Joe Biden Gains 7 Points, Kamala Harris Down 12 Points: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • New polling shows presidential candidate Joe Biden up 7 points and Kamala Harris down 12 points compared with CNN’s late June survey. Our team breaks down the numbers and what they could mean going forward in the democrats’ race for the party’s nomination.
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    Joe Biden Gains 7 Points, Kamala Harris Down 12 Points: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Comments • 718

  • jtbui2010
    jtbui2010 Day ago

    MSNBC is leaving out Andrew Yang in the charts again...

  • dobsonimages
    dobsonimages 2 days ago

    Gee, no mention of Tulsi taking Harris to task in the second debate.

  • Brian H
    Brian H 9 days ago

    So if I'm understanding MSNBC, none of the things the Democrat Party candidates are promising will ever come to fruition. You're just supposed to vote for Joe Biden because... Try slapping that on a bumper sticker, Willie.

  • DGM
    DGM 11 days ago

    If I get to vote for Elizabeth Warren vs Trump, Warren would get my vote in a microsecond. If I get to vote for Joe Biden vs Trump, It might take more than a month.

  • bob wach
    bob wach 21 day ago

    "Maybe you have to swallow a little bit" that's not a problem for the tramp Harris.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 21 day ago

    Harris plunged in the polls in part because potential voters looked at her record in California.

  • Susan Louis
    Susan Louis 22 days ago

    As long as warren / sanders both stay in the race Biden wins . If this drops down to a two person race joe Biden loses .
    Another subject ... I think the waitress at my local diner has as much knowledge as these morons do to comment on politics . What background do they have to predict anything ???

  • Time to Think
    Time to Think 22 days ago

    MSNBC really thinks we are stupid. I understood what Jill Biden meant. You don't have to explain it again. On second thought, maybe you do. The MSNBC crowd is not the smartest.

  • Darrius Washington
    Darrius Washington 23 days ago

    "Thay gonna put Y'all back in chains" Biden

  • Joseph Nordenbrock
    Joseph Nordenbrock 23 days ago

    That last debate for Harris had nothing to do with her poor stage performance. Tulsi Gabbard figuratively punched her in the jaw with a truth upper-cut about Kamala's cruel record of locking up pot smokers unable to post bail.

  • Darmodien
    Darmodien 24 days ago

    Get outta the way if you can't lend a hand for the times they are a changin.

  • J H
    J H 24 days ago

    You know this is just going to end up as part of a "salty liberal" montage after Trump wins, right?

  • Arcticnerd
    Arcticnerd 25 days ago

    Oh, it's these idiots. No wonder they are so far off the make with Biden.

  • HFG
    HFG 25 days ago

    It’s gonna b Kamala. Don’t b fooled by this early polling

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 25 days ago +1

    Okay MSNBC I am dumb as a rock. But I know why kamala's numbers dropped, it's because TULSI GABBARD broke a switch off of the truth tree and took Kamala Harris to the woodshed.

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne 25 days ago

    Joe Biden likes to grope pre teens on camera in Congress...TVclip the video since the mainstream media hasnt made a peep about it

  • Tim Harris
    Tim Harris 25 days ago +1

    BIDEN IS A TRAITOR! Just a few weeks ago he told his rich donors he wouldn't roll back the corrupt Trump tax cuts, quote "nothing will fundamentally change!"! Hes only in the race for himself and his rich friends, he should be running in the republican primary, not the democratic one!

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 25 days ago

    That what the “F” she gets going after Biden that way screw her up big time because I for one liked her until she pulled that 40 years ago stunt not cool at all she lost my vote with that hate to see the Democratic Party do that to their own Party they help Trump not smart on her part at all a people are not stupid they see right threw her get out the race now your done

  • Newport-Mesa Audiology
    Newport-Mesa Audiology 26 days ago +1

    I am so frustrated that the Democrats dont have one decent candidate from all the candidates 😒

    MANJAKOLI1 26 days ago

    Trump is gonna slay democrats for the 1000th.Liberal tears on the way.

  • Joshua Mwaniki
    Joshua Mwaniki 26 days ago

    Joe wins just because he's a straight old white man?

  • Danny
    Danny 26 days ago +1

    It’s odd how you mention Elizabeth’s name in the commentary, almost as if you are placing her in 2nd place. Burnie is at 15% and Elizabeth is at 14% - You have that data.

  • Danny
    Danny 26 days ago +1

    Joe Biden is only in the run because of name recognition.

