Theros Beyond Death Official Trailer - Magic: The Gathering

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate. Preview Theros Beyond Death alongside iconic Magic cards-including Black Lotus!-starting now on MTG Arena.
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    Download the track composed by Emmy and Grammy nominated composer Ramin Djawadi:
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  • Magic: The Gathering
    Magic: The Gathering  Month ago +353

    Download the track composed by Emmy and Grammy nominated composer Ramin Djawadi:

    • kaoD
      kaoD 2 days ago

      @Bratislav Metulski isn't that illegal in the EU?

    • Jacque Cortez
      Jacque Cortez 7 days ago

      Please make a series. This stuff is so good. I'm begging you.

    • Khatsu Dum
      Khatsu Dum 13 days ago

      is there anywhere the track from the born of the gods trailer?

    • David's Journey
      David's Journey Month ago

      the store doesn't work in arena its says when i try to click it store error: unknown error

    • Carlos Caraballo
      Carlos Caraballo Month ago

      Did you really get the OST composer of Game of Thrones for this? I love you.

  • Sh4rKx17
    Sh4rKx17 2 hours ago

    another shitty pay to win card game, cant wait for legends of runeterra :)

  • Dancing Pickle Productions

    Idk what's going on in this, but can we appreciate how we can comment on MtG product trailers unlike ones made by Games Workshop?

  • Bryan Apostol
    Bryan Apostol 19 hours ago

    "To the living, there is no more curious spectacle than death." - The Count of Monte Cristo

  • Ives Onliner
    Ives Onliner Day ago

    Top Top Top

  • wiz4e
    wiz4e Day ago

    Story-wise no clue what happened in this video, but it looks good :)

  • Greg Ellerbe
    Greg Ellerbe Day ago

    Elspeth is the new God of War

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler Day ago +1

    After experiencing a near-death drown myself once, it made me anxious seeing an accurate depiction of drowning happening here.

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith Day ago

    Pathetic game if I have to say too many cheaters on it I miss the old days people that get caught cheating get arrested!

  • Leo Carmo
    Leo Carmo 2 days ago

    That is what I call a good work.

  • Will McGeorge
    Will McGeorge 2 days ago

    Elspeth: "Waaaaaaaiiiiit a minute... ahhhh you almost got me!"

  • VoltsMcGee
    VoltsMcGee 2 days ago

    Idk why, but this reminds me of Shrek for some reason

  • Leif Erikson
    Leif Erikson 2 days ago

    Use code "PlayTheros" to get 3 free packs on MTG:Arena.


  • David J
    David J 2 days ago

    Corey Taylor traveled to Theros??

  • FoenixRight
    FoenixRight 2 days ago

    That's grizzly. I need to watch the Riot 2020 LOL trailer again a few times to recover.

  • Tyler Finney
    Tyler Finney 2 days ago


  • Craig Winans
    Craig Winans 2 days ago

    MTG is great for casual but horrible for tournaments .

  • Elizer Resurreccon
    Elizer Resurreccon 2 days ago


  • Kuixi Zhu
    Kuixi Zhu 2 days ago

    Death Stranding?

  • killerjoke2945
    killerjoke2945 2 days ago

    Man, been out for months! I was really hoping that the Gingerbread guy was the new face of MTG when I came back...

  • Gunnar Schachtner
    Gunnar Schachtner 3 days ago

    Please tell me there's going to be more to this set's lore than the two-and-a-half pages we got in the online summary... Elspeth dies, comes back, beats up Heliod, and a new planeswalker is shown LITERALLY DECIDING TO PLANESWALK BECAUSE IT SAW ELSPETH DOING IT right at the end.

  • MackJCM
    MackJCM 4 days ago

    Releasing this trailer and then no actual story for the set is a crime against humanity

  • Billy Mainor Lemus
    Billy Mainor Lemus 4 days ago

    You got me with this expansion trailer at the gaming awards

  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion 4 days ago

    Mary Sue Power 😏 🤮

  • Lorioyama Emma-O
    Lorioyama Emma-O 5 days ago +7

    Since the War of the Spark, the trailers are really making the universe of MTG more alive.

  • Sam Dobrowolski
    Sam Dobrowolski 5 days ago

    They are deep with the masks and symbolism. The War of the spark kind of blew my mind when it came out with the cards but I only watched the trailer for it after seeing this one lol. This trailer has that same kind of feel

  • RoyalBlizzardGaming
    RoyalBlizzardGaming 6 days ago +1

    Seems like Elspeth Drowned in the Loch

  • Winterlord
    Winterlord 6 days ago

    Wonderful trailer, missed characters, interesting plane, epic music, cool mechanics and no story.......REALLY?

