Tamar Braxton goes in on "Surviving R. Kelly"! | Aaliyah's mother speaks out

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • R. Kelly's legacy is currently crumbling, thanks to the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly" (which uncovers his activity behind closed doors). One of the main topics of the documentary was R. Kelly's involvement with the late R&B superstar Aaliyah. Aaliyah's mother, Dana Haughton, voiced that she was not too pleased with the portrayal of her daughter in the series.
    Singer Tamar Braxton also voiced her opinions on the documentary.
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  • Civan Algünerhan
    Civan Algünerhan 9 hours ago

    Her uncle didnt protect? Really? Thats really fucked up!

  • Janice Figures
    Janice Figures Day ago

    and I hope and pray that they get what's coming to them since y'all didn't send this man to all of this than women going to all of them got that all of them got sexual transmitted diseases are incurable according to the paperwork so y'all better go find out where they're located since they haven't tried on him some other men going to be filing charges on him because they didn't have sexual transmitted diseases out there but that's how they gone wrong uncurable do you understand what I'm saying why y'all hiding everything from the public all of you girls had a sexual transmitted diseases are incurable launch I'll talk about that then if it's like that

  • Janice Figures
    Janice Figures Day ago

    how do you know that you just saying that because you going by basically what you were you saying that because you going by basically what you are you just saying that you going to tell me you don't know what that man thought when he's made them song you don't know what he thought and people like you need to be you need to be boycotted off the whole scene you should have been making accusations like you just noticed me and my was you and wish you and that man's brain when he start creating songs I don't think you were where you anywhere around when he made some I don't think you were you going by what the media has been saying about him you're not going about what you really really know about him this documentaries on fraud in the first place they sent up there all them women including people who made that documentary was probably having heartthrob about R Kelly there's a reason why they came up with the s*** that they came up with so y'all can just cut that out. It made me sick with all these old are Kelly stuff he's not the only one that everybody trying to get money money from he don't have any money so I hope and pray that all you people are so happy with what y'all got y'all it's sad he made the song based on a 17 you don't know that how you know that was yelling at man's brain when he made these this music y'all is crazy y'all need me Bandit off of this site me to be banded off cuz you're pregnant Is For Real make it up s*** you wouldn't even in that man's bedroom when you don't know his mind and that I hope you do get out of this and if you get out of it alive I hope and pray that he's to the crap out of each and everyone of you people all you people need to be sued yes soon for violating his wife each and every one of y'all need to be sued over crying out loud making false accusation like you live in this man's brain you making false accusations against him based on what the public is saying because of an outright because of what I need but let's just get it straight it's just everybody got a sexual transmitted uncurable disease all of them need to be tested won't you say something on that each and every last one of them have something that's uncurable then if it if they if he has an office lawyers go for it medically does that mean to each and every last one of them ever touch has incurable STDs that they giving other

