• Published on Apr 25, 2018
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  • Lo Brundell
    Lo Brundell 2 months ago

    Just watched it and WOW it relies big on me giving a shit about white scruffy dudes dudin around which unfortunately uhh

  • The False Rabbi
    The False Rabbi 2 months ago

    Black Panther was a big meh for me. People hyped it up because of cultural significance rather than the quality of the film itself.

  • Max Marriner
    Max Marriner 6 months ago +1

    “I could’ve watched a whole movie about the Guardians just reacting to the very existence of Thor.”
    Someone called it.

  • Terrence Briggs
    Terrence Briggs 7 months ago

    UN-REDACTED portion:
    ****** ***** & ******

  • John Dering
    John Dering 10 months ago

    the clearest & most accurate review I've read [er.. i mean heard.

  • Churn Blanston
    Churn Blanston 10 months ago

    Mostly just a mediocre eye-candy action film threatening to fall into Harry Potter childness, but enjoyable. Thanos's out-dated Malthusian goal was intellectually bankrupt, but ok. And as usual, none of the "deaths" carry any weight, since we all know that everyone they want to bring back will come back. We r already seeing trailers of "dead" characters, ruining the surprise for 4...sigh. I don't understand the universal adoration for this's just ok.

  • jamesmallone
    jamesmallone 11 months ago

    I'm sure I said this in the comments for either this video (at which point it's gone now) or in another video (I'm pretty sure it was the later) but anyway: you void the high ground of attacking "babies" who complain about spoilers with a strawman example ("spaceship") when your "Spoiler-free review" SPOILS THE FUCKING ENDING!
    [EDITED] I have to make a correction because a baby complained about my post. When reading the above post, please substitute the passage "SPOILS THE FUCKING ENDING!" with the more literal-minded "Makes it blatantly obvious to anyone with a properly functioning brain that this movie advertised as a done-in-one story about the Avengers battling a villain who wants to use a magical mcguffin to snap his fingers and wipe out half of all life on earth, that starts by swapping out the triumphant logo music with a more downbeat track and then transitions to Hulk being easily defeated by Thanos within two minutes and Heimdall and Loki being murdered by Thanos and his followers, and then later involves Thanos easily defeating all but two of the Guardians of the Galaxy, killing Gamora, robbing Star Lord of closure that you would think would pay off in his own movie, meeting Red Skull in the process, whom Bob and many others never thought we'd see again, then later murdering Vision, robbing Scarlet Witch of her closure, (Bob doesn't think anyone gives a shit about these two characters. He is incorrect BTW) then surviving a seemingly fatal blow from Thor and then immediately snapping his fingers to wipe out half of all life, just like he said he would in the tv spots, is absolutely, positively 100% going to end right there on the fucking spot without Thanos being defeated and the movie's conflict being resolved in a conventional manner."
    Hope that was more satisfying.

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 9 months ago

      " I have to make a correction because a baby complained about my post."
      Wow, what a dick move. Rather than actually having an intellectual conversation with me, you edited the original comment so I didn't get a notification. I'd be more pissed off, but thankfully this comment section is essentially dead. And that just confuses me more because making the edit rather than replying isn't doing anything, because I was the only one participating in this argument, and no one else is going to be any time soon. And then after doing this pointless, childish tactic, you then conclude it by calling me a "baby"? As if I was somehow being immature by providing rational rebuttals to your face rather than your incoherent ranting behind my back?
      And it's not as if you actually had a legitimate point. You just listed every dark thing that happened in the film and said "did you really think it would just end there". Well, yes, that's that every audience member thinks.... for 2 seconds before Thanos says "you should have gone for the head". That's the point. You don't begin contemplating how satisfyingly character and plot arcs are resolved until after the film is over because, shock horror, you don't know how they're going to resolve till the end. And you once again contradicted yourself by saying the film was "advertised as a done-in-one story", which you know is false, because you've already been told they were announced as Part's 1 & 2 4 fucking years ago. Why you keep choosing to ignore that fact and expect others to ignore it as well despite it being brought up multiple times is beyond me.
      "and the movie's conflict being resolved in a conventional manner."
      Why would anyone expect IW to resolve in a convential manner. It has 40 fucking main characters and centres its villain as protagonist of the film. And again, you don't contemplate the degree to which resolution works until after the film, and if you don't then you really need to improve the way in which you view cinema.
      "Hope that was more satisfying."
      Well yeah, it was. It was still wrong, but at least you still attempted to make points and arguments to support your position. But apparently this was a waste of your time? Then why are you commenting in the first place if not to share and compare your opinions with others. But as we see from the dishonest tactics, that is clearly not what you think the purpose of commenting is.

