The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 137 957

  • Alana UWU
    Alana UWU 15 minutes ago

    Shane: the pallete won’t sell out!
    Me: stands in line for 6 hours to get a palette (I got it for Christmas it’s so cooooool!)

  • Atasaa Tam
    Atasaa Tam Hour ago +1

    Proud of you Guys. I love how supportive Jeffree is. He puts Shane in the spotlight

  • Sophie Adams
    Sophie Adams Hour ago

    U look like sam smith in "how do u sleep" bc he look gay,u are gay and you guys face are the same kinda, I'm not trying to say hate but i just realized it,btw i love yo vids.

  • Neven Pavlova
    Neven Pavlova 2 hours ago

    Breaking down the numbers of a beauty empire.. :)))

  • Neven Pavlova
    Neven Pavlova 2 hours ago

    I just found this channel but i like it i don't judge people. :) I love it.

  • Katya Walls
    Katya Walls 2 hours ago +1

    Shane u need to make a “the truth about glitterforever17 “

  • Joy Wagnerowski
    Joy Wagnerowski 3 hours ago

    Shane when are you going to post again

  • qahpz
    qahpz 3 hours ago


  • PinkGallMoon MSP
    PinkGallMoon MSP 4 hours ago

    This is amazingggg

  • darleng egea
    darleng egea 4 hours ago

    Shane investigate bonskinny or BONSKINNY on Instagram and tik tok

  • Ellie Rollason
    Ellie Rollason 6 hours ago +1

    Honestly Shane deserves the world 🌍

  • Camille A.
    Camille A. 7 hours ago



  • Ana Lau Lau
    Ana Lau Lau 8 hours ago

    Shane please make a video about the Justin Bieber’s Yummy Theory.

  • xXGinger WheelXx
    xXGinger WheelXx 8 hours ago +1

    I miss the old Shane.... 😞 I know this won’t change anything... 🙁😕😫😖😭😭😭😭

  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts 8 hours ago


  • Amber Cochrane
    Amber Cochrane 8 hours ago +1

    ugh nate 😩🥺🥺

  • Little roof over our heads

    Shane, please bring Drew back! Don’t end up being the guy that becomes too famous to deal with his depressed friend anymore. Drew is relatable to so many of us.

  • Beth Caron
    Beth Caron 11 hours ago

    38:31 "FIX IT!" You tell 'em, Shane! It is so satisfying to see a Creative fight for their work!

  • Kevin Blydenburgh
    Kevin Blydenburgh 12 hours ago

    I have never cried at a TVclip video until now. I'm so proud of you, Shane! And thank you Jeffree for helping him make his dream come to life and for giving us a product we needed 💚

  • Mackenzie Windress
    Mackenzie Windress 12 hours ago

    Wow I got like so interested in this I didn’t even realize how long this was

  • t19
    t19 13 hours ago +1

    What a useless human being

  • Zvona Bro
    Zvona Bro 13 hours ago

    What the fuck am i doing here i mean how the fuck did i get here
    EDIT:i think i just got an eye cancer

  • Johana Tapia
    Johana Tapia 14 hours ago +1

    Hold up I need to get my pop corn 🌽

  • Kennedy J
    Kennedy J 14 hours ago

    I miss the Shane that used to put barbies in the microwave

  • random watch
    random watch 14 hours ago

    I miss Shane’s conspiracy theories😭

  • Check out my tiktok quinnittowinit10 Anderson

    Heyy Shane there is this app called TikTok and there is this user called bonskinny and she might be ill or held captive and this is for really need to know it seems to be a mentally ill women but all her videos are scary ind so is her instagram just please check it out a lot of people are scared for her

    • Check out my tiktok quinnittowinit10 Anderson
      Check out my tiktok quinnittowinit10 Anderson 9 hours ago

      Lauren Ashley yea but it’s just scary and it gives me a big gut feeling and just go on her insta it’s terrifying but you could totally be right it’s wierd tho one of her videos you can hear a crying women and then a deeper voice🤔🤔

    • Lauren Ashley
      Lauren Ashley 9 hours ago

      Looked at the account and I think its just a bunch of performance art tbh

  • Foodcow
    Foodcow 15 hours ago

    Bro Morgan looks actually stunning from the shot on the jet back

  • Brenna Westover
    Brenna Westover 15 hours ago

    ok but like did they switch from Shopify after this lol

  • Tay
    Tay 16 hours ago

    The hospital girl

  • Adrien Stephenson
    Adrien Stephenson 16 hours ago

    I know you don't answer my comment but are you ok, I know you probably feel bad but life gets hard but it also gets good just have high hopes buddy love ya. Your fan Adrien

  • Hannah’s Vlog Channel
    Hannah’s Vlog Channel 17 hours ago +2

    Who else misses Shane Dawson’s conspiracy Theory’s?