  • Janice Figures
    Janice Figures Day ago

    I like to comment on this miss lady first of all are Kelly's only one man all these women said that he messed with him that he did something to him okay whatever y'all want say okay fine man ain't been to trial he's been prosecuted by the media which is unfair and unjustifiable no matter how you look at this these women then said he did something to him to try to get some money out of that's all this is been about for real okay he's only one man this is this not trying to put you down in thing cuz I don't know what the man did for real for real but I'm going to tell you something by Tana they trying to get something out of me can't get blood out of turn Beyond have no more money you broke all that happy about that now he's broke he's in jail they wouldn't even let the man out on house arrest they don't even make sense either cuz he didn't do was enough Libras is none of that okay that's them to now let's say this and you probably don't want to leave read a whole lot whole lot in Sims that I got to say I'm going to say it and I'm going to leave it alone they now stated in Arkansas medical records were airtight secluded by where are tied in his medical records and his his information on his medical records and his and his money are tight they said it was airtight in medical records been are tightening are sealed nobody can see it but them not even his lawyer is Austin got a right to even look at his medical records but they should have had the right to look at mr. Kelly's medical records okay that's number one member to all of a sudden R Kelly comes up missing okay I E comes up missing you don't show up in court something's wrong that's it that's all nothing else to say about that now cuz see you locked up in jail the sheriff and people like that of authority can't take you to court there's no reason for that at all number 3 now all of a sudden Weeks Later they're saying that or Kelly got all of a sudden let it out to the media now or Kelly got an incurable STD disease that's that's that's go there if R Kelly has any disease he came up missing they spoke about his medical records that was airtight nobody can see it not even wanted that didn't make sense now they're saying he got to uncurable STD guess what they trying to wrap the STD as being up with the woman from New York the woman from New York at a STD tested on Kelly gave it to her that's that remains to be inconclusive evidence that remains this woman lying she's lying y'all I'm sorry if F F R Kelly came up missing medical records been mentioned on whatever he don't show up in court something's wrong I truly believe that they didn't infected or Kelly with this disease because all they do is give him a take a needle all you got to do is take a needle stick it in his hand arm and infected with a deadly disease like that they can do it cuz I'm banana Disease Control Atlanta hold the most deadliest disease known to man and if the government want anything done like that to you I guess you can say that they can stick a needle in his arm and disinfecting with a deadly disease oh yeah they can do that he can be done member for if you are if you got an untreatable now they saying now is all open everybody can know what he got no it's all over now his voice should have been on & R Kelly would have known long time ago if he's not an incurable STD disease that happened way before 2 years olds and eight months ago it happened way before 10 years ago and if you got an untreated STD disease that's uncurable it should have been mentioned way back in his medical record long time ago with being by his medical records were sealed they could have forged it or whatever however they do that but I'ma say this to me and Mama me and my friends were looking at the real facts of the SS not even by Laura Kelly know more about what they're trying to do to them and what they going to try to do I ain't got no money okay in the women that are Kelly mess with something from the Drea Kelly chick is Baby Mama which is I guess on down Sparkle on down to the to the the chicken that for I like to comment on their this lady frozen walls are Kelly's only one man all these women said that he messed it with him he did something to her okay whatever y'all busy I want to say okay fine man ain't even been the trial he's been prosecuted by the media which is unfair and I'm just a fireball no matter how you look at this these women then said he did something to him to try to get some money out of left all this is Ben about for real okay he's only one man this is it not trying to put you down anything cuz I don't know what the man did for real. But I'm going to tell you something by Tong and they trying to get some out of the can get blood type of trying to be in town my money is broke I don't say happy about that now he's broke he's in jail they wouldn't even let them and I don't have to if they don't even make sense either cuz either do wasn't a flyer season of that okay that's two now let's say this and you fight don't want to leave read a whole lot whole lot and since that I got to say I'm going to say it and I going to leave a long day now stated that our kids medical records warfare pipe secluded by River air title his medical records and is his information going to medical records and his address on his money pipe they said it was air type in medical records been the air tightening airfield nobody can see it but them not even is lawyers I think had a life even look at his medical records with they should have had the right to look at mr. Kelly's medical record okay that's number one number to all the sudden r kelly comes up missing okay I eat comes up missing you don't show up in court something's wrong that's it that's all nothing else to say about that now cuz you got something tells the shelf and people like that of authority can take you to court there's no reason for that at all number 3 now all the sudden later than that Kelly made it to the meeting now all the women need to be tested for STD disease that they say R Kelly has his own Cuba that means somebody gave our kids a sexual transmitted disease and they trying to say he had a note that don't even make sense because if he was he would have been as healthy as he was when he died jail if he got it sexually transmitted disease over 20 years that mean the women that have been messing with got it as well they need to be tested.. they trying to hide the truth then. All they had to. Was to inject R. Kelly with a needle. So they can make it look like that he had a sexual transmitted disease from the news from the New York girl that they say that he gave it to anybody added she had it. Which equalize one way to get money out of him
    he don't have no money they're not going to get no money out of him they had sealed his medical records he came up missing.. now they saying that he had the incurable STD disease all of them have it. All need to be tested. from its wife on down to the five women all of the one in New York Minnesota all need to be tested for a uncurable sexual transmitted disease because I'm pretty sure if you had sex with any of them all of them got it.

