18 Things You've Been Doing Wrong

  • Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • From putting a lid on boiling water to eating cheetos with chopsticks here are 18 Things You've Been Doing Wrong. Life hack 101!
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    10. Taking Out the Trash
    Drilling holes at the bottom and sides of your trash bin might not be so bad of an idea. If you’re household or lifestyle means the trash piles up a lot and you find yourself having someone hold down the bin while you pull out the bag or keep one foot on the can to do so, you should consider drilling holes. Doing so allows less likeliness for suction issues, which is what keeps a lot of bags from being pulled out easy.

    9. Scooping Ice Cream
    If you’re with friends or at a party and decide you don’t want to spend time waiting for the ice cream to thaw and then put in muscle energy to serve it, then you should cut the ice cream. Cutting it into portions makes it available for consumption faster and serving it to more than 1 or 2 people more efficient. Granted, this is only helpful if there’s a handful of you wanting to eat your cold treats right that moment. If you’re alone watching Netflix, then a spoon in the container’s all you need.

    8. Frozen Ice Cream
    Of course, you always have to freeze your ice cream--unless you really want to drink it instead. But a better way than just sticking the tub in your freezer is to put the ice cream in a sandwich bag. Doing so helps avoid that hard ice cream you get when it’s opened and has been in the freezer too long.

    7. Eating Cupcakes
    This one’s definitely something no one does. Apparently, the right way to eat a cupcake is by tearing or cutting the bottom half of the cupcake and sandwiching it over the top half. Even though it’s strange, what it does do is make for a neater snack and even the icing to cupcake ratio.

    6. Potholes
    Did you realize the hole at the end of your pot handle can be used for your spoon? Not everyone has those fancy kitchen installations that lets you hang your pots over your kitchen island. Most kitchen devices end up stacked in cupboards. But people also use the handle holes as a place to keep the spoon. Doing this prevents you from setting it on your dirty counter or scrambling to find a plate to lay it down on when the phone rings.

    5. Filling Water
    Instead of lugging a bin or huge jug to fill with water, which will inevitably get too heavy once you’ve finished, use a dustpan or a water bottle with a hole cut out the bottom to transfer water from the sink way easier.
    4. Aluminum Foil
    You’re not alone if you’ve haphazardly tried to get some aluminum foil and accidentally pulled the whole roll out of the box. There’s a hack for that, actually, and it’s been right in front of you since forever. This little tab that no one ever pays attention to at the end of the

    3. Eating Cheetos
    Maybe you’ve seen this picture of Star Wars star Oscar Isaac floating around on the internet. As ridiculous as it looks, lots of people at cheetos and other season heavy, cheesy snacks with chopsticks. It helps to not get any of that red or orange food residue all over your fingers that takes a few handwashes to really scrub out.

    2. Putting a Lid on Boiling Water
    Here’s another spoon fact you didn’t know about. Have you ever heard that placing a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water helps the water from spilling over? It sounds fake, but it apparently works. It looks like magic, but science can explain this one. The wooden spoon acts a destabilizer to the naturally unstable bubbles. When it reaches the surface of the spoon, the boiling water retreats, keeping your pasta or soup from making a mess on the stove top.

    1. Dr. Seuss
    So this might make you completely rethink your childhood, but the correct way to pronounce the author’s name is “SOYce” not “Soose.” His friend, Alexander Liang, wrote a poem about how people have been pronouncing it all wrong this whole time. “You’re wrong as the deuce/And you shouldn’t rejoice/If you’re calling him Seuss/He pronounces it Soice.” Soice is spelled with and o and i. Even so, does anyone really think the world’s going to correct itself anytime soon?
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  • Lemon
    Lemon 2 days ago

    You have been breathing wrong.

    Step 1 light house on fire.

    Step 2 inhale smoke.

    Step 3 live better

    *MC Johnson.*
    *A family company*

  • UpjoanCrawford
    UpjoanCrawford 3 days ago

    Number 19: Don't say "not so bad OF an idea". The OF is redundant.

  • Steph C
    Steph C 4 days ago

    cant take knifes to school weirdo

  • Miss Construde
    Miss Construde 4 days ago

    The wooden spoon to stop water from boiling over (rolls eyes) isn't that effective. Take the Sauce pan, and before you put any water in it; take some olive oil and tap a drop on your index finger. Run your finger around the top of the pan, and no boil over. It works with anything you need to use boiling water for. : D

  • Cory G
    Cory G 5 days ago

    Because holding two skinny triangular tabs makes much more sense than holding onto a rectangular box.

  • adamisbigdaddy
    adamisbigdaddy 8 days ago

    I've tried the wooden spoon thing and it doesn't work pan still boiled over!

