SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) Ending Explained + Analysis

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • Investigating the many twists and mysterious of the noir horror film SHUTTER ISLAND starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese. Learn all about the complicated story, hidden clues, and explaining the devastating ending.
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Comments • 2 190

  • Official Spl!tter
    Official Spl!tter 23 hours ago

    I still think he is teddy and the doctors are the bad guys who manipulated him

  • Elissa Awad
    Elissa Awad Day ago

    You talk a lot bro just get to the point

  • N30_ R210
    N30_ R210 2 days ago

    This is one hell of a time consuming role play treatment programme.

  • Abby Chandler
    Abby Chandler 7 days ago

    i had the twist spoiled for me before i watched it, but all i knew was that he was actually a patient. i had no idea how elaborate the set up would be, and how complex his backstory and diagnoses actually were. so even with knowing the ending, this movie STILL gripped me and managed to be surprising. no other film has done that to me before. it’s incredibly well done and tragically underrated.

  • Manish Bhatia
    Manish Bhatia 8 days ago

    I feel that Andrew/Teddy was kind of a dick. At the end, he got cured and came out of his delusion but still acted insane in order to be lobotomized because he couldn't live with himself.
    The fact that he got cured proved that Cawley's methods worked. But because Andrew pretended to regress undid all the years of hard work of Cawley and the others.

  • jeff cast
    jeff cast 8 days ago

    How about shutter

  • nostalga51jo
    nostalga51jo 8 days ago

    The book is the real thriller!
    Dennis Lehane

  • KewlImp
    KewlImp 9 days ago

    The think the ending is he realizes that he isn't a good person and much like the dying commander he deserves the punishment. His guilt over his family is just too much for him to bare and it would be easier to be a zombie than a monster. This is hinted at about his treatment of others. Since he is aware he has been abusive to others, the only way to stop it is to pretend to be in the fantasy so they are forced to make him change.

  • Ben
    Ben 10 days ago

    So I think the ending is pretty clear that he didnt regress back into psychosis because he says that final line and then the big clue is he gets up and casually walks with the men to be lobotomised. If he was still in his fictional world he wouldnt go with them to the fictional lighthouse. I think Teddy Daniels would have fought them and tried to get away where as the Andrew who came to terms with killing his wife would quietly go to be put out of his misery to live as a good man and not that of a monster.

  • Hafiz Abdul Rahim
    Hafiz Abdul Rahim 10 days ago

    i enjoy watching your ending explained than the whole movie

  • sawy sauce
    sawy sauce 11 days ago +1

    You should watch this movie even if you know the twist now, it’s even better that way in my opinion, it’s like watching a lovcraft novel unfold.

  • Colin D
    Colin D 12 days ago

    Andrew has an aversion to water but not fire. Fire represents the beginning of his delusion, when his wife burns their house down he doesn't get her help instead moves the family to the lake house. Fire feeds his denial/delusion, water puts that fire out by representing his tragic reality.

  • Jasouku no
    Jasouku no 12 days ago

    I was checking the movie on rotten tomatoes to see it’s score when I noticed in the cast the woman in the cave that Andrew made up was credited as Ethel. Is she another person working at the hospital I don’t remember or something? But you and Ben Kingsley’s character says she’s made up. I’m confused

  • Earl Winn
    Earl Winn 13 days ago

    Well I finished it & shutter island is an A plus in my book. I wouldn't say that shutter island is a better movie than sucker Punch because they are both the style of the same thing. The only thing I can officially say about shutter island is outside of sucker Punch, shelter island is more suspenseful version of sucker Punch & if you like that style of movie I would have to recommend sucker Punch as well as shutter island. But at the same time I would also recommend you watch sucker punch first & then watch shutter island. True shutter island is not a better movie but shutter island is better in areas where sucker Punch is lacking. So Hakuna Matata quiso quiso, que Sera Sera...

  • Earl Winn
    Earl Winn 13 days ago

    One hour, 52 minutes & 20 seconds & damn it I love it when I'm right... This is another sucker Punch movie, although shutter island seems to be a little more suspenseful version of sucker Punch.

  • Earl Winn
    Earl Winn 13 days ago

    I am 1 hour & 8 minutes & 10 seconds into this movie shutter island, I've never seen it I haven't read any of the comments posted on here so I really don't know what to expect but being this far into the movie & Seeing want I have seen so far gives me the familiar feeling that this movie might be a nother sucker Punch movie, now for those of you whom have seen the movie sucker Punch then you know what I'm talkin about I don't know if I am right about this being a sucker punch movie that's yet to be seen. But I have a strong suspicion that I may be right...

