I left Obey Alliance (im joining a new team)

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Why I Left Obey (im joining a new Fortnite team)
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    Why I Left Obey (im joining a new Fortnite team) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite Battle Royale and explain why i left Obey Alliance and how im joining a new team in Fortnite!
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  • Kiwiz
    Kiwiz  Month ago +3509

    drop a like if wow

  • Javier Vuelvas
    Javier Vuelvas Day ago

    He is joining luminosity gaming

  • Proteus_Gaming
    Proteus_Gaming 2 days ago

    I really wanna join OBEY what do I do for them to notice me

  • Crystal Harmon
    Crystal Harmon 4 days ago +1

    He is joining LG CLAN

  • NotLeagalSays _
    NotLeagalSays _ 8 days ago

    Who is here after luminosity

  • Etson Miranda
    Etson Miranda 8 days ago +1


  • ᚱʑyᚱɘąʟɱ
    ᚱʑyᚱɘąʟɱ 9 days ago +2

    This video was uploaded 3 days after Red Reserve shut down their team......


    OP_ODEESHO21 16 days ago

    I swear if it’s complexity

  • AkaZehzty
    AkaZehzty 16 days ago +1

    James charles pissed on you.
    Sub me to undo and comment
    "Im sorry Tati"

  • Raymond Andrews
    Raymond Andrews 19 days ago

    Make this blue if u thank kiwiz should tell us what team he signed with

  • MIC_ Chrisss
    MIC_ Chrisss 19 days ago


  • ItzTrentBTW
    ItzTrentBTW 23 days ago

    OMG I figured it out kiwiz nicks form and randumb are joining tfues new org I have 10,000 iq

  • Life’s Crazy
    Life’s Crazy 24 days ago

    Yup there joining faze cuz he keeps saying he will post irl stuff on the team channel what team does that the most faze I mean tsm does that that’s also a possibility

  • Tim Mcquaide
    Tim Mcquaide 25 days ago

    Can I join obey

    ツGOLDSIGN Month ago

    Faze Apex next video: Introducing FaZe Kiwiz, Nicks, randumb, and formula

  • It’z_G G
    It’z_G G Month ago

    I would love to join obey just don’t think they would want a bad player like me and I wouldn’t help them out a lot anyways

  • Lycan Maruz
    Lycan Maruz Month ago

    But kiwiz what if you have less then 1K subs is Obey still achievable ?

  • TNL_BibzZ
    TNL_BibzZ Month ago

    dude just tell the fucking team dude dont make it a 19 minute video dude

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz Month ago

    Join nordanvin or whatever the fuck the new red reserve clan is 😂

  • Anay Sehgal
    Anay Sehgal Month ago

    you should put the channel in the description so we can find it because THERES LITTERLY 50 LORD CHANNELS sry if there’s wrong spelling but plz

  • KingOfWar YT
    KingOfWar YT Month ago +1

    The logo if the clan is literally a question mark🤣🤣 go check out Randumbs vid if u don't believe me

  • Kevin the gamer Plays
    Kevin the gamer Plays Month ago +1

    This video should have this many likes

  • Mcs perfect 2.0
    Mcs perfect 2.0 Month ago

    Who is watching after randumbs video about his new team and see the Easter egg in the thumbnail

  • John Mtnzx
    John Mtnzx Month ago


  • volt
    volt Month ago

    Season1 hi fortnite
    Season2 ohh hi tilted
    Season3 hi big balls of fire holly wow
    Season4 rocket OMG
    Season5 a purple cube I guess its cool
    Season6 stop here with this epic
    Season7 this is stupid
    Season8 noooooo tilted
    Season9 THX SO MUCH EPIC
    Season10 leave a like
    +for season9 tufe come back pleas

  • Bry
    Bry Month ago

    i feel like they are gonna make their own team again

  • Mauricio Garcia
    Mauricio Garcia Month ago

    He joined a clan called lord

  • Alyssa Silver
    Alyssa Silver Month ago

    I think that you will join parallel or tsm

  • Ape Cha
    Ape Cha Month ago

    I just started watching and I'm guessing you have big hands as your buttons include L and =

  • ItsMe YoEditzz
    ItsMe YoEditzz Month ago

    Tsm is the new clan maybe

  • ItsMe YoEditzz
    ItsMe YoEditzz Month ago

    Aye tam is probably the new clan

  • Beef Boy
    Beef Boy Month ago

    Can I join obey

  • YTminiGunKing
    YTminiGunKing Month ago

    U and nicks both left oof

  • Gnarly Bastard
    Gnarly Bastard Month ago

    They all joined FaZe

  • GLO
    GLO Month ago


  • FrostyWaters
    FrostyWaters Month ago

    can i join obey

  • Joanie Haas
    Joanie Haas Month ago

    Now I can't say obey kiwiz

  • Versace NM
    Versace NM Month ago

    Click that Finesse Finisher🔥🙏🏽Get me to 100 subs and I’ll do a giveaway

  • King Valentine
    King Valentine Month ago

    I'm excited for u guys, love u n randumb,

  • xBeastA17x_ TTv
    xBeastA17x_ TTv Month ago

    What team did you joined kiwis ?

