• Published on Oct 19, 2019
    Today we share a hilarious video about annoying moments everybody can relate to and fun ways to solve small problems. Check out a cool way to sleep at work, especially if your boss always check what you are doing. You can quickly dry wet shoes. Place them in a car if it’s very how outside. We share an incredible way to clean a dirty sink using a spoon. I bet you will be surprised by this hack. Moreover, you will find a funny selection of ideas that will make you laugh for the whole day. You can prank your friends easily. Take an empty stick deodorant container and clean it properly. Place inside mashed avocados and place them in the fridge. Start eating deodorant in front of your friends and check out his reaction!
    The next collection of ideas will help you to solve annoying problems like what to do with clogged showerhead, how to warm up your pizza using and iron, how to get rid of mosquitos and a lot more. Use pants and fans to cool down your room. Yes. it’s not a joke! If you don't have a power bank with you, charge your phone using a DIY portable charger made out of a car charger and 9V battery. One more crazy idea is to make a phone holder from flip flops. If you don’t have a spoon, you can turn a plastic cup into an emergency spoon. Check out a brilliant collection of lifehacks on how to reuse old toothbrushes: you can use a toothbrush to clean a toilet, to make kitchen hooks, replace old mascara brush with a toothbrush.
    00:09 Hilarious lifehacks
    00:35 Cool artwork idea
    03:09 How to prank your friends
    11:34 How to open a wine bottle
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  • Force
    Force 7 hours ago

    Every thing in this video has an easier solution, except the spoon no we have to hammer it

  • Moses From YT
    Moses From YT 8 hours ago

    This,,,Does Put A Smile On My Face.

  • personwithtriangle
    personwithtriangle 8 hours ago

    im losing brain cells watching this

  • hadouken.
    hadouken. 10 hours ago

    this solved all of my problems

  • Wolfy Games
    Wolfy Games 18 hours ago +1

    2:25 uhhhh hammers spoon 🥄

  • spider scout
    spider scout 18 hours ago

    I feel bad for the person that made music for this cause they now have to be associated with you people

  • wauhtihomer_666
    wauhtihomer_666 19 hours ago

    2:26 Rip spoon :c
    We miss you, spoon

  • Frisbee Doge
    Frisbee Doge 21 hour ago

    This is just like those cursed minecraft videos

  • Birdie Boi
    Birdie Boi 22 hours ago +1

    Am I like high or somethin or did they make this actual garbage

  • Rage Awakening
    Rage Awakening Day ago

    That why I left earth

  • van liebhaber
    van liebhaber Day ago

    Flipping the spoon over ppfffttt petty mortals

  • vlad1
    vlad1 Day ago

    2:21 You're joking right?

  • Anh Nguyễn
    Anh Nguyễn Day ago

    This had reached *GODDESS LEVEL* of ""creativity...

  • BillTheMiner
    BillTheMiner Day ago

    Do they know how spoon works?

  • BillTheMiner
    BillTheMiner Day ago +1

    I'm questioning humanity at this point...

  • MikelMiked
    MikelMiked Day ago

    2:25 Thank me later, idk.

  • layswheat
    layswheat Day ago

    5 minutes craft life just got hack.

  • Alex Grant
    Alex Grant Day ago

    I did not know a dart can do that

  • Desainer Amiin
    Desainer Amiin Day ago


  • Kitty
    Kitty Day ago

    0:24 I HAVE SMALL BRAIN!!!!!!

  • Nicolas Campos
    Nicolas Campos Day ago

    Nao deu certo

  • bonnieshooter365 \roblox gameplays

    This channel is a total joke

  • Vyniotinis
    Vyniotinis Day ago


  • Rare Themez
    Rare Themez Day ago +1

    2:21 ur welcome

  • Rare Themez
    Rare Themez Day ago +1

    *why do 62 million people sub 😭*

  • 10,000 Subs With no vids

    Why the awful spoon hack im gonna give y'all some hacks too
    7:37 .walk to your kitchen open the drawer
    2:21 ...turn the spoon over

    • Kyle Orate
      Kyle Orate Day ago

      @10,000 Subs With no vids You do realize most of these are jokes right?

