Tamar Braxton goes in on "Surviving R. Kelly"! | Aaliyah's mother speaks out

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • R. Kelly's legacy is currently crumbling, thanks to the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly" (which uncovers his activity behind closed doors). One of the main topics of the documentary was R. Kelly's involvement with the late R&B superstar Aaliyah. Aaliyah's mother, Dana Haughton, voiced that she was not too pleased with the portrayal of her daughter in the series.
    Singer Tamar Braxton also voiced her opinions on the documentary.
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  • cmuro153
    cmuro153 4 hours ago

    I agree with her to Tamara is very smart

  • MsLRoscoe 2
    MsLRoscoe 2 14 hours ago

    Surviving R Kelly’s Accusers!! 😱😱😱
    Surviving You Tubers who agree with this shit!

  • Norma Colon
    Norma Colon 16 hours ago

    Shes wearing sweats on sqeats..see her outfits big baggy. I see now...

  • mikes bell
    mikes bell 21 hour ago

    Stop. Who are the Vicims they fuck and have kids for killy, they all know what's up it's the money.

  • Jennifer Mercado

    And what is that going to prove? He is going to come out of this stronger than ever.

  • Sarah Cherry
    Sarah Cherry 2 days ago

    I love Tamar, she's right, many knew about R kelly, why we being told to care now? we all heard about that tape, how Aaliyah was with him, and John Legend can fuck off, he knew, he was seen with Weinstein too. They all know in this industry they are protected until they need a distraction.

  • Darryl Thomas
    Darryl Thomas 2 days ago

    Don’t mean they consummated their marriage

  • Darryl Thomas
    Darryl Thomas 2 days ago

    Just because Aaliyah married Kelly; doesn’t mean they actually had sex

  • clarence steward
    clarence steward 3 days ago

    Because you are the type of woman who will believe anything that is just sad, you are set there and look at a hole TV show and not even see the bull crap they pull on you with film and really think a person is the way they are because you just fit into the white man society you call yourself black but you don't think for yourself you let the white man do your thinking

  • clarence steward
    clarence steward 3 days ago

    The most craziest thing is about what you're saying I don't know now group of black women that do not bond together and show their ass when they reach their level of having nothing to lose.you mean to tell me somebody deny you food and you didn't have the damn courage to tell him you deserve to have a meal, is because your camp parents didn't want you back I tell you black girls are sorry when it comes to trying to act like the victim these women are not damn victims

  • clarence steward
    clarence steward 3 days ago

    what I want to know is were you in the studio when he was writing these songs how can you sit there and say he wrote the song from the inspirement of young girls most of these men song deals with movies soundtracks man I tell you black people will show no throw you under the bus to try to make themselves look good but don't understand that if they can railroad your brother do your ass would never get nowhere in life showing you some fabricated ass documentary, black people should know better than this man if you how how in the world is your child going to be up at somebody house and you're going to go over there to get your child and you are not going to raise 6 million-dollar wolf of hell I seriously find something wrong with that I tell you people are always talking about the black man should stick with the black woman but the black woman will sell you out more quicker than any woman on the planet.

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo 3 days ago

    If your unhappy leave you user gold digger,girl we're probably piging out on food. You have to have rules and control. Don't lie get out.

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo 3 days ago

    It takes two to tango coming to see if you can get money.

  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert 4 days ago

    Using women is not a crime,fucking kids is a crime...

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 4 days ago

    He had no white women

  • maria older
    maria older 5 days ago +4

    I think it's wrong to make a video and give opinions on something you haven't even watched.

  • monica delgado
    monica delgado 5 days ago +2

    I've been listening to this R.Kelly situation for some time now ....the women on Surviving R Kelly... this is just me ...putting this all together... none of them women I truly believe was not held against their will from what I'm hearing on serving the R.Kelly ...R kelly never put a gun to their heads or said he would do anything to hurt them if they left ... it was alot of money involved...a lot of money involved... for them women to stay and put up with his bulshit that's just my opinion

  • S H
    S H 7 days ago

    Every thing that YOU are saying IS a lie,,,Aaliya was,not asl ,innocent, as,PEOPLE thinks,I would like to see you bloggers shutdown, all that YOU PEOPLE are doing IS brainwashing the public with your opinions and making money off of this tragedy

  • August Gadsina
    August Gadsina 7 days ago

    Damn he made her wear baggy clothes

  • Marvin Perkins
    Marvin Perkins 8 days ago +1

    I think they fucked up my cut play list bump and grind been my go to song since he high damn lol

  • Marvin Perkins
    Marvin Perkins 8 days ago +1

    I think the marriage was a publicity stunt

    • August Gadsina
      August Gadsina 7 days ago

      How is marrying a 15 year old publcity stunt.

