Halsey - Finally // beautiful stranger

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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    Music video by Halsey performing Finally // beautiful stranger. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC
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  • Divine Secreta
    Divine Secreta 8 minutes ago

    What kind of man he is don't get pulled

  • Nupur Doiphode
    Nupur Doiphode 39 minutes ago

    I love this song so much that I pretty much play it all the time

  • Karaoke & Cover Channel

    Good i like this

    REHZZIE 3 hours ago


  • Julianne Keffa Villacaol

    How can u unlike this song?!

  • Chuong Luong
    Chuong Luong 6 hours ago

    sounds like a rip off of Cool by Jonas Brothers, no? the chord progression is exactly the same.

  • Anniki W
    Anniki W 8 hours ago

    Looking for the comment that says she looks like Lana del Ray, especially since she said she had so many parallels to other artists in her other videos (especially You should be sad)

  • Giga Tvildiani
    Giga Tvildiani 9 hours ago

    Mornin tea and this song

  • jocelyn Copado Segura
    jocelyn Copado Segura 10 hours ago

    Beautiful song

  • redys romero
    redys romero 11 hours ago

    this sounds like two ghosts by harry styles

  • Parker
    Parker 14 hours ago

    Halsey is one of my guilty pleasures. I love the sound of her voice, it carries such a strong emotional content.

  • nicolle cornejo
    nicolle cornejo 14 hours ago

    Voy amar eternamente está canción thanks

  • Gwen
    Gwen 14 hours ago

    She looks like Jessica Rabbit 💋

  • I V O R Y A R C H E R
    I V O R Y A R C H E R 15 hours ago


  • kiartistic
    kiartistic 16 hours ago

    [i love this song] ✨

  • Song Mozart
    Song Mozart 16 hours ago

    Sounds like Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

  • sweet utopia
    sweet utopia 17 hours ago

    0:24 This start really reminds me of 'Two Ghosts' by Harry Styles, especially the part he sings "sounds like something that I used to feel". The melody is so similar. I wanna cry lol

  • Brittney DiProsperis
    Brittney DiProsperis 17 hours ago

    You beautiful stranger only grew up only 6 hours away from my hometown. Damn. What a damn shame.

  • Estephany cifuentes
    Estephany cifuentes 18 hours ago

    This perfect, i love you halsey❤❤

  • amars
    amars 20 hours ago

    sounds just like two ghosts by harry

  • Goldenmath
    Goldenmath 20 hours ago

    I don't know Halsey that we'll, but her voice is so damn emotional, so beautiful, I am hooked ; )

  • Ana Karen De La Garza
    Ana Karen De La Garza 21 hour ago

    Definitely my favorite song of this album is just so pure and real ❤

  • Pam Miles
    Pam Miles 22 hours ago

    Loving this song. She’s so talented

  • cristian Aricuri
    cristian Aricuri 22 hours ago


  • Payal Bathija
    Payal Bathija 23 hours ago


  • Gabriela Balbino
    Gabriela Balbino 23 hours ago

    estou simplesmente obcecada por essa músicaaaaa, obrigada por tudo Halsey.

  • Maureen Fernandes
    Maureen Fernandes 23 hours ago +1

    This is kinda giving me Harry’s fine line album vibes

  • L M
    L M Day ago


  • Wel Wendy
    Wel Wendy Day ago

    Am I the only person here who thinks this sounds a LOT like her unreleased songs (Tilt You Back, SOS, etc)

  • Shirin Chatterjee

    What’s interesting is that, Halsey isn’t new to the scene, like not al all. She recently gained traction for her HPK, but she’s been doing this for a looong time. Her Room 93, Badlands has been here for quite a while, and whoever listens to it knows that she can like sing. But now that she has reached recognition , she isn’t producing formulaic pop songs, instead she’s showing a more artistic side. Not to say Anything that she has produced wasn’t artistic, from the dark, deep mysterious and traumatizing Room 93, to rebellious Badlands, to a free spirited HPK, everything has contained so much visuals. My favourite was the Badlands (intro lines?) Manic is the same, except, with all of these at once.