  • Zwan
    Zwan 17 hours ago

    Can you just have a video with Andrew shane ryland morgan and garret going to do some fun Shit and like Andrew laughing cutely and Morgan and garret being a comedic duo and everyone looking at shit and screaming MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ITz_Just_SNOW
    ITz_Just_SNOW 18 hours ago

    damn shane your doing great on your channel keep up the great work :) even though i miss the old videos you use to do with friends your doing great i miss it because i found your channel out by that but to be honest i love watching the videos you post to this day its just looking back its just damn this much has changed its amazing to see how much people grow over youtube and see what inpact that it has took but i'm just saying keep up the great work and do what makes you feel happy i know i'm late to the party because this video was posted in 2019 and its now 2020 i know your never gonna see this its just wanted to say or comment what i been feeling over theses years i am a type of person not to say or comment in livestreams or video so this is new for me but keep up the amazing work shane :) -Snow

  • Michelle Soleil
    Michelle Soleil 18 hours ago

    these people are fake and do nothing

  • Ibrahim Yaish
    Ibrahim Yaish 19 hours ago

    1:05:46 I cracked so hard🤣🤣🤣 I accidentally hit my balls.... RIP

    • Zwan
      Zwan 17 hours ago

      It’s not that funny

  • glitzy beanieboo beanieboo

    Remeber when shane did conspiracy theories and mysteries and with all the spookiness?

    Apparently everything changed now I don't know what jefree star did to him or if shane wanted to change now things aren't as spooky scary nor the interests are shown but just talking about the world of a celebrity is all we got left of shane

  • Saoirse Ward
    Saoirse Ward 19 hours ago +18

    shane's fear or flying:

    morgan: tHiS iS tHE mOsT DeAdLy pArt

  • chico frijoles
    chico frijoles 19 hours ago

    Homeless crisis in California - what is Shane doing about it?

  • Scared Puffin
    Scared Puffin 19 hours ago

    *This is like great but sis I kinda wanna just watch you eat food and burn shit.*

  • Poo Head
    Poo Head 20 hours ago

    Shane I may have a new conspiracy theory but I haven't searched the web to see if it's an actual thing but.... OK here it is..

    I think that asteroids are nukes or bombs... OK stay with me here.... I recently watched your end of world conspiracy video (I know it's old but still) And I had a thought..

    "What if aliens or other people live on another planet that the government knows about but we don't.. And those people/aliens are trying to destroy our planet but the government is trying to stop them by giving them peace offerings like the robots that they send to mars??"

    I know it's crazy and I went a bit far but it kind of makes sense... Email back if you agree


  • Gacha Twilight
    Gacha Twilight 20 hours ago

    Shane, I miss all of your old videos. I miss you, Garrett, Ryland, Morgan, ect. It's just not the same without the squad anymore.

  • Jonahs Starbucks
    Jonahs Starbucks 20 hours ago +2

    I still cannot believe that I got two Jeffree brushes The Starberry setting spray and the Mini Controversy for Christmas I actually broke down and cried lol

  • Jimin_chimchim_
    Jimin_chimchim_ 20 hours ago

    “spotify glitched” lmaoo i love andrew

  • Conner Potter
    Conner Potter 21 hour ago

    Shane honey you need to post

  • 《Łųñđ Ćhăřməř》

    And now we have those videos when they destroy the makeup palette. totally a waste if u use it for that reason

  • Ashwitha
    Ashwitha 22 hours ago +1

    Take a shot every time someone says ohMyGawwdd

  • Ashley Haas
    Ashley Haas 22 hours ago

    Why is everyone unsubscribing from James Charles?!?!

  • Payton Drury
    Payton Drury 22 hours ago

    honestly i know this is a stretch but would love to see one done on Britney/Jamie Spears

  • berry girl
    berry girl 23 hours ago

    Bro make some videos

  • Danielle Dovahsdottir
    Danielle Dovahsdottir 23 hours ago

    Dang, now I'm a tiny bit bummed I didn't know about this series earlier! I live like 15 minutes away from MOA and would've LOVED to come and see this! Fuq, I don't even wear makeup and I want to buy your palette just to support you.

  • Taylor Guay
    Taylor Guay Day ago

    Aw im so happy for you

  • Paulina Gonzalez

    1:05:35 i just love everything about Shane and jeffree friendship

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae Day ago +1

    Looks like his little piggy-backing venture off Jeffree's success brought in enough money that he doesn't deem it necessary anymore to make videos. I hope in 2020 he stops using other content creators (Jeffree, Eugenia, Jake Paul, Tana, ...) and starts making his own content again.

  • Owen Wolvers
    Owen Wolvers Day ago

    21:01 what happend to his hoodie.. 😅

  • Gabby Harris
    Gabby Harris Day ago

    You will forever be remembered. I remember watching videos from you about 10 years ago, and seeing the compassionate, loving human being you have become is amazing. You’re a beautiful person inside and out. I hope you can always remember that when other people want to bring you down. Keep being you, and never forget you have changed lives ❤️

  • Latonya Bailey
    Latonya Bailey Day ago

    We need 2020 New a year Vid

  • E Gonzales
    E Gonzales Day ago

    Does anyone else miss the old Shane??? Like fr :/ before the series and before he did all his videos for the view. I just want the old one back where he did conspiracy videos one day outta the week and post other random whacky videos for the rest of the week.

  • J. R. A. L.
    J. R. A. L. Day ago +1

    Those people are over reacting. It’s ok Shane.

  • Andrew Rodriguez

    We need more conspiracy theorie videosssss plzzzzzzz

  • Latonya Bailey
    Latonya Bailey Day ago

    Shane. TEAM MOMMA Shane SHE MADE THAT HAPPEN. She said Fck internet. She did that. Farmers market style 🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽🔥👏🏽🎊