  • Johannes Asfaw
    Johannes Asfaw 26 days ago +1

    Imagine Bernie and Warren deciding to add up the 15 and 14% to match Biden. So one being VP-candidate of the other. And them deciding who with a Livestream coin toss on TVclip😂 I can dream on probably...

  • Phil DH
    Phil DH 26 days ago

    How is this network considered 'left wing'?

  • Julius Tovar
    Julius Tovar 26 days ago +2

    Harris and Booker need to drop out, give the money back to AIPAC

    • Longfei Jiang
      Longfei Jiang 25 days ago

      They're too narcissistic. No chance but they'll fight till the end.
      Actually I take my initial statement back, it's kind of admirable actually. In a very distorted way

  • Obi Alfred
    Obi Alfred 26 days ago +1

    Hampton Harris!

  • Megatron
    Megatron 27 days ago +2

    MSNBC are apologists for Biden and Harris. Pathetic how they are trying to prop up the establishment class.

  • Rigo Jr
    Rigo Jr 27 days ago

    Harris was a prosecutor of course she put people in prison I still think she's a badass she can definitely make Trump and all the democratic candidates look like idiots

  • randy smith
    randy smith 27 days ago +2

    Andrew yang is way better. MATH!! Yang gang!! Andrew yang 2020!!

  • Dean P.
    Dean P. 27 days ago

    I wouldn't vote for any of these clowns there crazier than Trump

  • Cory Brantley
    Cory Brantley 27 days ago +1

    Trump 2020

  • Karen Schumer
    Karen Schumer 27 days ago +1

    I recently went with my hubby to a gun show. He knew some people who knew other people who would sell assault weapons to anyone who has the cash to buy them. I also learned we could go to the parking lot and buy guns with no background check, not even a drivers license. All we needed was cash money! All of this was after these most recent mass killings! We simply must vote out the republicans and vote in democrats who will pass comprehensive background checks, and a registration program similar to the way we do our vehicles we own!!!!! LAW MAKERS SIMPLY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!! AND, IT LOOKS LIKE DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO SEEM TO CARE ABOUT GIVING AMERICA GUN CONTROL, EVEN TO THE EXTENT OF REPEALING THE 2ND AMENDMENT!!!!! Law makers need to do something.........

    • Karen Schumer
      Karen Schumer 22 days ago +1

      @Darrius Washington For us to be given the right to protection from gun violets, we must elect only democrats to congress, with a democrat president who will sign it into laws!!!!

    • Darrius Washington
      Darrius Washington 23 days ago +1

      There should be gun laws!!

  • Alex Agykum
    Alex Agykum 27 days ago

    I love Kamala but I just don’t see you as a president, you can do something else like Attoney general, or a governor.

  • lp
    lp 27 days ago +1

    Kamala Harris big idea. Say whatever to get elected.

  • Philip De La Garza
    Philip De La Garza 28 days ago

    You guys need to quit forcing Biden down peoples' throat, he's a bought TOOL, a vote for him is Hillary 2.0 again, and is ultimately a VOTE FOR TRUMP. I URGE people to vote for a sensible THIRD PARTY candidate IF Biden gets the nom. Biden's current corruption :
    And since you won't tell anyone, Mayor Pete has a serious race problem, and is already bought by special interests in the form of the billionaire donors you write glow pieces for.
    Mayor Pete's race problem:
    Mayor Pete and billionaires, NOT the people:
    Facts, not talking points

  • alex black
    alex black 28 days ago

    JOE China 20210

  • Argentum Boyle
    Argentum Boyle 28 days ago

    Liberals want Bernie Sander.

  • Argentum Boyle
    Argentum Boyle 28 days ago


  • Steady Mobbin'
    Steady Mobbin' 28 days ago

    They HATE you even SAY Bernie's name if it's anything positive smh

  • James Mulvenna
    James Mulvenna 28 days ago

    What about her Friend Jussie Smollett who Promoted her Anti lynching Bull(Bill) by staging a false Lynching(Hate) Crime. Then Smollett's charges get dropped. Everything about this Black Jewess and her Black Race Baiter Jew mate Jussie absolutely stinks. Perhaps people are not that stupid after all.

  • Andre' Cannon
    Andre' Cannon 28 days ago +8

    Tulsi single handedly destroyed Kamala Harris campaign for Presidency🤣

    • Joe Rodriguez
      Joe Rodriguez 25 days ago

      Tulsi will break a switch from the truth tree get a bar of soap and Crush Donald to a pulp.