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams Day ago


    KING FAISEL 2 days ago +1


  • Satya Graha
    Satya Graha 2 days ago

    Oh my God,this sounds like 50 shades of Gray!

  • AngelAlways69
    AngelAlways69 4 days ago

    I hope and pray that R.Kelly and the people who stood by and let him do things he did get what they deserve

  • Octavia Cain
    Octavia Cain 5 days ago

    How you gone say it was a dark time for her Was you there with if that stuff did happen no so you can’t speak for her

  • Octavia Cain
    Octavia Cain 5 days ago +1

    Umm don’t bring Michael Jackson in to this just saying 😌😁✌🏽

  • DeBoSki Gunn
    DeBoSki Gunn 5 days ago

    No facts here all gossip

  • Albino Barbie
    Albino Barbie 10 days ago

    😭😭😭 Aaliyah I love her but y’all need to keep her out of this

  • Kerry Morgan
    Kerry Morgan 12 days ago

    Free R. Kelly!

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 12 days ago

    Sis, did you start working on the Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein video ? 🤔

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor 12 days ago +1

    He is innocent until proven guilty

  • Jay stevenson
    Jay stevenson 15 days ago

    The only two victims in all of this IS Aaliyah and the 14-year-old in the tape .If you ask me.All of them(Sparkle,Andrea,Jehronda and every women who worked,and heard of R.kelly) knew EXACTLY who Robert was!.Tamar is right...Aaliyah had no idea what she was REALLY getting herself into and thats why she died...only because God knew she wasn't going to be a happy woman and no one in the industry would EVER hear her out.so god took her...

    HEARTBREAKER 16 days ago

    notice her ring? its called a slave ring

  • Roberta Dixon
    Roberta Dixon 17 days ago +1

    Well Aaliyah knew better and so did other young girls don't put everything on r Kelly ! I'm sorry Aaliyah ❤️

  • Royalty Ganggg
    Royalty Ganggg 20 days ago

    I Don’t Care What Anyone Have To Say ... After All These Years Now People Want To Finally Speak Up. Why Now? Because his money stop coming through now they wanna speak up. Also I feel as thought these ladies knew what they was doing people now in 2019, young ladies at that are dating older man and older ladies are dating young boys. Everyone wants money and that’s the only reason why sugar moms and dads are invented

  • Nanci Zamora
    Nanci Zamora 20 days ago

    I’m know I’m wayyyyy late but if Aaliyah was pregnant what happened to the baby???

  • Frankie NS
    Frankie NS 20 days ago +1

    I think it’s time to separate the artist from the person because obviously he was a talented producer but he is a terrible human being! I’m disgusted about the story and to anyone saying Aaliyah was the blame as well, think what were you doing when you were 14 yo? She was put in that situation and her 14yo mind couldn’t do much to get her out! Was she in love with him? I don’t know but if she was, at 14yo you get in love with any cute character that’s on a tv show! Plus, she released the song when she was 14, but she might have started working with him at 13yo and that’s too early to know anything about life and relationship!

  • alexius gregory
    alexius gregory 21 day ago +6

    Why would a celebrity like r Kelly have to lock women up, when there's plenty of women that are throwing their self at him😐

    • Adonia Dagod
      Adonia Dagod 17 days ago

      alexius gregory cuz he’s sick, he didn’t want women he wanted teenagers

  • Friday Oturah
    Friday Oturah 22 days ago

    Please I never believed something like that happened please I beg in the name of god to release him

  • Charleston Chan Ming
    Charleston Chan Ming 25 days ago

    R Kelly the Chomo👹🤧🔫will be dealt with when they throw that punk bitch in the PC/SNY Yard with his kind !

