The Best Homemade French Fries - Crispy.

  • Published on Oct 15, 2011
  • The Best Homemade French Fries - Crispy.
    These French Fries are simply " the best ", crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Bet you can not eat just one.. Enjoy .. :)
    I have tried many way's to make my fries more tasty and crunchy and I finally found that it works best in a two stage process.
    The first frying is the actual cooking process that brings the potatoes up to the cooked stage for about 10 mins. Then they are removed to a cooling bowl to cool down to room temperature. When ready, you should increase the oil in the deep fryer to max and in goes the fries for about 2 mins., but keep an eye on them, for this stage goes super fast.
    So after all this, you get a super fry with all the taste locked in and the best crunch of you life.
    I hope you enjoy them

    Why do I fry it twice?
    If you take a potato, cut it into pieces, and simply fry it in oil, it will not develop a nice, crispy texture. Instead, only a thin, delicate crust will develop, and the water from the inside of the potato will quickly soften that crust, removing any crispness, and making it mushy. Two stages of frying are required for the crispness to last. First is a low-temperature frying, which allows the starch in the granules from the outermost layers of the potato pieces to leak out, dissolve, and form a glue, which strengthens the external wall of the potato pieces, so that a strong crust can form. This strong crust will not weaken from the moisture inside the potato when it undergoes the second stage of cooking, high-temperature frying. The high-temperature frying allows the surface browning reactions to take place, creating greater depth of flavor, and crispness.
    For more information and the full recipe please click below;

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  • Dr. Carr
    Dr. Carr Day ago

    no im not re-frying after 20-30 mins,

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    Fitiafiafi Ulia 5 days ago

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    Kason Tennerson 7 days ago

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    Rachel Malonga 8 days ago

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    Silly Carl 9 days ago

    More like how to turn a 2 minute video into 6 minute

  • Simply Elegant Home Cooking

    This is the BEST method for cooking fries!

  • Ahmadul Kabir
    Ahmadul Kabir 12 days ago

    Just rubbish..

  • jammy jammy
    jammy jammy 14 days ago

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  • iCyborg
    iCyborg Month ago

    I am confused. The first time the fries were in the colander then the frieds were thrown onto the pot filled with oil... is that what happened? please Mr. CookingaRound enlighten me. Is that what happened?

  • N Zee
    N Zee Month ago

    You made it look so easy! :$

  • Jummie Cherry
    Jummie Cherry Month ago

    Lol what ?

  • chetan patil
    chetan patil Month ago

    what about washing them in water for removing starch and then refrigerate them and some people also boil them before frying

  • jeremiah Austin
    jeremiah Austin Month ago

    I got to try to make this now

  • Rebecca Ace
    Rebecca Ace Month ago

    It was delicious, Thank You👍

  • Kikay Ali
    Kikay Ali Month ago

    It is very different than the thumbnail right there, lol

  • Kia Acotanza
    Kia Acotanza Month ago

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  • Vicky Claytor
    Vicky Claytor Month ago

    Wheat can not be French fries crispy

  • Quincy Bouier
    Quincy Bouier Month ago +1

    How do you make seasoned fries, like Popeyes or Checkers?

    • ZeeDY
      ZeeDY 3 days ago

      Just use seasoned flour

  • Samantha Dennis
    Samantha Dennis Month ago

    5:02 I AM TUGS

  • Alz.Alexa o
    Alz.Alexa o 2 months ago

    I’m home alone gotta make some FRIES

  • Billy Uchiha
    Billy Uchiha 2 months ago

    Do you fry both times at high heat or just the second, if so what heat do I make it for the first frying process

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  • Dina Zakarneh
    Dina Zakarneh 2 months ago

    I don’t understand frying the potatoes twice!?! Nn my stomach hurts watching the amount of oil 😅

  • Jojo Bubblegumbaby
    Jojo Bubblegumbaby 2 months ago

    The click bait was wayyy too real

  • gαrєth díхσn
    gαrєth díхσn 3 months ago

    They're not French fries

  • Mohmena Sulot
    Mohmena Sulot 3 months ago

    My mom make me this

  • Tips& Tricks
    Tips& Tricks 3 months ago

    wow, i like ur video very much its so tasty i want to eat now with u because there is so much taste in ur hands ur style of talking is amaizng thanks

  • Jelaine Modelo
    Jelaine Modelo 3 months ago

    Ew why would he dry them with a paper tissue that is kinda messed up then if its like wet pieces would stick on your fries e.e

  • Christy Schmidt
    Christy Schmidt 3 months ago

    My fries turned to total mush, please advise. 😕

  • NightWolf TheLegend
    NightWolf TheLegend 3 months ago

    Is it vegitable oil in that pot.