  • NateyGray
    NateyGray 13 days ago

    This is easily one of my favorite channels on youtube

  • Swachchhanda Dahal
    Swachchhanda Dahal 14 days ago

    I don't believe that cave scene is his brain playing with him, that's way too real to hallucinate. He is being framed here

  • monkeybunny89
    monkeybunny89 14 days ago

    i think this is less of an analysis but more like a summary..

  • Young Alcoholic
    Young Alcoholic 15 days ago

    I wonder if the wife was crazy before he married her or if something caused that to happen

  • Oh Noes
    Oh Noes 16 days ago

    How did I not know you'd done this film? Of course you have, you're freaking awesome.

  • AlwaysRetr0
    AlwaysRetr0 17 days ago

    Why does nobody consider that the woman in the cave is real and that everything she said is true? That the cigarettes he's taking, the 'aspirin' he's being given for his headache, etc are all making him more and more insane? When the movie ends and Andrew Laeddis goes to be lobotomised, there is a final shot of the lighthouse with the same sinister, ominous music in the background that we were hearing throughout the film. It is the very final shot in the film, and to me it's not just playing because of the lobotomising itself. It's calling back to the previous times it was used, when we still thought that there was something more sinister happening on the island. If the story was as it seemed, and the island and the people on it were not sinister, why would this music still be playing after the huge revelation? It makes no sense, unless it's because the bad guys had won, and had convinced Teddy Daniels that he really did kill his wife, subsequently ensuring he (a federal marshal) couldn't report the atrocities the institution was really undergoing.

  • Taylor Barnett
    Taylor Barnett 19 days ago

    My issue with this is just the whole inaccuracy of what mental illness is. Soooo he never had any delusions or hallucinations or other personalities and one trauma at age 30 makes him go completely insane? That doesn’t happen. Literally that does not happen. Maybe severe PTSD, maybe, but the brain doesn’t create other personalities at that old of an age. DID has to happen as a young child.

  • Samy N
    Samy N 20 days ago +2

    DiCaprio Deserved the get the Oscar for that!

  • Sakiu Lundblad
    Sakiu Lundblad 20 days ago

    Narrator of this movie clip is so obnoxious and loud it completely ruins the experience. Can you get a guy to not shout into a microphone?

  • shiro chi
    shiro chi 21 day ago

    When I watched this waaaay back, my mind was really blown. This is one of my "mind blowing twists" all of time. It really caught me off guard and made me more observative towards every scene in a movie.

  • FattyWantsACookie
    FattyWantsACookie 21 day ago

    My cousin showed me this movie, I gave 5 stars

  • heath
    heath 21 day ago

    Amazing movie

  • Carson The unwanted man

    He doesn't have DID. He like has OSDD. Please stop labeling every dissasociative disorder as DID, it's inaccurate and shows you're not putting any thought into some of your claims.

  • Abhi Dahiya
    Abhi Dahiya 21 day ago +5

    Here is the truth. Found the explanation in one of user's reviews on IMDB. And i doubt anyone is going to be able to refute this.
    "I had this movie all wrong I will admit at the start I didn't get it and I was angry but after having a chat with my friend who went with me we both gasped when we realised what happened. The twist wasn't that he was the inpatient (seriously I think everyone saw that coming from a mile away!) the twist was the intervention actually worked. He was cured, he deliberately made it look like he relapsed because he did not want to live with the memory of what happened to his family. He blamed himself for ignoring that his wife was clearly unstable. The line "would you rather die as a good man or live as a monster" Depicted he wanted to die as a good man (lobotomized) then live with the memory of what happened. Also the symbolism of fire and water tells you when he is hallucinating (fire) and when he is lucid (water trickling through.) The delusion he concocts to save himself from accepting the truth is that his wife died in a fire. All the people he talks to surrounded by fire is a hallucination - the woman in the cave, the patient in the cell, the scarred faced man who he thinks killed his wife, the car blowing up - all a delusion. The water symbolizes reality trying to break through. He is afraid of water - ( and rightly so!His kids were drowned, they all died in front of the lake.) Also at the start he says he gets 'sea sick' - he is mortally afraid of water. He has to swim to get to the lighthouse."

    • Girbaud Anduyan
      Girbaud Anduyan 7 days ago +1

      And also at the beginning he said his wife died from the smoke not the fire but at his dream her wife is burnt.

