OMG I had and OBE!!!!!! Out of body experience!!!! Orgone, Orgonite, Chi

  • Published on Sep 12, 2016
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  • KD777 USA
    KD777 USA 3 months ago

    "And I enjoyed myself"...legend

  • Gerardo Valdez
    Gerardo Valdez Year ago

    good for you!.. I actually had one when I was 15 without thinking .. I didn't know what is was so I jumped back in when I started praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ. .. also many many times I have had sleeping Paralysis.. I heard that is step to get into an astral projection.

  • jose delao
    jose delao Year ago


  • QueenUmmi Maconcounty
    QueenUmmi Maconcounty 2 years ago

    alkaline water, my brother

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk 2 years ago

    Very nice to hear from you again like always. I've also experienced this "hold" while sleeping, not exactly as you but similarly. And of course a lot of other things, theyve hurt me a lot but we keep up right Brother?! Much love and light and blessings

  • Nakisa Maddrey
    Nakisa Maddrey 2 years ago

    I'm so happy he is back

  • Doogy Dog
    Doogy Dog 2 years ago

    Can you explain what happened to your dog please, thank you...

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  2 years ago

      They gave him a huge tumor in his stomach, then kept radiating it and attacking it giving him extreme pain. I has to put him down.

  • Tenvince
    Tenvince 2 years ago +1

    Hey wow awesome! keep it up man!
    back off on the hate though. just sayin, you know? you don't want any of that deterring you.
    anger is fear and fear is where the dark loves you to be. you can scare them off, or better yet, look them in the face and send them huge unconditional love. they will leave you alone a lot faster this way. thanks for the vids man.

  • PeaceInHumility
    PeaceInHumility 2 years ago

    Bless you brother, in Jesus name. I am so grateful you are safe and out of jail.

  • peace harmony
    peace harmony 2 years ago


  • Wolfy Wolfman
    Wolfy Wolfman 2 years ago

    well dang... i really got to look into this. not too sure were to start but imma definatly do my best to learn more about this.

  • TaoorDao
    TaoorDao 2 years ago

    stay strong light brother they cannot harm you.

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips 2 years ago +3

    west coast baja mexico under tijuana , no chemtrails/no air traffic at all and super hyper dimensional energies. a whole other level of consciousness for those who can escape the metal from the planes and the bad water and food. if you get rid of those three things then you can be the way god made you. also if you stare into the sun you will not need to eat and will start glowing. but you can not look at the sun til your vessel is clean.

    • Francisco H
      Francisco H 2 years ago

      You're right Jason, God bless us this way

  • Donaldo Diaz
    Donaldo Diaz 2 years ago +2

    Burn them up brother!
    High vibes x44