Meat Loaf: I'd Do Anything For Love (Toronto, 1993)

  • Published on Jan 14, 2011
  • Meat Loaf Live in Toronto Canada, 1993.
    Features Patti Russo
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  • Dallas DautermanDallas
    Dallas DautermanDallas 6 months ago

    Great song! Meatloaf always gave his all in his performances

  • Twisted Truth
    Twisted Truth Year ago +2

    I was at this performance. I have also followed meat for a long time and atttended many of his shows. I can say, with 100% objectivity,this was the best live performance of this song he ever game. Everyone in the audiance knew it. You could simply feel it in the air

    • Niels Stas
      Niels Stas 5 days ago

      Do they still perform today?

    • Dallas DautermanDallas
      Dallas DautermanDallas 6 months ago

      Twisted Truth I was there also...I came from Ohio specifically to see this show. Boy, I'm still glad I went!!

  • Ester Dominguez Fernandez

    Amazing solos for guitar!!! Great performance. Thanks for sharing the video. I've seen more actuals videos for this song and it seems, that like Samson, he cut his hair and lost his best voice. At least, will always have vids like this to remember him at his best.

  • THANATOS112220
    THANATOS112220 3 years ago +2

    I just love the dance moves by Meat Loaf haha.

    • THANATOS112220
      THANATOS112220 3 years ago

      Glad you got to see Meat Loaf live during his prime years.

    • Michael Tuffin
      Michael Tuffin 3 years ago +3

      I had the privilege of being at this performance. I have seen him more than 20 times in concert, and this particular performance, imho, was the absolute best life performance I had seen of this song with him and PR. I've also seen him with Aspen, and though cute, she never complimented his vocals as well as PR .

  • Pauljackson1988
    Pauljackson1988 3 years ago +2

    Even though i never got to see him live in his prime. His real glory years was from the like mid/late 1980's till like the late 90's. Performance-wise he was knocking it right out of the park. Only one in my view that could top him at the time was Michael Jackson. Nobody else came even remotely close.

    • bobbyjovi
      bobbyjovi Year ago

      Michael Jackson by 1992-3 was miming.Wtf are you on about?

  • Guitar Tube
    Guitar Tube 5 years ago

    Nice thanks for uploading this and taking video that day. Was this Maple Leaf Gardens? If so I was there!

  • Martin Musgrave
    Martin Musgrave 6 years ago +6

    I won tickets to the 94 Kitchener concert of this tour. Not being a massive fan of Sir Loaf, I went with no expectations. As has been the case so many times in so many situations, it is when you bring none of your own baggage and you are prepared to maintain an open mind, the most surprising things happen: The Loaf rocked The Aud down! Of course, this epic, massive around the world at the time, was the centre piece of what was an unbelievable event. It is hard to fatham that this all occured almost 20 years ago!!! And the greatest irony is how the next few months for me were almost predicted by the lyrics.
    Thanks for putting this up!

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson 8 years ago +1

    i can do thaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • ollie241189
    ollie241189 8 years ago +2

    Im surprised there hasnt been a DVD of the Bat Out Of Hell 2 show! They released a DVD for the Bat Out Of Hell tour and the Bat 3 tour but why not this one?

  • CrestfallenXYU
    CrestfallenXYU 8 years ago +2

    This whole show is stunning!