  • Michelle Nathalia

    the lyrics is just so romantic then the rawness of her voice just makes it more perfect 🥺

  • Nopphn W
    Nopphn W Day ago

    This is romantic song but also is sad song too.

  • Nopphn W
    Nopphn W Day ago

    I know she written this song about Dom.

  • Parrot Does A Sploot

    This is very Harry Styles

  • Giorgia Paradiso

    Two ghosts?

  • hazhan هاژان


  • 유라김
    유라김 Day ago

    Halsey cute 😍😍😍😍😍❤

  • Hannah is bananas

    Darling Dom ❤️

  • morgan coleman
    morgan coleman Day ago

    Wow love her. She's multi-talented and her music has got such a timeless feel. 11 minutes was amazing. This is just....👌

  • Zero Barge
    Zero Barge Day ago

    You are one of the artists that’re keeping me alive right now. Thank you 🙏

  • fredy lopez
    fredy lopez Day ago

    1. You & I - Lady Gaga
    2. Two Ghosts - Harry Styles
    3. Finally // Beautiful Stranger - Halsey

  • Alan Castro
    Alan Castro Day ago

    I'm sorry but this song deserves so much, if not more recognition than Without Me, Nightmare, etc 👏 So beautifully constructed , she gave us an open invitation into the person she truly is and battles with every day 👏 Stream Manic anyway for taste 👏

  • Star D
    Star D Day ago

    I know she's probably doing Graveyard and You Should Be Sad or something, but I'm dying to see this on SNL

  • salioelsol
    salioelsol Day ago +5

    Why does this remind me of Two Ghosts by Harry Styles?! And I feel like she described him.. 👀

  • Jeremiah Terrill

    Country vibes

  • Daphne Zuniga
    Daphne Zuniga Day ago +2

    Anyone else getting a paramore vibe? This sound just like the only exception just different words.

  • Chintya Harwinta

    Nanti, jika suatu saat aku telah jatuh cinta lg. Akan ku berikan lagu ini untuknya. Orang asing yg indah.

  • Fernanda Ramírez

    Love you so much Ashley

  • ren
    ren Day ago

    the beginning sounds like mazzy star's "fade into you" love it.

  • Diego Costa
    Diego Costa Day ago +1

    Do You Know What’s Weird, A One Direction Commercial Came On Before This Video 😂😂😂

  • Brytney Garcia
    Brytney Garcia Day ago

    I didnt like this song when i heard it for the very first time because of my biases and dislike for anything that sounded like country music. However when i heard it again while listening to the album in its entirety, this was by far on of my favorite songs of this album. I guess that why she says to listen to it in order

  • Delilahh Stones
    Delilahh Stones Day ago

    Beautiful 👏 fucken 👏 song!! Man got me in tears 😭💓

  • Holly Foran
    Holly Foran Day ago

    The tune to the verse of this song reminds me of Lady Gaga's "you and i" but thats a good thing!

    RNETT Day ago

    This song is eerily similar in beat to More than a Memory by Garth Brooks. I like her because she isn't polished like most other artists. Raw, you almost feel her pain.

  • Jackie !
    Jackie ! Day ago

    I don't words.

  • car2rock
    car2rock Day ago

    Studying the lyrics more closely I really feel like this could be a song about Yungblud 😭🖤🖤🖤

  • Roxana Ion
    Roxana Ion Day ago +1

    I’m thinking Lady Gaga You & I 👀

  • s s
    s s Day ago

    노래 너무 좋아여,,,,

  • Beryl Nae Ong
    Beryl Nae Ong Day ago

    Inspiring 💕🎶

  • Saugat Dhakal
    Saugat Dhakal Day ago

    I love your vocal 😊