New York City Street Food - Takoyaki Octopus Balls


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  • AdriannaBella Guanzon
    AdriannaBella Guanzon 17 days ago

    cooked very uneven. stop ruining my favorite food

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  • Arithea Neo Makri
    Arithea Neo Makri Month ago

    This is NOT authentic Takoyaki.

  • Arithea Neo Makri
    Arithea Neo Makri Month ago

    This is NOT authentic Takoyaki.

  • Jamal G
    Jamal G Month ago

    This is pretty bad

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 2 months ago

    what would you like? about you!!!!!

  • MB gaming
    MB gaming 2 months ago

    I'm bored that why i watching this

  • IMo Mar
    IMo Mar 2 months ago


  • Anj elo
    Anj elo 2 months ago

    Too slow

  • Suteetida Arsupo
    Suteetida Arsupo 3 months ago


    MUHAMAD KHUSHI 3 months ago

    Very nice

  • おこさん花卉部
    おこさん花卉部 3 months ago +1

    鉄板 汚くて 火が強すぎ
    生地が濃いし …>_

  • Jong Hyeon Lee
    Jong Hyeon Lee 4 months ago

    dirty grill :(

  • Pavi 7
    Pavi 7 4 months ago

    Adei ithu enga ooru kuzhipaniyaaram'la..!!



  • channel g guna ngehe
    channel g guna ngehe 5 months ago +1

    Did octopus got balls in his cock?

  • Ivy Vaughan
    Ivy Vaughan 6 months ago

    That sign at the begging though! It isn’t takoyaki unless it is octopus! Takin means octopus in Japanese! It’s probably still good with other fillings, but it isn’t takoyaki

  • 猫夜叉
    猫夜叉 6 months ago +2


  • happy_kitty
    happy_kitty 7 months ago +22

    I cringed when I saw how unevenly the veggies were spread

  • Red Knight4
    Red Knight4 7 months ago

    All likes are from new york

  • Hermit Chicken
    Hermit Chicken 7 months ago

    What is this ? Haha

  • Fishy Games
    Fishy Games 8 months ago

    That looks so fucking delicious

  • NawaSyarif 1920
    NawaSyarif 1920 8 months ago

    Gak merata asal bangat. Haha ada yg banyak ada yg dikit

  • rembo kuat987654321
    rembo kuat987654321 8 months ago

    jelek takoyakiya

  • --
    -- 8 months ago

    It looks good~ i love the big chunks of octopus slightly sticking out ♥

  • Tu Doan
    Tu Doan 9 months ago


  • mzbh91
    mzbh91 9 months ago +2

    that cooking plate doesn't look clean

  • katzeehuman
    katzeehuman 9 months ago

    Man, you're hot plate is not good.

  • Gangstar 4
    Gangstar 4 9 months ago

    u do wrong

  • เเพม เพชรดา


  • Kenneth Rivera
    Kenneth Rivera Year ago

    Is this lady blind?

  • vinz s
    vinz s Year ago

    how much price this tacoyaki ?

  • masa f
    masa f Year ago +3


  • ろりザーメン《イク》


  • ろりザーメン《イク》


  • プラティネッテ

    takoyaki is noooooooot .

  • スズシナルミネ

    不潔な鉄板が料理人の料理に対する姿勢を物語っていますね。                    この方がメアリー・マーロンでない事を祈るばかりです。

  • xo xo
    xo xo Year ago

    the chef is not a proffesional. need to clean the iron plate and fullfill up the batter more on all over the plate, pls.

  • おまんちょ大行進


  • YK KIM
    YK KIM Year ago

    뭔가 좀 잘 못 만드는거 같음...

  • Punkyagogo
    Punkyagogo Year ago

    Aside from the strange order the toppings were applied, this didn't look bad tbh. Anyway, most authentic takoyaki in NYC is from Otafuku, Karl's Balls, and DokoDemo. You can't go wrong with any of those places.

    • K P
      K P Year ago

      KARL'S BALLS will be on Vice: The Untitled Action Bronson show tomorrow night!

  • Kitty George
    Kitty George Year ago +3

    This is FAKE.

  • Ody Fio
    Ody Fio Year ago

    Waaaouw luar biasa, ape ke langit terbang y, hahhaa

  • Bếp Nhà UyenVy


  • Qurratu Eeni
    Qurratu Eeni Year ago

    I really don't mind about topping because it still taste delicious...

