10 Disney World Food Facts Disney Will Never Tell You

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Here's a list of 10 Disney World Food Facts Disney Will Never Tell You. There are some amazing foods available at all Disney locations, and these are 10 Disney world food facts you didn't know.
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    Fairytale castle, magical rides, amazing fireworks, and the yummiest food - that’s what Disney dreams are made of! The nostalgia-inducing Disney World may be the happiest place on earth, but it hides some pretty interesting food secrets. Here are 10 Disney World food facts Disney will never tell you!
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    0:24 Millions of Mickey bars are sold each year
    2:06 People really, really love the Jumbo Turkey Legs!
    3:49 No gum at Disney World!
    5:29 Disney World grows Mickey-shaped veggies!
    7:16 Delicious scents everywhere at Disney World!
    8:56 No food wasted thanks to the Disney Harvest Program
    10:08 Popcorn and churros are eaten a lot!
    11:28 There is a secret menu at Disney World too!
    12:37 The secret of the Enchanted Tiki Room
    13:49 Disney World is a 100% Coca-Cola resort
    - While Disney World is any child’s dream holiday destination, it can be quite stressful for adults to navigate through the four theme parks, over a dozen resorts, and more than 45 rides where the wait times can sometimes be extremely long.
    - Right up there with the famous Mickey Premium Bar and Mickey Pretzel is another best-selling item at Disney World - the Jumbo Turkey Leg. And it is aptly named ‘Jumbo’, for it is indeed quite large. For some, it could even be a meal in itself!
    - One of the strangest food facts about Disney World has to be their no gum rule. Whether you are looking for some gum to freshen up your breath or a piece of bubble gum for some good old-fashioned bubble blowing fun, you would be hard pressed to find gum of any kind in Disney World.
    - One of the kingdoms/parks at Disney World is the EPCOT Center. EPCOT stands for ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’, but is popularly known as just ‘Epcot’. Walt Disney envisioned it as a futuristic model of community living that was completely self-reliant, sustainable and free from all forms of modern society trappings.
    - If you’ve ever been confounded by the delicious scents wafting through the air at Disney World, then you’re not alone! Many visitors often report smelling sweet fragrances vaguely reminiscent of baked goods at various spots throughout Disney World.
    - With over 400 restaurants and food carts at Disney World, the amount of food consumed each day at Disney World is quite staggering. And even larger is the amount of food that is left unconsumed every day.
    - With a mind-boggling variety of food items numbering well over 6000 at the various Disney World restaurants, cafés, food carts, and kiosks, picking just one or two items to snack on can be quite a task!
    - Just like most other famous chain restaurants, Disney World has a secret menu too. If you’ve already had the popular Disney World snacks and treats like Mickey Waffles, Jumbo Turkey Leg, Mickey Premium Bar, churros, popcorn, etc. and just want to try something new, there are many other secret items that you can try at the restaurants and food carts there.
    - The Enchanted Tiki Room is a very unique Polynesian-themed attraction. It is an audio-animatronic show presented by lifelike exotic birds, tiki gods and colorful flowers come to life in a musical extravaganza.
    - If you’re a Pepsi fan visiting Disney World, you are in for a major surprise! There is no Pepsi anywhere in Disney World - theme parks, resorts, or any other Disney World property. The happiest place on earth is a 100 percent Coca-Cola only resort.
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      Etrigan yeah you're probably right. Have a great day

    • Etrigan
      Etrigan 2 months ago

      Why buy a Mickey bar they're just dairy Queen rip offs the dairy Queen version is probably cheaper anyway

    • Jarren Lumpkin
      Jarren Lumpkin 2 months ago

      Did you know that Mickey mousey is my favorite Disney Charter😊

  • toyamwarr
    toyamwarr 21 day ago

    I discovered the dole whip stand earlier this year and had to go 3 more times that day. Having a wonderful cold pineapple treat on a sweltering hot day was heaven. It bothered the hell out of my family because we don’t normally double back on theme park lands (let alone 3x) but I was happy.

  • Nelson Keojampa
    Nelson Keojampa 28 days ago +1

    Don't press read more.

    What did I just say.

