• Published on May 11, 2018
  • *After looking over this footage, I definitely need to change my lighting a little bit! Just bare with me, ill get it right! XO
    Kylie cosmetics x Kris Jenner collection - swatches and demo!
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  • Casaile Harko
    Casaile Harko 5 hours ago

    at 10:05 she mentions she hates nothing more than cheaters and liars. hmmmmm shade @ her husband??

  • Mila Cipriano
    Mila Cipriano 5 hours ago

    Thank you for being so honest

  • Mila Cipriano
    Mila Cipriano 5 hours ago

    When you put blush you can see a lot of powder in the air

  • Smita_lsmn
    Smita_lsmn 5 hours ago

    “...other than cheaters and liars.”

  • Bailey Doede
    Bailey Doede 6 hours ago

    I did really like the colours of the eye shadows against your green eyes, it really made them pop. I also DIED laughing when you kept applying the blush and it was literally flying off the brush.Loved the honesty in the video!!

  • RoozB14
    RoozB14 6 hours ago

    So are you guys also seeing that the most prominent beauty gurus aren't uploading a review about this collection? Coincidence? I think not. Jaclyn, thank you for being honest. I wish more beauty gurus were as honest as you.

  • Angela Party
    Angela Party 7 hours ago

    I’m LOVING the new set!!! The audio is so damn good

  • Bandhna Arora Banga
    Bandhna Arora Banga 9 hours ago

    I would love to see your new set up video please share the details with us!!!

  • angeline wood
    angeline wood 9 hours ago

    We have the same favorite movie ooommmggg that's pretty cool.

  • Günay Akkus
    Günay Akkus 10 hours ago

    Where did you get those hoop earrings?? They look gorgeous, I want them😍😍😍

  • emilys creations world
    emilys creations world 10 hours ago

    I subbed you because I think you are honest and bsautiful

  • Cynthia Morgan
    Cynthia Morgan 11 hours ago


  • Natasha & Shane & Ry Dawson Yaw

    It's alot of $$$ & most ppl want honesty...I myself am very glad u were honest & now it's up to us to decide if we want it or not.. I've never bought anything from Kylie cuz it's overpriced & even if u like this collection I'm still not getting it, but I'm really happy u were honest. And c'mon wats the point of doing reviews if ur not gonna be honest???? Ppl can see right thru bullshit so good for u & thanks for ur honest review 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Özlem Isci
    Özlem Isci 13 hours ago

    The good thing about posting an honest review about a bad product is that people won’t be wasting their hard earned money on bad makeup. If they can’t get bad makeup to sell they might put in more quality into the actual makeup instead of coming out with 9 collections in a year lmao.

  • Xtinajulian Garcia
    Xtinajulian Garcia 15 hours ago

    We want a new jac pallete 😘

  • Brenda Santamaria
    Brenda Santamaria 15 hours ago

    ugh i love your nails girl

  • Noemi Chavez
    Noemi Chavez 15 hours ago

    I dont know where this jaclyn has been but I LIKE HER! #sassqween

  • christienne silvestri
    christienne silvestri 16 hours ago

    Did u start someking again or is it just for the picture?

  • christienne silvestri
    christienne silvestri 16 hours ago

    My heart goes out to you i wish u both much love and happiness to come and yes everyone does deserve a happy ending.

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D 16 hours ago

    Thank you for being honest!!!!!

  • rain reyes
    rain reyes 17 hours ago +1

    This is the kind of reviews I like watch ! Honest reviews #SUBSCRIBED

  • Briana Ruiz
    Briana Ruiz 17 hours ago

    The lighting is a tad bit dark.

  • Rita Baumann
    Rita Baumann 18 hours ago

    I very much appreciate honest reviews, positive and negative. You are doing a service to us as consumers. Please do not be afraid to give your honest feedback. Thank You!!!!!!

  • Britton Mauk
    Britton Mauk 18 hours ago

    I love how honest you are thank you because you can't find that to much anymore.

  • Jewelz Deszell
    Jewelz Deszell 19 hours ago

    where are your hoops from?!!?

  • Tara Waits
    Tara Waits 19 hours ago

    That blush is like me, when I make eye contact with a Jehovah's Witness.. speed walking.. & making a b-line to my car.. holding a little pamphlet....... I'm legit flying away like the blush💨

  • Khunt Phucker
    Khunt Phucker 19 hours ago

    ...a fucking nightmare...

  • Queenie q79
    Queenie q79 19 hours ago

    Did you see your nose contour? 🙀👃🏿

  • Misty
    Misty 20 hours ago

    Jaclyn you should do a series doing different looks with your pallet till you've used every color at least once.