    • spectrumifs
      spectrumifs 26 days ago +1

      Truth! Kamala Harris is so very 'proud' of herself. Harris: "I'm proud of this, I'm proud of that..." Yes, Kamala, 'pride before the fall.' Tulsi, calm and cool, knocked Harris off her lofty pedestal. Very satisfying to watch.

  • subconscious reason
    subconscious reason 28 days ago +2

    kamala is finished after running into Tulsi.
    Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate that has a hope against Trump, the dems are fools not to see it.

  • Omni Chrome
    Omni Chrome 28 days ago

    His supposed “superior electability” is a complete myth! The current polling has *all* of the top 4 candidates beating Trump. In 2008, as of Jan, when he left the race, he had 0 delegates pledged and was in a multi-way tie for *4th place*. In 1988, when he was less well known, he got MORE votes (2 delegates but still waaaay behind both the top two candidates - Mike Dukakis and Jessie Jackson).

  • OK Computer
    OK Computer 28 days ago +1

    'it's just the way it is' J. sCaRBoRoUgH

  • OK Computer
    OK Computer 28 days ago

    Warren + Sanders is the ticket

  • indoctus41
    indoctus41 28 days ago

    Biden will get destroyed in a debate with Trump. A moderate is not a bad idea but it's got to be strong candidate, and Biden isn't it.

  • Rursus
    Rursus 28 days ago

    This is weird. Warren has the best strategy, and Biden is inferior on political planning in comparison. Do they believe that "beating Donald Trump" is a contest on who appears the most sympathetic? I think not. Intellect rules in the long end, smiling teeth are irrelevant.

  • Margit Ouma
    Margit Ouma 28 days ago

    This analysis is so lame and contrived.

  • Bill Eddy
    Bill Eddy 28 days ago

    Julian Castro and Tulsi Gabbard have both had strong debates ( Well , for Tulsi it was mostly her "knockout punches " where she leveled Tim Ryan and then Kamala Harris .) , yet , neither have the poll results of Beto O`Rourke . (Even Jay Inslee and Bill DeBlasio had decent debates , but don`t seem to have any bounce. )

  • mark baughman
    mark baughman 28 days ago +2

    Kamala Harris should just give up. She flip flops and has to much baggage

  • rolback
    rolback 28 days ago

    The less Joe talks the more he gains Democrats votes. That sums up the brain capacity of a Democrat voter. Still waiting to hear what white privileged Joe Biden’s platform is to improve America and Americans lives. Old Joes been campaigning for months without a single message.

  • Kerry Lewis
    Kerry Lewis 28 days ago

    Kamala Side Piece Harris 🤮

  • L.T.
    L.T. 28 days ago +3

    4:29 “I’m not quite sure what that is”. This media is a trip! It’s her RECORD! Rep. Gabbard told you and Kamala said she was proud of it! MSNBC has long since lost all respect from me. 😔

  • Scorpio K
    Scorpio K 28 days ago +4

    Just give Tulsi credit for taking down Harris. She exposed her.

  • Chris Archuleta
    Chris Archuleta 29 days ago

    Lol this is a joke people wake up for its to late

  • zita harper
    zita harper 29 days ago +1

    Joe Biden is useless, Elizabeth and Bernie are America's only hope for a future. The media is promoting Biden, pathetic. De ja vu. Harris will just be another corporate sellout.

  • Changing world
    Changing world 29 days ago +1

    MSNBC is so embarrassing in the way they shill for their corporate owned and operated candidates. The Tulsi Gabbard take down of Harris was the most googled and most enjoyed event of the last debate, and the hacks at MSNBC have never even mentioned it. And now they are acting like Kamala's awful numbers are an anomaly. No wonder people are moving to alternative news sources. These people are without a conscience...or the sense to see reality.

  • MrSwj2009 ____
    MrSwj2009 ____ 29 days ago +2

    Kamala Harris was the real threat for the progressives. She's been fading badly. We should see Joe Biden fading as he continues his gaffe prone ways. Sanders and Warren have an open lane to the nomination.

  • BubbaCrane
    BubbaCrane 29 days ago +6

    So they didn’t give one reason why Kamalah Harris dropped in the polls.

    • Joe Rodriguez
      Joe Rodriguez 25 days ago +1

      It's now taboo to say the evil name call. But I will say it Tulsi Gabbard😰😰