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 10 months ago

      Yes, apparently stating the fact revealed to the public almost 4 years ago constitutes as a spoiler. The only thing that changed after the Phase 3 announcement were purely naming conventions. There were still two films happening one year apart from one another, which can still be considered two parts to the greater narrative conclusion of the first era of the MCU. You're hypothetical actually goes against what you're arguing, because you've just presented a completely legitimate hypothetical of a narrative which doesn't spoil the ending of Infinity War, but can still be called a two parter, therefore revealing that Bob stating that this film was a two parter does not in any way indicate anything about whether or not Thanos meets his demise within Infinity War. So no, it's not a spoiler. And btw, you don't know what a strawman fallacy is. That is an intentional misrepresentation, not an accidental one formed from an exaggerated, hyperbolic joke.

    • jamesmallone
      jamesmallone 10 months ago +1

      He doesn't say that. You misunderstand me. The spoiler is not that people die or how many. Though giving that away would be a spoiler depending on long you think it should before you feel it's fair game (Colbert waited about a week or two). The spoiler is, in fact, that's it's a two parter. Not sure if you are aware of this, but the creators repeatedly said in interviews that it was no longer a two parter any longer and thus that was meant to be a surprise. And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm not the first to bring up this bait and switch. If Thanos was defeated, but the ending was the Young Avengers showing up right there on the spot to warn the Avengers about Kang (which, in some form, is increasingly likely to happen in the next movie, And Cassie WILL be a superhero in it, there's my spoiler, from me to you) and the movie ended right there on the spot with a "To Be Continued in Avengers". It would still be a spoiler to say so. Age of Ultron didn't have any such spoiler, so not every Avengers movie is going to have one.

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 10 months ago

      Could you provide the timestamp where Bob says "half of everyone dies"? Because just saying "the ending is a ballsy cliffhanger" is not a spoiler.

  • Nerd704
    Nerd704 Year ago

    Damnit movie bob I CARE about . I actually do and are my favorite characters!
    In all seriousness now that everyone knows I'm guess he's talking about Vision and Wanda and yes I do care that much about them. I actually love them way more than Peter and Gamora.
    But I'm a comics nerd so...

    RAY'S REALM Year ago

    *Most TVcliprs don't ask... when, what, who, etc. are Skrulls through all of these movies? **#invasive*
    *Retcon Blade into the MCU: During a montage (Post-Credit Scene in Avengers 4) when most of the Skrulls are exposed... show a five second clip of Blade standing over a dead one (vampire slaying gone wrong), Uzi clip empty yet finger still clinched on the trigger, sword oozing green goo.* #blade

  • Laios Zafeiriou
    Laios Zafeiriou Year ago

    What was the redacted thing?

  • Zoch Buppet
    Zoch Buppet Year ago

    finally a youtube review for normal people without all the over hyped nonsense.
    Thanks for telling me about the movie, without really telling me the plot.
    BUT please stop talking as if you are RAPPING in a song
    But Is is a theater movie or not much different as a big Tv screen at home movie, like most action movies these days?

  • Forky Fig
    Forky Fig Year ago

    “not as good as Black Panther” an outsider, the taboo around “Black Panther” in the USA is downright creepy...a movie with huge problems in pacing, dialogues, characters, etc...Avengers 3 ok it’s formulaic, but saying it’s worse than the yawn-fest that is Black Panther...I ended up cheering for Michael B. Jordan when he kicked BP’s boring face during the ritual duel scene...

