The art of cognitive blindspots | Kyle Eschen | TEDxVienna

  • Published on Nov 15, 2016
  • Using two classics of magic, Kyle Eschen explores the psychological techniques that underlie theatrical deception. As people wander the world, they use assumptions and heuristics to filter out everything that they deem unimportant - Kyle gives a conjuror’s perspective on the brain’s predictable blind spots.

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    Magician Kyle Eschen thinks deeply about psychology of deception. Through a decade of performing he has seen that people possess gaping blind spots, which he will highlight through magic routines with audacious methods.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Benjamin Sidrane
    Benjamin Sidrane 13 hours ago

    “Citrus fruits”

  • Shawn
    Shawn 22 hours ago

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    not a soul:
    Redditers .001 milliseconds after receiving gold: 8:00

  • nid jay
    nid jay 23 hours ago

    Wow slow motion really ruins his last trick

  • Nick Stephenson
    Nick Stephenson Day ago

    So reaching into your pocket for other props is just ignored here?? Come on man!!! You gots to do better than that brother!!!!

  • Jake Moretti
    Jake Moretti Day ago

    Cognitive blind spots aren't the only thing that's gaping ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 2 days ago


  • Connor Mudie
    Connor Mudie 2 days ago

    i rewatched this so many times until i knew excactly what he did when and how things got where they were

  • Trevor Clapsadle
    Trevor Clapsadle 2 days ago

    needs some new material... the same old stuff!!

  • pridenixon
    pridenixon 3 days ago

    The audience made this hard to watch this guy is hysterical and they barely reacted

  • Zoran Rapaic
    Zoran Rapaic 3 days ago

    What he says is so true, when you watching it for the second time, completely not paying attention to the first trick, then it is easy to spot when he putting lemons inside...
    Lemons are in his left pants pocket. So just pay attention to when he putting hand in that pocket.

  • James C.
    James C. 3 days ago +7

    "I will hand the props off to a kind stranger who emerges from offstage"

    Audience: 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • LightZ0
    LightZ0 5 days ago

    He was just fast in another trick he purposely kept the balls on that glass and made them tilt on one side so that he could put a ball inside the glass from other side and for marker trick he didn't actually place the ball in another hand he just pulled the ball back and kept in hand with marker.
    Though I enjoyed the show😝

  • Tyler Emery
    Tyler Emery 6 days ago +4

    This is the dryest humor I've ever witnessed and I love it.

  • eiebsrebla
    eiebsrebla 6 days ago +1

    Kyle: makes joke
    Audience: laughs
    Commenters: ‘They just don’t get it’

    • Josh Voo
      Josh Voo 5 days ago

      That's cuz they are laughing at the wrong thing

  • blindjoedeath
    blindjoedeath 6 days ago +6

    I have a cognitive blind spot for my car keys every day.

  • Chris
    Chris 6 days ago

    At 13:14 he takes the third lime out of his pocket and via his palm slips it under and into the cup.

  • TheEarbudsCollector
    TheEarbudsCollector 7 days ago +22

    Saw this guy on Penn and Teller and he's just so awesome

  • CJ R.
    CJ R. 7 days ago

    god hes shaky

  • Sherlock Holmes Fan
    Sherlock Holmes Fan 7 days ago

    super bro

  • NDHatley1
    NDHatley1 7 days ago

    Honestly though? That was a pretty bad version of the cups and balls trick...

    • EverthingWithJandA
      EverthingWithJandA 7 days ago

      The point wasn't really for a good cups and balls routine. Just demonstrating that we miss all sorts of things because we're not looking for them.

  • Fantom Zap
    Fantom Zap 8 days ago

    Nice flash at the begining of the cups and balls.

  • Eugene Sam
    Eugene Sam 8 days ago

    If you want to see how he does it just slow it down to 0.25

  • The Boyos
    The Boyos 8 days ago +20

    11:40 is when he put the lime in the left cup

    • Potato
      Potato 4 days ago +1

      For clarification, he puts his hand into his pocket before hand to grab the lime, he then puts the lime into the cup before putting it back down.

  • Brook Taylor
    Brook Taylor 8 days ago

    The transcriptionist should have moved the words up so we could see the tricks

  • bob sagget
    bob sagget 8 days ago +1

    Anytime he goes to his pocket he pulls a line

  • Rajab Edward
    Rajab Edward 9 days ago

    10:48 he is actually tossing the balls between the hands but the last toss he doesn't toss the ball to the other hand, our minds just made it up that's why we think it has disappeared.

  • Chrome Device
    Chrome Device 9 days ago

    He reminds me of the narrator from Bob the Ball.

  • Brock Mulhearn
    Brock Mulhearn 9 days ago

    audience: laughs then pauses then claps

  • abdul dennaoui
    abdul dennaoui 10 days ago

    He was on point but the audience wasn't.

