When you just wanted to help your friend with his diss track.

  • Published on Aug 12, 2017
  • When you were just being nice and made a beat for the homie so he can make a rebuttal diss track, but now he's talking crazy and is threatening world leaders, the military, and puppies with cancer. All while mentioning your name, like you agree with him.
    eevee - house of memories

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  • InkTheOne
    InkTheOne Day ago

    Yo I need the lyrics

  • CashKiem
    CashKiem Day ago

    "Nigga, I will fuckin punch ya grandma !?"

    SSJ GOKUU 2 days ago

    Nigga ima fucking punch yo grandmaaa

  • Dane King
    Dane King 2 days ago

    S/O my n*gga ikiu

  • PJ Lucid
    PJ Lucid 3 days ago

    this nigga said fuck orphans 😆

  • Keiru
    Keiru 4 days ago

    Bars tho.

  • Tye McCatty
    Tye McCatty 4 days ago

    I love how he still dropping bars about punching grandmas and sliding kids 😂😂

  • Sagara Aldavy MNS
    Sagara Aldavy MNS 5 days ago

    so the rapper become a most wanted grandma puncher and the dj become the infamous DJ EQ with all those annoying tags? cool

  • Steven Stanford
    Steven Stanford 5 days ago

    "That nigga don't like orphans either"😂😂

  • Jasmine Matthew
    Jasmine Matthew 5 days ago


  • Darius Travis
    Darius Travis 5 days ago

    Oh my

  • Arigato Akeeyama
    Arigato Akeeyama 6 days ago

    I wish he really would mad this a song

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar 6 days ago

    LMAOOOO! This was one of your best works ever

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar 6 days ago

    I find that ending flute to be oddly relaxing

  • TiNy GoDziLLa
    TiNy GoDziLLa 6 days ago

    Nigga count: 12

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 6 days ago

    This is by far my favourite Caleb vid

  • Jovan Plemeniti
    Jovan Plemeniti 6 days ago

    Every of your videos are funny, but man, this one... I almost died of laughing when he started saying he is gonna punch his grandma omg XD

  • StoryTellerVA The Gentleman

    He was straight up playing a ost from a Courage The Cowardly Dog at the beginning.

  • AcedAmv
    AcedAmv 7 days ago

    *Punch a grandma*

  • AngieGaming
    AngieGaming 8 days ago

    0:00 y’all really gonna ignore that fire piano theme

  • Ender Lord
    Ender Lord 8 days ago +2

    yo low key that was fire

  • Assassin XHunter
    Assassin XHunter 9 days ago


  • Alltimefail _
    Alltimefail _ 9 days ago +1

    That Courage the Cowardly Dog throwback...

  • Zackbozz
    Zackbozz 9 days ago +4

    Beginning sounds like a courage the cowardly dog theme

  • bobbyboy
    bobbyboy 10 days ago +2

    imma punch your grandma

  • Kô Va
    Kô Va 10 days ago +1

    Somewhere in the closet, theres a robber

  • Tehya Lewis
    Tehya Lewis 10 days ago

    KSI and the sidemen 😜😂😂

  • Marcus X
    Marcus X 11 days ago

    That last bar caught me off guard

  • Adam dont
    Adam dont 11 days ago

    That nigga gon slide ya kids LMFAO!!!!!

  • Thabang Kgwele
    Thabang Kgwele 13 days ago

    Anyone know where I can get the beat that plays at the end of the video. I'm in love with it 😭😭

  • Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)

    "that nigga will slide ya kids, that nigga will tie you up, pack you up and sell you to the highest bid" LMFAO, wtf man.

  • Big Dick Nigga 69
    Big Dick Nigga 69 14 days ago

    Title change?

  • David Goss
    David Goss 14 days ago

    Sound like lil b

  • Don Faber
    Don Faber 14 days ago

    Caleb in white shirt: He gonna diss me
    Ima end this man whole career.

  • Sarah McHenry
    Sarah McHenry 15 days ago

    DJ EQ!!!!

  • Mira Mouasher
    Mira Mouasher 15 days ago +1

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit

  • SamaGonic
    SamaGonic 15 days ago

    Bakugou and Kirishima

  • Von
    Von 16 days ago


  • Just Arty Stuff - Roy Smith

    1:05 Okay, that line was clean.

  • SirJumpsAlot YT
    SirJumpsAlot YT 16 days ago

    caleb whats ur phone number big fan

  • Fanaya Nelson
    Fanaya Nelson 16 days ago

    Them bars though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Melquan Satchell
    Melquan Satchell 18 days ago

    Wtf he wanna punch homie grandma fo tho? Lol wasnt his beef with homie that dissed em ?

  • Jasmine Gill
    Jasmine Gill 18 days ago

    "Ill punch ya punch ya grandma Idc bout ya grandma}"that had me dying

  • AbsurdEdward Games
    AbsurdEdward Games 19 days ago +1

    Caleb needs to get Thugnificent on the remix 😆

    • Osas Michael
      Osas Michael 16 days ago

      Yoo, you just made me remembered when that lil nigga dissed thugnificent in the boondocks series

  • Niara Noctyrna
    Niara Noctyrna 19 days ago +1

    0:00 *M U R I E L*

  • mardiov
    mardiov 20 days ago

    I ate my grandma

  • House Phone
    House Phone 20 days ago

    I need an instrumental. That beat is fire.