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 9 months ago

      "a movie with huge problems in pacing, dialogues, characters, etc"
      Care to actually elaborate, or do you think listing vague metalanguage somehow makes your assertions worth while? Hope you didn't try that tactic out in your high school English essays "Hamlet has many terrible themes and characters and stuff that makes it overrated and I don't see why anyone likes it". Wow, what amazing revelations your vapid and meaningless comments just portrayed.

  • Benjamin Coyle
    Benjamin Coyle Year ago

    As someone who watched the movie I can't think of what cameo Bob is referring to at the end that he was so excited for yet has no place in the movie.

  • Matthew Heywood
    Matthew Heywood Year ago +1

    That they were able to pull off this movie is a marvel in movie making history. It’s a movie with 50 characters and all have their moments to shine and in the end it is a cohesive story. This is just an amazing accomplishment

  • zeusbacchushades
    zeusbacchushades Year ago

    Thanos was right

  • zeusbacchushades
    zeusbacchushades Year ago +1

    This movie was waaaay better than Black Panther

  • JaredMithrandir
    JaredMithrandir Year ago

    Better then Avenger 2 was was waaay better then Avengers 1.

  • Jellyfish60
    Jellyfish60 Year ago

    not as good as black panther? I'm sorry but panther was the worst marvel movie since iron man 2

  • Jellyfish60
    Jellyfish60 Year ago

    not as good as black panther? I'm sorry but panther was tge worst marvel movie since iron man 2

  • 1894db
    1894db Year ago

    Don't diss Kratos dude.

  • 1magicthegathering
    1magicthegathering Year ago +2

    Disagree about Black Panther on this one. Thoroughly enjoyable movie yes, but it was still the " Man gets throne - man loses throne - man gets back throne " story we've seen multiple times before, nothing really new

  • Chris Canfield
    Chris Canfield Year ago

    Am I wrong in thinking there is a one-second beat in the the laboratory in Wakanda where one of the guards turns out to be a Skrull for an instant?

  • Drawing Conclusions

    Do you really think these movies are primarily for 7-year olds? There is a lot in this movie that would go right over my kids' heads.

  • 76HabeasCorpus
    76HabeasCorpus Year ago

    Not as good as Black Panther? You're kidding right? Black Panther is a terrible movie when you take out the whole "cos black people" thing and actually critique the movie.

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 9 months ago

      Care to provide some substance to your vapid comments and actually "critique the movie"?

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x Year ago

    You think the first Avengers was BETTER than this movie??
    My respect for you movie opinions just went WAAAAY down.....

  • Joanie Crayfish
    Joanie Crayfish Year ago +2

    Bruce Willis was Dead all along?!?

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell Year ago

    Thor: The Dark World is a good movie. In contrast, Ironman 3 is not. But let's agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  • Jay Hailey
    Jay Hailey Year ago

    Which cameo made you jump out of your seat?

  • tk check
    tk check Year ago

    Who is he talking about when he said he could've enjoyed an entire movie based on someone at 7:47?

  • Edgar Tarly
    Edgar Tarly Year ago

    Hey Mobieblob, Just wanted to say you're a degenerate lolcow. Thanks for always making an asshole out of yourself.

  • warlock_pride
    warlock_pride Year ago +1

    not as good as guardians 2 or black panther?... ummm...

  • 0Anesthetic 4u
    0Anesthetic 4u Year ago +4

    "Not as good as Black Pather"
    Stopped watching.

  • Nathan LaGue
    Nathan LaGue Year ago

    Did you just say not as good as guardians 2? Dude. It’s better. Like, what?

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter Year ago

    Bob, do your self-deprecating nerd jokes feel as tired to you as it does to the rest of us?
    Oh my god you pay attention to the marvel movies and have retained that knowledge you’re a nerd with no friends! Hilarious!
    Maybe time to let those jokes go buddy. They aren’t funny so much as tired and sad not to mention insulting to your audience.

  • Curt Nuber
    Curt Nuber Year ago

    How is the returning character he's referring to?

  • Nerzenjäger
    Nerzenjäger Year ago

    It's beyond me how anybody could rank Black Panther even close to the Top 5 Marvel movies.