  • Marvin Perkins
    Marvin Perkins 8 days ago +1

    I'm sick as hell and will be dead and gone and they will still be mixed reactions 😕😑

  • Marvin Perkins
    Marvin Perkins 8 days ago +3

    The chick's stayed with him for the money

  • Shannon F
    Shannon F 8 days ago

    I guess my predator who is white and I faced him on the stand along with my other cousins won’t get arrested until 50 “white” woman come forward🧐Mind you my predator is white still walking the streets. I come from a big family that’s biracial . I am not! My predator was extremely white. He still walks the earth even after he was on the stand PROVED TO BE GUILTY!He raped two of my younger cousins! R .Kelley was raped by his sister. It’s common for a predator to abuse the same way they were including race! It hurts to hear people say that being a victim myself as a child by a family member just like this guy. If you become the predator you usually mimic what happened to you as he def. is doing so. Watch his brother tell the story!#JUSTICEFORTHECHILDRENTHATAREVICTIMSOFCHILDABUSE

  • Claudia
    Claudia 8 days ago

    The Elite that be has no more use for R Kelly so he’s getting stone in public. Like many celebrities who was stoned before a strange cause of death

  • CARAMELkimmie Kim
    CARAMELkimmie Kim 9 days ago +1

    You have no prove of what you're doin they been plotting on this man since aug 2017 this is bullshit

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 10 days ago

    You are promoting speculations as solid evidence. That is wrong and you should be ashamed. I see no one saying he did not go to McDonalds to eat. His ex-wife is a fraud. She made videos praising R. Kelly. Now, she is going to different talks shows crying on cue. I have no problem burying R. Kelly. I have no ties to him. However, you do not bury a man without solid evidence.

  • Shae Shae
    Shae Shae 10 days ago +2

    I'm just gone say this. 17 guys is legal in most states. Granted you are still considered a teen. But you are legal. Now he need to pay for what he did with the girl that was younger then that.
    I just want to know how does a grown man has access to 13 year olds without there parent knowing🤷🤷🤷🤔🤔🤔

  • Marwa Shihab
    Marwa Shihab 10 days ago

    Guys can someone tell me where I can find the whole documantry or give me a valid link?

  • becca Lavelle
    becca Lavelle 10 days ago

    R Kelly killed Aaliya, it's so obvious yet noone wants to talk about that.

  • Janelle Brown
    Janelle Brown 11 days ago

    So his ex wife had more then one kid with him, she doesn’t want to change her last name from his last name, and she started to “speak up” once child support stoped coming in?

  • Ronald Adams
    Ronald Adams 12 days ago +1

    r Kelly was created by blk American culture. he is our Frankenstein.

  • Misfit_ By Nature
    Misfit_ By Nature 12 days ago

    Everyone who was around r jelly and did nothing to stop him or help these females, are sick. These parents are to blame too, they basically sold their kid to r Kelly for money and fame, then later on got paid to keep quiet.

  • Misfit_ By Nature
    Misfit_ By Nature 12 days ago

    It's crazy how things are coming back up and out about R Kelly and MJ, people are saying yeah Michael did it yet still defend Kelly who is just as bad. Michael case was with boys, R Kelly was multiple females under 15 and above 15 he had a sex cult, he filmed peeing on a girl and had people engage in sexual activities with each other.

  • Scam Bug
    Scam Bug 12 days ago +1

    He might have a problem but their parents pimp them

  • toni shark
    toni shark 13 days ago

    What a Creep. Your right and fair. This been going on for years! Please put this guy in prison, as well as those who helped get or groom girls for James

  • thulani pieters
    thulani pieters 13 days ago

    one sided reporting

  • Reinette SINED
    Reinette SINED 13 days ago

    Tamar is intitle to her own opinion

  • Reinette SINED
    Reinette SINED 13 days ago +1

    Wawww that Man has a lot of power despite his short comings!