    • 10,000 Subs With no vids
      10,000 Subs With no vids Day ago

      Oof yeah if only 5 minutes crafts thought of that

  • Fallen Wow
    Fallen Wow Day ago

    How many IQ do you have?
    Me: 0:28

  • Liberina
    Liberina Day ago +1

    This is PURE content.

  • The Conductor Esplin

    Is this really 6mill sub worthy content

  • Willøw's Corner


    *Congratulations you’re now a meme.*

  • NoName Studios
    NoName Studios Day ago

    Is this a joke?

  • thebossperros 1234

    3:38 me da miedo AIUDA

  • thebossperros 1234
    thebossperros 1234 Day ago +1

    3:10 me da miedo parece asesina en serie

  • Zor0nok
    Zor0nok 2 days ago


  • Елена Блин
    Елена Блин 2 days ago

    These lifehacks are for some dyslexic people

  • Miles S-W
    Miles S-W 2 days ago

    7:20 ...or just use a spoon

  • Envoy Memes
    Envoy Memes 2 days ago

    Siine ( The guy who made the song in this vid ): You took everything from me
    5 Minute Craft: I don't even know who you are

  • Ben Zabala
    Ben Zabala 2 days ago

    This is a MEME

  • Epsilon delta
    Epsilon delta 2 days ago


    Lady: i like this but i need sum H O T

  • Techar
    Techar 3 days ago

    This channel has to be trolling at this point

  • Tierrita _Games
    Tierrita _Games 3 days ago


  • Az An
    Az An 3 days ago

    Level of stupidity in this of video is

  • Az An
    Az An 3 days ago


  • Just a Person
    Just a Person 3 days ago +1

    I don't think 5 minute crafts has brain cells


  • M-Visualizer
    M-Visualizer 3 days ago +2

    alien : we must invade the earth
    Also alien: watch 2:21
    alien : goooo bacckkk they are too smart

  • Toasty
    Toasty 3 days ago

    2:06 •_•

  • Max Hunter
    Max Hunter 3 days ago

    I now the hammer and the spoon thing is funny but we not going to talk about how she used ketchup as a bookmark?

  • TheSMB
    TheSMB 3 days ago

    I too need a stick on a fan to feed me grapes

  • DawidPlayz
    DawidPlayz 3 days ago

    Ovens were invented in 1826
    People before 1826

  • DawidPlayz
    DawidPlayz 3 days ago

    3:39 who tf carries a sprite bottle and a knife. Its not like theres going to be a mayhem in ur bathroom

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 3 days ago

    5:04 legit looks like one of those pornhub ads ...

  • lorie salvador
    lorie salvador 3 days ago

    9:00 ... it match perfectly on the next vid

  • Drogin889
    Drogin889 3 days ago +1

    5:38 that is a quality boyfriend right there

  • madboi
    madboi 3 days ago

    62 million subs everyone. 62

  • purple people
    purple people 4 days ago

    Does she poo in the kitchen

  • ToxicSocks 24
    ToxicSocks 24 4 days ago +1

    2:21 WHY THE HECK IS SHE USING THE SPOON UPSIDE DOWN?! no wonder the cereal is falling off, seriously, these channels have stooped so low.

    • Kyle Orate
      Kyle Orate Day ago

      Maybe because it was supposed to be a joke? Seriously anyone who has a average IQ would know most of these are jokes

  • Keane Noble-Brown
    Keane Noble-Brown 4 days ago

    Flip the spoon over

  • MagmaSheep
    MagmaSheep 4 days ago +2

    “Let me waste your time”
    Pretty good statement for this channel.

  • Shaggy has Cancer
    Shaggy has Cancer 4 days ago +1

    Yes because everyone keeps a knife in their shower, along with a bottle of sprite!

  • Insert Funny
    Insert Funny 4 days ago

    This HAS to be a f***ing joke, ur punking me, where's the cameras