  • huntcd2012
    huntcd2012 Year ago +1

    Regarding the Infinity Stones, I think the movie made the wise decision to have half of them be sort of treated as living MacGuffins, while Thanos obtains the other half that are under lock and key right off the bat.

  • CitanulsPumpkin
    CitanulsPumpkin Year ago +3

    No spoilers but that surprise out of nowhere cameo makes perfect sense considering the last place we saw that character. He was holding the space stone in his bare hand and got whisked away to some random planet on the other end of space.

  • Ennio444
    Ennio444 Year ago

    Talking about Red Skull, huh?

  • Beverly Tenhagen
    Beverly Tenhagen Year ago

    You should do a spoiler review

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman Year ago

    I quite enjoyed this but would take off half a star for the rotten sound quality on the dialog. Some scenes I seriously couldn't understand what anyone was saying.

  • Mark Trujillo
    Mark Trujillo Year ago


  • Skip Donaghue
    Skip Donaghue Year ago

    None of these films are as good as the Cannonball Run.

  • Power Metal
    Power Metal Year ago +2

    "Not as good as Avengers 1, Guardians 2, or Black Panther?" you out of your damn mind?

  • Eddie Avinashi
    Eddie Avinashi Year ago


  • Infernal460
    Infernal460 Year ago

    Better than Black Panther.
    So yeah go and see it.

  • Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis Year ago

    It had almost nothing to do with black panther but ok bob.

  • CassieSol919
    CassieSol919 Year ago

    Can you do a spoiler video?

  • Master Reviews
    Master Reviews Year ago

    Hey guys check out my spoiler review on my channel!

  • Dr. Jakob D. Ripper, God of the Multiverse

    SOOO just saw the movie **NO SPOILERS** SAVE ONE THAT WILL VALIDATE MY HATE AT THE STUPID FUCKING JOKE THAT OPENS THIS, Expand to see, and i promise unless you came here for Black Panther and not the avengers, it ain't gonna ruin shit.
    Black Panther and Wakanda don't show up till halfway through the movie, LITERALLY! your joke ain't funny, its fucking stupid, STOP SUCKING BLACK PANTHER'S DICK, CAUSE I LIED HERE'S ANOTHER SPOILER

  • MRDLT00
    MRDLT00 Year ago

    3:44 Why are you attacking people who like that kind of thing in this media?
    Seems unnecessarily hostile and a diverting rant from the review...

  • Chris Mahorney
    Chris Mahorney Year ago

    Don't know if it who he is talking about, but I literally said "holy shit" out loud when a a certain someone showed up. Totally didn't expect that. Well, totally didn't expect like half of what went down at the end, either.

  • shaygan01
    shaygan01 Year ago

    For all of you asking who the pop up cameo’s the red skull, he’s the stone keeper of the soul stone! Oh by the way spoiler alter 😘

  • Revanaught
    Revanaught Year ago

    I disagree with Bob about infinity war not being as good as avengers 1. Avengers 1 was amazing because of the behind the scenes stuff, actually pulling together a crossover movie of that scale, not really that amazing of a movie in its own right. Take away the behind the scenes stuff and judge it purely as a movie and you just have a good movie. It's a good movie. It's good. Not as amazing as people make it out because they don't separate the movie from the creation of the movie. As just movies, not including anything else about the industry, just from a movie standpoint, I'd say that infinity war was better than avengers 1.

  • DeadlyYellow
    DeadlyYellow Year ago

    After seeing it, I'm now confused as to what the heck was going on in Avengers.

  • Ce1es
    Ce1es Year ago +1

    I would actually like to see a spoiler review now that I watched the movie.

  • Triceratops
    Triceratops Year ago

    Worse than guardians 2 what????

  • Peter Carey
    Peter Carey Year ago

    First movie I've *booked* to see. Now that I have, I appreciate the lack of spoilers, but also the subtle references to the things that could've been spoilt.

  • Evil Otto Jr. Productions

    I know the unexpected cameo you were talking about and i had the EXACT same reaction

  • ZeroSpawn47
    ZeroSpawn47 Year ago

    Why is that shocking? Thanos was the star of the comic too.