  • TheRandomGamers
    TheRandomGamers 7 days ago

    Huh, Elspeth just said "Godsend buddy, how would you like a makeover?", and slapped it on her face

  • Hades
    Hades 7 days ago

    MTG=D3=POE =not MMO

  • insaneweasel1
    insaneweasel1 8 days ago

    Hopefully this story is better than the Saturday morning cartoon crap from War of the Spark

  • jesus alejandro betancourt mata

    These are very good. It makes you wonder what the Netflix series animation will be like. thanks for sharing

  • Geek Alotl
    Geek Alotl 9 days ago

    I would actually like a MTG movie. These trailers are great!

    VAIVS 10 days ago +1

    When I realise that a trailer for a card game has more fluid animation than Seven Deadly Sins S3 1:29

    VAIVS 10 days ago

    The explosion of light at the end is just sooo cool \0/

  • SkyKingEX
    SkyKingEX 11 days ago

    Trailers are awesome but the story sucked since they basically forced out the staff writers. War of the Spark was such a let down I didn't even read anything about Eldarine and even tho I want to I doubt Theros will be any better.

  • David Nieto martinez
    David Nieto martinez 11 days ago

    Theros.the worst magic expansion ever.... 2020.. Return theros omg? Ajajjaa Eliodon and etc? And the planeswalker? Magic is for burn money .

  • Trevor Jamieson
    Trevor Jamieson 11 days ago

    What makes me excited for this set is that I got into mtg when we first went to theros, so to return as a much better, more knowledgeable player, I can't wait to play with all the new cards.

  • Long Xiong
    Long Xiong 12 days ago

    Why tf keep making standard format if wotc just gonna keep banning cards.

  • Bastos & Peixoto Advocacia

    We want PAUPERs CARDS!!!

  • edgy education
    edgy education 13 days ago

    Im still waiting for the Netflix show

  • esqueleto das trevas
    esqueleto das trevas 14 days ago

    Referência a herry poter sou brasileiro

  • Alien Mon
    Alien Mon 14 days ago

    writing WAR OF SPARK now then theros can't wait.

  • D.B. Scoville
    D.B. Scoville 15 days ago

    These keep getting better

  • OutlawJJ80
    OutlawJJ80 15 days ago


  • Gengar2591 MTG
    Gengar2591 MTG 15 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel guys for more content!

  • ryan ng
    ryan ng 15 days ago

    Your doing is not us to comment.

  • Angel Custodius
    Angel Custodius 15 days ago


  • Robert Szanto
    Robert Szanto 16 days ago

    10/10 Cinematics again

  • Paul Turbo
    Paul Turbo 16 days ago

    Wait a minute, is Ashinok dead, because I thought only the dead, gods, and other such beings can transverse the underworld. Oh, who else thinks Elspeth is going to see Gideon in the underworld?

  • Degainta
    Degainta 17 days ago

    Writhe, scream, surrender your agony unto me...

  • Marvin Kyle Gonzales
    Marvin Kyle Gonzales 17 days ago

    New to MTG. Very interested in MTG. What's happenin' here, fellas

  • PsionicsKnight
    PsionicsKnight 17 days ago

    Time for her to have a chat with her former lords... *Smiles evilly*

  • Sydney
    Sydney 17 days ago

    I think it'd be cool to have a split card of the moment Elspeth drowns and then the moment her spark ignites and she comes back to life.

  • Shadowknight_234
    Shadowknight_234 18 days ago

    0:03 me looking for cheese at 3AM

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 18 days ago

    Now THAT'S a good trailer. The last one I saw was ruined with that stupid angsty-teen Linkin Park BS but the music in this fit perfectly! More of this please!

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 18 days ago +1

    Really?! Back to Greek plane already? roflolmfao. Aside fomr the fact that it was the only well done god themse set, which was not hard, nor was it as great as it could have been, it should have taught WOTC where to improve...yet we had amonkhet which was not as great as it could have been. We had kaladesh, which had not a single hindu inspired deity character, and ixalan...bleh. Dinosaurs instead of actual gods? NOt saying much that wizards always messes up a set about planes where mainly non white people live. *smfh * R.I.P. MTG 1993-2010s

  • DarkEinherjar
    DarkEinherjar 18 days ago

    A mortal, former champion of the gods, betrayed and killed by them, now returning from the underworld and probably seeking vengeance...
    I can imagine Elspeth shouting "HELIOOOOOOOOD!!!" with Kratos's voice, and that scares me.

  • Will Lust
    Will Lust 19 days ago +1

    Si no habéis entendido Jo theros

  • Manuel Castanon
    Manuel Castanon 21 day ago

    Kinda creepy seeing Elspeth literally dying onscreen