  • Psych Girl
    Psych Girl Month ago

    How were any of these facts things Disney World wouldn’t tell me? These are just 10 commonly known facts.

  • Eric Sommer
    Eric Sommer Month ago

    Nope Male turkeys

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    Elsa Reynolds Month ago

    eemoo? EEMOO!?!? Its EEm-you!!!!
    Emu is said Ee-m-you

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    Why is she yelling at me?

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    broing Ortega Month ago

    Lmao I am flying tomorrow to Disney land tomorrow in MCO

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    I like how she used spider man lol XD

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  • Corinne Natasha Corinne

    I'm chewwing gum while whatching this :3

  • Diana Romero
    Diana Romero Month ago

    #1. The Food is nasty!! The pretzels are the worst! Is as if you got them at the cheep membership club! got them out of the box and place them under a heating lamp!
    #2. The dullwhip is horrible!!i don’t know how people like it, it is practically welfare pineapple juice and frozen juice!!
    #3.The turkey legs are so blend! Absolutely no flavor!
    #4.if you go to Disney world and pay for the meal plan, Don’t spect to receive what you paid for!! It is a cheap meal plan already designed for you! cooked, froze and then thrown in an oven at request!! I do admit!! They do give you options of meals to pick from! Oh and a desert!!
    #5. Ice scream its ice cream! But can’t live all trip in ice cream!!
    #6. All food is way over priced, over rated and not what they promised!! Top chef my batt!! It was well designed for cheep food to be sold and presented as first class!!
    Let me put it to you in better description! If you are not spending big bucks, and I mean big bucks you are buying a TV dinner!! The box looks so good but when you open it, you know something is wrong and you can hear mickeys voice saying “”suckers “” in the back of your neck in that low voice!!
    Now not all is bad!! At least you do get full!! Or is it the fact that you hear your wallet screaming that makes you loose appetite!! I don’t know!! You will tell me when you get back!!

  • Ertyuzxz
    Ertyuzxz Month ago +2

    Of course Disney wouldn't tell you these things because:
    1. He's dead
    2. You probably didn't know him

  • Lily Unicorn
    Lily Unicorn Month ago

    #save the turtles

  • EJ Nova
    EJ Nova Month ago

    The most fattening, unhealthy food.

    • EJ Nova
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      BabbleTop yes I enjoyed the video

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  • Kakum fer
    Kakum fer Month ago

    Does anybody know why they changed the Mickey bar and when? I remember going to Disney back in the 80s and it not being fully covered in chocolate, the ears were chocolate ice cream the face was vanilla and they actually had eyes and a mouth in chocolate as well. They were so much better than the ones now.

  • Lissa Miller
    Lissa Miller Month ago

    0:01 wow

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  • Leigh Sutherland
    Leigh Sutherland Month ago

    If you are going to make a video in which you purport to be an expert, get the facts straight! WDW is not the happiest place. That is Disneyland, bonehead.

  • • Vertical •
    • Vertical • Month ago

    Once I got gum on my shoe in Disney. Who does that!?! My shoe got full of gum and really sticky.

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    Kayli n Month ago

    Mmmm it looks so good

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    hey Month ago

    Im sorry but the thumbnail looked like a pussy fucker 5000

  • Casey Adora
    Casey Adora Month ago

    85% of this information is either old or absolutely untrue.

  • Cinnamonbunnies Cream

    At club cool, I got a ton of cups filled with pineapple fanta, and filled my contigo water bottle with it

  • Lindsay Paris
    Lindsay Paris Month ago +1

    why is this all stuff that they tell you

  • peachfan100
    peachfan100 Month ago

    Video: "10 Disney World Food Facts Disney Will Never Tell You!!1!!1!!11111!!1!"
    The facts: PeOpLe LiKe ThE fOoD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

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      LOL peachfan100 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  • Bella Carter
    Bella Carter Month ago

    Why would they not tell you how much of something they have sold. Re name the title and call it food facts not something Disney would never tell you

  • Emma Sticky
    Emma Sticky Month ago

    If they are secrets how do you know???

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      That is for me to know and for you to find out.

  • Charley Jane
    Charley Jane Month ago

    When I was at animal kingdom we were going over a bridge and when I looked down into a little ditch there was SO much litter! It was so sad to see it there cause u would think they wouldn’t have such a mess there!

