KFC Chicken / 100 Legs / 100 Wings / Prepared by my DADDY / Village food factory

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
  • Village food factory now PATREON

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  • Cathykapoor
    Cathykapoor 12 hours ago

    Looks so Yummy🤤

  • Devaji Rao
    Devaji Rao 16 hours ago

    Tk Cr of Appa health

  • 김주형
    김주형 16 hours ago

    가마솥치킨이네 ㄷㄷ

  • Cattuong Phan
    Cattuong Phan 17 hours ago

    Trong đây có ai là người VN ko ta

  • Glynda Sampson
    Glynda Sampson Day ago

    Where do they get those white eggs from, looks like ingredients come from market

  • Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell Day ago

    Mann I dont want none of that shit after seeing fly's all on that shit!!! Hellll nooooo

  • ناصر محمد
    ناصر محمد 2 days ago

    الطوة عليها صقر اي صدأ .. لكن الرجل طبااااخ

  • Rinda Poolsawang
    Rinda Poolsawang 2 days ago


  • 巴拿马玫夏
    巴拿马玫夏 2 days ago


  • Digital Kumar Sanu
    Digital Kumar Sanu 3 days ago

    Sub done pl stay connected

  • Black Wallstreet
    Black Wallstreet 3 days ago

    Popeyes chicken is WAY WAY better then KFC...

  • Zafar Sayed
    Zafar Sayed 3 days ago

    Woww its still raw you can see the blood damnnnn

  • Big Texas
    Big Texas 3 days ago +2

    9:50 Chicken looks good but is under cooked a tad bit. Still a very generous man to cook for all of the village though. I hope he benefits from the youtube money since you have 3Million subs and so many views, it's only right.

  • সংগীত সাধনা

    Looking, nice

  • ali vanom
    ali vanom 3 days ago +1

    this shit is raw

  • عالم المعرفة


  • ability akan
    ability akan 4 days ago


  • Cousinz Media Aranmula


  • Bander B
    Bander B 4 days ago


  • danica sagalon
    danica sagalon 4 days ago

    where is your ketchup!so yummy.😋😋😋

  • FreddPhucks
    FreddPhucks 4 days ago

    Poor ass niq. Ugly aas niq.

  • Judy Karanja
    Judy Karanja 5 days ago

    What are those white things he uses to light the fire

  • ATitles
    ATitles 5 days ago

    lol daddy

  • Abraham Vázquez Cordova

    3:36 los dedos :0

  • Gabriela SM
    Gabriela SM 5 days ago

    Cabalistic number?? 33 behind man...

  • Binh Ho
    Binh Ho 5 days ago

    Yuumy 😋😋😋

  • namussuz bilo on tı dı vi yo

    Afiyet olsun dayı efsanesin you are great biri beni oraya götürsün aga

  • Chandi Priya
    Chandi Priya 5 days ago +1

    God bless you Village food factory and grandpa

  • nusret salt nusret salt

    Soon in India 🇮🇳

  • ابو نجم
    ابو نجم 6 days ago +5

    العربي لايك
    اتوقع لايوجد عرب
    هذه القناة فقط الأجانب

  • Ravinderkaur Gill
    Ravinderkaur Gill 6 days ago

    Awssssmmm grandpa

  • nadeem khan
    nadeem khan 6 days ago

    Hamare desh me talent ki koi kami nai he

  • mo han
    mo han 7 days ago

    #outdoorcookingshow visit our channel ..

  • siba1978
    siba1978 7 days ago

    The drumsticks got more meat on than grandpa 😂😂😂

  • Evance Ochieng
    Evance Ochieng 7 days ago


  • asi somos tijuana
    asi somos tijuana 7 days ago

    Tha looks so insanitary idian people are real nasty and dirty

  • Shashi Stylish
    Shashi Stylish 7 days ago

    All are fake video by this team
    How they know how to do kfc style chicken

    This team make all videos using name of grand pa/village food
    Totally fake

    • Aaamiii Ami
      Aaamiii Ami 7 days ago

      Why not villagers cant prepare KFC st styles

  • Elishia Wilson
    Elishia Wilson 8 days ago +4

    You're hands are magic, Your heart is gold. May you always be blessed. You are very much loved.

  • Be You
    Be You 8 days ago +2

    This man got patience! Food looks yummy, cooked with love & care ❤️

  • Jiteender Singh
    Jiteender Singh 8 days ago

    Grandpa you are great and I am big fan of you. God gives you more power because you are helping to children's.

  • Farkhand that cha Hussain

    Your dad is so cool

  • sasa sas
    sasa sas 8 days ago

    why there are so many dislikes🙁

  • babor ali
    babor ali 8 days ago

    Amke banaya dite parben

  • Papa Jude
    Papa Jude 8 days ago

    Nice cooking kfchicken i sopporter

  • HELI0_Z
    HELI0_Z 9 days ago

    Dislikes are from kfc

  • DaBluePenguin 2
    DaBluePenguin 2 9 days ago

    Why the dislikes

  • BSP' Lifestyle
    BSP' Lifestyle 9 days ago


  • BOGOS 보거스tv
    BOGOS 보거스tv 9 days ago +4

    Hi fafa
    Im bogos
    And living in korea
    I hearded about you in koea magazine
    I respect you
    I want to donate like you
    And i always watching you TVclip
    Have a good time

