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  • Chelby Cox
    Chelby Cox 7 minutes ago

    She needs to shut the f up

  • Suraiya Sultana
    Suraiya Sultana 22 minutes ago

    Your moms a whore slag

  • Suraiya Sultana
    Suraiya Sultana 24 minutes ago

    This bitch saying she made herself you dumb bitch god made you (saying you droped out of harverd

  • Reynolds Ortega
    Reynolds Ortega Hour ago

    I think most of the world are haters of lil tay. IM ONE IF THEM BECAUSE SHE IS SO DUMB AND ANNOYING. She keeps saying she is rich and nine years old like bruh and also, I GAVE BIRTH TO MYSELF i am trying my best to picrure that

  • safire soul
    safire soul Hour ago

    If little Tay makes billions why does she were poor ass clothes

  • safire soul
    safire soul Hour ago

    Little tays clothes are worth nothing the only thing her clothes are worth is a carrot smoker

  • safire soul
    safire soul Hour ago

    Little Tay is a broke ass person her mom works for a house company an her mom got Cort letting her go in a mansion an now she's on the news and the nice car is her dad's car and little Tay is a gold digger

  • Jda Pinkney
    Jda Pinkney Hour ago

    We need Madea

  • steven wilson
    steven wilson 2 hours ago +1

    Stop being a mothr fuckr

  • Xerqt
    Xerqt 3 hours ago

    why do you bleep everything when u used to swear in that music vid fuck jake paul.

  • Donutz Daily
    Donutz Daily 3 hours ago

    Boi this girl says "the youngest flexer of the century" She hasn't been living for even a decade

  • Aurora Sanchez Urbano
    Aurora Sanchez Urbano 3 hours ago

    I will beat the shit out of that bitch

  • Eva Washington
    Eva Washington 3 hours ago +1

    lil tay should be poor becuase of hat she does

  • Elissa games
    Elissa games 4 hours ago

    What the frick url house is enormous

  • Elissa games
    Elissa games 4 hours ago

    Don't listen Jake your house is giant it's like100x the size of my house

  • Elissa games
    Elissa games 4 hours ago

    Lil Tay : my outfit cost more than your house
    Jake: uhm
    Me : shut up you spoilt brat

  • Leticia Castillo
    Leticia Castillo 5 hours ago

    Lil Tay shut the hell up

  • Maureen flood
    Maureen flood 5 hours ago

    LIL TAY GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES SSSniperWolf Published on Jun 11, 2018

  • Milani Smith
    Milani Smith 5 hours ago

    also its confidential LEARN TO SPELL!

  • Tylashia Brandon
    Tylashia Brandon 6 hours ago

    this girl is dum

  • Pokemonkirto56789 Ytgame

    Ricegum is better then lil tay and j ake paul is better then both

  • Mendi Asipi
    Mendi Asipi 7 hours ago +1

    If I was there I killd that beach

  • Tunmise Are
    Tunmise Are 8 hours ago

    Men am fuck up bitch

  • Kristel Williams
    Kristel Williams 9 hours ago

    Lil tay is dumb smoking a carrot like what the hell

  • Jevee li Aripal
    Jevee li Aripal 10 hours ago

    something tells me she is poor

  • Jamie Donarski
    Jamie Donarski 10 hours ago +1

    Bad baby is better lily tay

  • Beth Shevill
    Beth Shevill 10 hours ago

    watch siperwolves vid

  • hi 101
    hi 101 15 hours ago

    This is lil tay

  • Ryan Der
    Ryan Der 19 hours ago

    Lil Tay is dumb

  • Kassidywolfe 101
    Kassidywolfe 101 20 hours ago

    The only reason I disliked this is because lil tay is in it

  • Donald Alexander
    Donald Alexander 21 hour ago

    She say jake should get a new house but she is the one that lives in an apartment 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • SAVAGEGIRLS123 cooler things

    Lol youngest stupid flexor ( Lil tay) lil tay: what's a resolution?
    Me: girl ur stupid no wonder ur so mean u dont know half the words in the world

  • Anishraj Umapathy
    Anishraj Umapathy 22 hours ago +1

    You broke my heart...

