant

  • N Wolf
    N Wolf Month ago



  • Peter Trandem
    Peter Trandem Month ago

    Wait! We need a true sandwhich match. Include erberts and gerbert's and potbellies


    I got a subway ad before this video

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan Month ago

    Bread sandwiches are the best

  • Nadiest
    Nadiest Month ago

    No one here has lived until they’ve tried the Torpedoes from Quiznos

  • Urban Pen Diva
    Urban Pen Diva Month ago

    Is it just me or does anybody else still see Links face with his blindfold on?

  • Jeffrey Terry
    Jeffrey Terry Month ago

    11:27 Rhett looks just like the “Burger King” guy.

  • Bee Real
    Bee Real Month ago

    3:44 *But where was it from?*

  • Lee Byrum
    Lee Byrum Month ago

    There must not have been a Jimmy John's on Hillsborough St. when you guys were at NCSU! I got JJ all the time when I went to state.

  • Aaron Petersen
    Aaron Petersen Month ago

    I just realized they only got a 6 inch Jersey Mike's because the regular size is so expensive lo

  • Nekita Clark
    Nekita Clark Month ago

    What's y'alls issue with mustard?

  • Lisa Nabors
    Lisa Nabors Month ago

    Jersey Mikes for cold subs and firehouse for hot! 🥖🥖🥖

  • Its Vonn
    Its Vonn Month ago

    Fire house is delicious , way better than subway

    CAPTAIN JIMIS Month ago

    9:20 wtf

  • Kara-Jane Xxx
    Kara-Jane Xxx Month ago

    We only have subway in the United Kingdom

  • DrumRapTech
    DrumRapTech Month ago

    I’m craving subway now

  • skyman
    skyman Month ago

    Miss the old intro

  • Ruthven Family
    Ruthven Family Month ago

    I really like the ones from Harris teeter if you’ve never had one of them and they serve them at your store, I def recommend!!

  • Jeremy Ayala
    Jeremy Ayala Month ago


  • SplnSix
    SplnSix Month ago

    Anyone has an idea what's happening with the dislikes? They're more than usual right?

  • FlashS77 Gaming
    FlashS77 Gaming Month ago

    9:22 that’s what she said