Tamar Braxton goes in on "Surviving R. Kelly"! | Aaliyah's mother speaks out

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • R. Kelly's legacy is currently crumbling, thanks to the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly" (which uncovers his activity behind closed doors). One of the main topics of the documentary was R. Kelly's involvement with the late R&B superstar Aaliyah. Aaliyah's mother, Dana Haughton, voiced that she was not too pleased with the portrayal of her daughter in the series.
    Singer Tamar Braxton also voiced her opinions on the documentary.
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  • Patricia Akinyombo
    Patricia Akinyombo 19 hours ago

    R Kelly was most likely violently abused as a child by both women & men hence his demonic spirit

  • duubow
    duubow 22 hours ago

    No one is seeing the parallels between R Kelley's behavior and the standard pimp's method of behavior. Pimp's have a set of rules all of which are plain to see in Robert Kelley's behavior. Food and sleep deprivation, calling him daddy, ask permission for everything, financial control, physical abuse, no contact with friends and family and much more. This is classic and obvious...

  • gomolemo motlhale
    gomolemo motlhale 22 hours ago

    What is it that R Kelly does not want to do that makes almost all Americans hate him coz really it does not make any sense why did they not tell long time ago ai suka

  • Sharmaine Carter
    Sharmaine Carter 22 hours ago


  • shean jonson
    shean jonson Day ago

    I need a R.Kelly ticket.somebody show me the way..Kell's go always be number one.Dont matter never did never will.You can mute all you want but music make our souls and hearts so much better.And that he brings to the table.Dont hear nobody saying shit about Elvis or mike.wheres they meetoo moment at.....THIS MOVIE AND ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE SO SHAMEFUL IT HURTS MY STOMACH.

    DOE PLATFORM Day ago

    All these women are so innocent and would never ever lie (people are so delusional)

  • Nate Carr
    Nate Carr Day ago

    Boooooooo..all lies... his music will live forever.. musical genius I’m listening to your music right now bro

  • Latrice Dickens
    Latrice Dickens Day ago

    First off I think aaliyah should be left out of this bc shes not here to defend herself second he such a monster but his ex wife still wants his last name 3rd he hasn't been charged with any crimes,4th no victims before the documentary and still none 🤔🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ijs

  • Moptop
    Moptop Day ago

    How is her mother gon lie like that?!? With her everywhere?!?

  • Terri Speaks
    Terri Speaks Day ago

    This shit was 20+ years ago why keep bringing Aaliyah up?

  • Bachelor Parties Ent

    She sounds stupid whoever that is , r Kelly is innocent dumb ass

  • Sammy True
    Sammy True Day ago

    R.I.P Aaliyah. There will never be another you in the music industry. R Kelly is a RAPIST. Get his ass and everyone that helped him

  • Bethany Fury
    Bethany Fury Day ago

    So much talent yet disgusting behavior

  • King Yosef Yisrael

    Sorry.....I'd loved to hit this dude in the Jaw!!!!

  • Truthseeker59
    Truthseeker59 Day ago

    If you hire someone to commit a murder, you could get more time than the shooter because you put the whole thing in motion. What makes this situation any different? His team recruited those youngsters under his direction! Had he not instructed them to engage in this illicit behavior they would not have been complicit.

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 Day ago

    Aaliyah wasn’t a big part of the documentary, it was actually only a very small part.

  • Tameka Esco
    Tameka Esco Day ago

    There is no way she could have forged a legal document 🙄 y’all so damn stupid , she was of age as the Legal document states SHE CAN SAY ANYTHING, maybe she wanted to appear YOUNGER

  • Bella Corp
    Bella Corp Day ago

    Again, the abuser using their own sob story to emotionally manipulate the victim into getting close to the them. This is textbook predatory behavior and it's the most dangerous kind of abuse. Aaliyah getting vilified afterward was classic victim-blaming rooted in misogyny and racism. He needs to be locked up and NEVER WALK OUT OF A PRISON AGAIN. EVER. #MuteRKelly

