The AP Exam Isn't Finished!!!

  • Published on May 11, 2017
  • Seriously, thank you so much for watching my videos and supporting my channel. Good luck to the class of 2017. I wish you the very best in college and the work force. Don't forget to apply everything you've learned in econ. Thanks again. You rock!
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  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa 18 minutes ago

    Iris Franz for econ hot asf but not sure about teaching

  • Perfectly Crafted
    Perfectly Crafted 6 months ago


  • Eunice Zhang
    Eunice Zhang 6 months ago +2

    ily Mr Clifford :) this came in my recommended after the ap tests

  • Rahul Shah
    Rahul Shah 7 months ago

    3blue1brown for multivariable calculus

  • David Liu
    David Liu Year ago

    I recommend Tyler DeWitt helped me on chemistry. Organic Chemistry Tutor is also good.

  • nazoya
    nazoya Year ago

    Keith Hughes for APUSH and gov!

  • Andrew Rein
    Andrew Rein 2 years ago

    Just wanted to say thank you! I got 5 on both AP macro and AP micro because of this channel!

  • Zhi Han
    Zhi Han 2 years ago

    3Blue1Brown for math!!!!!

  • Darkzero2o5
    Darkzero2o5 2 years ago

    Professor Messer. He's a great teacher for Information Technology.

  • Martin Samoylov
    Martin Samoylov 2 years ago

    Michael Brogley and Miss DeLong for AP US and Comparative Government and Politics

  • Daniel AJ
    Daniel AJ 2 years ago

    Thank you for the guidances! It helped me for Global Economics ( university module )! Definetly more helpful than the textbooks, wish you all the success! :)

  • Tyler Erickson
    Tyler Erickson 2 years ago

    Paul Joseph Watson for Political Incorrectness!

  • Matthew Sirju
    Matthew Sirju 2 years ago

    Some kid got caught using his phone during the Macro exam. Lmao RIP

  • Artemis-Mingyue Bunnymaster

    Andrew Patterson for AP Human Geography

  • James Jr
    James Jr 2 years ago

    Chemistry: Tyler Derwitt

  • Ben Kable
    Ben Kable 2 years ago

    Bro i straight got a 2 on that boy.

  • Slayerx
    Slayerx 2 years ago

    pattickjmt for mathematics is best

  • Alex Gamota
    Alex Gamota 2 years ago

    Thx for all the videos, could you go over the 2017 micro frq questions, they've been posted online

  • ignMarcaugai
    ignMarcaugai 2 years ago

    Mr. Hernandez at Alonso High School Tampa FL was a pretty good macroeconomics teacher. I can comfortably say that I actually learned something from him. Also other good teachers to point out are: Wilder (English), Stover (Psych), Drake N. (don't know how to spell his last name but he's a sociology teacher), Brown (another good psych teacher), and the best Avid teacher I've had is Hill.

  • ignMarcaugai
    ignMarcaugai 2 years ago

    I am the AP test. Who took me?

  • Nick Hernandez
    Nick Hernandez 2 years ago

    AP Economic Screencasts saved my life along with your videos check him out

  • Ramester
    Ramester 2 years ago

    I couldn't have gone through AP Macro and Micro without your videos. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these. They were so helpful and I learned a lot from you.

  • Sagar Shah
    Sagar Shah 2 years ago

    Richard Thornley!! He teaches IB Chemistry in New York, his videos break down every single understanding in the curriculum and have helped me tremendously in my class!

  • Andrew McCarthy
    Andrew McCarthy 2 years ago

    Tom Richey apush and euro

  • Christopher Aris
    Christopher Aris 2 years ago

    Mike Sugiyama Jones (MSJ Chem), RadioChemistry, and Alex Lee for IB Biology

  • Haya Anis
    Haya Anis 2 years ago

    Professor Leonard for Calculus!

  • Brett
    Brett 2 years ago

    SCIENCE WITH MR.J! He helped me get a 5 on AP Bio!

  • pankaj pal
    pankaj pal 2 years ago

    muy bien .yo quiero es tuyo estilo mucho or ya mi miranda es tuyo todo lectures

  • Ahan Sabharwal
    Ahan Sabharwal 2 years ago

    Flipping Physics on TVclip

  • Shaanae M
    Shaanae M 2 years ago

    PatrickJMT for math

    • Shaanae M
      Shaanae M 2 years ago

      and Andrew Patterson for human geography

  • Bridgette Sargenti
    Bridgette Sargenti 2 years ago

    can you speak at my graduation please

  • Colin Kappel
    Colin Kappel 2 years ago

    Mr. Clifford definitely has the best economics videos you should hit him up

  • Alara Kocabas
    Alara Kocabas 2 years ago

    Hey does anyone know a good source to study AP human geography? My exam got delayed due to technical problems and I want to review. Thanks!