    1 like: 1:prayer

  • Solaris Playzz_49
    Solaris Playzz_49 22 hours ago

    She probably didn't go to Harvard

  • Solaris Playzz_49
    Solaris Playzz_49 22 hours ago

    NO ONE LIKES LIL TAY all they do is follow her to see how retarded she is

  • Tanisha The Best
    Tanisha The Best 23 hours ago

    Oh please lil tay im litterly 9 years old so whatvlever i have 5000pounds dolllars so yeah shush ure fucking moouth

  • angeladolfo rubio
    angeladolfo rubio 23 hours ago

    Yo when I saw that closet I’m like "girl that’s your mom closet cause them shirts and dresses look to big for you

    Oh and she was birthed from a raoch

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson 23 hours ago

    shes a young savege

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson 23 hours ago

    she needs to chill im nine years old

  • Sarene Kim
    Sarene Kim 23 hours ago


  • Anni Darr
    Anni Darr Day ago

    Lil tay is a f**ing it’s all that money from her mom so

  • Gail Parris
    Gail Parris Day ago

    Rude she is just using someone else's house 😒

  • Gucci Wang
    Gucci Wang Day ago

    I want to slap her

  • Nathen Scott
    Nathen Scott Day ago

    Tay your gay your mom is going to play high school so we can’t get together

  • Shannoncookie
    Shannoncookie Day ago

    Y’all need to stop hating

  • Ipu West Midlands

    I won't to slap Lil Tay face

  • Ipu West Midlands

    God wont love her because she said bich fuke

  • Dianelis Castro
    Dianelis Castro Day ago

    Smoking a carrot she stupid😹😹😹

  • Sandwich
    Sandwich Day ago

    *i birthed myself*

  • Nasteha Onfroy
    Nasteha Onfroy Day ago

    What’s resolution 😂😂

  • Caitlyn Glad
    Caitlyn Glad Day ago

    she looks and sonds 5

  • Angeline Swan
    Angeline Swan Day ago

    Dis lil bitch think she rich but she had to move bricks to get the money she has now😂😂😂

  • Caroline Haas
    Caroline Haas Day ago

    Actually she had to move bricks to get the money she had🖕

  • Kyal Moe
    Kyal Moe Day ago

    4:43 when you try to join the conversation

  • ProxyReap 0923
    ProxyReap 0923 Day ago

    Lil tay is dumd

  • Eli Johnson
    Eli Johnson Day ago

    Her mom is a relastate

  • Abby Sanchez
    Abby Sanchez Day ago

    The thing is Danielle wasn’t even fighting with her she was fighting with that other girl that lil tay was there with and lil tay needs to stop acting like her and Danielle was fighting cause they wasn’t Danielle wasn’t looking at her because she wasn’t fighting with her and lol tay thinks she’s big and bad and wants to run her mouth Danielle would’ve fuc*** her up.

  • Abby Sanchez
    Abby Sanchez Day ago

    My thing is she’s wayyyy younger than me and she curses soooooo much “what” she needs to fix her attitude with her ungrateful self

  • Abby Sanchez
    Abby Sanchez Day ago

    She sounds super retarded saying no I birth myself bi*** like no you didn’t she’s dumb I swear. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Abby Sanchez
    Abby Sanchez Day ago

    She kept saying “I’m lil tay the youngest flexer in the century” like no one cares the only reason why she’s getting all that clout is because she curses and acts retarded and like money isn’t everything she’ll see when she has nothing one day she thinks she’s Breyer than people like no she ain’t.

  • Abby Sanchez
    Abby Sanchez Day ago

    I don’t like little tay cuz the way she acts sorry she thinks she’s the richest person on earth and Jake looked like he wanted to smack that little girl I would’ve low key though she’s annoying like no cap 🧢

  • Alex_
    Alex_ Day ago

    Lil Tay makes people sad or mad

  • Alex_
    Alex_ Day ago

    I'm late I know butttt.....Why do she have to raise her voice ALL THE TIME....and why do she keep saying "Like" if I was there I would go up to her and smack her no matter what she does sorry but ofc and why do she have to be mean to him he didn't say anything to her.