  • AngelK Xo
    AngelK Xo Day ago

    In defense of Andrea Kelly keeping the last name. I can bet she kept the last name primarily for her kids. I was divorced once and kept the last name because I had small children in school and to avoid any confusion and or questions that may have caused my kids shame and or embarrassment about their parents being " divorced., " I just kept the same last name as my kids. As much as I wanted it changed back to my maiden name I had to think of my kids first. We come from a smaller religious town where everyone's very nosy -up in your business. Andrea Kelly seems like a great Mom I'm sure she is and I'm sure she puts the best interest of her kids first. Divorce is hard enough as it is on the kids so you just want to do every thing you can to protect them and make it as less difficult as possible. I'm sure it's probably harder being a celebrity figure ; having cameras in your family's face everywhere you go. I don't know for certain obviously,, it's just a huntch but this may be the reason why she kept the "Kelly" name as well as making process' easier to claim assets and for legal (court) purposes. There's alot of scenarios it could be involved with. It's very unfair to call her out so malicious like you did here. But I guess that's what trash t.v is all about ✌

  • Stacey Brownlee -SDAT-

    Elvis Presley (25) - Priscilla (14)
    Jerry seinfeld (39) - Shoshanna (17)
    Kobe Bryant (21) - Vanessa (17)
    Tyga (24) - Kylie (16)
    Doug Hutchison (51) - Courtney (16)
    Paul Walker (33) - Jasmine (16)
    Marvin Gaye (34) - Jan (17) say this is not . true those hypocrites !!!

  • Chocolate K
    Chocolate K 2 days ago

    If 50 men call one woman a hoe, then there’s no question about it , she’s a hoe. But if 50 woman call one man a rapist then they are money hungry , attention seeking whores......That’s the 21st Century for ya

  • Brenda Sollers
    Brenda Sollers 2 days ago

    Im glad I stay out of the world's business,if it's not me I'm good everyone so worried about that man I'm sure them girls made that decision to deal with him

  • Brenda Sollers
    Brenda Sollers 2 days ago

    One thing I have to say is young women are hot in they ass so for me it takes 2 I have always liked older guys so when I was 16 my boy was22 so that's my decision so teenagers make their own decision so you can't just blame him either i was not dealing with a young ass boy with nothing to do for me as a person

  • Mpêx Mavuso
    Mpêx Mavuso 2 days ago

    Man screw everybody involved, the criminal and his victims. America is no place for a young lady clearly

  • Sandy Smith
    Sandy Smith 2 days ago


  • Samara Lallo
    Samara Lallo 2 days ago

    you see r.kelly 's grooming with her only wearing baggy clothes...omg! so much coming together. I think Aaliyah was also fast along with kelly being a predator/pimp.

  • Zeek Clark
    Zeek Clark 2 days ago

    Tamar look like Magic Johnson Jr

  • Anne Sullivan
    Anne Sullivan 2 days ago

    I hope r Kelly getsbum raped in his jail cell maybe then he might know the feeling of being dirty like those poor young women

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan 2 days ago

      Anne Sullivan hum ok sorry for that then. But my girlfriend dont believe you so if u want , give me your snapchat and u will discuss it with her... usually she knows when people tell the truth or not... do u dare ? U look beautifull

    • Anne Sullivan
      Anne Sullivan 2 days ago

      +John Hattan I said r.kelly not Kelly r she's n9t a pedofile so ppl will know he's a dirty predictor and will get his in the end it always happens

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan 2 days ago

      Anne Sullivan i and my girl did. We were wondering What do u have against her. You dont like her ? Because We know she is not R.Kelly, they are 2 human beings with 2 differents sexuality. Everyone has its own ... u should know that... u grown...

    • Anne Sullivan
      Anne Sullivan 2 days ago

      +John Hattan nobody will get my post confused

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan 2 days ago

      Anne Sullivan Hello Anne How are you n thats true but be carefull its R’Kelly not just « Kelly » because we could think you are talking about Kelly Rowland wich was in the very famous RnB group Destiny’s Child in 2000

  • Anne Sullivan
    Anne Sullivan 2 days ago

    There's defenitly more ppl were involved in this he was enabled to the point were he thought it was ok to abuse children there's a lot of ppl that need to take responsibility who will get away with it they need bringing down with r.kelly

  • Sherrie Morris
    Sherrie Morris 2 days ago

    For once I can definitely say that Tamar actually made sense. That's why I can't wait to see the outcome of the investigation. If he's prosecuted, will the others that incriminated themselves on this documentary speaking up and spilling all the tea and was on his payroll will be charged with accessory after the fact.#inquiringmindswannaknow