  • Paulo Vinicius
    Paulo Vinicius 10 days ago

    Se tem um ovo podre pelo geito as crianças ia se ferrar nojento na real

  • Tripp42
    Tripp42 10 days ago

    Dude eating raw ass chicken

  • Thala Pathi
    Thala Pathi 10 days ago

    Avan video pottu Panama sambathikaran. Neenga ennada na daddy foodie nu kittu

  • juan Moreno
    juan Moreno 10 days ago

    Me da asco el dedo de su mano

  • مجهول ً
    مجهول ً 10 days ago

    اكو عرب باطياره😂😂✌🏻

  • nathaniel nathan
    nathaniel nathan 11 days ago +6

    I mean tbh your dad knows how to cook my dude

  • Forfun Iren
    Forfun Iren 11 days ago

    Thanks very much am happy I found your chenel

  • Artha Sanjay
    Artha Sanjay 11 days ago

    I was really addicted to see the grandpa's videos.......And I like his samaiyal....... 💯

  • Airton Sales
    Airton Sales 11 days ago


  • 이준희
    이준희 11 days ago

    Korea Fried Chicken♡

  • Arun Saini
    Arun Saini 11 days ago

    Now I feel very hungry

  • Pamodzi Bites
    Pamodzi Bites 11 days ago

    looks so good wow!!!

  • Pushpa Kumar
    Pushpa Kumar 11 days ago

    From srilankan supar anna i lovid

  • Sunil Debnath
    Sunil Debnath 11 days ago

    Nice video

  • رآزآن عہليہ
    رآزآن عہليہ 12 days ago

    العراقي الكفو خلي يطبك هنا

  • Sousou Sisi
    Sousou Sisi 12 days ago

    شكوم لي عربي هنا يجي معايا

  • Andre Jose
    Andre Jose 12 days ago +2

    Alguém q é brasileiro e não entendeu nada do q o povo tava falando.kkkkk

  • BornTo Sparkle
    BornTo Sparkle 12 days ago

    Cool i love kf c chike n

  • Kyle Dremmed
    Kyle Dremmed 13 days ago

    Lol at the start the dog was barking

  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar 13 days ago

    Hello sir , I would Like to open a New youtube channel.Can you please help me for that sir ?

  • Yugesh Ravichandran
    Yugesh Ravichandran 13 days ago +1

    may i know the powder which he adding first ?

  • Ducky 7
    Ducky 7 13 days ago

    Why I’m I watching this at 3am

  • Sanjay Gaikwad gaikwad


  • GHOSTgaming 58
    GHOSTgaming 58 14 days ago

    Grandpa has 11 hands and not rich but rich in love new sub from ph

  • Cool Tech
    Cool Tech 15 days ago

    60 M views. Outstanding

  • Andrila Sruti
    Andrila Sruti 15 days ago +4

    I also love this channel bcz.. The Great men Doesn't wst the food... ... The great men distribute the food the homeless ppl... I love this 😍😍😍😎

  • Andrila Sruti
    Andrila Sruti 15 days ago +1

    Who is the Great men...... I WANT to see him

  • Jack Ran
    Jack Ran 15 days ago

    Plz support me and like share subscribe

  • Rashiya Md Ali
    Rashiya Md Ali 15 days ago +2

    5:30 looks awefull 😑😖

  • Scarlet Fuego
    Scarlet Fuego 15 days ago

    He cooked it with love. Huhu. God bless u atok

  • Scarlet Fuego
    Scarlet Fuego 15 days ago

    Baik nya hati atuk ni. Semoga Tuhan berkati atuk. Aamin

  • Huế Hoàng
    Huế Hoàng 15 days ago

    Nhìn ông ăn mà thấy thương

    HERBAL KITCHEN 16 days ago

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    HERBAL KITCHEN 16 days ago

    Nice recipe

  • Christian Scott
    Christian Scott 16 days ago

    Looks delicious

  • Johnwilliam Bocacao
    Johnwilliam Bocacao 16 days ago

    Dirty food in India all of food in India is dirty

    • VapeLORD
      VapeLORD 12 days ago +1

      but you eat chlorinated rotten chicken heheh and ur too stupid to know what it does to your body

  • Sankari Pughal
    Sankari Pughal 16 days ago

    ungalaium sollalaam annapurani endru. nice

  • besay say
    besay say 16 days ago

    Hello there. I really like your videos and fsllowing you for 2 years and novadays I saw something Somebody steal and share your videos on youtube who name is hintli dayi please find and report him

  • Nantha Kumar
    Nantha Kumar 17 days ago

    Thatha enaku konjam kudunga thatha

  • Dũng Lý Chanel
    Dũng Lý Chanel 17 days ago


  • Always Clean
    Always Clean 17 days ago +2

    He made food for the village and I cant make my bed.

  • Jack750_ Games
    Jack750_ Games 17 days ago

    kfc is much much better than this shit

  • Jack750_ Games
    Jack750_ Games 17 days ago

    why you dont help him?

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 17 days ago

    59 million views !!! you kidding me .

  • Dodik Syaiful
    Dodik Syaiful 17 days ago

    islam muhamad allah nabi

  • Dodik Syaiful
    Dodik Syaiful 17 days ago

    emang bisa nghabisin segitu

  • Prabu Rajan
    Prabu Rajan 17 days ago

    அய்யோ பாவம் தாத்தாவை வெயில்ல சமைக்க வக்கீறீங்க

  • Arjun Rathod
    Arjun Rathod 17 days ago +1


  • Ngọc Mai Lê
    Ngọc Mai Lê 17 days ago +2

    I really hope that there will be someone around to help him carry all the ingredients cuz they all look heavy to me.

  • Must Stay Anonymous
    Must Stay Anonymous 18 days ago +2

    If you're wondering,
    50 chickens were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Chinookie 82
    Chinookie 82 18 days ago

    Its amazing... this kind of video is what i want to work out to...