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  • Published on Oct 24, 2018
  • The Daily Show looks at the tactless and flat-out weird ways Donald Trump has engaged with world leaders since he became president.
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Comments • 2 204

  • Fancy Bitch
    Fancy Bitch 10 hours ago

    20:11 omg so cute

  • Shelby Taylor
    Shelby Taylor 18 hours ago

    swear to god i learn more about politics in these videos than I do when watching the news.

    GABRIEL BASILIO 19 hours ago

    if you gess USA a joke because you never met Brasilians government

    GABRIEL BASILIO 19 hours ago

    salve salve galera, achei muito bacana, apenar de não intender muita coisa. save save guys i guess a lot funny, just i don't uderstand what he said.

  • legitBUTTS_ 69
    legitBUTTS_ 69 Day ago +1

    Trump is like that autistic kid everyone feels bad for.

  • Inga Nodie
    Inga Nodie 3 days ago

    First of all Macron is gold-digger his wife is way older than him having someone like that running a country and secondly how Trump became a President it reminds me a old soviet video about how leaders are elected in the western world

  • Biswadeep Bhowal
    Biswadeep Bhowal 3 days ago

    This guy belongs to RT.

  • Addaan Afrah
    Addaan Afrah 3 days ago

    Trump is affiarding his wife of macrone

  • Yexin
    Yexin 3 days ago

    Truck Frump

  • Unnikrishnan Balamani

    you americans, you just deny everything that your president says, you elected him.. most of the americans have the same views as trump but just to show the world that you are immigrant friendly is just crap... honestly trump is what america needs.. he absolutely says what an actual american thinks and it is actually true.. why the hell do you need immigrants who come as workers and one fine day bomb you.. so stop fooling the world.. i stand by what trump is doing although not a fan of what he says.. America is a great country pls do not spoil it by just showing the world how immigrant friendly you are.. it has worked against every other country and it will be the same .. like France or Germany.. take care of your own people ... showing mercy towards terrorist doesnt end well...

  • Kate Chukwu
    Kate Chukwu 5 days ago +2

    I'm not an american. But I think without trump, The country would still be divided.

  • Kate Chukwu
    Kate Chukwu 5 days ago

    Black people are the real racist. He should go to south Africa and see how racist they are to their fellow african countries like Nigeria. Stop being an hater. Its bizarre

  • sharon wilson
    sharon wilson 5 days ago +2

    Ummm he's the North Korean president why y'all calling him south korean... Coz south is republic whereas north is communist....very different

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 5 days ago +2

    whats funny is he knows he should resign somewhere deep down in his conscien... wait this just in trump confirmed with no conscience

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 5 days ago

    hey guys lets announce republican propaganda email like its fact at the UN while representing all of the US

  • Ninja Assassin
    Ninja Assassin 5 days ago

    I am not even from US and the state of my country politics is shit but man i love all the childish things trump does and always look out for American News.

  • Fixer Upper
    Fixer Upper 6 days ago +2

    Obama's face right now..... What the !!!? All I did was a little bow in Asia and they went ballistic !

  • Mr.ISFA
    Mr.ISFA 9 days ago

    He got his fat ass

    MISKAY BB 9 days ago

    I said yesssss😂😂😂💔

  • yass 1112
    yass 1112 10 days ago

    The interpreter didn't translate "thin" LOL

  • Nagarani K
    Nagarani K 10 days ago

    If American president called Africa as a shit hole then American people call it as ass hole country

  • Kighan Modeste
    Kighan Modeste 12 days ago +1

    I’m gonna use that pickup line about the wall

  • Chipmunk Channel
    Chipmunk Channel 13 days ago +2

    10:54. I wonder how Trump will explain him saying Kim Jong' s people love him.... while they trying to escape the country itself......

    • Nuqman Mursyid
      Nuqman Mursyid 11 days ago

      yeah right...I was thinking the there's always a news report day-in day-out regarding a north Korean defecting into south korea...I was like "did trump watch the news at all?"'s clear like day that north Koreans can't stand being there for even one second...if there's even the slightest chance that they can escape, they will do it, even if it is at the cost of their lives...they're so desperate that I really feel pity for them to have a leader who can kill his own citizens at will.

