The TRUTH About IRON MAN in Real Life!

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • You've seen the End Game trailer -- now watch a real life Iron Man take off!
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    We traveled to Los Angeles California a few weeks ago to meet Richard Browning from Gravity Industries. He's built a 1000hp jet suit that allows you to fly around like Iron Man. We got to try it last video, but in this video, stick around for an in depth interview that explains how the jet suit works. We also gave Richard a very special gift -- a real metal Iron Man helmet for him to wear while flying!
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  • animesukcs
    animesukcs Day ago

    1:08 me and the boys playing creative mode in minecraft

  • soy papita frita
    soy papita frita 3 days ago

    There is the next iron man

  • Callum Spartan
    Callum Spartan 4 days ago +1

    13:50 Now all you need is a pistol in each hand and then your set

  • Виктор Карнаухов

    Горючее топливо (....

  • Shane Moore
    Shane Moore 10 days ago

    You guys need to Collab!!!

  • Rahul Sehrawat
    Rahul Sehrawat 11 days ago +1

    The Truth is......."I am Ironman".

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming 13 days ago

    omg how

  • Life is Fun
    Life is Fun 13 days ago

    I’m in the gifted program at my school (it means I’m rlly good in most subjects) and gifted is in the maker space lab I made a suit of armor out of styrofoam in 2 weeks it weighed about 15 pounds and the helmet broke twice

    HAIKAL PGM 14 days ago


  • A.K.A
    A.K.A 15 days ago +1

    I started watching hacksmith 3 years ago, been watching his videos ever since, I’ve always wanted to be as smart as these guys, I would trade anything to learn how to do this. I’ve been kicked out of one school, but I used to get 90’s up until 8th grade and everything changed, my depression started, my anxiety started, but I’m working on being successful again, maybe someday becoming like you hacksmith :) love your vids man

  • Frosty_ Alpha
    Frosty_ Alpha 19 days ago

    The world : who's gonna be the next Iron-Man?
    Hacksmith : MEEE!

  • Austin Cooper
    Austin Cooper 21 day ago


  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 21 day ago

    I'm sure you guys probably won't read this, let alone respond.... BUT. Your Iron Man helmet needs two things. 1st: You need the mask to lift higher than it does, so you can see easier and see more of the persons face. 2nd: This would be a GAME changer; get a pair of SKYZONE SKY02X FPV goggles and incorporate them into the mask. This way, when you lower the visor, you can use the small pin camera in the front and have a better view. Also, you can incorporate a heads up display on them, as well! IF you do read this, please let me know what you think!!

  • Rocio Fernandez
    Rocio Fernandez 21 day ago

    Real bc make it real

  • Marathi tech
    Marathi tech 21 day ago

    can we make this more compact

  • Mike Mercury
    Mike Mercury 23 days ago

    Is it hard to see out of the Iron Man mask ?

  • Mike Mercury
    Mike Mercury 23 days ago

    Great channel just subscribed

  • Aaron Thapa
    Aaron Thapa 24 days ago

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  • Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero
    Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero 24 days ago

    I wonder why they didn’t put jets on the feet like how the Iron Man suit they could fly straight forward if they did XD

  • Sonic Mania And Knukles

    That's not a helicopter hat that's a a whirly bat the personal helicopter from the silver ages of comic books hush got his bandages got in there try to escape the Batcave I know no one asked.

  • tanmay pawar
    tanmay pawar 25 days ago +1

    can u say

  • tanmay pawar
    tanmay pawar 25 days ago +1

    which motor he use plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz say me

  • Afasya Vlog
    Afasya Vlog 25 days ago

    Bucky X Captain America

  • Giacomo Marchese
    Giacomo Marchese 26 days ago

    how much flight time do you get?

  • clout scout
    clout scout 27 days ago

    you could use ar to show the calculated thrust and provide a holo/diagram to help with learning flight

  • Lawrence Cole
    Lawrence Cole 27 days ago

    Boo sustainability, booo!