  • irisheyes317
    irisheyes317 22 days ago

    A theory: Andrew shouldered even more guilt after what happened to the children. He made a split decision to kill Dolores knowing she'd either be placed on death row for what she did or wind up incarcerated with the criminally insane. He figured he deserved to be placed there instead because of all that he did and failed to do

  • April Beaudelaire
    April Beaudelaire 23 days ago

    I didn’t even notice that there wasn’t a glass when the patient was drinking lmao. Feel pretty stupid and unobservant

  • Custom Masterpieces
    Custom Masterpieces 23 days ago

    At the end of the movie it showed that they were going to experiment on him. Rachel says in the cave about an ice pick put in your head and at 22:19 it shows the big needle(And i know this could fit both stories because it could just be used to put someone down) But my theory is more creditable because it cuts off to the light house. Maybe implying their going to experiment on him after all. Also Isn't it weird that he see's his "daughter" in the concentration camp which makes me believe he never had kids. And what up with rachel (the nurse) is she an expert actor or something switching from a crazy patient to a sane nurse. I have way more explanations that fits that Teddy was always Teddy.

    • Custom Masterpieces
      Custom Masterpieces 16 days ago

      @AlwaysRetr0 Yeah me too. And towards the end of the movie they expected him going to the light house(thats why tnothing was there). They knew e was going to check the light house so it was like a set up. And how is it that when DiCaprio confronts the men sitting in the table about the 67th patient, one of the men say he loves the rule of four. Implying that they know what it is

    • AlwaysRetr0
      AlwaysRetr0 17 days ago

      The final shot of the lighthouse with the same ominous music in the background that we had been hearing through the movie (when we still thought something more sinister was happening on the island) indicates to me that there is still something sinister about the island and the people on it.

  • Hannah U
    Hannah U 23 days ago

    Shutter island is one of my favorite films to date. The endless amount of theories and intricate details hidden deep in the film keep me coming back time and time again.

    Not to mention - every actor in this film is incredible. Especially the kids. Blows my mind.

  • Rembrant Crowe
    Rembrant Crowe 24 days ago +2

    When he kicked the gun away from the Nazi I took it differently than my mother did when she first watched it way before I ever did two months ago. She took it as the man was attempting to grab the gun to shoot Teddy and so he kicked it away from the man as to prevent being shot. I took it as he was suffering as the state he was in and might of known what was going to happen to him if he stayed alive so he was weakly trying to grab the gun to finish his own life quickly and to end the suffering but Teddy kicked the gun out of his reach as to have him suffer for the horrors he had helped create in the camps. Mom had never thought that scene like that and could see how I was thinking and what made me think that.
    Also I totally remembered that lady holding a cup when I first watched it, guess my brain just filled in the blanks.

    • AlwaysRetr0
      AlwaysRetr0 17 days ago

      I saw the scene the same way as you, although considered both options when I saw it.

  • Pro Noob
    Pro Noob 24 days ago

    I see them more as Bruce Banner and Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Cursed Hawkins
    Cursed Hawkins 24 days ago +1

    You sure that prison island isn't Alcatraz? Because it looks a lot like Alcatraz.

    FRANTIC 25 days ago +1

    This movie is freaking great❤❤❤❤
    I love it so much. And you explaining it makes it so much better

  • Vafanapoli
    Vafanapoli 25 days ago +1

    What abt the time when the patient writes ‘RUN’ in his notebook? What does that mean?

    • Vafanapoli
      Vafanapoli 23 days ago

      casper kensu oh okay thank you :)

    • casper kensu
      casper kensu 24 days ago

      It's because the woman (the patient) that andrew laddies (teddy) was interrogating knows that it was the only chance for him to free himself from the island so she told him to run

  • reapers schyte
    reapers schyte 26 days ago

    just see the cast of appearance. Leonardo is Teddy Daniels, not Andrew. LOL :-)

  • Megabot 650
    Megabot 650 27 days ago +1

    Can you do a Ending explained for the movie called "enemy"

  • dwarfb0y 04
    dwarfb0y 04 28 days ago

    This movie is so sad and I remember watching this when I was 8 thinking it was stupid, but now I see why it’s so good

  • iwnl Nahz
    iwnl Nahz 28 days ago

    Holy shit im mindfucked

  • Andy Pender
    Andy Pender 29 days ago

    People saying he is the most dangerous and violent patient...yet in his so called hallucinations...he had the opportunity to be violent yet he did not... exactly what Rachel said in the cave once you are declared insane... anything you say or do is part of that happen in our everyday life...once the media declare you a criminal or a bad person... that's are majority of people will do anything to justify what they have been made to believe... there by coming up with all sorts of weak shallow theories to explain their decision that has been heavily influenced by public opinion