  • Ythan Lingat
    Ythan Lingat 13 days ago

    16:37 Melania's face tho.

  • The Truth Denominator
    The Truth Denominator 13 days ago

    I like wen he brought in Kanye🤣🤣🤣that idiot is in the pussy vomiting her shit!!!

  • Maria João PARENTE
    Maria João PARENTE 13 days ago

    @4:58 Spain? What about the other country just next to it?

  • KpopHooked Channel
    KpopHooked Channel 14 days ago +1

    They should keep Trump as president. The world is much more interesting now. The world can now see these world leaders in a different light without these stupid, fake niceties. lol.

  • amina badawy
    amina badawy 15 days ago

    And now they would be peace inshallah😂

  • kevin
    kevin 15 days ago

    Trump is pulling macron to the hotel

  • kevin
    kevin 15 days ago

    Trumps like I dare you to sleep with my wife

  • Dennis Huffman
    Dennis Huffman 15 days ago

    "I cannot believe that Donald Trump would have 2 uneaten Starburst's in his pocket". = LOL

  • XDigsX 13
    XDigsX 13 16 days ago

    Yes Donald Dump and the US are the laughing stock of the world....let's see if they wake up and see the piece of shit he is.

  • Group Success
    Group Success 16 days ago

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    Amazing opportunity awaits!!!

  • Jorge Natal
    Jorge Natal 17 days ago

    Donald Trump ?Hitler 😒😬😬😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👺👺👺👺👺

  • Michal Beznazwiska
    Michal Beznazwiska 17 days ago

    Why did you choose a black woman to comment on Trump's visit in the UK? She is imported from Africa, so even if she is there on the island for a couple of generations she does not cope what a real pale, crooked teeth common Brit thinks about the situation. Trevor, she is too perfect to comprehend things correctly, I bet she doesn't even drink tea at 5 and her accent is not British eighter. I bet she comes from Russia. She is the one that put the poison in the Litvinenko"s meal.

  • Sumaiya Sultana Usmi
    Sumaiya Sultana Usmi 18 days ago +4

    “ if the smart people can’t do it, why not try Trump” i m dead 😂

  • Sumaiya Sultana Usmi
    Sumaiya Sultana Usmi 18 days ago +4

    For the first time I feel like our president might be gay 🤨

  • Akito Ogawa
    Akito Ogawa 18 days ago

    What a weird weephole not to be offended but your country is joke mate !! Why don't you amarican wap this innocuous orange boy in bottock honestly what a cheeky bastard !!

  • Amir Junias
    Amir Junias 19 days ago


  • AB Ryan
    AB Ryan 19 days ago

    Shariah law is more effective in Saudi than Iran

  • Mimi Gheith
    Mimi Gheith 19 days ago +1

    Wtf sahara desert is for Africa not for Europe or America they have no right to build a fucking fence
    I’m from Egypt and I lowkey feel like trump gon go and take the pyramids and say it’s in America and not in Africa idk if it made sense but it’s stuoid wtf

  • Michigan Wolverine in Austin

    It's like someone is playing a bad joke on the U.S. and gave us the dumbest one of them all for a president. My goodness how people still support this orange idiot!

  • Jaime Garces
    Jaime Garces 20 days ago

    Spain has 2 cities in Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. That’s were most of the emigrants come from and by building a wall in Africa he clearly meant around those 2 cities

  • Samuel Ofori
    Samuel Ofori 20 days ago

    2018 election?

  • Gabriel Voight
    Gabriel Voight 20 days ago

    9:31 we are so fucked now

  • Drackis FellWing
    Drackis FellWing 20 days ago +1

    1 China guy can't even tolerate how badly he was messing it up as he talked over it

  • A Beazer
    A Beazer 21 day ago +1

    OMG....."slap his balls with a wet krumpet"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • Soren Utpal
    Soren Utpal 21 day ago

    Love trump Best president ever

  • Terece Anctil
    Terece Anctil 21 day ago


    DELTA๛ LOOTERA 21 day ago

    Look at that plant

  • Jack tse
    Jack tse 22 days ago +1

    US must be sending Trump to confuse other countries! Something must be behind!