  • Janelle Smith
    Janelle Smith 13 days ago

    When I looked at his interview I see a man that is afraid for his life.I see a man in Panic being in the same type of interview that He watched the very people that He wrote songs for do then they ended up dead.He is watching the pattern fold before his eyes and can't not ask for help because with Freemasons you don't know who one and who's not one.They threaten your kids so you distant yourself from them to keep them safe that is why he said he miss his kids.How do I know because that's was and is my situation.Where is the help? Yes we trust God but God need FBI to shut these people down.These people died trying to defend the fraudulent acts that are taking place in the music industry that a lot of people won't talk about because of one or two reasons which is one you either Go with the flow of this corruption with robbing other artist's out of their money and live the way they dictate you to live and if you don't you or someone very close to you are very much dispensable too, if you go against the grain.Or When you fight for what's rightfully belong to you, you find yourself in the same place that Robert Kelly is in now.Left eye wanted her money and May she rest In Peace.Michael try to warn people and they discredit him with the same thing they are trying to do Robert Kelly he tells you in I admit that He is broke and he should own all of his rights to his music my bad what happened shortly after that they is trying to Mute R.Kelly Pay Attention & Connect the dots.May Michael Jackson Rest in Peace .Its Interesting how Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston,Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Left Eye,Craig Mac, Notorious B.I.G. these people had some type of connection to Clive Davis or Sony and they are all dead and y'all can act like it's not true they are about to have a tribute to Aretha right when they coming at R Kelly yes that's how it works kill the star Wake Up. I Pray that the Body of Christ will Keep Robert Kelly in serious prayer because if not Blood will be on your hands. Father I Hide Robert Kelly in the Spirit so that all word curses is bound.I Decree that every Sacrifices sent to Satan is Null and Void.I disconnect all second heaven Connections connected to Robert Kelly and his kids.I cover them with the Blood of Jesus from the top of their head to the sole of there feet.I Cover all Contracts with Robert Kelly's name on it and saturated it with the Blood Of Jesus that they have on all alters along with all personal items that will connect them to him.I destroy every three fold cord place breaches and gaps in their mist.I mute them in the Spirit and make them Powerless in the Natural.I place a firey hedge fence of Protection around Robert Kelly and everything that He Love.Let Your Perfect Will be done in his Law suit and what the enemy turn for his evil you turn it around for his Good to exspose and bring down criminal chargers on the every person that is behind this situation.Exspose Everyone let not one person get away with any crimes in this matter in Jesus Name Amen.

  • drdebo Cherry
    drdebo Cherry 13 days ago +1

    Did she have a child? Yes

  • drdebo Cherry
    drdebo Cherry 13 days ago +1

    Legend & wife are as guilty as hell- will come out!

  • Jermain Campbell
    Jermain Campbell 13 days ago

    Money all of them looking for if he wasnt in music all this shit would have blow over long time

  • toni shark
    toni shark 13 days ago

    Sad so sad. A person of power in a position to help with real change in the world and he CHOOSES to do this. Sad so sad.

  • Debra Burlton
    Debra Burlton 14 days ago

    He is a sick son of a bitch! Sicko Sicko Pedophile ! Every single person who hid R. Kelly's activities with these under age - Not "legal" aged children he was sexually abusing and the parents that pushed their innocent children to him full well knowing what he was doing violating your babies YOU ARE ALL AT FAULT !

  • smokeyvelvet42
    smokeyvelvet42 14 days ago +1

    It wasn't R. Kelly it was Donald Trump who grabs women by the pussy & he's still president so,you black folks quit playing the white mans game of
    of destroying our black celebrities. All yow'll playing the STEP N FETCH IT to please the white massah, as was to be expected !! You'd should be ashamed of yourselves !!!

  • Allen Drew
    Allen Drew 14 days ago

    Phony Fake Ugly Bitches grew up got ugly cut off and now mad.

  • Tony Knight
    Tony Knight 14 days ago +1

    Aaliyah so pretty ☺️☺️ her I care for you song really hits home 😞😞 I miss her so much.

  • Lateisha Hutchins
    Lateisha Hutchins 16 days ago

    Aaliyah was so strong to have gone through all of this so young, and then continued making hits as though it never happened 😇 the impact she left on my generation is everything... rip babygirl

  • Mowla Office
    Mowla Office 18 days ago

    i never like r kelly i always thought that he had hiden agenda just by looking at him i always had feeling he was not a good person but if ypou did crime you need to do the time

  • Sade Marable
    Sade Marable 19 days ago +1

    No time for Tamar spoiled brat Braxton 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Black Angel
    Black Angel 20 days ago

    Yes R kellly did that , his sick

  • Pimp kyyng_NLMB_Radio
    Pimp kyyng_NLMB_Radio 20 days ago

    You're promoting hate you dumb ass

  • Juanita Martin
    Juanita Martin 22 days ago

    Sorry but I agree with Tamar go after the parents , do you have proof, many women get married at 15 and 16 gosh I really wish you were the fly on the wall because you sound like you were there

  • KD1278
    KD1278 23 days ago

    I didn't know Aayliah and R.Kelly was an item until Wendy William's awful biopic on Lifetime but hearing this gave me more information about the duo and their unhealthy relationship. The same goes for the video of giving an under girl getting a yellow shower by R. Kelly. Until the adult swim, The Boondocks. So, I am still learning and trying to understand the situation. Yes, I am very late. I find it disgusting that any woman went through this abuse. If it true, about the recent victim and they're being a video, then the black community and any others need to cut him loose. He needs to go to jail and rot.