  • Tevell Winston
    Tevell Winston 10 days ago +2

    His slight of hand is off the charts. Good lord, he could be a pickpocket god

  • camerune
    camerune 10 days ago

    it was fun but for me i didnt realy learn to mush

  • ItzJustRuss
    ItzJustRuss 10 days ago

    11:38 he puts the limes in the 2 cups, 13:14 takes the 3rd lime out of his pocket and puts it in the cup to reveal it again

  • Randy Brunson
    Randy Brunson 10 days ago


  • ScienceBitch
    ScienceBitch 10 days ago

    Is this Marco Rubio's brother?

  • Vic Vic
    Vic Vic 11 days ago


  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 11 days ago

    I'm bored.

  • Fezezen
    Fezezen 12 days ago

    Slow motion has helped me understand wtf happened to the first ball. He doesn't actually pass it on the last time, he keeps it in his right hand. Second ball, he catches it in his right hand when he pretends he's waving his sharpy wand or what ever.

    • Everett01
      Everett01 10 days ago

      Because you made a pointless post.

    • Fezezen
      Fezezen 10 days ago

      @Everett01 Alright, and I care, why?

    • Everett01
      Everett01 10 days ago

      When you get older, you'll understand that people who know the trick don't think it's impressive to say it, and people who don't know the trick don't really enjoy having it spoiled.

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk 12 days ago

    You can see him put them in if you watch again and again

  • Alex Popa
    Alex Popa 12 days ago

    He's not that good with the red balls.. no pun intended

  • Rational Logic
    Rational Logic 12 days ago

    11:40 - he inserts a lime under the cup and again at 11:46. THEN at 13:19 he inserts the third lime under the up he is holding (He took it out of his left pocket a few seconds prior) Magic trick done. First time round I'm so busy watching for the red balls I missed him inserting the limes under the cups. Amazing stuff.

  • Luca Buongiorno Nardelli
    Luca Buongiorno Nardelli 13 days ago +3

    10:33 there’s a guy just painting in the crowd

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner 15 days ago

    So how much is Ted times Vienna? Is it New York or London? Beijing perhaps or Johannesburg? We may never know.

  • blueicer101
    blueicer101 17 days ago

    The ball and cup trick is more impressive when you know how he did it. Like he needs to speak and preform and wave the pen around to draw the gaze from his other hands. It’s really impressive.

  • Jebrone Love Kitten
    Jebrone Love Kitten 17 days ago

    His jokes make me happy

  • Independent Mind
    Independent Mind 18 days ago

    This video helped me in looking into something I have been blind since ever. I just found out that I am impervious to dry humor

  • Elsa Debroglie
    Elsa Debroglie 19 days ago

    13:15 pulls lime out of left pocket, reveals lime under first cup, places pocketed lime into revealed cup, places it back down and shows two more limes.

  • Junie Bustdownthotiana Jones

    his humor AND his skill were sooo underappreciated smh

  • Haritha Diraneyya
    Haritha Diraneyya 20 days ago +6

    He did not put the ball back to his left hand xD

  • Master Reaper
    Master Reaper 21 day ago

    jesus ted talk audiences just never understand whats going on do they?

  • Frank? more like ftank

    11:39 he puts lime in
    11:45 he puts other one in
    13:19 he puts the third in

  • Galactic Cannibl
    Galactic Cannibl 22 days ago +1

    For my next trick, I will make all my jokes go way over the audience's head!

  • Gyorgy Erdesz
    Gyorgy Erdesz 22 days ago

    in the age of google may the tricks survive, but not in youtube at 0,25 speed. the citrus trick was sooooo obvious.

  • Trish
    Trish 23 days ago

    Does holding and rubbing his forefinger soothe him?

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 9 days ago

      Self-assuring gesture. Many people have one when they're nervous. Commonly known as a "tell" in poker.

  • Monose
    Monose 23 days ago

    Am I the only person that has no idea how the first trick is done, or am I the only person that’s curious?

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 9 days ago

      When you hold the stick vertically, the string goes back in. Probably a weight in there. Notice the one in his pocket is never left hanging. That's because it is always vertical.

  • XxThePowerOfRedstonexX PoweredByRedstone

    He's pretty damn good looking heh

  • Mohammad Abdullah
    Mohammad Abdullah 24 days ago

    Arduino my brother

  • Havhav productions
    Havhav productions 24 days ago

    Anyone on reddit: *gets given gold plat or silver*
    That person: 8:01

  • Sam Patton
    Sam Patton 26 days ago +1

    This guy is hilarious! How is the audience not laughing?!

  • Marcie Salkowski
    Marcie Salkowski 27 days ago

    Im strangely attracted

  • skogis06
    skogis06 27 days ago

    What is this audience? Holy cow

  • Witch King of Angmar
    Witch King of Angmar 27 days ago +4

    This guy is absolutely brilliant. He kept his cool in an amazing way for someone who hasn't done a lot of public talks. Bravo!

  • The Piper Report
    The Piper Report 27 days ago +5

    12:15 - He never puts the ball in his left hand, then he asks the audience a vague question - which hand do you like more, A or B? The guy chose A (the balls are in B) so the trick worked. But if the guy said B, Kyle would say something like, "You like B so we'll disappear A" or something like that.

    • Horızen
      Horızen 12 days ago

      It doesn’t take a world-class genius in the comments section for people to know that...

