Ali-A Plays - Splinter Cell: Blacklist MULTIPLAYER! #1 Spies vs MERCS Gameplay!

  • Published on Aug 4, 2013
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    Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A.
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Comments • 2 307

  • Jeremiah Sterrett
    Jeremiah Sterrett 4 months ago

    From this to fortnite.

  • Sky Tiger
    Sky Tiger 6 months ago +2

    The only good side of Ali a

  • PrimeVertex
    PrimeVertex 2 years ago

    Does anyone know when it comes out on iOS?

  • Rafael Felizardo
    Rafael Felizardo 3 years ago

    lol ali a a love all your videos evry day a i waych one of your vedeos or more then one i ll sent you a friend request my name on x box is vipswat 04

  • Katie Worton
    Katie Worton 3 years ago

    How to play

    RatDADDYHD 3 years ago

    ........what happen to you

  • Shanya Collier
    Shanya Collier 3 years ago


  • Macie Jay
    Macie Jay 3 years ago +9

    This was my favorite multiplayer game, too bad PC is plagued with cheaters using aimbots and sprinting like cheetahs. It makes the game completely pointless to play, I don't get why people cheat.

    • When Life Smacks You In The Face
      When Life Smacks You In The Face 2 years ago

      Macie Jay It's the same on PS3. I miss the old nostalgic feel playing Blacklist. There better be a sequel.

    • Scruby Speedo
      Scruby Speedo 2 years ago

      Macie I love your channel.

    • Sly Sniper Fox
      Sly Sniper Fox 3 years ago +2

      +mkx 471 it's sad they have to cheat at a stealth game

    • mkx 471
      mkx 471 3 years ago +1

      They just suck at the game and life.

  • RG3 Gaming
    RG3 Gaming 3 years ago

    AEa.k. One. Ta. How

    ELECTRO GT 4 years ago

    Favij song

  • Adam Falla
    Adam Falla 4 years ago

    I've just bought this, do people still play it online?

  • The WOLF Brotherhood
    The WOLF Brotherhood 4 years ago +1

    nice, I hope you will do more splinter cell. it's a great game. we have anyone amazing video of SC on our channel too. would be nice to play sometime.

  • jackwase
    jackwase 4 years ago +10

    Like if you are watching in 2015!

  • griselda nunez
    griselda nunez 4 years ago

    Can you help me out please
    I got the elgato to use with ps3 to record blacklist gameplay. But when I go to set up the video for I game it will not let me adjust the setting for brightness. It says to slide left Til text is barely visible but I go left and right and it's solid black. Help??? Please see my video that I uploaded trying to adjust the video any help would be great thanks,

    • Eliminator Elite
      Eliminator Elite 4 years ago

      Try going to settings if it wont work watch how to do in youtube :)

  • 9FIVE
    9FIVE 4 years ago

    Thanks for this video. Will use this when I get the game.

  • Baily Mack
    Baily Mack 4 years ago

    you are so cool you are the best at call of duty lol

  • NiggaRush
    NiggaRush 4 years ago

    i am having a tournement do u play on xbox? if you do message me

  • Ryan Jennings
    Ryan Jennings 4 years ago +1

    The mercenary tactic of watching each others back is good...but it doesn't always works. I was a spy sneaking around, as you do, and there was two mercs rolling around tag teaming. I was hanging above them waiting for the perfect moment then boom! I jumped down and killed the guy behind the other merc turned around and before he could fire his weapon I slit his throat in quick succession. So smooth and fluid, I was so proud. This game is good but not many play it anymore, so ronery on the PS3 with this game lol

    • azzpierce
      azzpierce 4 years ago +1

      +Ryan Jennings so you had complete memory loss in 3 months?? lol

    • joe billage
      joe billage 4 years ago

      Ohhhh k but it's true :)

    • joe billage
      joe billage 4 years ago

      Did not happen there is no slit throat animation lmfao fail

    • Ryan Jennings
      Ryan Jennings 4 years ago

      Its been so long that i dont remember, nor really give a fuck

    • yung corncob
      yung corncob 4 years ago

      Lol I bet that didn't happen but okay

  • Eneko Meaurio
    Eneko Meaurio 4 years ago


  • Eneko Meaurio
    Eneko Meaurio 4 years ago


  • Γιώργος Σκυλακάκης

    sniper only, no perks no attachments no secondary with lethals and tacticals

  • Justin Kirchner
    Justin Kirchner 5 years ago +1

    I really enjoyed his game play. Right now I own the game and think it is pretty cool.

  • 0riginal
    0riginal 5 years ago +1

    Do more!!!!