  • DepDonEazy Puropapi
    DepDonEazy Puropapi 2 days ago +1

    What Bill Cosby did was take kitty 🐱
    and that’s totally different ...you forget that no matter how young some of these females were at the time... when the situations allegedly took place feelings for one another could’ve been consensual,it’s not truly all that impossible... I know this is America and that is not the cultural norm,but humans fall victim to decisions of lust everyday... some more serious than others all depends on your paradigm.... in the hood it’s unfortunately,but mostly always normal... so you bugging the fuck out trying to make an umbrella to put all that under... he didn’t force anybody.... you trying to do the same thing the people in power want you to do and that’s bring down a black man that’s clearly the competition in America... you a lame and your point of Viwe is wack... go hard on the #federalshutdown... all you woman that are always talking about y’all like order men need to come out and let it be known that it takes two to mingle...
    ( Side bar #axelleon is the 🐐 )

  • Karen Emerson
    Karen Emerson 2 days ago

    Aside from All the GIFTED ENTERTAINERS that the World has Lost , Tragically or otherwise, this has got to be one of the most UNFORTUNATE AND SADDEST things I have witnessed. One was a Victim of Horrors he experienced but never seemed to seek help for his Own pain. Instead he PROJECTED AND TRANSFERRED and VICTIMIZED Everyone Around him.#1. Those who ENABLED HIM to SECURE their own Careers for FINANCIAL GAIN and,#2. The Victms who Learned the Hard way AND MUCH TOO LATE that he Had the Dark side to his Personality. Unfortunately, The Lovely and talentedAALIYAH would b one of Many. This is just one Example of how IMPORTANT AND VITAL A STRONG FAMILY IS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF US ALL. While I take nothing away from his Talent, I would Have Respected him had He taken the time to confront his demons by seeking help instead of Collecting victims. As for Anything last the Early 2000's, there ENOUGH RUMORS even Tapes Circulating around to make Everyone Aware that He HAD A REAL problem. Why would Any Woman RISK HER SAFETY BY ASSOCIATING with him on a Personal Level AND THEN CLAIM TO BE VICTIMIZED? We All Are RESPONSIBLE WHEN we KNOW ABOUT BUT stay SILTENT TO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I wish YOU ALL PEACE in you MIND, HEART AND SOULS.

    POLOGEE 2 days ago

    Oh boy. Legal aged abuse? They couldn't look people in the eye? Couldn't eat? Come on...

  • Matina Jazmine
    Matina Jazmine 2 days ago +1

    Honestly I dunno what to think .cause I watched Michael Jackson being dragged down with false accusations and I don't want to judge a person just cause people are judging nor will I call someone I've never met names .

  • Pnut Butter
    Pnut Butter 2 days ago +6

    I agree with Tamar.
    Rkelly should've been arrested when he married her. Her blood is on his hands as well. Jail. Period.

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan Day ago

      Pnut Butter yeah now u have changed it !
      LIAR !
      Tell u that u dont like Kelly Rowland u hater !
      U want us to believe she’s a crimnal and this make me SSSICK to my stomack.
      Im sure you the most Evil person ever

    • Pnut Butter
      Pnut Butter 2 days ago

      +John Hattan ..read my comment again. It's says.. Rkelly.. Thanks anyway

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan 2 days ago

      Pnut Butter thats true but be carefull its R’Kelly not just « Kelly » because we could think you are talking about Kelly Rowland wich was in the very famous RnB group Destiny’s Child in 2000

  • Lisa Newman
    Lisa Newman 2 days ago

    Wow commenting on the doc u series that you did not watch, that’s a new one!!!!! Thumbs down, watch it first, the talk shit!!!!

  • noel sanchious
    noel sanchious 2 days ago

    Money is POWER
    Manipulation is King!!!!!

  • IAmABeauty707
    IAmABeauty707 2 days ago

    he knew how old she was ... nasty ass perv . he felt like he had the right away to be laid up with her if they had the title of marriage. Her parents handed her off ,why would u leave a kid with a man for "long nights in the studio" ... tf .

  • Giancarlo Floyd
    Giancarlo Floyd 3 days ago

    I don't understand how all the people around him aren't in trouble? They are just as bad as he is they've been enabling him forever.

