This lava glitch makes you invisible...

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • This lava glitch makes you invisible...
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  7 months ago +566


  • Logan e Lara
    Logan e Lara Month ago

    Season 8 : This lava glitch makes you invisible..
    Season 1 Chapter 2 : This Water glitch makes you invisible..

  • Tyler Livig stin
    Tyler Livig stin 2 months ago

    Season 10 that's actually season X

  • Mauricio Jurado
    Mauricio Jurado 3 months ago

    I love your vids 😀

  • Fart_Likes_Fanta
    Fart_Likes_Fanta 4 months ago

    I killed u

  • lee edwards
    lee edwards 4 months ago


  • DaRk spader
    DaRk spader 5 months ago

    Who else want to know if you can move around in the lava

  • Roy L
    Roy L 5 months ago

    9:53 A Hispanic TVclipr Killed You

  • G00FY
    G00FY 5 months ago


  • gamer Piecyk
    gamer Piecyk 5 months ago

    whos in seasonn9

  • -Tbs_ALBUR_78 -
    -Tbs_ALBUR_78 - 5 months ago


  • Daanyaal Muhammed
    Daanyaal Muhammed 5 months ago

    He can see u on the map

  • Griffin J miller
    Griffin J miller 5 months ago

    The thing at the begging where he tries to find him in playground he could see him on the map so it was staged

  • RogueTurtle 17
    RogueTurtle 17 5 months ago

    You and Mcreamy sound so similar

  • Nukezy
    Nukezy 5 months ago


  • Blair-Hickinbotham
    Blair-Hickinbotham 5 months ago

    If i make a TVclip channel named purplinky will i get a million subs

  • Lawoo_barwari
    Lawoo_barwari 5 months ago

    Lazer beam left the chat

  • Syn_ Tearz
    Syn_ Tearz 5 months ago

    Plus he knows where u r cause he can see u thing on the map

  • Syn_ Tearz
    Syn_ Tearz 5 months ago

    I feel like u steal these vids cause I’ve seen them before

  • Yankee Dylan
    Yankee Dylan 5 months ago +1

    Use code StinkyPinky like I do

  • Abdullah Iftikhar
    Abdullah Iftikhar 5 months ago

    How come he always get rifts

  • Abdullah Iftikhar
    Abdullah Iftikhar 5 months ago

    I never get 9t try these glitches

  • Mario Has A Mushroom
    Mario Has A Mushroom 5 months ago


  • percivex
    percivex 6 months ago

    are Laybeats’s songs are free to download?

  • LeozSWE
    LeozSWE 6 months ago

    Why is the background music the swedish anthem in the beginning

  • jasongts
    jasongts 6 months ago

    Every video title ends with a ...

  • Fredrick Bashier
    Fredrick Bashier 6 months ago

    There on snow boards

  • Fredrick Bashier
    Fredrick Bashier 6 months ago

    He would be able to see him on the map

  • Jonoah Ben Angulo
    Jonoah Ben Angulo 6 months ago

    invisible or invincible

  • Jamo
    Jamo 6 months ago +1

    Stinkypinky: **makes this vid**
    Epic:stop this now

  • Isaac Cattelona
    Isaac Cattelona 7 months ago

    Are you from wilture

  • WASS Gaming
    WASS Gaming 7 months ago


    COOL SPIDER11 7 months ago

    Could you avoid lava damage with this glitch in floor is lava mode?

  • Mr Yeet
    Mr Yeet 7 months ago

    You know he can see where you are on the map right

  • Ed XII
    Ed XII 7 months ago

    4:46 someone explain what he was trying to say

  • Your._. Shorty シ
    Your._. Shorty シ 7 months ago

    Your mom will never die. Like to activate ❤

    Your whole family will never die❤ Like & subscribe to activate. 👍

  • Mason Williamson
    Mason Williamson 7 months ago

    He can see ur marker on the map

  • Grandpa George
    Grandpa George 7 months ago

    Hey pinky if ur reading this could u help me get the new umbrella if u can’t anyone who is reading this could u help me too my name is JDLEIGH7 thanks

  • XxxBUNZxxX
    XxxBUNZxxX 7 months ago

    Clearly not paid to win

  • Devante Stewart
    Devante Stewart 7 months ago +1

    His pickaxe = Standout.

  • InMotionModz
    InMotionModz 7 months ago

    Hey pinky

  • camrom gaming
    camrom gaming 7 months ago

    Pinky your the best I did this and got my first win

  • Tiajo ahre
    Tiajo ahre 7 months ago

    He hit himself in his confusion!

  • Kayne KH
    Kayne KH 7 months ago

    Bro why don’t u do face cam anymore

    (Btw I love u pinky)

  • Slick on wii
    Slick on wii 7 months ago

    Can I join stinky clan

  • Gavin
    Gavin 7 months ago +1

    Weegee deds u

  • ninja jarvis
    ninja jarvis 7 months ago


  • Epic7proXD
    Epic7proXD 7 months ago


  • Josh The Teddy
    Josh The Teddy 7 months ago


  • Sam 11755
    Sam 11755 7 months ago

    There is someone in my school that was born with only a thumb

  • Aiden V
    Aiden V 7 months ago

    First 15 people to follow ttvdarkgod09 with ttv will get the free battle bundle of season 9 and 1 persone gets the whole battle pass

  • Kleenx_ wipes
    Kleenx_ wipes 7 months ago

    4:37 kkk

  • Last Dragonborn
    Last Dragonborn 7 months ago

    I had a lava glitch in Ninja Gaiden 2.
    It didn't make me invisible however I was swimming in lava like it was all good even though my life was depleting usually with games that have lava you instantly die but not all the time with some games 😂👌. I love when these glitch moments happen it's funny.

  • E0NS3RV0 XA
    E0NS3RV0 XA 7 months ago +7

    I legit thought this man was mccreamy 😂

  • tired
    tired 7 months ago +1

    it couldve been a shorter video man if your in desperate need of money just get a job

  • BNN Batantae
    BNN Batantae 7 months ago


  • siepie diepie
    siepie diepie 7 months ago


  • recon gucci
    recon gucci 7 months ago

    Bring the face cam back

  • recon gucci
    recon gucci 7 months ago

    Bring the face cam back

  • Bhue ll
    Bhue ll 7 months ago

    Don’t you guys get this ad with mentos and it says it helps with small talk and then pinky is in the ad and says SuPeR CoOL 😎 don’t you guys ever get that ad