  • Jacob Solbux
    Jacob Solbux 23 days ago

    he doesnt need to be behind bars. He has a sickness. He needs serious therapy and rehabilitation. It doesn't help to just lock him up and throw away the key. He has a mental illness and needs help.

  • mawulaya salifu
    mawulaya salifu 23 days ago

    Really disappointed in r . Kelly

  • imanii moore
    imanii moore 24 days ago

    even tho she dead truth was she was haveing sex with him hot in ass

  • imanii moore
    imanii moore 24 days ago

    her parents wanted her to get money sad

  • imanii moore
    imanii moore 24 days ago

    she was hot in ass


    Let Aaliyah RIP please. It was what it was. No telling how she was manipulated trying to get to where she got in the industry.

  • Julia Santacroce
    Julia Santacroce 25 days ago

    Aaliyah shouldnt have been talked about. Shes not here to tell her side. How she felt and what really happened. Shes beautiful, i luv her still 😍

  • Steph Ss
    Steph Ss 26 days ago

    So, was Aaliyah murdered in that "accident"?

  • shuna shuna
    shuna shuna 28 days ago +1

    Hey ,where have you been all this long..stop feeding the world with unfounded nonsense why were you quite all these years stop acting like a puppert who just get fed with negativity against your black brother and you start saying empty stuff which is not proved in court.He is innocent till proven guilty.US has the most powerful Police and Detectives how on earth did so called R.Kelly"s abuses went on undetected given that R.Kelly is said to have little or no education at all ,how on earth could he have outwitted the most highly educated and knowlegeable law enforcement authorities.Jealous makes failers work for perpetratoirs of haters to go on social media to present damaging information to the valnureable listners.after all who are to judge and conderm a Genious.I bet you ,you shall be the one to feel ashamed and embarrassed to see him working free..and that is the last time you will ever show yourself on the social media trying to destroy blessed black talents.I feel sorry for you and what ever motivates you to present unfounded rubbish on youtube...lol

  • Its Me
    Its Me 28 days ago

    Fuck a tamar ugly bitch ..nasty looking ass uuuh

  • Roo0xanne
    Roo0xanne 28 days ago +4

    Parents...let's use this as an example on why you should keep your kids far away from Hollyweird. It's not even safe for adults!

  • Immaculate1
    Immaculate1 29 days ago

    This is the first time I've visited your channel, and I must say I give you SO MUCH KUDOS for not using profanity. You got class, girl! :)

  • Zedian Zed
    Zedian Zed 29 days ago


  • soul sista#2
    soul sista#2 Month ago

    At impressive...we get this in the news...and you are pissing me off ..why are you talking about are Kelly because you never a check from TVclip.. so get your TVclip check ass out of here and leave rkelly the hell alone...

  • Autumn Daye Bryant- Hawkins

    It’s kinda crazy R. Kelly Jay Z & Dame Dash.

  • pimpfatlr
    pimpfatlr Month ago

    These hos are all lieing how u gonna trust a dick sucking leach..plies even if it is true who cares these bitchs never did nothing for use they never made a hit for u to bump r kelly did fuck them hos 100%

  • Evelyn Taylor
    Evelyn Taylor Month ago

    It's not just about under age woman, R. Kelly is evil and sick there's more about R. Kelly and more is coming out about him.

  • Jermaine Nelson
    Jermaine Nelson Month ago

    have you verified anything you alleged as facts ? where do you get your facts ?

  • jackie fadalla
    jackie fadalla Month ago

    Okay where is this girl parents and way thay never involved The girl sound homeless to me

  • James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves Month ago

    His wife still has his last name ummmmmm - confused at all?

    • James Hargreaves
      James Hargreaves Month ago

      He's sick 100% but you're wayyy to late on this 'me too' garbagio ! News flash - men get abused just as much as woman from both woman and men

  • James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves Month ago

    Honestly shut up - it's 2019 and there's no evidence since 2002 when he should have been jailed

  • Sarah Deaver-Newman

    Ohmagooosh Tamar is so beautiful... her skin looks like silk!!!