  • Felicia Ross
    Felicia Ross 3 days ago

    oh well industry is for the industry ion care

  • Raine S.
    Raine S. 3 days ago

    Amen Empressive, Amen

    SORAYA SHARP 3 days ago

    Yes he is a horror show it’s sad that predator even allowed to speak n bolt enough to look ppl in the eyes goes for all murderer child rapist etc sad God gave us this world n all we do mess it up

  • Lotus Justice
    Lotus Justice 3 days ago +5

    So are we going to ignore the DOUBLE STANDARDS, Hugh Hefner had 10 year old Brooke Shields in Playboy Magazine, and the fact that Elvis Presley married a 14 year young child-bride Priscilla Presley and they still get praised for being KINGS. I SEE DOUBLE STANDARDS. Our world is ruled by pedophiles and they decide who becomes famous, so i bet they allowed R.Kelly to become famous, because they relate to a pedophile. They all should be attacked upon their legacy title. dead or alive. Why are only the black predators called out and none of the white ones, DOUBLE STANDARDS EVERYWHERE. The white man said it best when he said, it's easy to destroy the black men, his people will help you do it. They are all wicked nevertheless and all need to be punished accordingly, not just Bill Cosby and R.Kelly.

  • feyfey
    feyfey 3 days ago

    Why were the parents taking to r kelly in the first place she was not really a talented singer i don’t understand the purpose her parents made her hang out with r in the first place

  • 23setGo
    23setGo 3 days ago +5

    My question is... would he be behind bars if his victims where white girls???? YES HE WOULD!! this monster needs to be locked up for LIFE!!

  • Ebony_Love_R_007
    Ebony_Love_R_007 3 days ago

    I've always said that he's a Controlling, Narcissist, Cocky, Conceited , Nasty B@stard. And I've also said, that they are ALL to blame, parents included because they were stupidly starstruck, and had hoped that their daughters would get famous and rich by dealing with the SOB Pedophile! Dreams of $$$$ made them lose their damn minds, they already KNEW what the SOB was all about, yet still took their daughters to him! Now that's Disgusting! 👎

  • Edmunds Life
    Edmunds Life 3 days ago

    His fans continues to dismiss all allegations. I think there's some truth in all these stories. R Kelly please if these claims are 1% true, Stop! Stop!

  • Gil167bxny Rodriguez
    Gil167bxny Rodriguez 3 days ago +1

    💯 R-kelly career is over

  • R3DQ22
    R3DQ22 3 days ago

    U ain't had to watch the doc to see u know ur research boo. This was some great tea

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 3 days ago

    I do think you shouldve watched it before commenting though....

  • Gigi Gasama
    Gigi Gasama 3 days ago +2

    R Kelly is a haggard looking old man with no soul. His spirit is died a long time ago. Let him begin his rest in peace already. It's time. And the rest of the pedophiles to follow. R.I.P.

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan 2 days ago

      Gigi Gasama be carefull its R’Kelly not just « Kelly » because we could think you are talking about Kelly Rowland wich was in the very famous RnB group Destiny’s Child in 2000

  • 7jandi7
    7jandi7 3 days ago

    I wish you actually took the time to watch the documentary

  • Brian Gomez
    Brian Gomez 3 days ago

    Fuck your channel they knew what the fuck they were doing. The parents knew where their child was at. Sex slaves huh? Those slaves sure looked fucking well dressed and had a great time at his concerts. They loved his fame and money. Foh

  • Eric Mason
    Eric Mason 3 days ago

    3 seconds in...”I didn’t watch it”

  • Laolen Jones
    Laolen Jones 3 days ago

    This make me so sad. It’s sad that this is so common in black homes. It’s a cycle!!! We have to stop it. Stop making excuses for it. Stop supporting our cousin, uncle, aunties, sisters and brothers who are sexual predators.

  • asia simone
    asia simone 3 days ago

    disgusting.these girls are dumb i’m sorry. R.I.P Aaliyah but this could have been avoided. A 22 year old keeps hitting on me and i keep showing him that i’m not interested and i tell him i’m only 15. she should have done the same.

  • hello hello
    hello hello 3 days ago

    I don't get it. Who made these ages under age. 15 year old girls made they're own decisions. No one pushed them. U 4gett what u done at 15???

  • skinnytb
    skinnytb 3 days ago

    Lie detector tests will reveal the truth bitches lying

  • Soybeans
    Soybeans 3 days ago

    I just don’t appreciate how quickly people are willing to cast these children off as “fast”. How disgusting, people’s brains don’t even fully mature until they are 25. Even if R. Kelly was the. victim of abuse, it’s still not okay to abuse these young girls and ruin their lives.

  • Delaney Jordan
    Delaney Jordan 3 days ago

    How as a journalist you haven't seen the six-part series. I think you need to go see it

  • hustlin5010
    hustlin5010 3 days ago +2

    Forced ? I doubt they were forced

  • Adam Brooks
    Adam Brooks 3 days ago

    I grew up with all the Braxton family,I know them personally they are good people! Mrs.Braxton used to babysit me back in the day!