    • BabbleTop
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      Thanks for sharing this Charley Jane! 😄 It is said to see that people do not take care of their environment. 😢 Did you like the video?

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    My brother loves the turkey leg.

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    My sister heard me listening to the benign and she was like what is that ugly sound

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  • Paulette Garcia
    Paulette Garcia Month ago

    I'm a huge Disney fan... Love their turkey legs and churros.. I never knew that they donated their food, that's really awesome of them. I miss having my Disney pass.

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    You can get Nicky bars at stores

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      Where (city, state "province", country) and in which stores do you get them Chill?

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    What about the gray stuff

  • tisdaec2
    tisdaec2 Month ago

    Turkey legs are thousands of calories....pass

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      BabbleTop I did enjoy the video. Great job!!!! I subscribed!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ imma stay away from the turkey legs tho. 😂😂😂 oh and a friend of mine is in the clip of beaches & cream (kitchen sink)

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  • AngelWolfy :3
    AngelWolfy :3 Month ago

    Why would they nEvEr TeLl YoU tHat Mickey bar are popular
    Edit: bars not bar

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  • Kambrea Doante
    Kambrea Doante Month ago

    Omg the pickles at Disneyland are soo good if you love pickles I recommend them for a snack me and my mom ate 2

    • Kambrea Doante
      Kambrea Doante Month ago

      BabbleTop yup I learn a lot of things from this

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  • Darlene Garza
    Darlene Garza Month ago

    I live in rio grande

  • Mya Villeda
    Mya Villeda Month ago

    Omg my grandma was just about to buy theses for me and my brother at h.e.b

  • Molly Polarhurricane

    I went to Orlando for Disney and it was wonderful! I didn’t go for the princesses and all, I went to the 3 parks well it there are 4 I went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Anyways I went to the parks for the rides as I had never been on a rollercoaster! Or well a good one. And Space Mountain was a wonderful choice! It was my 1st rollercoaster and though I closed my eyes because well there wasn’t much to see anyways as it was dark, I got scared by the sounds and the drops. I was screaming the whole time 😂 Epcot, it was beautiful and I just loved it. I got multiple beautiful pictures which you will find on my Instagram, molly_polarhurricane. The rides were wonderful too, though I only remember going on 2 rides. The picture ride and the rocket ship flying ride. The pictures were beautiful, I loved the Paris one. But when the airplane came at you... it scared me so bad and I screamed a bit! The rocket ship was difficult for me and I only pressed the correct button once! Now for the magic kingdom. My favorite place! I didn’t take many pictures, only 3 or 4 of ducks. Well that’s what I remember! I went on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightning (least favorite), and the rocket ship ride. All beside my father! Thank you for taking me dad. Splash Mountain was so scary! I hated but loved that drop. And finally, Animal Kingdom. The animals were adorable! I loved them. The last ride I went on, and only at this part of the park... was the Everest ride! I don’t remember what it was called so I called it that. If you don’t know what I mean it was the one where you climbed up the mountain and went backwards. Oh god I still have nightmares! I screamed when we started going up. Well only a bit. But when we got all the way up I was frozen and when we started to move back.. hmm... think of how loud I screamed. So loud I think you could hear me from the parking lot. I screamed from when we started moving backwards and when I finally saw the end. Well I continued to scream until we slowed down. It was terrifying and I hope I go again!

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    Don't you clickbait me you jerk

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    My dream destination ain’t Disney it’s Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

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    michael Hoffman Month ago

    My grandma last month got a giant turkey leg from disney and now we have a picture of in her red nail polish eating it

  • Jessann C
    Jessann C Month ago +1

    Yeahhhh, I stopped watching after the first fact. Putting “will never tell you” in the title implies that it’s something Disney is trying to hide from you for whatever reason... so according to you they will NEVER want us to know that the Mickey Bars are delicious and EXTREMELY popular??? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yeah they should definitely keep that under wraps. It’s harmful information. 🤣

  • F-zero91maru
    F-zero91maru Month ago

    Needs to be a way to expose the Disneyland industry’s

  • Vivian Chuhak
    Vivian Chuhak Month ago

    did anyone else get mad when they saw the small clip of despicable me in this ?? that’s universal not disney !!