    DESMOND FITZGERALD 8 days ago +3

    THIS WOMAN does not speak properly. she speaks too damn quickly. slow down, lady, slow down and enunciate each single syllable.

  • nadoo lovely
    nadoo lovely 9 days ago

    What did i just watched??????????????????????????????????

  • End_Sensorship
    End_Sensorship 11 days ago

    Rolling up clothes for packing takes up far more space. Pack with the least number of strategic folds possible.

  • carlost died
    carlost died 12 days ago

    ah, the strong sense of paro. tvclip.biz/video/w7l2hUp0CkQ/video.html

  • Michael Flack
    Michael Flack 14 days ago

    Another use for the plastic bread tag is as a guitar pick for children learning to play. Also, kudos to both you and your son for making a great video 🐇

  • Earth-616
    Earth-616 16 days ago

    " _you've been breathing air all wrong your whole life here is how_ "

  • Heidi Mefford
    Heidi Mefford 16 days ago

    2:44 that monkey peeled it wrong omg

  • Miyshoi Collins
    Miyshoi Collins 18 days ago

    What’s wrong with eating cheetos with your hands. 🙂

  • The Gent
    The Gent 20 days ago

    5:56 Picture of water spilling over pot......

  • The Gent
    The Gent 20 days ago

    #9 DO NOT cut the ice cream! Unsafe micro material from the carton could be in your ice cream!

  • The Tech Toot
    The Tech Toot 20 days ago

    there is no correct way of doing things!! disliked

  • Red Wasp
    Red Wasp 23 days ago


  • Thalia Wow
    Thalia Wow 27 days ago

    Number 2- add a teaspoon of butter and you won't get bubbles...

  • Brett Westerlund
    Brett Westerlund 29 days ago

    That is not how you are "supposed" to eat a cupcake... This isn't even a list of things you're doing wrong, it's a list of things.

  • Brett Westerlund
    Brett Westerlund 29 days ago +1

    I am 99% sure that Chinese food boxes are not meant to be converted into "plates". They come like that so they can be shipped in bulk and put together as needed, just like pizza boxes. They're definitely laughing at anyone who does this, lol

  • Xx lazy Camila Xx
    Xx lazy Camila Xx 29 days ago

    "Holding juice boxes" What if you can barely unhold it? its not helpin god of juices give me some tips how to hold juce boxes..

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 29 days ago +1

    #19, making vids wrong. >,;,

  • Killer Kelpstarr
    Killer Kelpstarr 29 days ago


  • Jacob Lazerus
    Jacob Lazerus Month ago

    Flaky printer lol

  • Shayla Roebuck
    Shayla Roebuck Month ago +1

    stop being rood

  • marvin crosby
    marvin crosby Month ago

    There goes another American who thinks they know more English than the English. What makes the American pronunciation right and the English pronunciation wrong? ENGlish originated from ENGland. To be better informed you should try to find out why each country pronounced words as they do.

  • DeAsia Wyrick
    DeAsia Wyrick Month ago

    I eat my cupcakes like a sandwich

  • Maevis Arthur
    Maevis Arthur Month ago

    I've always ate cupcakes like that...

  • Floyd Means
    Floyd Means Month ago

    Sure, need to add another key to your key ring? just pull out your good ole staple remover...or simply use your finger which has worked 100% of the time...

  • Jake State Farm
    Jake State Farm Month ago +1

    This girl comes across as an asshole🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Travis Maz
    Travis Maz Month ago

    Drilling holes in your garbage bins will drastically increase the chances of maggots and may be the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen.

  • Nathaniel Aiken
    Nathaniel Aiken Month ago

    I'm here for the sliced ice cream!

  • Karla&fam
    Karla&fam Month ago

    How cool

  • The Lyndsay Life
    The Lyndsay Life Month ago

    *raises hand* I eat cupcakes that way. Always have.

  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner Month ago

    My mom does #8.

  • Chris Park
    Chris Park Month ago

    Pile of bollocks.

  • Esther Ortiz
    Esther Ortiz Month ago

    I like eating the cheetos with the chopsticks .

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    loot Month ago

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    Jack Sheridan Month ago +1

    where ur citations?

  • Katsuki Yuutan
    Katsuki Yuutan Month ago

    Eating a cupcake sandwitch-style is something I do.

  • Terris McBride
    Terris McBride Month ago

    Yo Amber.... that’s not his name dawg chill on my childhood. Everybody already dying and then you just gone kill the love and memories I got left?? Wooow BIG BET! It’s onna flo home girl.

  • Chris Wilford
    Chris Wilford Month ago +1

    "If your not planning on sharing, you should unfold the box like this to make it easier to share."