  • Ericka Raye
    Ericka Raye Month ago

    When was she dating jay z

  • Ericka Raye
    Ericka Raye Month ago

    Why tf would she marry him

  • S H
    S H Month ago +1

    Tamar Braxton people have been talking badly about you, and you should know how he feels

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Bye,little girl you are lying,,
    Kelly, wife said he didn't pay alimony,,after she said this she came back on and said that he was a great supporter and took great care of his kids,,when you lies its difficult to keep up with what you have said
    Don't forget Elvis Presley had a fourteen year old living in his home whom he later married, Jimmy swaggerts cousin married his twelve year old cousin no-one made documentary about them, black Will believe any thing the media says, tear down your on race,,,,

    • Chantel Miller
      Chantel Miller Month ago

      She did remarry. There's no way people expect him to still pay her that

  • Johnny Flash
    Johnny Flash Month ago

    My bitch can't eat until I say so.

    She's a pitbull so nobody can feed her but me.

  • Shannon Butler
    Shannon Butler Month ago

    YOU MAKING UP LIES with the lies told by the program. Andrea Kelly was married to R Kelly for 14 years. He didn't pick up girls from high school he went to one high school to visit his Music teacher so she could help him put music together cause he couldn't read and write music.... that whole show backfired on all those people on the show they looked at just as bad as R Kelly

  • vulcan2050ful
    vulcan2050ful Month ago

    I agree with what tamar said. Every body mad all of a sudden at r.kelly now when we've been known about him for years. I'm not defending r.kelly but it just makes everybody look kinda hypocritical imo.

  • cubanis
    cubanis Month ago


  • Ida
    Ida Month ago

    50 shades of Kelly

  • Tuesday Harmon
    Tuesday Harmon Month ago

    Did he really have time to do all that

  • Tamar Swapsy
    Tamar Swapsy Month ago

    So has the Producer of Lifetime! Quiet As Kept

  • Tanya Bishop
    Tanya Bishop Month ago

    Why is this all taking so long to get him behind bars? Anythime a child, or a person under age states that they were sexually abused, the law takes the person to jail. But R. Kelly has been accused for years and not once has he been charged and sentenced to prison. WHY IS THIS?

  • Tennesseetsychamps 2017 Griner

    I understand the white people they did it to Michael Jackson in later after driving him crazy all the victims came forth but if you got to get your bag I guess by any means necessary

  • Tennesseetsychamps 2017 Griner

    The shit that goes on in this industry or in life all the time in this is hoo yall pick to destroy in the hole movie thing man all them bicths was lie ing none of those tears look real to me in his x wife ooo first she was defining him then o he was the worst man ever I understand the white people but these black people that's fucked up but if you got to get your bag I guess by any means necessary

  • Tennesseetsychamps 2017 Griner

    In other thing yeah he met the girl when she was 14 but she was 17 on the tap now before you say it yeah 17 is still to young but 14 sounds way worst the 17 in girls at 15 is having sex like no tomorrow he was wrong for having sex with a 17 year old girl that's it it's over

  • Tennesseetsychamps 2017 Griner

    When the shit stops I mean let's tell the shit how it is r kelly drop out of school 2 years early that's why he was up there in yeah he was getting girls they was his fucking age range

  • Andrew Staples
    Andrew Staples Month ago

    It's was around 92 - 94 when he used to always go to kenwood high school to pick young girls

  • Jonny Blaze
    Jonny Blaze Month ago

    My nigga Kellz..😂✌🏾

  • vectra 555
    vectra 555 Month ago

    Wen juckts? Sind nur schwarze

  • Yamin Haniyah
    Yamin Haniyah Month ago

    This is so sad, I agree.

  • glinda gregory
    glinda gregory Month ago +5

    We know he married her and her parents Nor she did nothing... she lived for 7 years after the incident and did nothing so next

    • Not Applicable
      Not Applicable 26 days ago +1

      glinda gregory What was she supposed to do? At the time to r kelly was one of the most loved and celebrated artist meanwhile Aaliyah was a 15 year old child with a newly budding career if she had spoken out people would of been quick to blame her and call her “fast”. She would have been completely blackballed from the industry and her career over all for what? So what if she didn’t say anything for the next 7 the process of coming to terms with your abuse can take decades there are people who don’t tell their stories until 30, 40+ years after it’s taken place. Leave Aaliyah alone and let her rest.

  • إبتسام احمد

    Arrest his ugly bitch ass already

  • CMB QueenB
    CMB QueenB Month ago

    💜💜💜💜Love you R Kelly 💜💜💜💜