  • Allie Goodman
    Allie Goodman 20 hours ago

    oh gosh the sad blush...would love to see a tutorial with the stila glitter and glow liquid shadow! Currently obsessed.

  • Gloria Banderas
    Gloria Banderas 20 hours ago

    Your reaction to the blush was epic

  • Katieee Michelle
    Katieee Michelle 20 hours ago

    “Kim stop taking pictures of yourself your sisters getting arrested” will forever be my favorite kris Jenner quote

  • Brittnee Strunk
    Brittnee Strunk 20 hours ago

    When you were applying the blush 😂😂

  • Nawel100
    Nawel100 20 hours ago

    This video reminded why I subscribed to you years ago... Honesty! Thank you for giving us a real review unlike others who choose to betray their subscribers! ❤️

  • fran laudone
    fran laudone 20 hours ago

    are the purple makeup wipes better than the blue ones?

  • Leslie Topete
    Leslie Topete 20 hours ago +1

    Has she seen her nose🤮🤢

  • Vivi Kitty
    Vivi Kitty 21 hour ago

    Quality looks great to me!!!1 Love it!!!!!!

  • Maddy Chisman
    Maddy Chisman 21 hour ago

    This whole video is powder flying everywhere and you trying to be as nice as possible. Kylies makeup as a whole is disappointing, and her customer service sucks.

  • Momma Bates
    Momma Bates 22 hours ago

    Hahaha.. The blush!

  • Momma Bates
    Momma Bates 22 hours ago

    I love Kris.. She is so sweet.

  • Messi Qween
    Messi Qween 22 hours ago

    Giiiiiiiiiiirl 😍 you need to update us with your eyebrows routine! I've been living for how thick they are and I try to copy them but I can't figure out how!

  • Love Light
    Love Light 22 hours ago

    Makes me think Kris Jenner is an evil genius

  • copper
    copper 22 hours ago

    The blush is gone with the wind

  • Eva Pinedo
    Eva Pinedo 23 hours ago

    This video made me subscribe to your channel!!!! Love it!!!😁💕

  • Yudid Hernandez
    Yudid Hernandez 23 hours ago

    omg why you do always have to hate

  • Connie Y
    Connie Y 23 hours ago

    Is it just me or can you literally see the blush kick off when she applies it to her cheeks??

  • rachelmusicc
    rachelmusicc 23 hours ago

    I know this wasn’t easy for you to post but thank you for sharing! You stayed professional, respectful, honest, and still appreciative of the partnership you have with the brand. Thanks again!

  • Chrissy1970
    Chrissy1970 Day ago

    I appreciate your honesty more than i can say. In fact i appreciate it so much i subscribed, need i say more? Please do more honest reviews like this!

  • Elizabeth Mendez

    Loved your honest opinion

  • Xx Kayley xX
    Xx Kayley xX Day ago

    OMG that blush is shittier then Kylie Jenners personality lol

  • Allison Beal
    Allison Beal Day ago

    I appreciate your honest review. It's sad that people are scared to post honest reviews bc of negative feedback. I feel like it make me trust you even more which I didn't think was possible! Love you Jackie I am sending you hugs through this difficult time in your life 💙

  • truther123
    truther123 Day ago

    Resubscribed for your honesty thanks

  • hinde64
    hinde64 Day ago

    Great video thank you for your honesty

  • Jehna Martinez
    Jehna Martinez Day ago

    LOVE THE HONEST REVIEW GIRL! thats what i watch beauty vids for. to find out if a product is good or not. Not if the person trying the brand loves the creater. obviously i love the makers of a product to if im looking into getting it spending my hard earned dollar billz on it.

  • aubrey turner
    aubrey turner Day ago

    thank you for being honest bby

  • Viv Gonzales
    Viv Gonzales Day ago

    Thank your for your honest review! We love an honest beauty guruuuuu

  • zionlion99
    zionlion99 Day ago

    could we get a video on your piercing experiences?

