CNET Update - Uproar over PRISM government surveillance


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  • Roger didit
    Roger didit 8 months ago

    The left could care less! As long as it's the Democrats doing it. They'd sell their soul to the devil.

  • Joe Barone
    Joe Barone 4 years ago

    this is just a modified xbox one for obama, lol, except when he plays he can damage peoples whole identity, maybe the prism can fix the 10th edition of obamacare/google/soft

  • chris wood
    chris wood 5 years ago

    I agree with you pricture sooo much! Xbox one is an outdated PC too basically lmfao..DDR3 memory and average graphics. I think this is the start of microsoft's downfall.

  • dizzy stax
    dizzy stax 5 years ago

    xbox 1 sucks.... get PC gaming or ps4

  • Larkinchance
    Larkinchance 5 years ago

    When a security surveillance apparatus falls under the control of one branch of the government such as the Executive, it completely destroys the separation of powers provided for within the Constitution.

  • Larkinchance
    Larkinchance 5 years ago

    The big danger is "Simple Data Mining"
    The focusing on individuals isn't the real power of a massive, population wide, data bases. Assuming you are the dictator or a just a president gone bad, on a gross scale, the NSA's data base can sift and sort the population so that all people of any specific group, can be identified and located if they possess a cell phone.

  • Larkinchance
    Larkinchance 5 years ago

    Political enemies like opposition leaders, protesters, socialists, tea partiers, Jews, Moslems, blacks, or dissenters can be swiftly removed from the population..
    How would this be done?
    Fundamental laws have been modified or overridden so that NSA's gathered information goes to Department of Justice, Federal warrants are issued, the local police are deputized on behalf of the Federal Government and they carry them out in every city and town across the country.

  • Larkinchance
    Larkinchance 5 years ago

    Suddenly the Dept of Defense Document for internment and resettlement begins to make sense.
    Far from keeping us safe, NSA has put millions of Americans in danger from unwanted intrusions that can be subject to misinterpretation. No one seems to see this danger.
    A secret surveillance apparatus is an affront to a free people.

  • Mista StealyoBooks
    Mista StealyoBooks 5 years ago

    "The further we progress, more inevitable that bittersweet feeling grows. That feeling of over sufficient prevalence, as a distraction to the larger scale." People are losing themselves with the advancements, some use it to their gain, but the mass population can't keep up. Government utilizes this. People now'a'days are like cattle in a barn, following one another.

  • Philip Jinks
    Philip Jinks 5 years ago

    the fuckin state of the US and the UK spying on people and fuck the xbox one

  • RobertGameFreak
    RobertGameFreak 5 years ago

    Actually no, Xbox One will be giving NSA all the data
    PS4 however has confirmed that you do not need to be always online, While the XboxOne can change that at any moment with a update
    ALSO the fact that Xbox One has a camera installed right on it, and can also record voices and conversation.... So yea, America being a free country, nice joke

  • Morph Verse
    Morph Verse 5 years ago

    Hey CNET!, you think MS is going all ass on security and surveillance then what does it say about YOU!..

  • MusaMansa21
    MusaMansa21 5 years ago

    Americans, soon enough your right to party will erode. that's when you will all be pissed.

  • MusaMansa21
    MusaMansa21 5 years ago

    in 1975 or something

  • MusaMansa21
    MusaMansa21 5 years ago

    Senator Frank Church spoke of the National Security Agency in these terms:
    "I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return."

  • xXCarNagE77Xx
    xXCarNagE77Xx 5 years ago

    Don't worry, nobody will buy the Xbox one

  • James Connolly
    James Connolly 5 years ago

    This Xbox One sounds like a shitty deal. I hope people refuse to buy it just to show that pulling this sort of thing hit companies where it hurts. That is, the wallet.

  • LudicFallacies
    LudicFallacies 5 years ago

    Sony stuck sophisticated rootkits onto music CDs from Christ's sake.
    Every point you made is wrong as of June 19 as well.

  • dindek
    dindek 5 years ago

    linux=internet,ps4=games problem solved

  • Mohammad Asif
    Mohammad Asif 5 years ago

    Xbox one SUCKS!!!! :x :x :x

  • Mohammad Asif
    Mohammad Asif 5 years ago

    the secrecy of this whole thing is kind of a mystery for the public.
    seriously who knows what the real truth is no one :D

  • Blu Sky
    Blu Sky 5 years ago

    Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. ~William Pitt~
    Uproar i think those traitors should be down right worried whats about to happen to them.

  • kb_YouTube
    kb_YouTube 5 years ago

    fuck the us gouverment! that crazy assholes are spying people around the world out, and say that is for the (US) national security ? Fuck YOU Obama. Hitler has started also surveillance before the WW2 has startet... Whats wrong with these people?

  • Aztec MC
    Aztec MC 5 years ago

    See y'all n da FEMA camps

  • Spiteful Hopes
    Spiteful Hopes 5 years ago

    It's sad that this sounds so bias towards the PS4, but it's even sadder when all that information about the Xbox One is true...