  • Percy Makubaza
    Percy Makubaza 22 days ago +1


  • auset641
    auset641 22 days ago

    You know you silly lol so funny 😂

  • miguel marques
    miguel marques 23 days ago

    so quite obvious how the "news" are made... minute 11:35 - TILL 11:50 MINUTE... TRUMP ASKED WITH HUMOUR ABOUT A GOOD PICTURE FROM EVERYBODY TO LOOK THIN...he wasnt pointing the finger at Kim.... so how does that mean his joking with Kim if he knows he has his fat aswell.... the point is not even if whos fat or not...its the attitude behind it, when you are inventing words from Trump's mouth Mr, Trevor. anyway...i love your show. i think you are brilliant..seriously talking. im a fan of yours. and im following you... i laugh a lot and i love you humour and jokes and everything. thank you bro

    • miguel marques
      miguel marques 23 days ago

      by the from Macau, south i just understand a lot of politics cause ive come from a portuguese military including generals family from Angola and Mozambique (before the portuguese destroied it) thats why i born in Macau. i know how people lie about politics.

  • vietsub
    vietsub 23 days ago

    by the wait am waiting for a whole damn trump show from you Trevor

  • vietsub
    vietsub 23 days ago

    "put his man in stocks and slap his balls with a wet crumpet " hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • SomeROBLOXPlayer
    SomeROBLOXPlayer 23 days ago +2

    Never thought a United States president would try and make sides with a leader that starves his people and kills his family members.

  • Nix Dominus
    Nix Dominus 24 days ago +1

    trump building a wall against the sahara would effectively disintegrate the ecosystem there.
    good job to your president.

  • Lalrinkima Jongte
    Lalrinkima Jongte 24 days ago

    FYI..if america let the immigrant free.....soon or later america will face a disaster....then at that moment you will realised donald was true leader....because my country is full of mixed people the natives people cant do anything now we dont have power anymore cause we are less in population..only thing we xan do is blame our past political leader..😫

  • Son WukonG
    Son WukonG 24 days ago

    we start war!!! america goinG down 1st for sure 😂😂 many country is waitinG for that small ...........$/&:&; ... u know what i mean 😂😂

  • Heiwiik
    Heiwiik 24 days ago +1

    "Excuse me miss, is that a wall? Because somebody else is about to pay for it."

  • Alex Pangadapun
    Alex Pangadapun 24 days ago

    Hahahahaha what the hell he is the best president of US ever. Very stupid hahaha. Well educated president by Jews in white house.

  • Md Raim razzak
    Md Raim razzak 25 days ago

    all is gud bt dnt make fun of religion and Allah

  • Shoficul islam
    Shoficul islam 25 days ago

    Best 20 min News..😂😂

  • 橋本絵莉子
    橋本絵莉子 25 days ago

    Why is everyone saying that North Korea is willing to starve their own people ?
    It is clear that this is false all the way.
    North Korea is a country full of mountains where you can not farm much and where the climate is very unstable and harsh for farming,
    also they are living like in stone age and got sanctions, so there will be no transport of food, in respect to some horses.
    North Korea needs to import food, even if they had oil to transport food, still they will not came up with enough food,
    specially after floods, far regions without enough food can not be supported.
    The only thing that North Korea did wrong in that point was the build of Dams on the Chongchon River
    for energy what did destroy the best locations to farm in North Korea, which are very rare and needed to provide some food.

  • Rene Reimer
    Rene Reimer 25 days ago

    Wtf trump is gay

  • A.C. Meyer
    A.C. Meyer 25 days ago

    OK, mock Trump because he is doing better at politics than "career politciticaians"

  • David Canatella
    David Canatella 26 days ago

    Macron and Trump two presidents who are unwanted by the majority of their country's population. No wonder they like each other, they're just alike.

  • Rohit Soni
    Rohit Soni 26 days ago

    @14:31 - What is this music?? name please?

  • HI#9999
    HI#9999 26 days ago +26

    Trump: I'm winning the trade war.
    Chinese ambassador: my translator doesnt work secretary plz fix