  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min Day ago

    Love her so much because of her honesty

  • Crazy Roblox
    Crazy Roblox Day ago

    So she says she hates mineral oil but yet her make up has mineral oil in it. Why dont u read better or read the ingredients

  • adddi1000
    adddi1000 Day ago +1

    Watch her get taken off the PR list. Kylie can be a salty bitch

  • Briana Jensen
    Briana Jensen Day ago

    As far as the set up goes, I think you look amazing of course but your nose looked very shadowed/dark. It could be contour but I think it’s the lighting. I would have the light facing you more head on so the nose doesn’t look shadowed. Other than that love the set up :)

  • Camila Guerra
    Camila Guerra Day ago

    Lol this is so funny

  • Victoria De La Cruz

    this was genuinely sad

  • Veronica
    Veronica Day ago

    I can’t stop looking at her damn nose

  • Nicole Flippin
    Nicole Flippin Day ago

    Thanks for you honesty! It makes me laugh seeing girls pay out the ass for ANYTHING under the Kardashian name

  • Jess F
    Jess F Day ago

    Jaclyn !!!! Hello Hope you have a great day today !!xoxoxo

  • Ladylaid Loves
    Ladylaid Loves Day ago

    I understand your sadness over this review. Way too much fallout, to the point it could be seen on camera. Looking forward to your next video.

  • Niveda Nahta
    Niveda Nahta Day ago

    It is soooo nice to see a mua being truthful! Appreciate it!

  • FairlyLovely
    FairlyLovely Day ago

    11:16 she looks like she has a black eye omg

  • Julianna Paige
    Julianna Paige Day ago +1

    That blush was just like, "Bye Felicia" 😩

  • Kyoko Fujikara
    Kyoko Fujikara Day ago

    Loved how your background was dark so we can see the powdery blush dissipating

  • Ariel Angileri
    Ariel Angileri Day ago

    Jaclyn can make anything look BOMB💖

  • Lucky Mama
    Lucky Mama Day ago

    Thanks for being honest!

    AKA EVE Day ago

    Being honest is the way to go!! Because, if they see, true feedback! Eventually they, will know to make it more better, and they can learn more into the process of making good product, good makeup! On that note (:God bless you! on your personal life stay up! you're beautiful/ talented! there are better things, out there

  • Chantel Mohar
    Chantel Mohar Day ago

    I have literally left the house with my baking on. I went to Starbucks and a little singing show at the mall for a good half hour before I realized it. 🙄 so embarrassing

  • shammahfilms
    shammahfilms Day ago

    thank you you da realest !! ilyyy

  • cheyenne cullum
    cheyenne cullum Day ago

    I like the honesty behind this video!

  • SoF ucking What
    SoF ucking What Day ago

    A brown bag over your head would be an improvement. Just saying.

  • Erin O'Hagan
    Erin O'Hagan Day ago

    Anyone feel that Jaclyn needs to film more fashion videos like hauls etc (just rewatched the closet tour 😍)

  • Katie Wheeler
    Katie Wheeler Day ago

    I loved this honest review!!! I wish you would try things you don't think you'll love and just see how it does. This saved me a lot of money. I do want the lip products though.

  • Izzy's Madness
    Izzy's Madness Day ago

    No hate but her nose contour is really muddy and patchy it could be the lighting tho

  • lm xo
    lm xo Day ago

    you’re not even putting it on your face 😂.. smh.

  • Pretty Princess
    Pretty Princess Day ago

    I have one of Kylie highlighters and had to may customs for it as well it was so not worth it because it dosent even show up on my skin 😔

  • Lisa Howell
    Lisa Howell Day ago

    I love your eye brows they are gorgeous.

  • Daisy Merrett
    Daisy Merrett Day ago


  • Bella Fallaaa
    Bella Fallaaa Day ago

    My favourite vidoe of yours for exposing honesty,,, thank you

  • Astro Sanaa
    Astro Sanaa Day ago


  • that bitch ria
    that bitch ria Day ago

    queen finally washed her sins from the kim kardashian video

  • Laura Powderhill

    Packaging stunning
    Quality shit (other than lipstick and liner)

  • valentina canahui

    Please stop inflating your lips... when you kissed the back of your hand your lip print takes up half of it. And you’re way too young for your face not to move... stop putting fillers in....

  • Yana
    Yana Day ago

    The truth is the best

  • Helena Macho
    Helena Macho Day ago

    that pubg reference though 🤣🤣

  • Famous Bitchachos

    I guess kylie is into korean makeup now...

  • Justice Hayes
    Justice Hayes Day ago

    Katie used these and they blended great for her. They looked great and worked well for her.

  • Natalie van Dongen

    Thank you for the honest review!

  • moon little
    moon little Day ago

    at 18:02 to 18:04 you can see the blush powder flyin :/ wow

  • moon little
    moon little Day ago

    at 18:02 to 18:04 you can see the blush powder flyin :/ wow

  • Elisabeth Samso
    Elisabeth Samso Day ago

    dear you're great and the sound is tooooo low. Thanks

  • Kpopkala Lol
    Kpopkala Lol Day ago

    Thank for honest review :)

  • Kpopkala Lol
    Kpopkala Lol Day ago

    That setup 💕