  • Ryan Savering
    Ryan Savering 29 days ago

    This movie lost me sadly, Russians would execute Nazi prisoners in the field but to my knowledge we never did

  • Project Mk4 8v Turbo

    Damn, I forgot about the glass of WATER!! I noticed it was missing from the shot as the patient was drinking it. I was playing it over and over and thought that the editors missed it or forgot to cgi it in or something lol. Then I thought that Scorcesse is one of the best of the best and wouldn't EVER have a slip like that in his movie. Well, that's how good the movie is. I completely forgot about it and didn't bother looking into it after the movie was done. What a great movie, plot, acting. I was blown away the last 10 mins (as typical Scorcesse movies do).

  • Tanja Buchholz
    Tanja Buchholz Month ago

    Such a good movie!

  • timothy thuo
    timothy thuo Month ago

    So it's the Truman show ... but he's psychotic... thank you

  • A Very Gay Butterfly
    A Very Gay Butterfly Month ago +1

    A masterpiece!

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi Month ago

    one of my favourite movies

  • Philip  Melton
    Philip Melton Month ago +6

    "That's nice music. What is that, Brahms?"
    "No...Its Mahler!"

  • ᴇxᴄᴜsᴇ ᴍᴇ

    I saw Mark Ruffalo. Could only imagine him turning into the Hulk. Better yet, imagine him from Endgame where he's both Hulk and Banner in this movie :)

  • Keldix Labi
    Keldix Labi Month ago

    he wasn't shocked because he killed his wife , he got mad because that bitch killed the poor children.

  • Phantom 360
    Phantom 360 Month ago

    This movie is sooo good but it’s really confusing if u don’t try and focus

  • Kamachi Akahito
    Kamachi Akahito Month ago

    why are you so wet baby 😏

  • yung bludgamer
    yung bludgamer Month ago

    i just watched this and my fucking brain is fucked

  • Museys Modern Dreadfuls

    He sorta HAD to kill his wife, as she was kinda-sorta turning into an " Anglo" 'Llarona".
    This a great movie and you can debate with friends for HOURS about whether or not Andrew did KNOW that his wife killed his kids ( the therapy worked in *finally* , but the TRUTH was far too painful, so he CHOSE to have a lobotomy so the painful memory of being such a workaholic, and when facing the truth of his wife's actions he feels extreme guilt--- so he WANTS to have the radical surgery so he doesn't have to live with the memories of what happened to his wife and children....

  • ajay yadav
    ajay yadav Month ago

    Why he killed his wife...

  • Xombie Nightmares
    Xombie Nightmares Month ago

    I'm very sure you didn't mean this to be funny, but the lobotomies being "spearheaded" by a doctor is fucking hilarious even if it wasn't intentional

  • Даниел Петров

    His final decision was kind of selfish, tho. He lied about the results of the experiments, so that he didn't have to live with the unpleasant truth...thus leading medical science into the wrong direction and continuing the primitive lobotomy practices.

  • RidingwithSam
    RidingwithSam Month ago

    One of my fav movie

  • Ashley Naksavath
    Ashley Naksavath Month ago

    Omg i just realised it's Alcatraz

  • Maharlikans Pinoy Tutorial

    Can you explained also vanilla sky movie

  • NjK
    NjK Month ago +2

    I couldn't sleep so just watched this film again, everything makes sense now I believe though that final shot of the lighthouse with the ominous music playing definitely left me wondering if there was just a chance some of the more diabolical aspects were going on, the history of the lobotomy and practice in itself is terrifying enough I suppose and goes to show how humanity has changed

  • cnashford2
    cnashford2 Month ago +1

    Best FoundFlix video that I've ever seen!

  • K Lex
    K Lex Month ago

    Probably the best movie I've ever seen

  • Jazmyne Grimm
    Jazmyne Grimm Month ago


  • HelloSkylar 24
    HelloSkylar 24 Month ago +1

    you literally just saved my life haha, I've been wanting to debunk this for years, thank so much much love keep up the good work

  • Vineet Dm
    Vineet Dm Month ago

    Inception please! 😍😍😍

  • Box Addict
    Box Addict Month ago +3

    Ben kinsley reveals he was crazy and that he wants to be lobotomized suicide because he cant handle relapsing again