  • Rita Chen
    Rita Chen Year ago


  • MI NO
    MI NO Year ago +13


  • Flo Victoria
    Flo Victoria Year ago

    The batter is almost half done when the toppings were put. Wtf

  • 운명의개
    운명의개 Year ago

    장난하나 저건 타코야끼가 아니고 호두과자같은 문어과자다 반죽이 너무 되직함

  • cabizzz ??
    cabizzz ?? Year ago

    Isnt takoyaki suppose to be japaneese

  • 愛国神道
    愛国神道 Year ago +5


  • Abd Hammid
    Abd Hammid Year ago +9

    So far, the worst takoyaki maker i have ever seen..the ingredient was not balance...poor customer

    • Nicole Karlson
      Nicole Karlson 2 months ago

      if you'll check the tk takoyaki stand at the mall in the philippines definitely you'll say its the worst takoyaki maker you've ever seen,they dont put octopus nor squid they just put very small amount of veggies and drizzle some tasteless sauce

  • アイスクリーム

    This guy, not good.

  • アイスクリーム


  • Aydan Yenaled
    Aydan Yenaled Year ago +16

    Lmao u guys are just roasting lmao. It wasn't THAT bad.

  • RBreezy Babe
    RBreezy Babe Year ago +11

    Dont judge the food by its toppings guys you didn't taste it come on😁😁😄😄

  • m raffi
    m raffi Year ago

    dude you dont spread mayonaise on top of fish flakes lol

    • joey
      joey 8 months ago

      m raffi i don't think thats mayonnaise

  • 蔡天強
    蔡天強 Year ago

    z z z z z…

  • Jane L
    Jane L Year ago +42

    1% octopus 1% ginger 1% scallion 97% batter
    let's just keep takoyakis in Japan

    • lil Clock
      lil Clock 6 months ago

      Jane L Hold your last name real quick

    • Albano
      Albano Year ago +3

      10% octopus 3% red ginger 20% cabbage 67% batter are right.

  • ツkomi
    ツkomi Year ago +10

    I'm fine with American sushi but takoyaki? the way the cook made it was just plain bad the ginger and green onion were in like 2 of the molds and some of them were even burnt or under cooked and when she flipped the filling it went all over and just overall why?

    • lil Clock
      lil Clock 6 months ago

      『komi koi』 You do know the cook is japanese, right? I have been here plenty of times while on vacation.

    • Ghost bride
      Ghost bride Year ago

      The cook just.. she/he just missed it all, it looked really bad. It usually looks really nice though

  • AdoringLester
    AdoringLester Year ago

    Cook terrible but finally looks good...THIS FILM IS AMAZING..

  • Khánh Vân Phạm
    Khánh Vân Phạm Year ago +6

    the cook is destroying my favourite food. oh no it's so terrible!

  • 槙野純
    槙野純 Year ago +2


    • スズシナルミネ
      スズシナルミネ Year ago +1


  • 21whichiswhich
    21whichiswhich Year ago

    The top takoyakis who ever eat that.

  • Frannie Bug
    Frannie Bug Year ago

    sloppy.... she could take a little more time...

  • 小辉
    小辉 Year ago


  • SoyEvelyn OtraVez
    SoyEvelyn OtraVez 2 years ago +40

    But one doesn't have nothing inside 😢

    • ACE Thanthar
      ACE Thanthar 5 months ago

      Which one?

    • illegal eagle
      illegal eagle Year ago +9

      SoyEvelyn OtraVez grammatically speaking, you just said there is stuff inside

  • aishah eggsy
    aishah eggsy 2 years ago +4

    yaallah sedapp nya

  • micker channel
    micker channel 2 years ago +1

    Ôi nhìn ngon quá yummy yummy(*:*)

  • 赤兎
    赤兎 2 years ago +10


  • JanEn3
    JanEn3 2 years ago +1


  • The Booty Hunter
    The Booty Hunter 2 years ago +1


  • xxtantanxx
    xxtantanxx 2 years ago +11


  • きーぼー
    きーぼー 2 years ago

    Japanese food

  • Shachi
    Shachi 2 years ago

    I have never seen takoyaki with nori o_O

  • Lệ Mỹ
    Lệ Mỹ 2 years ago

    ngon quá ☺😊😀😁😃😄😅😆😇😈😉😯😐😑😕😠😬😡😢😴😮😣😤😥😦😧😨😱😟😞😷😘😍😚😔😋😞😔👸👩👫💏👼💂👫👫

  • Fenrin
    Fenrin 2 years ago

    c'est sale et c'est pas la bonne technique. pas convaincu

  • Stykz368 Yt
    Stykz368 Yt 2 years ago +4


  • Mike Chow
    Mike Chow 2 years ago +11

    horrible takoyaki

  • Shining Wind
    Shining Wind 2 years ago +66

    a terrible cook. pity for customers who had an almost empty filling batter.