  • Kendra Davis
    Kendra Davis Day ago

    Hmmmmm Jake

  • Hail CowCow CowCowManManThingItFan

    "I'm only 9 years old"

  • Scrubby Playz
    Scrubby Playz Day ago

    She smokes a carrot 😂😂😂😂

  • Ronnie Gamer19
    Ronnie Gamer19 Day ago

    Danielle broccoli is better then lil Tit

  • Nevaeh Granger
    Nevaeh Granger Day ago

    Little tay is staped

  • Michael Leone
    Michael Leone Day ago

    I get over 58mill a year

  • Michael Leone
    Michael Leone Day ago

    Lil tat is a big bitch

  • lao62377
    lao62377 Day ago

    She always says flex or money or like

  • Jammy Roman
    Jammy Roman Day ago

    She is so poor dog

  • Lexcy Orriz
    Lexcy Orriz 2 days ago

    Lil Tay is a spoiled brat

  • Cali Curry
    Cali Curry 2 days ago

    It a fact

  • Cali Curry
    Cali Curry 2 days ago

    lil tay poor

  • Madalyn Sears
    Madalyn Sears 2 days ago

    Liltayyou are only nine you must have a mom so you should basically stop flexing

  • Xxxtentacion Lover
    Xxxtentacion Lover 2 days ago

    Shes a fucking LAIR

  • Little Rome
    Little Rome 2 days ago

    Yes, flip rice gum

  • Madison Ott
    Madison Ott 2 days ago

    Lil tay is popular because she’s freakin 9 and is *rich* and a bitch

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers 2 days ago

    lil tay be dumb as fuck she dont no a thing about fucking uggs a 1000 dollor store i got gucci and uggs and all that shit she be dumb she be looking like a hippo on a dick so she need toilet water and i think her mom gives her that her home be a shack and her dad be dumb and she be trying to flex but all that comes out is shit so ya she ugly nine and im 14 and i gotta car to drive im populer and all but dont try to be cool because all it does is get you no freinds and no life well she doesnt have one eneyway'

  • Iris Umana
    Iris Umana 2 days ago

    Yo woy lil Tay 😒😒😠😠🖕🖕🖕

  • Gulianna Melendez
    Gulianna Melendez 2 days ago

    Lil tay is the dumbest person ever!

  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson 2 days ago

    Ok I died when she said noo birthed myself b****

  • Tasim Hysa
    Tasim Hysa 2 days ago


  • Gennesis Duque
    Gennesis Duque 2 days ago +1

    LIL TAY bitch shut the fuck up you keep saying the same thing over and over you act like you are strong but if u was there i could beat the shit out of you you ain't smart bitch you dumbass shit you dropped out of school thats why you so fucking dumbass shit

  • Nojus
    Nojus 2 days ago


  • Amy Natrigo
    Amy Natrigo 2 days ago +1

    The thing is she only can say that she is the youngest flexor. Also she is only 9

  • roblox fev
    roblox fev 2 days ago

    ll tay is so ugly the sun went away and the song she is going to make is going to make windows break

  • XD Redemption 24
    XD Redemption 24 2 days ago

    Shes so annoying as a nine year old she aint nothen

  • Zuzana Tancosova
    Zuzana Tancosova 2 days ago

    Jake did you know that lil Tay is poor

  • mia hayes
    mia hayes 2 days ago

    This little girl needs to be In trouble
    for real like where are her parents

  • olugbenga bamise
    olugbenga bamise 2 days ago

    Lil pump is better

  • Noah Roberson
    Noah Roberson 2 days ago

    She probably thinks my house is a soup can if she says yours is small

  • J &A s l i m e & vlogs

    Lil Tay is actually poor

  • Tannisha Winningham
    Tannisha Winningham 2 days ago +1

    lil tay have a tag on her vest

  • Tannisha Winningham
    Tannisha Winningham 2 days ago +1

    how is she rich after moving bricks and she said she live in a tent

  • hover bros
    hover bros 2 days ago

    Lil tay is the gayist person everrrr shes a little bitch

  • royal squad!! lily
    royal squad!! lily 2 days ago +1

    Your all over insta bc everyone hates YOU

  • Tylen Campbell
    Tylen Campbell 2 days ago

    It will be funny if she beat you up

  • Tatierra Altman
    Tatierra Altman 2 days ago