China's RX 5700 XT WAIFU Video Card by Yeston | Review & Tear-Down

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • A few weeks ago, we received the Yeston RX 5700 XT Waifu video card for review, using AMD's latest Radeon GPU. The Waifu is the predecessor to Yeston's Cute Pet.
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    Find our Yeston RX 580 2048SP Cute Pet review here:
    Snowflake returns to help us analyze the Yeston RX 5700 XT Waifu card, featuring a floral pink shroud with dotted holes, three fans of varying sizes, and a painted backplate with an anime character on it. Predictably, this is the card's primary selling point, and based on our testing, it may also be its only selling point.
    If you're interested in 5700 XT cards, you might also find the below interesting. The above link to the RX 580 2048 SP (570, basically) CUTE PET is interesting for its uniqueness, if that's more your style of graphics card.
    Best Overall - Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC (Amazon):
    Runner-Up - Sapphire Pulse (Amazon):
    Best Cooling - Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ (Amazon):
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Month ago +436

    Senior AMD GPU Analyst Snowflake returns to help out on the Yeston RX 5700 XT Waifu.
    Find our Yeston RX 580 2048SP Cute Pet review here:

    • Miciso
      Miciso 25 days ago

      the shroud and backplate. im sure u can find people. for me my friend did a custom one so it was red with a spiderman design. so it would fit the rest of my stuff i have. and he charged 40 euros 56 dollars?
      he said mostly for the cost of the paints and time spent.

    • Ryan W
      Ryan W Month ago

      jacket0708 you couldnt be more wrong

    • Wang Computers
      Wang Computers Month ago

      It's nice to meet Steve's waifu.

    • Sami Abdul
      Sami Abdul Month ago

      review the xfx raw 2

    • Alfons Putzeys
      Alfons Putzeys Month ago

      @cdoublejj that looks to me as a thick 2 or 3

  • Simpson
    Simpson 10 hours ago

    i kinda wish these cards came out during Q1, would've made a great april 1st video.

  • Daus
    Daus Day ago

    thats it! im team Amd now!

  • Carlos Fundora
    Carlos Fundora Day ago

    Please review the

  • Omega Giga Calhoun
    Omega Giga Calhoun 2 days ago

    for all the normal otakus and weird weebs out there

  • Just a Viewer
    Just a Viewer 3 days ago

    The card might be bad, but the Waifu is so good. Remember, you don't pay for quality, you pay for the waifu.

  • Retro Plus
    Retro Plus 3 days ago

    The innuendos are great

  • ValorProJared YT
    ValorProJared YT 3 days ago

    you're amazing my dude. i wish i would have found you and your channel years ago.. would have saved e a lot of money and taught me a whole lot. thANKS for all your great content brother

  • PowerDuDe_DK
    PowerDuDe_DK 4 days ago

    "It may not be thicc, but maybe it's hot" loool

  • mario mario
    mario mario 4 days ago

    In general: "waste of memes"

  • John Demeter
    John Demeter 4 days ago


  • DerCrawlerVomUrAnus
    DerCrawlerVomUrAnus 8 days ago

    The worst part about the waifu card is that it isn't even my waifu that's shown on the backplate.

  • Dark Skon
    Dark Skon 8 days ago

    fucking meme card lol. is that even a real anime char? .................

  • Louis van der Merwe
    Louis van der Merwe 9 days ago

    Hi - Is there any chance you could do a video on ambient temperatures? I'm pretty sure gamers in hotter climates are pulling on the short end since I suspect specs and running temps and adaptive cooling and what not is made for 20/25 degree Celsius environments, while here in Africa(and many other places) where I am my room can frequently get 35ish if I don't use AC, but it's a dry heat so it's not so bad for me but seems to be for my PC. It will be fun to realize that millions of gamers are getting up to 10% less performance just due to their climate. Someone in Europe running idle 70 degrees due to OC means that same setup may get up to 90 just by being in a different place. This is okay for overclocking but I suspect stock components of being guilty of this. I think almost no component will run as advertised in a 35 + degree environment while there are many places that get these temps. I know this can just be done by numbers, but a practical confirmation episode would be cool. To sum it up, I think hot climate users are getting throttled almost from the get-go with some components and anyway a hell of a lot sooner.

  • sss7felix
    sss7felix 9 days ago +1

    Waifu should be hot. hahaha

  • Paul R
    Paul R 9 days ago +1

    At least the waifu card is hot

  • RemyVonLion
    RemyVonLion 10 days ago +1

    my pc is already my waifu.

  • NateLB
    NateLB 11 days ago

    The waifu may not be... thick

  • Daniel MineCraft Man
    Daniel MineCraft Man 11 days ago


  • Parkour It
    Parkour It 11 days ago +1

    This marketing was not innefective.