  • Sutti
    Sutti 28 days ago


  • Sutti
    Sutti 28 days ago


  • Brett Prior
    Brett Prior 28 days ago

    I want to talk the money more, when did it become profitable? So you were sinking in hundreds of thousands before you were really even "flying", were there investors? How do you make anything happen, let alone this, without being born with a silver spoon?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  28 days ago

      He bootstrapped out with his savings, sold 10% for investment and took it from there. Definitely wasn't born with a silver spoon

  • Michael Gale
    Michael Gale 28 days ago


  • Bin MC
    Bin MC 28 days ago

    Công nghẹ phát triển vcl

  • sienceSasha
    sienceSasha 28 days ago

    2050: Launching Iron Man suit to space in real life

  • mohit sagar
    mohit sagar 29 days ago

    13:28 flight time...Enjoy

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    sanderson v vlogs 29 days ago

    Oh my God sou brasileiro

  • Epig Beast_Yolo
    Epig Beast_Yolo 29 days ago

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  • Dazlaa
    Dazlaa Month ago

    Bromance 101

  • Oleg Chernykh
    Oleg Chernykh Month ago

    I think it's really cool if you forgot your homework and you just quickly fly back to get it!

  • Harry Holloway
    Harry Holloway Month ago

    Build Sam Wilson's wingsuit!

  • Devanand Meshram
    Devanand Meshram Month ago +2

    Both of them amazed each other.🤘🤘

  • Yoshihiro Gomez
    Yoshihiro Gomez Month ago


  • 10kSubs NoVideoChallenge

    You should work together and make an entire iron man suit that works

  • James Askew
    James Askew Month ago

    ok Ive been gone for a year. lets see what's changed
    -way more subs
    -finally made the iron man helmet
    -grew a long beard
    -makes cooler things
    -aaaaand more marvel
    love it

  • AlEx CaMpAgNoLo
    AlEx CaMpAgNoLo Month ago +3

    Ha lol my school went to Conestoga college in Ontario and they showed us your vids!!😂

  • Sheldon McKenzie El

    Instead of having 4 jet packs on the hands (2 per arm) was it not possible to have the 4 packs spread out to 1 per arm and 1 per leg? Or did that create too much of a flight imbalance?

  • M-SimRacing -01
    M-SimRacing -01 Month ago

    The dream is here now ^^ ! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! Everybody want a Iron Man suit !

  • Yldra
    Yldra Month ago +1

    912 Obadia Stein dislike this video.

  • Tonya Edge
    Tonya Edge Month ago

    I love the avengars

  • X- Smile-X
    X- Smile-X Month ago

    Dang it I wanted to invent this when I became an adult. But still that’s so freaking awesome!

  • Nick Fulson
    Nick Fulson Month ago +1

    Man, looking at these awesome creations, I feel so inspired. I'm studying applied mathematics in a uni, and on the side I'm already a software engineer and I'm relearning a bit of electrotechnics and basic engineering. My long term goal is to build myself a nice little work space so I can build cool stuff on the side. It would be awesome if I could collab with you guys in a few years, you are truly goals XD Anyway, thx for doing what you do, much love!

  • Sk3ll OneShot
    Sk3ll OneShot Month ago

    He low key looks like your twin

  • Rotor Ryan
    Rotor Ryan Month ago

    I've been developing a racing quadcopter for years. Finally just working out the ergonomics and styling. Problem, because I have no style.
    It evolved from a coaxial just like yours
    Its super reassuring you came up with the same motors and blades.
    I've got about $10k into models/testing and $4.8k more to go. Doing something fun is expensive. At least you guys have a roi planned.
    Thanks for your videos

  • ItzBatsy
    ItzBatsy Month ago

    My mom said superheros aren't real i showed her this video 😂

  • dman manasco
    dman manasco Month ago

    Do you think people call them gravity gauntlets? lol

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    Christoher 2 Sammut Month ago +1

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  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago

    This is super cool. But just like what made tony iron man, once this isn’t powered by jet fuel it will be unbelievably awesome.

  • Nghiệp Công
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  • these chips are good

    In 30 year we will probably have a real Iron Man suit

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  • Bigotes Guidd
    Bigotes Guidd Month ago


  • Zero Fox
    Zero Fox Month ago

    I can't believe u didn't ask how long it will fly for.

  • Cheese lord Panda
    Cheese lord Panda Month ago


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    はんじゃ Month ago

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  • Vishal Soni
    Vishal Soni Month ago

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    All experiments are awsm make it true plzplzplzplz but after making this project not share to anyone just like Tony yo by

  • Le-Grande
    Le-Grande Month ago

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    Usa flag

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