  • Gaming cracks
    Gaming cracks 3 months ago

    perfectly made french fries .

  • Chulabebe Glamarie
    Chulabebe Glamarie 4 months ago

    They don’t look good :( fail lol

  • ItsmeSheyee
    ItsmeSheyee 4 months ago

    nice thankyou.

  • Airsoft Randomness
    Airsoft Randomness 4 months ago


    M IRHUMA 4 months ago

    You should've call this video "How to make you feeling sick by watching someone cooking French fries with skin by soaking them in cooking oil and burnt them crunchy" 😂😂

  • Mark Drinkard
    Mark Drinkard 4 months ago

    what do you do with the oil when your done?

  • splitshot71
    splitshot71 4 months ago

    Temp for 1st fry? Temp for 2nd fry? That would be helpful.

  • Ariana Kat msp
    Ariana Kat msp 4 months ago

    IMA try even tho imlike 12

  • Ruchi Peiris
    Ruchi Peiris 5 months ago +2

    I'm on a diet !! What am I watching ?

    JACK WILLIAMS 5 months ago

    Your English is perfect, wow!

  • Leon Allan Davis
    Leon Allan Davis 5 months ago

    Music is very distracting...clicked out...

  • Juric Catubac
    Juric Catubac 5 months ago +2

    You made me hugry!

  • Alwande Sobuwa
    Alwande Sobuwa 5 months ago

    They look disgusting😷 n who tf eats fries with the skin on😯😝😨

  • abraham manaoat
    abraham manaoat 5 months ago

    you make me Hungry

  • undecidedgenius
    undecidedgenius 5 months ago

    I am not doubting your method of cooking or their taste.
    However, the picture you shown for your video, are not the ones you just cooked in your video.
    I think you should only post pics of something you cooked....not using stock pictures or something you made that one time in 1982 (or something like that)
    Again, I am not trying to be mean...I just think it feels misleading.

  • Marivic Rosales
    Marivic Rosales 5 months ago +1

    You will need potato
    You will cook the 🍟 when you follow the instructions of the cooking.....

  • Nafis ariyan
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    Ryan Schutte 6 months ago

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  • another mother
    another mother 6 months ago

    Why wouldn't you put the potatoes in the basket before you put it in the pan instead of dropping potatoes into hot oil?

  • Kirito XxX
    Kirito XxX 6 months ago

    So we dont peel the skin?
    Just wash?

  • Kusum Tripathi
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  • Terrence Lei
    Terrence Lei 7 months ago

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  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 8 months ago

    Try my French fries! No need to make tater logs Just regular size fries, use 50/50 four and corn meal, season it with cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, onion powder Rite after there cut wash sprinkle the dry batter on em. Fry at 350 degs until lightly golden brown, place on paper towel, Add salt, more cayenne pepper, and onion powder shake em around YUM enjoy em piping hot> THE BEST FRENCH FRY EVER!

  • Rona Advincula
    Rona Advincula 8 months ago

    I made fries to go with my fish fillet and salad. followed your recipe and it turned out awesome:) My kids and husband loved it. thank you so much:) Subscribed:)

  • Amazing Vines
    Amazing Vines 8 months ago

    How long do i fri it in the pan?

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  8 months ago

      On the first sign the fries have changed color towards the dark shade...:)

  • smith Sinha
    smith Sinha 9 months ago

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  • Ali Sr
    Ali Sr 9 months ago

    Hey nice video :) i just have a question . How many minutes should i wait when i put them in the oil the first time. Thank you!

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  9 months ago

      When they start to change color and become a little harder, you can feel it on your spatula.

  • David Smithson
    David Smithson 10 months ago

    Based Poland!