  • Claudia Erkelingf
    Claudia Erkelingf 2 years ago +21

    Takoyaki is my wish.

  • maSsa_Ico
    maSsa_Ico 2 years ago +53

    horrible takoyaki

  • Gerald Dy
    Gerald Dy 2 years ago

    Where is this in the city? Location?

    • 미셜비
      미셜비 2 years ago +1

      It says in the title.... New York City

  • YosXrTDmZU7 Yo66777666


  • nursefuzzywuzzy
    nursefuzzywuzzy 2 years ago +5

    Ewww her pan is dirty you might get Ebola from it! (sorry I had to be like those Trolls that put this type of comment on food videos from Foreign countries

    • cabizzz ??
      cabizzz ?? Year ago

      Carmela Carlos she dint say she hates street foods idiot try reading it

    • cabizzz ??
      cabizzz ?? Year ago

      nursefuzzywuzzy AMERICA!

    • 미셜비
      미셜비 2 years ago +3

      The pan isn't dirty. it's just the burnt leftover bits of food and oil that have burned so much it turned black. The same thing can be found on barbeque grilles. Btw, this video and food stall was filmed in America: NYC to be exact.

    • sheldonlol Geronimo
      sheldonlol Geronimo 2 years ago +2

      Racist bitch

    • urie nallos
      urie nallos 2 years ago +3

      nursefuzzywuzzy it looks delicious and street food isn't a bad food many people here in my country are fond of eating street foods maybe you are a rich kid that's why you think street foods are disgusting .

  • nexornator
    nexornator 2 years ago +4

    Takoyaki US version.

  • Matija Bosak
    Matija Bosak 2 years ago


  • Yummy Yummy - Asian Khmer Foods

    I want to it this food! I subscribed and Like your video! )

  • えぢこやしょん
    えぢこやしょん 2 years ago +28


  • Fish
    Fish 2 years ago +19

    Messy ... US Style ... Big Ball .. that make so many fat people ...

    • Killing Fields
      Killing Fields 8 months ago

      Big ball no filling lol

    • Aydan Yenaled
      Aydan Yenaled Year ago +3

      Lmao go to Japan and then check urself. Street vendors make huge ass takoyaki in Japan too.

    • Super Girl
      Super Girl 2 years ago +4

      Yup messy

  • Subby
    Subby 2 years ago

    They are nuclear hot. I've had them in Seattle in Uwajimaya Market.

  • P.Y.T
    P.Y.T 2 years ago

    interesting 😱

  • 俺イケメン
    俺イケメン 2 years ago +20


    • cnsane
      cnsane 2 years ago +3


  • mikey scott
    mikey scott 2 years ago +2

    I would eat it with shrimp filling or potato filling but octopus no way.

  • Nick Majdalani
    Nick Majdalani 2 years ago

    Well!! What did it taste like??

  • MasJoko
    MasJoko 2 years ago +9

    the pan is too hot

  • Peachiss's Other Channel

    I just eat takoyaki yesterday it so yummy !!

  • thedon0926
    thedon0926 2 years ago +1

    Where in NYC is this?

    • H Lee
      H Lee 2 years ago +2

      Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its called Smorgasburg. Happens every Sunday in the summer where vendors from different parts of NYC open up their stalls.

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White 2 years ago

    When is she opening up in San Francisco?

  • ProchaineStation
    ProchaineStation 2 years ago +181

    her consistency makes me want to hurt something

    • Dave Greenbaum
      Dave Greenbaum 5 months ago +1

      but the finished product isnt perfect.. it's inconsistent.

    • Aaliyah DeLeon
      Aaliyah DeLeon 5 months ago

      Are y'all aware that this dish isn't meant to be perfect
      It's a messy meal preparation for a reason
      Anywhere you go Takoyaki will be made just like this
      As long as the finished product is perfect it really doesn't matter how consistent the chef is

    • Diggy d
      Diggy d 11 months ago +1

      After two hours now I agree, Asians have their shit together when it comes to street foods... cheaper too.

    • Miggys' Garage
      Miggys' Garage Year ago +1

      Glad Im not the only one I usually see street food videos where they are so fast but consistency of a robot on all Asian street food video

    • Bakyalashmi M
      Bakyalashmi M Year ago +1

      Anthony D'Amico w