  • Peachy Velora
    Peachy Velora 20 days ago

    Ksi when he saw deji’s video:

  • whereislilly p
    whereislilly p 20 days ago

    I laughed so hard it hurt

  • JahmaiSoFly
    JahmaiSoFly 21 day ago


  • justpeachykira
    justpeachykira 21 day ago


  • Sidney Duverneau
    Sidney Duverneau 22 days ago +1


  • Stefano Zayas
    Stefano Zayas 22 days ago +2

    That song in the beginning of vid was from Courage the cowardly dog show

  • chrryteri
    chrryteri 22 days ago

    EQ hates orphans too lmao 😂

  • Dante Chappell
    Dante Chappell 23 days ago

    Turn on captions now
    Thank me later

  • Vol deMort
    Vol deMort 24 days ago +1

    Oi itss DJ EQ.....

  • Founding Father
    Founding Father 24 days ago +9

    *I'm going to Donkey PUNCH your grandma*

  • Dintuk
    Dintuk 24 days ago +2

    At 0:59 looks what the caption says

  • rinthe_
    rinthe_ 24 days ago +3

    wait... when did he censor this???

  • Fatstr'
    Fatstr' 24 days ago +5

    Is that dj eq again 😂😂

  • Infernoz
    Infernoz 25 days ago +2

    1:05 to 1:11 wss fye

  • David SegunPeter
    David SegunPeter 25 days ago +1

    That nigga will pack u up
    Tie u up and sell u to the highest bid

  • Febha Mathew
    Febha Mathew 25 days ago +5

    0:28 I felt that spit on my arm lol

  • TheGreat Mercenary2025

    Dammmnn that was heatt

  • Shrumpy Lumpkins
    Shrumpy Lumpkins 25 days ago

    I wanna know what camera he uses so bad. It’s such high quality

  • Melancholy Melody
    Melancholy Melody 26 days ago

    Em when he heard Kelly's diss

  • Sum Won
    Sum Won 26 days ago

    THAT WAS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Vivares 76
    Vivares 76 27 days ago

    Yo wheres my grandma

  • cardayz
    cardayz 27 days ago

    I hate that he isn’t making videos as fast as I’m watching them, which is like 15 an hour

  • Shesperfect
    Shesperfect 27 days ago

    Did anyone see the description?

  • Negative Zero Panda
    Negative Zero Panda 27 days ago

    "When do I do that?"😂😂😂

  • KageyoshiSQD1
    KageyoshiSQD1 28 days ago

    Yo I jus peeped the melody he was playing at the beginning was Muriel's song from courage the cowardly dog

  • makislay
    makislay 28 days ago

    Wait wait wsit hold up wait a minute something look right is that the guy who crawled out his bookbag that punches gramas oooooooo

  • Vannie .M
    Vannie .M 28 days ago

    Omfg 😭😭😭

  • Ronan Van Kessel
    Ronan Van Kessel 28 days ago

    It worked out for Eminem tho

  • Joel Cebada
    Joel Cebada 29 days ago

    Hid ya kids hide ya wives and hide ya grandmas!!

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 29 days ago

    turn captions on 0:50

  • Ultra wannabe Yt
    Ultra wannabe Yt 29 days ago

    This guy is the funniest man alive

  • Jose Valencia
    Jose Valencia 29 days ago

    That beginning piano playing is from courage the cowardly dog when muriel plays her sitar.

  • Clayon Gayle
    Clayon Gayle 29 days ago

    When's the full song gonna drop?

  • Evo Wolf
    Evo Wolf 29 days ago

    Tyler the creator should feature this fire track

  • •Sid•The•Serotonin•Kid•

    i'm about to end this mans whole career

  • XxShadowvalkyriexX
    XxShadowvalkyriexX 29 days ago

    That song in the beginning is from courage the cowardly dog btw.

  • BankerPaul
    BankerPaul 29 days ago

    Grandma hide!

  • Jame$
    Jame$ 29 days ago


  • Tragiic Duck
    Tragiic Duck Month ago

    Finally a vid with only 1 cap letter

  • Dasaan Lee
    Dasaan Lee Month ago

    Low key 🔥

  • G3 Forixen
    G3 Forixen Month ago

    Caleb: Censores all swear words except Ni🅱️🅱️A

    STARISE SUN Month ago +2

    Ayyyeee!!!!He was playing that song from courage the cowardly dog at the beginning 😝Dope!!!!

    • Quincy Cade
      Quincy Cade 26 days ago

      STARISE SUN I was wondering if anybody would notice

  • • MiikoX
    • MiikoX Month ago

    *Full song pls*

  • Meela Miela
    Meela Miela Month ago


  • Just A Leaf
    Just A Leaf Month ago +1

    No wonder this dude was put in the backpack...

  • John Dinh
    John Dinh Month ago +1

    LOL boy playing courage the cowardly dog guitar theme xD

  • Marina Salima
    Marina Salima Month ago

    I love how the one in the black is looking at the door and the other is looking at him.

  • ChaoticPyrrhus04
    ChaoticPyrrhus04 Month ago

    "Imma punch ya grandma" 😂😂


    1:01 that nigga don't like orphans either😂😂😭😭

  • Schluben No
    Schluben No Month ago +1

    Fire Animal Crossing beats in this vid.

  • King Zerk
    King Zerk Month ago


  • Prox3
    Prox3 Month ago +4

    This is really the origin story of the book bag villain that punches old lady’s 😂

  • Jayvian GDB
    Jayvian GDB Month ago

    *P U N C H Y O U R G R A N D M A*