  • YK KUO
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  • Shoganai Shikataganai
    Shoganai Shikataganai 10 months ago

    Belgium fries.... Not French

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  10 months ago

      If it looks like a duck and has feathers and it quacks, then probably it is a duck...:)

  • Rawan Z
    Rawan Z 10 months ago

    "who cares they all go to the same place " 😂😂😂😂

  • Jo-Lynn Hodgson
    Jo-Lynn Hodgson 10 months ago

    Try soaking the raw potatoes in salted cold water before cooking. The difference is incredible. (From the Joy of Cooking)

  • Feroz Khan
    Feroz Khan 10 months ago

    Thanks it is so easy

  • Jay jay's World
    Jay jay's World 10 months ago

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    night owl 11 months ago

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    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  11 months ago

      +night owl I'll make an extra large bowl just for you....:)

  • So friggin Amazing
    So friggin Amazing 11 months ago

    No seasoning?????

    • So friggin Amazing
      So friggin Amazing 11 months ago

      CookingaRound ... ok thanks

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  11 months ago +1

      +So friggin Amazing.. Yup, salt and vinegar that's how I like it...:) I think I will do another recipe and probably add some different type of seasoning...:)

  • Joemar Diego
    Joemar Diego 11 months ago

    Hahahhaha iam 10years old ihave alot of potato and irealize

  • Unlucky Bastard
    Unlucky Bastard 11 months ago

    I've seen some nasty bitches that like these with mayo. The fuck? It's like eating grease with some more grease gross. You oughta eat these with ketchup there is no other way of eating these.

  • vijay karotiya
    vijay karotiya 11 months ago

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    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  11 months ago

      Me too...:) Betcha you can NOT eat just one....:)

  • Joe Simon
    Joe Simon Year ago

    try boiling the fries in water with chicken bullion until fries are semi- tender, then fry them. They are perfect!

  • Jacob Cress
    Jacob Cress Year ago

    Why would you not put the fries in the strainer and just dunk that in instead of throwing fries in the hot oil lol

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago

      lol...:) I am right here...:)

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago

      That is fine, just be careful when you shake the fries...:) I will work out fine..:)

    • Jacob Cress
      Jacob Cress Year ago

      Either way I wasnt expecting an answer 6 years later hahaha. Props.

    • Jacob Cress
      Jacob Cress Year ago

      You misunderstood, I meant put the fries in the strainer, then dunk the strainer into the hot oil, instead of keeping the strainer in the oil while dropping fries and making splashes.

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago

      Same thing, that depends on you...:) With out the strainer I can move the fries better and there is less to clean up...:)

  • Jaguar Black
    Jaguar Black Year ago

    Thanks for the secret! I make home fries all the time but its always soggy but thanks to your secret of frying it twice, it comes out crispy! Thank you!

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago

      Thankyou, that is the "why" I make the videos...:)

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  • Supereyrey 99
    Supereyrey 99 Year ago

    This is more of like a potato wedges than a French fries

  • Jose Cano
    Jose Cano Year ago

    Looks good very good

    YING WO Year ago

    but how to deal with the used oil?

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago

      Store it in a large container and take it to the dump, they will sell it to some company for recycling...:)

  • Mokey Harris
    Mokey Harris Year ago +6

    I'm so glad I'm a natural cook. World leader

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  • Sadel Watson
    Sadel Watson Year ago

    how do u know when its halved cook

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago +1

      When they start to soften and/or change color...:)

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  • John Wagner
    John Wagner Year ago

    The oil is very, very hot. I did not know that.

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  • *Patches O'houlihan*

    I can drive 3 min and pay $1:75 for twice as much better fries at McDonald's vs. Spend 4 hours making 25 fries...

    • MacyCrazy
      MacyCrazy 11 days ago

      Okay well you go ahead and spend 1.75 for 25 fries. Haha cause that's the price for a small.

    • Jesus Perez
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      Csquared 0

    • Jesus Perez
      Jesus Perez 7 months ago

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    • *Patches O'houlihan*
      *Patches O'houlihan* Year ago

      CookingaRound i actually made these and they are really good!

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago

      +Csquared And if you can drive in 6 mins, then you could probably find better...:)

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    Zoe Jimenez Year ago

    "And just listen to that crunch. Mhhhmm." HAHA I actually want to see the satisfaction in your face 😂

    • CookingaRound
      CookingaRound  Year ago +1

      Almost like the song ( it's all about the crunch)...:)