  • saddie sinclaire
    saddie sinclaire 26 days ago

    Everyone will always blame the woman, no one protected Aaliyah and no one cared. This is heartbreaking

  • cNicole Terry
    cNicole Terry 26 days ago

    I knew he wasnt right when i seen him in concert my momma bought me and my junior high/elementary friends some tickets😒 He did a WHOLE LOT of sexual stuff on stage went put on a suit and went to church with "SADIE"

  • cNicole Terry
    cNicole Terry 26 days ago +10

    Victim ALWAYS get blamed thata just how it goes

  • Vivica Montgomery
    Vivica Montgomery 26 days ago

    That a dam shame

  • Trinadee Craoksr
    Trinadee Craoksr 27 days ago

    His names not r Kelly no more it's Robert

  • A H
    A H 27 days ago

    The f*** on how in the hell do you know Michael Jackson song that R.Kelly wrote was for a 17 year old teenager. Y'all love to tear your own race down.

  • Josiah X
    Josiah X 28 days ago

    Hello @Empressive. I just want to say about the Aaliyah & R. Kelly situation, I did some research and found out none of that is true....(marriage, pregnant, etc.) The public, society, the crowds always seems to “see what they want to see” or the fans are visually programmed to believe what “the music industry”, the press, the media wants them to believe through successful propaganda. . . When you get a chance, look up the documentary, “AALIYAH - The Inside Look Documentary”. It was made by an independent filmmaker who personally visited & spoke to Aaliyah’s mother and family. There’s a section where he explains that all those things said about Aaliyah and R. Jelly are heavy rumors and still persist till this day. Besides the fact there was never any evidence to prove Aaliyah & R. Kelly had sexual relations, most people don’t know Barry Hankelson, the manager then, created the Fraudulent fake marriage certificate. He did a lot of corrupt things in the music industry, which almost sabotaged Aaliyah career.

  • Micki hopson
    Micki hopson 29 days ago

    Forced to participate. Really?

  • Chantail Mitchell-Moss

    I wished those who saw it all should have called the police when it all happened.

  • Shelena Gibbons
    Shelena Gibbons Month ago

    The host please check your facts and watch how you carry the news please

  • Aaaliyaah Haughton
    Aaaliyaah Haughton Month ago

    Why they mad??? In the projects/ghetto young girls (13) fuck with older men (21-up). One cause she blazen and older dudes won't get caught with ugly 13 year olds. She's ghetto hottie, she's really RARE. GORGEOUS. Those other girls be haters. They wear tan bras and dirty panties. She was dope. hockey jerseys, pepe le pew chain, long Bob w/ a full bang, a long pony tail...beautiful. no corns, feet done, her feet didn't stink, clean boxers, she could wear white without looking dirty( a white scrunchie) pretty bras and panties... Blue, baby blue... In the 90's when bitches wore baggy jeans cause they was dirty...not clean. They thought men were dirty until Aaliyah. That all still haters especially that she's in heaven. Ask Dame. Roc Nation. Memphis Bleek.

  • Antonia Glascoe
    Antonia Glascoe Month ago


  • Upgrade Your Life
    Upgrade Your Life Month ago


  • Upgrade Your Life
    Upgrade Your Life Month ago

    I don't even know how to access the documentary. Fuck, I don't have cable. Hahaha

  • Cynthia Anderson
    Cynthia Anderson Month ago

    I blame the Corporate lawyers and Corporate because they knew R.Kelly was a pedophile, and they defended him this whole time, and as soon as he stopped making money, then you all now want to convict him. He should have been convicted a long time ago

  • S M
    S M Month ago

    R. Kelly career gone just like his hairline

  • Shenna Bracy
    Shenna Bracy Month ago

    So so so .. gtfoh . If she married him that's there bizz damn . I wasn't a big fan of Aaliyah but that's her private life she loved rkelly the same way y'all old ass grand Daddy loved Yall under aged Grandma .. now they want to lock niggaz up ..

    • Shenna Bracy
      Shenna Bracy 26 days ago

      @saddie sinclaire who say so .. not Aaliyah .. and if she were alive I think she would still have great respect for him and not be involved in throwing away the keys on r. Kelly life in prison.. but again she's not here to speak .. thanks for the reply

    • saddie sinclaire
      saddie sinclaire 26 days ago

      Shenna Bracy Did you even watch the video? R Kelly was super abusive...