  • Shameka Best
    Shameka Best 3 days ago

    I like that one.

  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith 3 days ago

    Now you motherfukers set Bill Cosby free👏👏👏👏👏

  • Angie B
    Angie B 3 days ago

    Yet she likes his pics on IG...🤔

  • 90’s Babe
    90’s Babe 3 days ago +2

    Where in the heck do y’all get Aaliyah was pregnant I ?!?!? I will not believe 💯

    • Latosha Harris
      Latosha Harris 2 days ago

      90’s Babe the documentary his managers said it it's talked about for about 10mins

  • LaKeisha Wallace
    LaKeisha Wallace 3 days ago

    R. Kelly needs to be taking a dirt nap. along with those who helped cover/help with this sick behavior.

  • Lorrie Ann Shaw
    Lorrie Ann Shaw 4 days ago +1

    Shut up and go away Tamar! This isn't about 'You', that's why I'm surprised your saying anything! 😒

    • John Hattan
      John Hattan 2 days ago

      Lorrie Ann Shut up Lorrie Ann ! This isnt about u

    SORAYA SHARP 4 days ago

    The music was dope I never was a fan or likes of him he just looks crazy

    SORAYA SHARP 4 days ago

    Look how she dressed n she went to her prom not wearing a dress I think he had her brained washed not to wear sexy clothes

    SORAYA SHARP 4 days ago +3

    I think Aliyah was hexed from day one dealing with him her life aka was cut short

    SORAYA SHARP 4 days ago

    Aliyah mom is full of it we must bring in Aliyah to solve this n get he’s ass locked up

  • Haley Lloyd
    Haley Lloyd 4 days ago

    Satanists feed off of stealing souls especially young ones. Sounds like sex magic and voo doo rituals. Not surprised this crap runs rampant in Hellywood.

  • Haley Lloyd
    Haley Lloyd 4 days ago

    Tamar is abused also for sure! All the symbolism around her and all those animal prints! She's probably a mind control sex kitten! Hellywood

  • Mystrym
    Mystrym 4 days ago

    My money is on R.Kelly surviving this onslaught. The nigga's too swift to catch with JUST allegations. You're gonna need one of his home boys from his camp before you can call it the "final nail" in his coffin.
    -I'm not taking sides, I'm jus saying

  • MZ. TING
    MZ. TING 4 days ago

    Cmon, he's a demon. Pustuelant and despicable. .

  • MZ. TING
    MZ. TING 4 days ago

    This shit on this sleaze is so nasty that you can't listen without feeling nauseated
    and violently opposed to his actions.

  • Valerie Pigford
    Valerie Pigford 4 days ago

    He's not guilty

  • Ginny D
    Ginny D 4 days ago

    I remember a lot of the media portraying his live-in underage slave allegation as something ridiculous that couldn’t have possibly happened and how people were just hating on him for being a POC

  • Gabrielle Raymond
    Gabrielle Raymond 4 days ago

    People DID say Aaliyah was a slut at that time. In fact, R. Kelly and his lawyer just did that again. A few days after the "Surviving R. Kelly" his lawyer made a statement saying that SHE was in the wrong because she LIED about her age so they could get married. Translation = that "fast" "slutty" girl trapped him when she lied about her age. He still takes no responsibility for that, and her mother unfortunately doesn't seem to get that he and his people are the ones damaging Aaliyah's reputation, not the survivors.

    PRODAPHARAOH 4 days ago

    R Kelly Is Still The KING Of R&B.......Your Supposed To Be Innocent Till Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law...........If U Wasn't There U Don't What The Fuck Happened..........U Black Uncle Tom Sambo Sellouts So Quick To Turn On Someone That Looks Like U.........Whites Are Definitely More Intelligent Then Us Black Folks They Don't Turn On One Another Like We Do............And Far As John Legend Is Concerned Ain't No Tell In How Many Dicks He Has Sucked And Took Up His Lil Feminine Ass He Really Needs To Mind His Fuckin Business!!

  • Blazed Gyrl
    Blazed Gyrl 4 days ago

    I agree with Tamar. His people and the parents who sold these young girls to him are also to blame. R Kelly is dead wrong but so are the people who are enabling him

  • Lorraine Marshall
    Lorraine Marshall 4 days ago

    Drea needs to change her kids n hers last name so he knows she's eraced that name from her family.

