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Best Saves of the 2017-18 NHL Regular Season


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  • Haggy 400
    Haggy 400 2 days ago

    What’s this song

  • Braden Schmitz
    Braden Schmitz 16 days ago

    Best compilation I’ve seen in a while

  • Zero Lp
    Zero Lp 20 days ago

    Very Good video and goog cuts!Good job!👍

  • hockey goalie life
    hockey goalie life 28 days ago

    NO NASHVILLE!!!!! :(

    • Rylan Fees
      Rylan Fees 4 days ago


  • Jens95
    Jens95 Month ago

    Dubby!! 😍😍

  • STNeish
    STNeish Month ago

    Great video, but I would have preferred to hear the calls instead of noisy music.

  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser 3 months ago

    very well made compilation compared to others on youtube, great job n thank you for putting in the extra effort, its noticeable :)

  • Dub V
    Dub V 3 months ago

    That was dope

  • The Cookieman
    The Cookieman 4 months ago

    Reports are that the first clip is extremely rare, Craig Anderson making a save...

  • Peppapigplayz 123
    Peppapigplayz 123 4 months ago

    Almost all of vaselenskys were glove behind the back saves lol

  • team tubers
    team tubers 4 months ago +1

    Love the music I was at the pens vs devils game and when murray mad that save me and my bro where screaming murray Murray I was waiting for it to come out

  • Flyersbeast 978
    Flyersbeast 978 4 months ago

    Nuivurth against Colorado?

  • Дени Ирискин
    Дени Ирискин 6 months ago +1

    Like from Russia,bro

  • Ronan Farmer
    Ronan Farmer 6 months ago +5

    VASY x5

  • Kurlzz fjärtson
    Kurlzz fjärtson 6 months ago +3

    this is why goailes are my fav in hockey :D

  • Juraj Husek
    Juraj Husek 7 months ago

    The King has bunch of better saves so Why are they not here? 😑

  • Rule 24
    Rule 24 7 months ago +5

    Waiting 4 scott foster... cmon..

    • Rule 24
      Rule 24 7 months ago +1

      Goalie Tribe ITS A CRIME!!!!!

    • Goalie Tribe
      Goalie Tribe  7 months ago +2

      Vanjadimac You’re right, how could I not include THE Scott Foster?

  • matthew lizotte
    matthew lizotte 7 months ago

    Great edit my guy

  • justin easter
    justin easter 7 months ago

    This is unreal great job

  • Goalie Tribe
    Goalie Tribe  7 months ago

    Shoutout to Jon Gillies for quite possibly having a better save than all of these against Vancouver, and not making it to the video due to the save being in preseason.