    No Emilia no love.

    dENIS pLEWNIA 11 days ago +2

    the waifu adds 10fps at least

  • FreelanceArt101
    FreelanceArt101 12 days ago

    Gamer Nexus OFFICIALLY shit now.

  • FreelanceArt101
    FreelanceArt101 12 days ago

    Taiwan China manufactured it.

  • Виталий
    Виталий 12 days ago

    i wanna customized changeable air-cooling with ahegao face or spinning boobs(nipples) for 2-fan cards

  • Den NightinGale
    Den NightinGale 12 days ago

    14:36 14:55 rare glimpse of tech jesus accidentally disclosing his inner weeboo

    very honest guy & straight-forward reviews. LoL

  • Randodox
    Randodox 12 days ago +1

    It seems your GPU have the power of Anime god on your side.

  • amanita333
    amanita333 13 days ago


  • Raw LAHiabetes
    Raw LAHiabetes 13 days ago +1

    Shame China literlly takes shit and steals it. Then sells it even tho they never created it.

  • PixelLightShow
    PixelLightShow 14 days ago +1

    5:27 "the THICC is now on top of the wifu" AHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Seraph 366
    Seraph 366 14 days ago +1

    Loved this
    If it ends up on top
    Waifu is hot, too hot
    Waifus are supposed to be hot
    Hot case accompanying the hot waifu
    ( still watching)

  • selohcin
    selohcin 14 days ago

    That was the most fun I've ever had watching a Gamers' Nexus video. Absolutely brilliant.

  • fastn't boi
    fastn't boi 14 days ago

    It's really hard to take this video seriously

  • Lie Stefanus90
    Lie Stefanus90 14 days ago

    japanese emperor gonna rise again

  • Kinzuko
    Kinzuko 14 days ago

    so what your saying is... the waifu is hot and loud... hot

  • Velacroix
    Velacroix 14 days ago

    _Welp_ I didn't know this existed, but let me get my wallet.

  • co co cola
    co co cola 14 days ago

    am buying it as fast as i can

  • Jeffrey Bozko
    Jeffrey Bozko 15 days ago

    huge melons

  • Neo666233
    Neo666233 15 days ago

    Power budget of the Waifu is...endless! XD

  • Neo666233
    Neo666233 15 days ago

    Power budget of the Waifu is...endless! XD

  • Orwell Jones Laeddis
    Orwell Jones Laeddis 16 days ago

    The only waifu you can't and shouldn't touch when doing her job to pleasure you. ;)

  • Søren
    Søren 16 days ago


  • Ben
    Ben 16 days ago

    I just want a pink and blue card....

  • Sylvas Ashenwald
    Sylvas Ashenwald 16 days ago

    Sure... why not?

  • mrroasty666
    mrroasty666 16 days ago

    So basically there target consumer is weird lonely people who cant deal with it.... what a joke... waifu.... wtf people come on...

  • Jmsetyawan Fps
    Jmsetyawan Fps 17 days ago

    should there be RAM waifu ram?

  • Cody Clark
    Cody Clark 17 days ago

    Is it fat? Is it hot? Is it on top?... Man..loaded. Lol

  • this aint it chief
    this aint it chief 17 days ago

    oh shit, bye 2070 welcome 5700xt

  • Th0rodin
    Th0rodin 17 days ago

    Am I still a grownup, although I giggled throughout the whole video? :D

    Very punny, but this video was really great to look at...11/10 on the hotness score ;)

  • DJ Connorocker
    DJ Connorocker 17 days ago

    *happy weeb noises*

  • Chalight
    Chalight 17 days ago

    Weeaboos go riot when they hear about people liking K-pop but hyping this trash up
    like what's the deal

  • RocSaltAndPepperMint
    RocSaltAndPepperMint 18 days ago

    'WAIF is HOT, TOO HOT' the best expression i heard on a video card

  • Jakiz
    Jakiz 18 days ago

    like how much more is it just for that crap lol

  • zsv 23
    zsv 23 18 days ago

    Gayest GPU I've ever seen

  • BlazingTank 2
    BlazingTank 2 19 days ago


  • Poshboyx
    Poshboyx 19 days ago +1

    Christmas just got a whole lot whiter.

  • 리티안
    리티안 20 days ago


  • Punshed Anonym
    Punshed Anonym 20 days ago

    This is fucking nice :D

  • Toby Tootle
    Toby Tootle 20 days ago

    Excuse me this is a thing?

  • dimondlord11
    dimondlord11 20 days ago

    I'm a 250 lb otaku with 2 waifu pillows and litterly a wall of anime and a desktop I sunk 8k into lol

  • Boyan Penev
    Boyan Penev 20 days ago

    So, get a Sapphire Pulse, pay some artsy dude/tte 50 bucks to paint the shroud and backplate, win?
    Actually, how big of a deal would be painting the shroud? Paint on top of the metal will probably mess up the heat emission somewhat.