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    Jacob St. Mary Month ago

    4:19 I DID THAT!!!!

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    18 things that are new to Millennial's and are cool to talk about that the rest of us don't care about because we have more important things going on in our lives.

  • dejuanJOHN
    dejuanJOHN Month ago

    This is stupid

  • dejuanJOHN
    dejuanJOHN Month ago

    Bread tag was a suggestion rather than doing wrong

  • MsRio111
    MsRio111 Month ago

    The peeled orange is actually a mandarin

  • sr5idontneednoguy
    sr5idontneednoguy Month ago

    Cheetos and Chopsticks. How pretentious.

  • Jau Pepa
    Jau Pepa Month ago

    I don't care

  • matt coady
    matt coady Month ago

    18 things people with no life skills dont know. move out of your moms basement BETA

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    Joe Mac Month ago

    Who ever was the model for hands is disgusting. 😝

  • Christopher Mooney
    Christopher Mooney Month ago

    How weak are you that you cant put a key on a key ring?

  • Christopher Mooney
    Christopher Mooney Month ago

    Bread tags are dumb for what they're using them for in this video

  • theycallmeken
    theycallmeken Month ago

    Watching this is definitely on the list of things done wrong.

  • bobby west
    bobby west Month ago

    No! I disagree with the banana thing 🍌 even the emoji disagrees. You know nothing woman!

  • Yvonne Mariane Videos

    Yeah well I'm *still* saying Dr "Sue-ss" lol That's what they went for then cuz "Soice" sounds not-great.. and it's too late now :))

  • India Barnes
    India Barnes Month ago +3

    If you eat Cheetos with chop sticks , I’m calling the cops!

    • Suni V
      Suni V Month ago

      LMFAO! Dead just dead 😂💀

  • JxrappGD
    JxrappGD Month ago

    What The Hell Is A Bread Tag?

  • deinemuddaisdoof
    deinemuddaisdoof Month ago

    My stapler remover is stuck in my arm. I tried putting it in rice but didn't help. :/

  • blr h.anna.h
    blr h.anna.h Month ago +4

    When has it ever been hard to peel a banana

    • Crevis Slim
      Crevis Slim Month ago

      Try it sometime. I was told about that long before seeing this video and it really is the way to peel a banana

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson Month ago

    Make a followup: 18 things we got wrong in the video. 1. juicebox tabs are not for easier holding they are to prevent squeezing. 2. you found like the one picture of a monkey eating a banana peeled (sliced rather) from the top to illustrate how monkeys eat bananas from the bottom? 3. in America kids are not allowed to have knives in school and must resort to shooting their oranges if they don't want to make the room smell.

  • Hi there
    Hi there Month ago

    One thing you've been doing wrong - Watching BULLSHIT videos like this one. lol

  • Jose Resendez
    Jose Resendez Month ago

    Dummest video ever.

  • MarCor
    MarCor Month ago +1

    I Am So Stupid 🙃🙄

  • Noob 9281
    Noob 9281 Month ago

    We are doing it correctly, thid video is just another way to use stuff. Title made me angry

  • Aly C
    Aly C Month ago

    NOOOO! It’s “Soose” and that’s it!

  • Mr Ping
    Mr Ping 2 months ago

    My family uses the bread tags to keep the bag of bread tied so that the bread doesn’t go bad.

  • Patttwreck
    Patttwreck 2 months ago

    Slicing ice cream is stupid

  • Logan Hendon
    Logan Hendon 2 months ago

    Why are people so mad at this video?

  • John Billengren
    John Billengren 2 months ago

    14. me: i use a pen becuase its easyer and most of the time i have one

  • Tamia Reed
    Tamia Reed 2 months ago

    So your basically calling us monkeys bc were pelling bannas like humans?

  • Jai Gross
    Jai Gross 2 months ago

    that's exactly how I eat my cupcakes and all my brothers thought i was crazy

  • WARDEN 46
    WARDEN 46 2 months ago +17

    The wooden spoon only had one use in my house while growing up. Mainly on my ass.

    • Steph C
      Steph C 4 days ago +1

      yeah the stick would be on my ass the food would would taste like ass

    • B MCVR
      B MCVR Month ago +4

      Warden, I laughed so hard with your comment. And that was the first time I read it. But then a few days of depression went by and I said to myself you have to log back on to that video so you can see the comments and you can reply to Warden 46. I laughed so hard that I am sorry to say I farted. But I desperately needed to laugh and you were the perfect medication. Incredible. I must thank you.

  • sgt fluffy
    sgt fluffy 2 months ago +7

    Those bread bag clips make great guitar picks. I am always losing my guitar picks