  • AirAce Dragon
    AirAce Dragon Month ago

    Do the do kids in obey like 11-15

  • Polly Cullens
    Polly Cullens Month ago

    Nick left too

  • Saul Petrovic
    Saul Petrovic Month ago


  • Ali a
    Ali a Month ago

    Like for 0bey to join faze or tsm

  • Ali a
    Ali a Month ago

    Ps4 name is crazy474steam

  • Ali a
    Ali a Month ago +1

    Sub to kiwis

  • cosatto
    cosatto Month ago

    Jesusnjust stay in a team u all first problems with red now leaving obey bring back trickshots

  • Stylez
    Stylez Month ago

    Parallel Form
    Parallel Randumb
    Parallel Kiwiz
    Parallel Nicks

  • awesome guy9
    awesome guy9 Month ago

    u said you would tell what team later in the vid but then said no - lol

  • deadpool4425659
    deadpool4425659 Month ago

    I wanna join Obey Kiwiz please tell me how

  • Saiesh Audi
    Saiesh Audi Month ago

    That explains the 3 ads 😂

  • vPynx
    vPynx Month ago

    Ur joining faze?

  • deadpool4425659
    deadpool4425659 Month ago

    It's crazy that he left Obey alliance I thought that team was gonna be forever😭

  • lasco lassoy
    lasco lassoy Month ago

    Plz join NOVA the clan was made by ghost shah and we will come big

  • b00st10 6
    b00st10 6 Month ago

    Ur moving into a new house on my b day

  • Ryan Krieger
    Ryan Krieger Month ago

    FaZe Kiwiz!?

  • TSB DroppedEarS
    TSB DroppedEarS Month ago

    Been here since the beginning of ur channle since the red house since ghandie stopped gaming and made vlogs since that drama happened with u and that girl that Bout ruined you iv been here and ima support you all forever keep it up and continue being the amazing people that brings me back I dont watch for the gameplay I watch for you all your crew your heart warming and caring about each other keep it up

  • Glixoヅ
    Glixoヅ Month ago


  • Yash and Ryan Game
    Yash and Ryan Game Month ago

    Soar kiwiz

  • Anaconrad
    Anaconrad Month ago

    How do i join obey?

  • Expert {APR}
    Expert {APR} Month ago

    Too bad you left DJ titty nac at the red house ☹️

  • Yoboy JayJay
    Yoboy JayJay Month ago

    whats the new team name ?

  • Reebaik Hamilton
    Reebaik Hamilton Month ago

    i thought this was one of those videos that people make fun of kid''s clans

  • levi whitton
    levi whitton Month ago +1

    Prob FaZe clan

  • Elmer Delgado
    Elmer Delgado Month ago

    They’re joining FaZe

  • Lidia Olmedo
    Lidia Olmedo Month ago

    What team are you joining

  • KnockedViperYT -
    KnockedViperYT - Month ago +1

    It has to be parallel

  • Pedro Pony
    Pedro Pony Month ago

    Blue reserve coming soon...

  • AmazePlayz
    AmazePlayz Month ago +1

    I posted a video how good kiwis is do not subscribe (Subscribe)

    AKA CLAPZ Month ago

    What team?

  • Smiley Pineda
    Smiley Pineda Month ago

    Then can i join obey

  • Tyson Aguiar
    Tyson Aguiar Month ago +1

    Faze kiwiz
    Faze randumb
    Faze Nicks
    Faze formula

  • BigDogyeet TTV
    BigDogyeet TTV Month ago

    My prediction for the team is Ghost, NRG, E11, Liquid, Atlantis, Luminosity, TSM, 100 Theives, Kungarna, Fnatic, Optic, ASUS

  • ItsTylerr
    ItsTylerr Month ago

    ok let’s be real, what other org can it be other than FaZe...?

  • Mongoose123
    Mongoose123 Month ago


  • xXnERoXx t
    xXnERoXx t Month ago

    Fame always get to your head

  • xXnERoXx t
    xXnERoXx t Month ago

    Fame got to your head

  • xXnERoXx t
    xXnERoXx t Month ago

    Fame got to your head

  • xXnERoXx t
    xXnERoXx t Month ago

    Fame got to his head

  • Damian Chavez
    Damian Chavez Month ago

    Faze sniping

  • xxEnder2005
    xxEnder2005 Month ago

    I just joined obey

  • David Arreguin
    David Arreguin Month ago +1

    i use code kiwiz

  • Trapz_Snipez
    Trapz_Snipez Month ago

    Join Trapz

  • bloo
    bloo Month ago

    bet that it is parallel 😂

  • Amitai Finkelstein
    Amitai Finkelstein Month ago

    is randumb gonna live in the new house?

  • Zeboo GG
    Zeboo GG Month ago

    I Want to join obe

  • arturo hernandez
    arturo hernandez Month ago

    Why you bot fucker why would you do that’s

  • Slice 0088
    Slice 0088 Month ago

    Anyone who wanna join my clan you can it’s called phantom

  • Preston Kent
    Preston Kent Month ago

    Are you all going to the same team

  • T4styCo0k1e
    T4styCo0k1e Month ago


  • Text Arctic
    Text Arctic Month ago

    FaZe Clan Teased About The Cod Sniping Team

  • -confusing life-
    -confusing life- Month ago

    /gamemode creative
    *Better fucking go back i have the power of exploding green penises*

  • SavageCaptain
    SavageCaptain Month ago +1

    i bet he going parallel

  • Hunter brown
    Hunter brown Month ago

    FaZe Kiwiz*

  • Hunter brown
    Hunter brown Month ago

    FaZe kiwis?

  • Armed With Bacon
    Armed With Bacon Month ago

    will ghandi be there?

  • Charles Chickens
    Charles Chickens Month ago


  • liljohn615 _YT
    liljohn615 _YT Month ago

    They left at the same time all there videos said

  • Jamie Hume
    Jamie Hume Month ago

    To sum it all up he said he wanted to focus on his own channel but.... he is moving to a new team makes sense???? Sounds likes somthing has happened to make u all leave just saying...

  • CedarPepper Bob
    CedarPepper Bob Month ago

    I am moving house on the 29 aswell :)