What you NEED to start a YouTube channel (YIAY #364)

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  • Brandon Warren
    Brandon Warren 13 hours ago

    Money. Just money

  • MAtt M
    MAtt M Day ago

    To be a fat ass

  • Archa Shah
    Archa Shah Day ago +1

    I’m waiting for this comment to get lost in the sea of comments.

  • Bloop Ztorm
    Bloop Ztorm 2 days ago


  • NothingVideoz 196
    NothingVideoz 196 2 days ago

    Who sais that I get up?

  • alana vera!
    alana vera! 3 days ago

    you need a life.

  • FML dotcom
    FML dotcom 5 days ago

    I thought you needed a severe lack of happiness

  • Sean Kim
    Sean Kim 5 days ago +1

    uhm does jack know how lightswitches work? 2:49

  • Technimechanical
    Technimechanical 7 days ago

    number one and only... have the youtube app

  • ISBM
    ISBM 7 days ago

    Disney partnership

  • Frak Cadillac
    Frak Cadillac 8 days ago

    Good, I'm on track then.

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 8 days ago

    Ships will get your channel sailing... Are you proud, John?

  • The Final Starman
    The Final Starman 9 days ago

    Hey I got those spam bots
    lucky me

  • Peter Oselador
    Peter Oselador 9 days ago

    You forgot that you need a huge forehead

  • Core! Frisk
    Core! Frisk 9 days ago

    i was wondering why jack was talkingso effing fast
    i had the video at 1.25
    and i regret nothing

  • ImDaChosanWan ,
    ImDaChosanWan , 9 days ago

    1:39 Canada 🇨🇦

  • sparky
    sparky 11 days ago

    The guy who said don't b jacksfilms dissed pewdiepie...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • H20Kreative 122
    H20Kreative 122 11 days ago

    L I G H T S W I T C H

  • Ed P
    Ed P 13 days ago

    You need drama.
    Start drama
    Fabricate drama.
    B e e d r a m a

  • 《PattiRose》
    《PattiRose》 16 days ago

    "I want sex with hot boys"
    - Jack Douglass 2017

  • ExtremeJosh
    ExtremeJosh 16 days ago

    You need a pug.

  • NerdyMCgamer
    NerdyMCgamer 17 days ago

    I clicked on this video and a Kidz bop and came on

  • Jaedon McDonald
    Jaedon McDonald 18 days ago

    His name is “Jack”

  • Konmicks
    Konmicks 18 days ago

    That's a penis!

  • SIA alawieh
    SIA alawieh 19 days ago

    #YIAYpoint I get out of bed to go and play counter-strike in a cafe, that's the point of life I think

  • Keko keko
    Keko keko 20 days ago

    You need 60 million subscribers #pewdipie and depression

  • estofadodepollo 16
    estofadodepollo 16 20 days ago

    A channel

  • KrakeNthapyromain
    KrakeNthapyromain 20 days ago

    1. A minecraft account...

  • Inkydink
    Inkydink 21 day ago

    0:48 *Thinks of the “terrible intros” YIAY*

  • Traceur Genbu
    Traceur Genbu 21 day ago

    I'm God...

  • C A M
    C A M 22 days ago

    Your hoodie looks like a minecraft dick

  • Ashley Gavalchin
    Ashley Gavalchin 22 days ago

    The intro foreshadow!!

  • Fadi Al-zahrani
    Fadi Al-zahrani 22 days ago

    thats a minecraft dick on his hoodie

  • uhhGhostt
    uhhGhostt 22 days ago

    Your hoodie strings are driving me insane

  • Hemera Starrlight
    Hemera Starrlight 23 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the light switch looks like a blocky dïck

  • Arya Beltaine
    Arya Beltaine 23 days ago

    and it was at that moment jack knew, he fucked up

  • Adric Bush
    Adric Bush 24 days ago

    0:48 I look to the right and see yaiy 370 your awful awful intros

  • Ph03n1x F1re
    Ph03n1x F1re 24 days ago

    You have to have................. A LIGHTSWITCH

  • Sukumar V
    Sukumar V 24 days ago

    Literally one of my friends walked into school with a glow-in-the-dark light switch hoodie and was like "Do you like my light switch?"

  • Memes 4lyfe
    Memes 4lyfe 24 days ago +1

    I love how if you actually had all these you would be a succesful youtuber

  • King Cheese
    King Cheese 24 days ago

    I like how the mic on the thumbnail is like $20. (Excelvan bm-80”) ($40 when you get entire kit)

  • XxGoldGAMEZxX
    XxGoldGAMEZxX 24 days ago

    Open your blinds fam

  • Bad Username
    Bad Username 25 days ago

    A trash webcam, trash PC/laptop, trash internet, a shit personality... BOOM! You are a reaction channel. good job

  • Rivermint
    Rivermint 26 days ago

    I would have said a life but i mean thats something they dont really need

  • Mega Lucario
    Mega Lucario 26 days ago

    where is a lightswitch]

  • MuakiVituttais
    MuakiVituttais 26 days ago

    That shirt looks like a dick

  • Patricija Rupkus
    Patricija Rupkus 27 days ago

    I hate you stop copying PewDiePie you copier😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 FOREVER LIWAY! NO YIAY!!!!!! AND ONLY PEWDIEPIE SAYS SQUAD FAM! NOT YOU!

  • FreddyEvil15! !
    FreddyEvil15! ! 27 days ago

    Jack, the reason why we click clickbait videos is because we know that they are clickbait (unless you've never watched a clickbait video) and we ignore it but our mind goes "What if it was not clickbait? What if it really has that awesome youtuber you know? What if something weird happened?"
    But your body fights the mind until you are exhausted of fighting that the mind takes over your body and clicks the video...
    But as usual the video is clickbait and nothing happened.