  • 52 BLUE
    52 BLUE 5 years ago

    When you come to this video to learn more about PRISM and see the top comments in relation to video game consoles, you lose a little faith in humanity.
    Time to get some perspective.

  • wendy4ronpaul
    wendy4ronpaul 5 years ago

    YT: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

  • doubletapproductions
    doubletapproductions 5 years ago

    Wow Xbox! Ive been with Xbox since day 1! Have always loved it and have never thought I would even touch a playstation! Now With this always online and no used games bullshit! Here I come PS4!!!

  • -HiveMind-
    -HiveMind- 5 years ago

    Oh my god... It sounds like something from a movie...

  • Eric Phu
    Eric Phu 5 years ago

    anyone who wants to know about PRISM read this article businessinsidercom/ex-microsoft-engineer-prism-is-highly-improbable-for-these-four-reasons-2013-6

  • jared4wally
    jared4wally 5 years ago

    Bill Gates Is Piss

  • Jonathan Peters
    Jonathan Peters 5 years ago

    What is WRONG with the U.S., U.K. and how stupid can Microsoft be.

  • David
    David 5 years ago

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  • BBbizzle
    BBbizzle 5 years ago

    not surprised that the video is removed sad NWO

  • ibringnegativity
    ibringnegativity 5 years ago


  • ibringnegativity
    ibringnegativity 5 years ago

    Microsoft have been collecting personal data of it's customers and SELLING that to governments.

  • Jonathan Mathews
    Jonathan Mathews 5 years ago


  • SorryIBlackedOut
    SorryIBlackedOut 5 years ago

    Government. Stop watching me look up porn. Sincerely, a US citizen.

  • hxhshow9
    hxhshow9 5 years ago

    they want to make ppl buy games more than trading them, which will charm the studios and developers to make more games on the XONE

  • hxhshow9
    hxhshow9 5 years ago

    they are doing that to make sure that the games you play are yours and still with you, because more than 24 h for ex. a week would be enough for your friends to finish the game you bought.

  • blaise johnny
    blaise johnny 5 years ago

    Oh, well. aslong as the ps4'll be around i'll be fine.

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 5 years ago

    Think Xbox will lose to PS4?

  • AKFBIcopX1
    AKFBIcopX1 5 years ago

    Yay Xbox gets more stupid and confusing

  • jenny lynn
    jenny lynn 5 years ago

    Fuck the government if they violate my and your rights.

  • carinoavatar
    carinoavatar 5 years ago

    X box sucks

  • Johnathan Evans
    Johnathan Evans 5 years ago

    Well used Xbox 360 sales will skyrocket!

  • klinch
    klinch 5 years ago

    goodbye xbox

  • Maurice Blanco
    Maurice Blanco 5 years ago

    Xbox One is terrible and PRISM is fucking wrong!

  • matteo4m
    matteo4m 5 years ago


  • ev1lto4d
    ev1lto4d 5 years ago

    Bye bye Xbox!

  • JPavilion2
    JPavilion2 5 years ago

    i was.

  • Marlo Stewart
    Marlo Stewart 5 years ago


  • Will Bar
    Will Bar 5 years ago

    H no microsoft, guess I will be going with the PS4 then.....and apparently its not a loss.

  • copypastecopypaste
    copypastecopypaste 5 years ago

    just in time before e3

  • Mexican American
    Mexican American 5 years ago


  • goose7834
    goose7834 5 years ago

    fml.! ... ive been a xbox guy since it first launch ..but if the recent information is true, you will see me and other fans go to playstation...

  • Zain Hassan
    Zain Hassan 5 years ago

    Sorry i ment buy

  • Zain Hassan
    Zain Hassan 5 years ago

    Is any one really going to but the Xbox One

  • Rafa Banderas
    Rafa Banderas 5 years ago

    Xbox ones new policy's don't effect me !!! Still my next gen console !

  • Jack
    Jack 5 years ago

    At least I never lend out games anyway...

    TOTCD 5 years ago

    Xbox One should fail!

  • D13H4RD2L1V3
    D13H4RD2L1V3 5 years ago

    You dun fucked it up, Microsoft.

  • Peter Russ
    Peter Russ 5 years ago

    Um, don't act like you all didn't know they had something like this

  • thorpie2206
    thorpie2206 5 years ago

    I have had the original X-Box & 360... I will not but the Xbox One. With all these restrictions and potential for spying on consumers I'm not going near one.

  • Andrew Liljenquist
    Andrew Liljenquist 5 years ago

    I haven't been able to get Internet on my phone for months so I did an experiment I texted the words Obama kill guns and Mexico NFC my Internet has worked better than it ever has! Thanks Obama!

  • DeAngelo51
    DeAngelo51 5 years ago

    I'm saying my Microsoft Stock right now!! Dam!! Where is my Broker when I need him??!!