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  • Abbie 51304
    Abbie 51304 Month ago

    I went to Disney world one summer with my girl scouts (it was our cookie prize, and we sold over 20,000 cookies in a like 11 girl troop) and we were supposed to only get one treat, but I ended up getting like 3 of the Mikey bars. My dad got me one (the other girls were excluding me, so he took me out of the restraunt we were eating dinner in and took me to get one.), my grandma got me one, and I got one when everyone else got their treat. Among other treats and we ate dinner in the park every day, and took our lunch.

  • Olivia Potter
    Olivia Potter Month ago +1

    If they never told us then how do you know?

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      That is for me to know and you to find out. 😜

  • Jason Vaughan
    Jason Vaughan Month ago

    Why would Disney not tell me the first one. I don’t think they care if I know how many ice cream bars they sell per year

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    Kaidyn McKenzie Month ago

    I have NEVER been to Disney world or land!!!!😲☹️😭

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      Thank you for asking it has been my dream to have an youtuber message me I love your videos 🙂😇

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    Why is there so many unnecessary video clips and pictures in here?.

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    I never ever been to Disney World, anyone else?

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    What's a BabbleTop and how can I get rid of it?
    This video is so bad.

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    I went and I 💯% recommend Dole Whip

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    Andrea Corona Month ago

    Stewie Griffin is a whole mood

  • Pender, Party of 2!

    Imagineers do not grow the vegetables in the land! 🤣 that is the horticulture department.

  • Thomasina Boring
    Thomasina Boring Month ago

    Disney DOES NOT do the refillable mugs for free anymore..the 4 main parks do not have these mugs, but has other souvenir mugs..and these are also not refilled for free. You have to pay full price! The water parks have refillable mugs but you pay full price for the mug and then the refills all day are about 6.99..only drink you get free other than club cool samples is cups of ice water..

  • Booga04 Minecraft
    Booga04 Minecraft Month ago +1

    They'll tell you this stuff if you ask.

  • Mr Luke
    Mr Luke Month ago

    Remember when they say chips (England) they meen a bag of chrisps.

  • Sausayy
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    I mean, what did I expect?

  • 。孤独なキュウリ

    02:21 *Crys in vegan* ITS SO RUDE TO KILL A LITTLE CUTE ANIMAL TO EAT! They also deserve to live. But i should not tell people how to live i guess its their choose..

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  • DaniellaDaniel
    DaniellaDaniel Month ago

    The mickey bar looks a bit chuncky from the outside, don’t get why it’s so popular...

  • song mae-ri
    song mae-ri Month ago

    Right after that I said in my head: "Which they apparently told you guys."

  • Funsun63 AJ
    Funsun63 AJ Month ago

    I feel like Disney is not obligated to tell anyone any of this. I mean, it’s just facts

  • Gabriel Nersessian
    Gabriel Nersessian Month ago

    Disney wouldn’t tell us this? They probably brag their asses off about their food donation thing 😂

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    The popcorn is so POPular

    I’m not funny😂

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    There are no plastic straws in Disneyland California too

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    Jose Rivera Month ago +2

    Next the jumbo turkey leg : My stomach: what did you say edit: wow this has so many liks

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      Uuuu yup I love this channl

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    Ik I bought a box of Mickey ice cream bars and Mickey waffles earlier

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  • Erika Layton
    Erika Layton Month ago +2

    Walt Disney looks like my dad... Me:Dad..?
    Dad:what do you want CHILD
    Me:Can you change your name to Walt Disney?

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      LOL Erika Layton 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  • NutellaNugget
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    I found the icecream at the grocery shop I didn’t know it was limited :O I gotta get them

    • NutellaNugget
      NutellaNugget Month ago

      furyfox13 Cardenas I didn’t get them yet

  • duolingo bird
    duolingo bird Month ago

    2:08 they are soooooo good !!!! If you go to Disney land make sure to buy one of those turkey legs they are sooo fucking good

  • Nira Bretherton
    Nira Bretherton Month ago

    Those gay ice creams aren't even yum

  • Jungkook’s Banana Milk

    1:08 who Ever hasnt eat one of this, have no childhood