  • The Piper Report
    The Piper Report 27 days ago +2

    Pause it at 10:48 and put it on .25 speed. Nothing major, but it's fun to see their slight of hand caught in the action

  • Jimmy Morina
    Jimmy Morina 28 days ago


  • Sid Michael Fajardo
    Sid Michael Fajardo 28 days ago

    Very witty

    OG SHWANG 28 days ago

    tip. watch his hands not the balls look for when it looks like hes trying to hide something ... at end with lemons is a good place to see

  • PlanetRockJesus
    PlanetRockJesus 28 days ago +1

    I love this guy.

  • PlanetRockJesus
    PlanetRockJesus 28 days ago +1

    The audience is a little slow.

  • Fernando Gutierrez
    Fernando Gutierrez Month ago

    Stop blaming the audience. I got every single joke but did not laugh once. They weren't funny for me and I don't need to show the world how intelligent I am.

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can Month ago +1

    11:28 it was so bad I could see hidden ball movement and all stuff in 1x speed, it is disappointing to see such low level hand tricks after those big humorous words :(

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can Month ago +1

    he is not magician he is gagman xD

  • sideswiped
    sideswiped Month ago

    LOL I saw him put the fruit under the cup on his left,,,,, cheater

  • sideswiped
    sideswiped Month ago

    that first trick,,,,, is just a trick

  • Duribethin
    Duribethin Month ago

    I always hoped Tommy Solomon would beam back down to Earth again. 👍

  • Γιώργος Γκαζέλης

    After watching closely I could understand when he was changing the balls in the cups but I still can't understand when he puts the fruits

  • Alexey Bereznitskiy

    Dude has seen a few Penn and Teller routines

  • crebegea
    crebegea Month ago +1

    The only thing more boring than a TED speech is a comedian on TED.

  • shawn burnham
    shawn burnham Month ago


  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok Month ago

    How many people saw the yellow alligator that walked across the stage and ate a blue rabbit?

  • Schizmo
    Schizmo Month ago

    I’m glad he still uses the Rayon Blend joke in his act

  • Eu Tu
    Eu Tu Month ago

    This guy reminds me of Bill Hicks , but is more ”serious” than him. :)

  • Agent Korvo
    Agent Korvo Month ago +1

    I almost didn’t get any of his jokes. Can someone explain them?

    ÄVaNGÄRD 0F TrÜtH Month ago +1

    I Love that one of ted videos has 14M views and now 14M viewers are a little bet smart 😂😂

  • celestial_crash
    celestial_crash Month ago

    Every day I go to sleep thinking about limes with the density of diamonds

  • Michael Amidon
    Michael Amidon Month ago

    Anyone else rewind and and click one frame at a time to figure out how he did everything?

    DSJ ON FIRE Month ago

    i am not dumb,i saw u didnt move the ball much,u squiched it and dropped it while lifting the cup

  • Nature Nurture
    Nature Nurture Month ago +1

    Why such outdated tricks?

  • Saad Mansoor
    Saad Mansoor Month ago

    When did he put the lemonas there?

  • Slayer
    Slayer Month ago

    All the personality of Al Gore...

  • M U R F
    M U R F Month ago

    I'm so bored by him I actually fell asleep

  • Grea
    Grea Month ago

    If you focus on the cups when you watch it a second time you can see when he puts the balls under the cups and the limes under the cups.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago +7

    In case you missed it:
    @11:33 Sneaks the red ball into the cup
    @11:36 Grabs lime out of his pocket
    @11:40 Sneaks the lime it into the cup
    @11:43 Grabs another lime from his pocket
    @11:46 Sneaks the lime in to the cup
    @12:12 He never puts the red sponge ball in his left hand, rather just keeps it in his right
    @12:16 He never says what he will do with the choice the audience member chooses, regardless of choice, he will show his left hand, and say 1 of 2 cheeky phrases, depending on choice.
    @13:17 Grabs yet another lime out of his pocket, palms it for the 3rd.
    @13:18 Drops it into the the now empty cup, while he directs your attention to the lime in his right hand.

  • Jim Fabian
    Jim Fabian Month ago +2

    What a dead audience! This dude is seriously funny.

  • Shane Divix
    Shane Divix Month ago

    I cant believe he did the ball under the cup trick as his better trick. Hid talking was also funnier when I first saw him many years ago. I get the dry humor but it's not that funny to me.

  • Ford Chumley
    Ford Chumley Month ago

    A young Ricky Jay.

  • Mike Rose
    Mike Rose Month ago

    I feel bad for his family

  • Chase N. Paper
    Chase N. Paper Month ago

    Would love to meet and share in conversation with Kyle, we have similar interests and can tell he is on the same page as me and some others.

  • Alec Jkul
    Alec Jkul Month ago +1

    This guy's sense of humour is so dry. I love it

  • Sting Lp
    Sting Lp Month ago +2

    You just invented a new type of comedy. Please choose your audience well. Maybe they don't understand English.

  • Robert Deskins
    Robert Deskins Month ago

    His dexterity is phenomenal