  • Joshua_UYA
    Joshua_UYA 5 years ago

    You're horrible at this game, no wonder you never play it anymore.

    • Daniel Michael
      Daniel Michael 4 years ago


    • Underrated Rock Bands
      Underrated Rock Bands 5 years ago

      this gameplay was taken at Ubisoft Toronto before the game even comes out. so it was basically his first try

  • Adi Velic
    Adi Velic 5 years ago

    go 3rd personn

  • Ilija Ilic
    Ilija Ilic 5 years ago +1

    have to play splinter cell blacklist multiplayer

  • Mahdi Tiger
    Mahdi Tiger 5 years ago

    what the faz

  • László Kardos
    László Kardos 5 years ago

    Enemy is very BAD, NOOB. OMG.

  • MrFatboyalert
    MrFatboyalert 5 years ago +8

    In 7 whole minutes you haven't shut the fuck up at all. Not even once for five seconds!!!

    • dxnshxm
      dxnshxm 5 years ago +2

      Ali-A does commentaries. Hate? Then don't watch his videos, his 4,000,000 subscribers are still watching.

    • deadspace
      deadspace 5 years ago +3

      If u dont like leave

  • L coke
    L coke 5 years ago

    Thanks mate

  • L coke
    L coke 5 years ago

    Pleeeease tell whats the name of that soundtrack or music u are playing in the backround ! ITS EPIC

    • Max Rueckl
      Max Rueckl 5 years ago

      its disconnected by pegboard nerds
      also another good song by them is self destruct.

  • L coke
    L coke 5 years ago

    Pleeeease tell whats the name of that soundtrack or music u are playing in the backround ! ITS EPIC

  • D.E. C.V.
    D.E. C.V. 5 years ago +7

    Did this imbecile said "It's like call of duty" just because it's in first person when you play as a Merc? Gosh...

  • Broshi Omnominus
    Broshi Omnominus 5 years ago

    i hate how this game sticks you with max levels when your just starting out. learn fast or die without getting a single chance...

  • Rhys Hogan
    Rhys Hogan 5 years ago

    the hud layout takes up alot of vision

  • Daniel Hurrell
    Daniel Hurrell 5 years ago

    Add me on psn TigerF-a-c-e, great video loved it (y) keep it up :)

  • Xenon
    Xenon 5 years ago

    yeah, R.I.P

  • John greatoptimist
    John greatoptimist 5 years ago

    Yeah, God rest his soul! One of the great authors of our time!

  • Xenon
    Xenon 5 years ago

    Tom clancy died last night at age of 66.

  • Christian Seesai
    Christian Seesai 5 years ago

    Play some more !

  • Miff Nova
    Miff Nova 5 years ago

    P at 0:14

  • -
    - 5 years ago

    Pause the video at 0:12 and watch his face lol

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    An FPS doesnt have to look like COD/Battlefield with all of the same features. I am assuming you are younger yes? Because back even 5 - 6 years ago every shooter had its own feel and own features. Now they all have become on giant ball of shit that all are borderline identical with nothing giving them unique characteristics anymore. I used to love FPS games. Now if you have played one you have played them all 100 times over.

  • marjorieebt
    marjorieebt 5 years ago

    Red faq shet

  • Radial
    Radial 5 years ago

    Dude....they all look the same because its the same genre with not much to expand upon. Sure it can have a amazing lore but if you want it to be a FPS its gonna look like a FPS.

  • marjorieebt
    marjorieebt 5 years ago

    Fome orange

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    Online play sure has managed to morph into it. Which is what I am referring too. Get points. ADS. All shooters are beginning to all morph into the exact same thing. I am not talking about the SP campaign. So chill raging pre teen.

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    Good job. No spelling review homework for you tonight. You can just sit on your ass all day and play BF3 skinned video games and eat a whole bag of Doritos.

  • Radial
    Radial 5 years ago

    HEY, I just became a big boy DONT PATRINIZE ME ANOUT IT. oh and for the record...its you're

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    Irony. Get back to school big boy.

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    All games do it now. You are just looking at it through rose colored glasses. There is going to be no reasoning with you so just agree to disagree fanboi.

  • Radial
    Radial 5 years ago


  • Radial
    Radial 5 years ago

    this is a third person game, a stealth game not a first person shooter. It has a unique mode in which one team is a slow first person shooter character which is only in multiplayer, the other team are spies who play in third person like in singleplayer. This has been around for awhile and you just looked at 1 video and said SPLINTERCELL a game that came out the same month as call of duty 1 is copying it.

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    I have played a SC game. I have played almost all of them. The online mode is trash as always has been. The real fun is in the single player.