  • Norma Bray
    Norma Bray Month ago

    Well if he abused them let God deal with it you don't know what he did so what he dedicated a song to a girl he was f****** with that probably one of the f*** with him back you don't know what that means they do I don't believe shoot his ex-wife saying I don't believe s*** all of y'all saying I need to get your own life.

  • Norma Bray
    Norma Bray Month ago

    I wish you people stop talkin about this f****** me and and let him live his life why y'all want R Kelly dick f*** off his dick let that man live nobody knows what happened behind closed doors we always teenagers once before we all had questions on man of course I don't believe half the ship these people

  • Rozonda Amora
    Rozonda Amora Month ago

    Who ever made this video need to do your research you are not alone is not about a 17 year old girl ITS ABOUT A LOSS OF A CHILD

  • lalalalaaa
    lalalalaaa Month ago

    Don't get me wrong people but even though it is proven that R Kelly is this monster who abuses women and most of them are actually girls those girls are really really dumb how you are 19 years old and don't understand the breed of this person how you enter a relationship with a 50 year old with this particular history?

  • tattoo lab
    tattoo lab Month ago

    who is john legend?

  • Deshaun Hawkins
    Deshaun Hawkins Month ago +1

    Agree with Tamar

  • S H
    S H Month ago +1

    Tama,HAS a big mouth,,know wonder
    SHE GOT fired from THAT reality,,

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    THIS stuff you are saying is JUST bogus,WHAT script ARE YOU reading,OFF, because YOU sure sounds like Gloria Aldridge gave it to YOU TO read, THIS aalliya it seem like HER parents put her THERE TO trick rkelly they KNEW ABOUT the marriage they NEVER intended for it TO last,knowing that she would GET A lot OF money to help with HER career, AND THEN they GOT the rights to his music, THERE HAS been nothing BUT crooked people around HIM, And NOW HERE YOU COMES WITH THIS Crap,ALL OF THESE GIRLS YOU people keep showing HAVE BEEN caught lying, tired of telling you peaceful do your homework before making any judgment

  • toyshop
    toyshop Month ago

    This all happened because of one person it wasnt Aaliyah’s mother or fathers fault IT WAS HER UNCLE BARRY HANKERSON he was the one that introduced her to him at the age of 12.

  • deanna n. young
    deanna n. young Month ago +1

    I always knew something was wrong with him from the very beginning it’s so sad 😞 how we really treat our African American Women And Men 💯😮🙁😒

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson Month ago

    No one wants to hear these lying ladies relationship went sour and they decided to come up with this shit

  • Janice S
    Janice S Month ago

    They were going after Tamar because she doesn’t know proper punctuation

  • Jannie Marks
    Jannie Marks 2 months ago

    Those adults we're just star struck

  • Nikki Free
    Nikki Free 2 months ago +1

    Tamar wasn't coming out for him she was telling the truth and it's not their guilty conscience that made them come out all those rats was fleeing the sinking ship trying to get in front of the indictments I hope they all go to jail

  • Edward X, MBA
    Edward X, MBA 2 months ago

    R Kelly will walk and everybody can get back to work. Fuck you non musician mf’s who can’t separate the artists from real life. Fucking idiots with no talent!!! Just because we write about sex doesn’t mean we are freaks. We write what sells dumb mf’s. Look at all that shaking Beyoncé does on stage and presents herself like a prostitute. That’s her craft but she nowhere like that in real life. R Kelly ain’t did shit but fuck a bunch of groupie ass hoes who he made think that he was interested but he wasn’t. When you’re famous bitches throw their panties at you. This clown ass bitch who made this video is one of them type of hoes we deal with all the time in the entertainment industry. She’ll fuck and suck R Kelly’s dick right now if he were standing before her. Keep making TVclip videos bitch because that’s as far as you’re going in this lifetime.

