iPhone X by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso

  • Published on Sep 24, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 15 877

  • Sidheeq Sha
    Sidheeq Sha 2 hours ago

    malayalii like adi

  • Esra x Forever
    Esra x Forever 21 hour ago

    I need this!!!

  • xcmon3yx777
    xcmon3yx777 Day ago

    next day... introducing the new and improved pineapple iphone 10xr

  • Cyberlight Gaming

    For some reason I would love to have Maria 😂

  • Silver Sniper
    Silver Sniper Day ago

    I would buy this

  • Pure79er
    Pure79er 3 days ago

    El Futuro

  • lily Kapoor
    lily Kapoor 4 days ago

    Why does he eat leaves in all pineapple videos 😂😂😂 lmao

  • King Llama0495
    King Llama0495 4 days ago

    Can I buy one

  • Elwyn Styles
    Elwyn Styles 5 days ago

    Hahahaha when you said Siri then it came up!

  • Lee Bot
    Lee Bot 5 days ago +1

    I can't find it in stores 😂

  • Chri5Rowland
    Chri5Rowland 5 days ago


  • Gina Rodriguez
    Gina Rodriguez 6 days ago


  • Erika Aguirre
    Erika Aguirre 7 days ago


  • Rbrewt
    Rbrewt 8 days ago

    1:18 AirPods

  • Hamada TV
    Hamada TV 9 days ago

    إبداع يا رودي محبكم من السودان

    BTS BLACPINK EDITS 9 days ago

    2019 anyone? Anyway wtf did he actually cut himself 😢😂it looks so real😂

  • Esperanza Martinez
    Esperanza Martinez 9 days ago

    Maria is way better than Siri 👌👌

  • T.J
    T.J 11 days ago

    I really need Maria!!!🤣😂

  • Kitty Lover809
    Kitty Lover809 12 days ago

    Do you even know what a ding a ling is! ITS A FUCKING PENIS AMD CHANGE YOIR CHENEL NAME BECAUSE YOUR DESCUSTING! Good thing I never sub to you!!!!😂

  • Christian james Delrosario

    Pine-apple oh fuck

  • Pritam Roy
    Pritam Roy 17 days ago

    "I have a vision of making the world a safer place" says and eats leaves😳😂🤣 I'm dead

  • Shumi Barua
    Shumi Barua 18 days ago

    This time its crapier not shittier

  • mandaar adarsh
    mandaar adarsh 19 days ago

    no rudy mancuso is complete without tequila ....😂

  • md apon
    md apon 20 days ago

    He has a vision to bring the world at a high risk of death ......

    RARO PH 20 days ago


  • Jharmaine Carl Mendoza

    Wtd did i just watch

  • pop guy 2
    pop guy 2 22 days ago

    And were do we get this product

  • Tomiwa Akinfolajimi
    Tomiwa Akinfolajimi 22 days ago

    That an iPhone 6

  • RED E
    RED E 23 days ago

    I will totally buy this

  • salah gamer
    salah gamer 23 days ago +1

    Iphone when they loss all their money

  • Chuy Mendoza
    Chuy Mendoza 23 days ago

    Bro I would buy this lmao

  • in2Rafi
    in2Rafi 24 days ago

    My company is "Adam's Apple" but the iPhones are free for all of our customers. Yes you listened me correctly. Its FREE. You don't need to pay for the box come with this phone. Pay only for the iPhone XS Max. And we will give you the phone box for FREEE..

  • Bff to Roblox
    Bff to Roblox 24 days ago

    ooo Pineapple were can I get one

  • Lostpheonix -
    Lostpheonix - 25 days ago

    I think Maria is better than Siri

  • shangru cai
    shangru cai 26 days ago

    It is funny But I think Huawei is better than iPhone

  • Faze boyshockz
    Faze boyshockz 27 days ago

    Can I buy this pineapple shit plz

  • Kuroki Jsn
    Kuroki Jsn 28 days ago

    Can I Buy That?
    Because I Like Crappy Phone!

  • Idiot Productions
    Idiot Productions 28 days ago +1

    0:55 im dying

  • UBTV
    UBTV 28 days ago

    can anyone tell the name of background music?

  • Just an ant
    Just an ant 28 days ago

    Why IPhone not Ifone

  • Nithin
    Nithin Month ago


  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer Month ago

    I wanna get this NOWWWW😂😂

  • Zachpro PLAYZ
    Zachpro PLAYZ Month ago

    Think a little crappppppppier

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff Month ago +1

    Why is he eating like a panda though xDDD dude needs a serious psychiatrist.

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff Month ago +2

    'Scientists who pretend to be doing things for the camera'
    Disrespecting for the best scientists in universities and the world in general who work hard to develop better things for us :(
    Also I need this please... > 1:00

  • Yogesh Landge
    Yogesh Landge Month ago

    Dont know why but i get ASMR from this

  • Vucko
    Vucko Month ago +3

    Pineapple ...
    Think before YOU buy IT.

  • Arman Ali
    Arman Ali Month ago +1

    "We Are Apple Take Your Money."

  • anim star
    anim star Month ago

    Why tf am I here

  • eivindrew
    eivindrew Month ago


  • Daniel Karanja
    Daniel Karanja Month ago

    Nobody will buy the phone

  • Chuy Mendoza
    Chuy Mendoza Month ago


  • javad khezli
    javad khezli Month ago

    جون کون نابی

  • Eilif Aadland
    Eilif Aadland Month ago

    Why are your name not Steve johobos

  • Maluma Baby
    Maluma Baby Month ago

    It's mad broooo😂😂😂😂

  • naim Georges
    naim Georges Month ago +1

    Pineapple -think a little crappier

  • SLeEpinG PriNce
    SLeEpinG PriNce Month ago

    Shut up n take my money.😌

  • WorldWideHandsome
    WorldWideHandsome Month ago

    But I'm Hispanic and I do not listen to Hispanic music, just k-pop :>

  • illuminati
    illuminati Month ago +1

    Just bought my new waterproof case

  • Droon Doley
    Droon Doley Month ago

    Maria is too intelligent to be an AI tech.

  • Jumon Hossain
    Jumon Hossain Month ago


  • Bowjack696969 Jeff_7149

    1:12 Rudy discovers airpods

  • yeety derp
    yeety derp Month ago

    Steve trabajo means steve jobs in spanish lol

  • Wonderful world of weird!

    I love pineapple and Rudy! Maria is amazing!

  • Indiana Maddox
    Indiana Maddox Month ago +3

    I looked it up, Trabajo means Work/Job in Spanish. 🤯🤯😂😂

  • Music Is Life
    Music Is Life Month ago

    The bloodlock got me dead asf 🤣🤣

  • cman sank
    cman sank Month ago

    Hahaha putaaaa ur da best

  • YS_ Awarevening
    YS_ Awarevening Month ago +1

    Hey, Maria
    Wtf do you want steve

  • OneWayXC
    OneWayXC Month ago

    no ü

  • vix
    vix Month ago

    I wanna buy it.

  • Lil Cube
    Lil Cube Month ago +1

    PinePhone is better

  • subscribe to Zyle Trinidad

    Trabaho mean job or work in Filipino

  • Sorayah Johnson
    Sorayah Johnson Month ago

    I want Maria

  • Anthony Tsoukarellis
    Anthony Tsoukarellis Month ago +1

    What about middle eastern music 😂😂

  • - Damn -
    - Damn - Month ago

    How much I want to buy.