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    I doubt it. Looks identical. Just has a mode where some people can play as hackers. That is all.

  • Radial
    Radial 5 years ago

    Your a idiot. Play a splinter cell game.

  • Radial
    Radial 5 years ago

    This is nothing like COD...idiot.

  • AgHeinz57
    AgHeinz57 5 years ago

    What is the point of buying new games if they all are like COD/Battlefield?

    SKY HIGH 5 years ago

    Like the game mode but hate how the game looks.

  • Fragiskos Koutentakis
    Fragiskos Koutentakis 5 years ago

    copy of bf3??? really? have y ever played a splinter cell game??

    xXJMU DUKEXxFTW 5 years ago

    Sub to me please giveaway coming soon:)))))

  • Boss Beast
    Boss Beast 5 years ago

    copy of battlefield 3 ay

  • Hydra aS
    Hydra aS 5 years ago


  • steathypanda46
    steathypanda46 5 years ago

    go 60-0 on kill comfermnd

  • Brother Sinbad
    Brother Sinbad 5 years ago

    you are a twat

  • Harry Gardiner
    Harry Gardiner 5 years ago

    would like to see single player

  • ozy1970
    ozy1970 5 years ago

    I've had this game a couple of days and really enjoying it, I like to play a merc in team deathmatch, that's another game mode, you can choose to be a merc it's first person view or spy it's third person view

  • Litchman
    Litchman 5 years ago

    Wrong you only have to kill the hacker

  • Wilky barkid
    Wilky barkid 5 years ago

    I like him to do C4 only no guns or knives.

  • MeoWHamster
    MeoWHamster 5 years ago

    03:09 spy got spied :P

  • Hunter
    Hunter 5 years ago

    well what games are you playing? i suppose most people prefer to play shooters with mouse but racing games, run& jump games are better with controller , also when you play with a contoller and sit on a nice comfy couch, you get relaxed... unless you rage ^^

  • spezza178
    spezza178 5 years ago


  • Emma Burton
    Emma Burton 5 years ago

    please sub me guys

  • giovani torrico
    giovani torrico 5 years ago

    HOVA nadeshot is playing

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P 5 years ago

    This game is awesome

  • shakensparco
    shakensparco 5 years ago

    Geez these spies suck- vet Pandora Tomorrow player

  • Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly 5 years ago

    Look at my channel x

  • TheLupinOfLife
    TheLupinOfLife 5 years ago

    Is it best on Xbox or pc? What should I get platform wise

  • Del Patio
    Del Patio 5 years ago

    cause you suck

  • charlie prodhommebennett

    Is ali a British

  • Felix
    Felix 5 years ago

    really good game buy it

  • Amanda Hunt
    Amanda Hunt 5 years ago

    everyone please sub me :)!

  • KushBudz Uk
    KushBudz Uk 5 years ago

    I'd say not for the money it's worth now, i'd wait for a preowned copy or lend it from a friend or a rent store

  • Arnav Khanna
    Arnav Khanna 5 years ago

    Dont buy it . It aint worth it

  • Vir Ajmani
    Vir Ajmani 5 years ago

    Should i get this game for ps3 like i mean is it worth it over all?

  • Enigma
    Enigma 5 years ago

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  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 5 years ago

    you should use the reply button

  • Hayden Stewart
    Hayden Stewart 5 years ago

    Its Out!!

  • Gina Gray
    Gina Gray 5 years ago

    Is it out now

  • Moises de Andrade
    Moises de Andrade 5 years ago

    That game is fucking amazing

  • XTornado01
    XTornado01 5 years ago

    It looked like Jahova was on his team

  • Ion
    Ion 5 years ago

    how to play multiplayer?

  • Xewdop7
    Xewdop7 5 years ago

    Tif u want to play a game thats like cod on iPod then get Trigger Fist

  • ThatsSolairusXD
    ThatsSolairusXD 5 years ago

    Why are you so thirsty?

  • TheYunger1
    TheYunger1 5 years ago

    I thought Ali A only played COD?

  • Ohx
    Ohx 5 years ago

    Yes its a 3rd person game but in multiplayer mode goes like this on of the team is first person shooter and the other team 3rd person shooter

  • wardonus
    wardonus 5 years ago

    Minecraft #8 please

  • Lego Alex
    Lego Alex 5 years ago

    Cheka out my Chanel PLZ huge fan

  • Kayley Smith
    Kayley Smith 5 years ago

    sub me please :)

  • TheElementalNite
    TheElementalNite 5 years ago

    Balistics Knives and combat axes on free for all