  • shahad alsanea
    shahad alsanea 2 months ago

    Away from rkelly issue , WTF does john legend has to do with this ?? Did he know him personally?! What fame whore

  • Crystal Watkins
    Crystal Watkins 2 months ago

    This is so sad

  • Sunshine E.
    Sunshine E. 2 months ago +4

    I cant wait until I hear that hes behind bars for good.

  • Mizz Ladee
    Mizz Ladee 2 months ago

    Plenty of men pray on young girls, I remember when I was 12 or 13 I’d tell men my real age in hopes of them being turned off but they didn’t give a damn, just wanted sex, period!

  • lauren varner
    lauren varner 2 months ago

    R Kelly is a lodown b****

  • Sunee Dillard
    Sunee Dillard 2 months ago

    If you find all this R.Kelly stuff sickening then stop reporting on it, simple solution

  • Tatyana Williams
    Tatyana Williams 2 months ago +1

    R Kelly is way older than Aaliyah. Marrying a 15 year girl can't be right. She was just a child. This whole situation is ridiculous.

  • Dalila Watts
    Dalila Watts 2 months ago

    Aaliyah knew she was wrong too, you know? Aaliyah was definitely wrong as well.

    • Kristian Churchill
      Kristian Churchill 25 days ago

      Ummmm Aaliyah was the VICTIM!!!!!!! Does not matter how you look at it, it is NEVER the Child's fault!!! You do realize that she was manipulated right??? She was only 12-15 when she was with R Kelly working on her first album, please stop because you sound Stupid AS FUCK!!!

  • Dalila Watts
    Dalila Watts 2 months ago

    Aaliyah did deny it. She said she was SINGLE.

  • debra barnes
    debra barnes 2 months ago

    Tamar braxton is an ass, and likes hearing herself talk, Allyah mother is a bigger one how u say grown ass r Kelly wasn't fucking ur 15 year old daughter when they married and u and hubby got it annulled.... Bitch was greedy as heck

  • ObservetteMARCH
    ObservetteMARCH 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, seems like THIS is happening in Hollywood all the time. Most just aren’t getting caught. When a narcissist has everything, there are no consequences and no limits to how sick they will go. And then THERE’S THE INVISIBLE 2% that make RKelly sound like a cuddly Teddybear #fuckedup #nightmares #messedupworlds #therichfatwhiteguys #theconspiraciesarereal Don’t let nobody make you feel crazy for believing what you know is true. No matter how crazy it seems. Stand up for yourself. Do not doubt yourself for anyone.

  • Alcawanna Moore
    Alcawanna Moore 2 months ago

    The lady who he supposedly had harmed was the one who leaked the video of the 14 year old and got ended up in a some guys hand who tried to hustle money from him. But we gonna ignore that ? It was to many plot holes to belive the victims. But he was dead wrong for what he had done.

  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith 2 months ago

    ......Bye y’all!

  • noaid Jones
    noaid Jones 2 months ago

    These little girls need to stop spreading their legs wide open for these grown ass man and little boys.
    Than cry rape. Little girls need to stop hanging around court house while you should be in school and behave like a child. Little girls need to stop running to R. Kelly's hotel room looking for a grown man to make record deals with. Without your parents permission.
    Little girls need to stop having sex until they are 18 or more.

  • He Guards My Heart And Soul

    And I'm sick of you sell out, progenitors of White propaganda destroying your own people. You are a lying witch to believe these lying witches. Burn in hell.

  • Krysta Briley
    Krysta Briley 2 months ago +1

    Seeing how the press handled her when her and R. Kelly split up makes me sick. She was manipulated and sexually abused by this man and y’all were treating the situation like it was just gossipy tabloid material. Trash. That shit wouldn’t fly in 2019 and I feel so sorry for her that it did back then. Rip, babygirl

  • Anja chan
    Anja chan 2 months ago +5

    for what he has done to Aaliyah he sure hast to be in prison, sure. I think that since I heard about it years ago :o

  • Michelle Phillips
    Michelle Phillips 2 months ago

    U just always handle the topics with a lot of class..

  • victoria tweetybirdgirl

    It’s sad but to be famous at the same time he is a smart crazy dude so people will follow even when it’s wrong the power of Hollywood