  • joeoj
    joeoj 27 days ago +1

    Foreshadowing for the bad intros yiay

  • LEWII The goat
    LEWII The goat Month ago

    A light switch

    SR TALKS Month ago +1

    That light switch looks like a erect dick

  • Yasuh
    Yasuh Month ago

    John, a 20$ mic doesnt cost 6000$

  • K O K O
    K O K O Month ago

    Remember: Drama is more popular than content.

  • wieszkto
    wieszkto Month ago

    I love that song in the end of video :)

  • Jace Wooten
    Jace Wooten Month ago

    The mic on the thumbnail is not 6,000 dollars it is a mic made by Tonor and you can easily find it on amazon for $30

  • mineshulk
    mineshulk Month ago

    You need unoriginality.

  • Elise Hole
    Elise Hole Month ago

    you're also gonna have to be gay

  • Yuan Steven
    Yuan Steven Month ago

    A college degree

  • Bk Videos
    Bk Videos Month ago

    You have to talk about haters
    You have to make videos about haters
    You have to shoutout the haters

    You have to DAB on the haters

  • max atkinson
    max atkinson Month ago

    That's the point ------) .

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer Month ago +1

    To start a youtube channel, you need to lose your will to live

  • The Khajiit Overlord

    I was drinking water while watching and then 2:24 happened and now my water is all over the table

  • ARSH
    ARSH Month ago

    Jack really has some good merch tbh... unfortunately im a kid and none of the size options fit me... its for adults... what the hell jack?

  • Immune                          To Stupidity

    #Yaiypoint Don’t know the point? To find your point please visit www.dullwithoutgod.com

  • Andrew Gonzaga
    Andrew Gonzaga Month ago

    #YIAYpoint More forehead

  • Nathan Harris
    Nathan Harris Month ago

    2:10 holy shit Norma?

  • I Stole Your Senpai

    You know what you need for a youtube channel??
    Fight me

  • Tiberiu Zamfirescu
    Tiberiu Zamfirescu Month ago

    The girl who said something about her tits? Norma Harris, many people searched her after this video, John.

  • Supraja Sridhar
    Supraja Sridhar Month ago

    #yiaypoint Logan Paul

  • Larisa Assadourian
    Larisa Assadourian Month ago


  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce Month ago +1

    I already have depression so there is none #Yiaypoint

  • I’m Selfish
    I’m Selfish Month ago

    Those light switch me mes turn me on.

    • Dandeliøn
      Dandeliøn Month ago

      I’m Selfish
      I don’t know what to feel.

    • I’m Selfish
      I’m Selfish Month ago

      Dandeliøn Fuck. Guess your name was double PUNetrated. . .

    • Dandeliøn
      Dandeliøn Month ago

      I’m Selfish
      My name actually already was a pun, since my names Dan, lol.

    • I’m Selfish
      I’m Selfish Month ago

      Dandeliøn That DAMNdeliøn sure is!

    • Dandeliøn
      Dandeliøn Month ago

      I’m Selfish
      Is that a damn pun

    HELLO DERE MY BRUDDA! Month ago +2


  • i am ghost
    i am ghost Month ago

    #Yiaypoint the point is to make depressing jokes until your friends question if youre okay

  • Retro Plus
    Retro Plus Month ago

    A rock and imagination.

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio Month ago


  • Preston Couch
    Preston Couch Month ago


  • MaxiTugBoat0 Xbox
    MaxiTugBoat0 Xbox Month ago

    To be a good TVclipr you need a forehead bigger than jackfilms'

  • JamJamAnimates & Comics

    I only need a editing program

  • samuel huffaker
    samuel huffaker Month ago

    I know I'm late but a last name paul

  • ItzLectroBro
    ItzLectroBro Month ago

    An Attractive Girlfriend

  • Danokit
    Danokit Month ago

    There is no given point, you have to make your own

  • BrainTone
    BrainTone Month ago

    me me big dissaspointment

    WIN THIS THING Month ago

    What you need to do is when you're commenting, make sure to edit all your comments. People sure love that!

  • Elizabeth Kitching
    Elizabeth Kitching Month ago

    To make boom boom

  • Die Eggo
    Die Eggo Month ago

    What you need to start a TVclip channel you need to find a dead body in a suicide forest.

  • Tony Bamanaboni
    Tony Bamanaboni Month ago

    looks like a polygonal dicc

  • Kyan 1106
    Kyan 1106 Month ago

    Thank you about this information

  • Kri8
    Kri8 Month ago

    Is it bad that I recognized the camera in the thumbnail because I want it

  • TheGreatEspeon Plays

    You need A L I G H T S W I T C H to do good on youtube

  • xInsaniti
    xInsaniti Month ago

    When he forgets 363

  • Ribbinthesylveon
    Ribbinthesylveon Month ago


  • Ribbinthesylveon
    Ribbinthesylveon Month ago


  • SJKid856
    SJKid856 Month ago

    Anybody use the template?

  • ButWhy?
    ButWhy? Month ago +1

    I am currently watching an ad about bitcoin and ... porn sites?


    #yiaypoint a pencil

  • S.K.Y MagicStar
    S.K.Y MagicStar Month ago

    Vine is dead

  • Alex Animati
    Alex Animati Month ago +1

    It is always pizza it has to be pizza

    • I want D E A T H
      I want D E A T H Month ago

      Alex Animati ooh... buddy.... you’re about 2 months late..

  • Thomas Cookenmaster

    the shirt is not a good ice breaker unless someone brings it up because what are you gonna say "So uh do you like my shirt?" then you sound like a douche and they just leave. Not that I've had past experience or anything.

  • Aidenaquaknight ,
    Aidenaquaknight , Month ago

    He seems to ask questions and never make a yiay for it (364)