  • Lorraine Marshall
    Lorraine Marshall 4 days ago

    It's easy to say everyone should've/ could've done something. Are we to blame the lord? Cuz he sees all n knows all but what y'all not understanding is that nothing happens before it's time n there's "strength is in numbers" it's a new era that's why it can be addressed now back then people would've been black balled, have a hit put on them all sorts of things cuz remember the girls would've just said they're alright n he didn't do anything to them, money is the root of all evil cuz the cops were giving him heads up whenever anyone reported somethings to them. I can definitely say some are enablers but i think most are just cowards just look at Harvey Weinstein n Bill Cosby? Ya'll think people wasn't talking bout them way back? I know rose mc Cowan talked about Harvey several years ago but no one believed, listened or did anything same thing with Bill Cosby maybe some people just prayed for it to catch up to them. Nothing happens before the time we should be thankful things are coming to the light now n hopefully he will get what he deserves if not in this life definitely the next we all are guilty of one thing or another (maybe not anything compared to what he's done) so what if our punishment was caught up with us immediately? No one would be on this earth right now I'm not on his side or supporting what he's done just looking at the situation in a different light.

  • Andrea Simpson-jones
    Andrea Simpson-jones 4 days ago +3

    I would like to urge everyone (especially R. Kelly's supporters) to read the book "A Stolen Life" by Jaycee Dugard to get an understanding of predation and the mind control tactics used by sexual predators. This book is a difficult read for those who genuinely care about the safety of young girls but it is a necessary education on the subject.

  • Lorraine Marshall
    Lorraine Marshall 4 days ago

    I think behind bars will not be punishment for him cuz he'll just be getting the other end of him satisfied(if you know what i mean)

  • DeeZZZ Everything
    DeeZZZ Everything 4 days ago

    John Legend and wife are devil worshippers s o he needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Marcell R
    Marcell R 4 days ago

    The way she says best friend... 🤔 I used to say that to my nieces about my gf soo 👀

  • Shanika Lewis
    Shanika Lewis 4 days ago

    But his wife stayed for years lived with him as well as the women he supposedly held captive. She still rocking his last name. Im being abused & ill stay because he's rich. If you can be paid off you shouldn't be coming forward afterwards to me! People supposedly knew like john legend & gaga but still worked with him. Foh

  • mark werner
    mark werner 4 days ago +1

    Care more about real things not this R. Kelly crap everyone involved got something wrong with them now wake people up on real topics use this internet to do better not gossip

  • Betty Woods
    Betty Woods 4 days ago

    Where were the parents you blame parents girl I blame u to

  • Mrs T.
    Mrs T. 4 days ago

    Married at 15... u must have parents permission and show ID.

  • Myriam Morales
    Myriam Morales 4 days ago +1

    And how about Jay Z?

  • Nayy Allison
    Nayy Allison 4 days ago

    Y'all trying blame r. Kelly but did ever think to figure out why the hell they parents was letting them even be at a r.kelly concert if they were to young in the first place. And if you watch the docu series you can clearly see that some of the parents of the kids agree to whatever the rules of the contract are with r Kelly. They need to be mad at themselves for even allowing the sick shit to happen. And then what I can't understand is if he all these y'all say he did why didn't you come 30 years ago with the things y'all said he did.

  • Jon Jaun
    Jon Jaun 4 days ago +1

    Everybody gotta take they own blame

  • Jon Jaun
    Jon Jaun 4 days ago

    They wasn't scouting. Lol they parents brought them to him smfh for the love of money .

  • Jon Jaun
    Jon Jaun 4 days ago

    Bitch shut up you don't know who or what he wrote songs for lol did he tell you or you in his mind??? Dick riding ass. Shit so sick right? Fuck you talking about it for if it's so sick? Worse thing to ever happen .

  • Tiffany Gash
    Tiffany Gash 4 days ago

    R Kelly is not the only man in the world that have s********* with younger women and I know for a fact because I have ran across some men that my was like R Kelly asking me to make s********* and do a lot of sex activities I can't tell on them because they don't have no money so I guess I Kelly can't pay everybody no more to be quiet so everybody want to tell

  • Tiffany Gash
    Tiffany Gash 4 days ago

    Some of them girls thought they was going to get fame and fortune in a record deal a singer or a dancer he's only girlfriend his only wife but no you weigh all these years to say that he is a predator or pervert

  • Tiffany Gash
    Tiffany Gash 4 days ago

    I was 14 with a man that was in his 18 I lied i always lied about my age i was15 living with a man he thought I was 18 then i would keep my baby cousin and he thought that was my baby