  • Mike Muth
    Mike Muth 2 years ago


  • Pablo Moncayo
    Pablo Moncayo 2 years ago

    Mr. Michael Jaeger from Austin highschool in El Paso Tx!!! best teacher in town really puts the work in needed to prepare students for the test! Uses your videos too!

  • David Herron
    David Herron 2 years ago

    Tom Richey

  • Jay Gwop
    Jay Gwop 2 years ago

    econdal is good

  • TZBlueIce
    TZBlueIce 2 years ago

    Whoa there, what's your beef with the Justice League?

  • Khalid Talakshi
    Khalid Talakshi 2 years ago

    Can you do some videos on IB econ?

  • Sir Derp
    Sir Derp 2 years ago

    I have failed you, Mr Clifford

  • Chris Lynch
    Chris Lynch 2 years ago

    Adam Norris for APUSH

  • Jose Zarate
    Jose Zarate 2 years ago

    Mr. Guirmend

  • Aman Patel
    Aman Patel 2 years ago

    For AP statistics there is Mr. Tarrou. He's known as Prof Rob Bob. He is my classroom teacher and has posted all the videos on TVclip. He's a great teacher!!!!

  • Son Of Bun
    Son Of Bun 2 years ago

    Ap Euro: Tom Richey

  • William Guerriero
    William Guerriero 2 years ago

    Daniel Jocz productions- Ap US history

  • Desiree R
    Desiree R 2 years ago

    Adam Norris for AP history and Bozeman for AP science!

  • NHD01
    NHD01 2 years ago

    thank you so much Mr. Clifford, your videos helped me incredibly on the AP exam and i really wish i could have bought the ultimate review packet to help study but i only found out about it until it was too late. thanks anyways and keep it up!!

  • Cameron Larson
    Cameron Larson 2 years ago

    Krista King and patrickjmt for math. :>

  • Katie Chung
    Katie Chung 2 years ago

    I took the AP exam today and I was genuinely surprised by how much I knew. I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary impact you've had not only on myself but on thousands of other kids across the country. Your passion for teaching is truly inspiring and I would be so grateful if my teachers could just follow half of what you are doing. I hope you continue to reach other student through youtube and grow to be even a greater success. Best of luck!

  • Rupesh Boddapati
    Rupesh Boddapati 2 years ago

    Thank you for helping me like economics Mr. Clifford!

  • Serena Touqan
    Serena Touqan 2 years ago

    thank you for everything this year

  • Ameer Shah
    Ameer Shah 2 years ago

    Mitchell Campbell physics he awesome and really helped!

  • thecometsgirl
    thecometsgirl 2 years ago

    Tom Richey for AP Euro, APUSH, and AP Gov

  • RA RA
    RA RA 2 years ago

    I want to thank you sir for the way you presented your knowledge and I want you to know that even people from other countries are learning from you.
    I'm from Saudi Arabia and I never understood from my teacher but I got ( A ) in macro and micro thanks to you..
    please keep what you're doing

  • MCOD1999
    MCOD1999 2 years ago +4

    Christopher Thornton. He makes GCSE Science videos and is a teacher.

  • Izzat Attar
    Izzat Attar 2 years ago

    Bozeman Science for Biology and Tyler Dewitt for Chemistry!! That would be an amazing team

    • Izzat Attar
      Izzat Attar 2 years ago

      Also Leah4Sci foe Organic Chemistry. All 3 mentioned above are full time youtube educators and they are all very skilled

  • rahul upadhyay
    rahul upadhyay 2 years ago

    Thank you for everything. :)

  • Racha Yessouf
    Racha Yessouf 2 years ago +1

    PatrickJMT for AP calculus!!

  • Vay
    Vay 2 years ago

    "PGHS PHYSICS" is the best physics videos for AP physics kids. His name is Jon and he is a teacher who is doing a flipped classroom so he makes videos of all the content. low sub count, but good teacher

  • Reid Gladman
    Reid Gladman 2 years ago +4

    Thank you so much Jacob, you are the reason me and my whole class passed our course