  • Mikey Estrada
    Mikey Estrada 5 years ago

    Booooo get the fuck out of here Xbox one

  • Oliver Liu
    Oliver Liu 5 years ago

    china does this all the time, dont b bunch of pussies

  • RantRantJoe
    RantRantJoe 5 years ago

    the japanese will make right with their next gen console...

  • Thomas Forshaw
    Thomas Forshaw 5 years ago

    Who cares ps4

  • AYZEEStudios
    AYZEEStudios 5 years ago

    What is the world cumin too (Xbox) Bridget woohoo

  • Christian Nicholas
    Christian Nicholas 5 years ago

    good thing, all the phones are unlocked in my country.

  • Alfonso Rivera Jr.
    Alfonso Rivera Jr. 5 years ago

    Freaking Microsoft, thats exactly what many of us were worried about with their new console. Total submission to their services and/or products, WTF! I, personally, have been a Microsoft supporter for some time now, and to hear them causing mayhem with all of thier other non-gaming services to force users to use IE10 or begin charging for the use of their Office Products, they have decided to bring in the same stubborn, idiotic, ilogical, and random decision to the gaming platform for the Xbox

  • Unwashed Flyer
    Unwashed Flyer 5 years ago

    well this is nothing new, the government spying on citizens, oh noes. as for the xbox one, i might be warming more to the ps4.

  • TheSayd007
    TheSayd007 5 years ago

    Steam is basically DRM restriction, you cant share anything unless you give them your account information.

  • TheSayd007
    TheSayd007 5 years ago

    Hey, PS4 is being quiet about any restrictions so you may never know what is going to happen. Knowing Microsoft, they wont be going alone especially knowing the consequences.

  • TheSayd007
    TheSayd007 5 years ago

    I am buying a xbox one WHY? because I like xbox and that is my choice.

  • CarSowrd
    CarSowrd 5 years ago


  • Cesar Alvarez
    Cesar Alvarez 5 years ago

    Now XBOX really SUCKS all PS3 fans will laught so PS4 all the way!

  • Vetericus N
    Vetericus N 5 years ago

    I like PS3
    maybe PS4 :)

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes 5 years ago

    Funny his PRISM sounds like Prison.

  • Maglia Rosa
    Maglia Rosa 5 years ago

    wtf microsoft. wtf.

  • Adam Cheung
    Adam Cheung 5 years ago

    Don't see why Microsoft has to make the Xbox One so complicated just to play. A joke really

  • rugbyf0rlife
    rugbyf0rlife 5 years ago

    If you think this is bad, just imagine what services like skydrive allow these companies to do. Any //cloud.. service is specifically designed to compile and store anything on you and make it easily viewable by the government.

  • prosotos
    prosotos 5 years ago

    They also signed up for PRISM. And the Kinect is always on... I wonder why the Microsoft wanted the Kinect always on...

  • King Prospect
    King Prospect 5 years ago

    Been doing that for years since 2000.

  • Harry Steel
    Harry Steel 5 years ago

    So Microsoft is with Prism, and there new Xbox one is always watching and listening... it now makes sense why...

  • Project Mayham
    Project Mayham 5 years ago

    0.O? WTF

  • Juzzay
    Juzzay 5 years ago

    Microsoft disgusts me!!! how can they be so stupid? the used game problem was enough to swallow already but now this internet thing..what?! So um what about third world countries that doesnt have the "great" stability and availability of wireless connections like first world countries or where citizens cant afford internet connection like that cuz their busy catering to BASIC NEEDS huh! I bet a million i could run microsoft way better than its current authority! -_-

  • Edwin Ixcoy
    Edwin Ixcoy 5 years ago

    She's Very beautiful! :-)

  • 100locos
    100locos 5 years ago

    How about a playstation 4

  • Harsh Shah
    Harsh Shah 5 years ago

    Microsoft is going to ruin the Xbox one with greed

  • Mike
    Mike 5 years ago

    Prolly now going to be happen dude... :/ or at least happen and be able to connect to xbox live.

  • woodykiddy
    woodykiddy 5 years ago

    Well, thanks to this, MS will probably be seeing the increase of PC sales in the coming years :)

  • Gage Eakins
    Gage Eakins 5 years ago

    It's called PC. The bullshit of consoles is going to increase that market substantially. In fact, it already has.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 5 years ago

    MS causing another EPIC FAIL like they did with removing the START MENU. They need to fire their market research...cause if XBOX ONE bombs, they can play all the games by themselves.

  • Harindu Hippola
    Harindu Hippola 5 years ago

    you forgot 1 thing about PRISM, is it legal or not?

  • Danny Cavasin
    Danny Cavasin 5 years ago

    fuck the new xbox

  • Tathagata Derek Mondal

    fuck all the governments.

  • MudokonSavior
    MudokonSavior 5 years ago