Japanese Street Food - GOLD SPOT WRASSE Sashimi Okinawa Seafood Japan

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018

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  • Tobías Sameth
    Tobías Sameth Day ago

    Entra cuchillo, salen las tripas

  • good fakeshit
    good fakeshit Day ago

    Yeah Boi!!!

  • 4Street Downhill-CZ-EU

    They scale and gut the fish so horrifically but they make the dish look so amazing

  • Supreme
    Supreme Day ago

    Not such a big shit talker now are you fish?

  • Ricardo Çocoletzi


  • enchanted garden
    enchanted garden 2 days ago

    "Don't mind me just brushing my fish"

    Sorry that was not funny at all XD

  • Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul 2 days ago

    Look that hand and nail handle fish everyday and become like that

  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen 2 days ago

    Đây chắc là nguyên nhân người nhật sống lâu 😂😂😂

  • Dapur Istriku
    Dapur Istriku 2 days ago

    wauuuww brapa kira2 satu porsinya ya

  • Syedrayanasad Syedarayanasad

    gando Bhanchod

  • Syedrayanasad Syedarayanasad

    gando Bhanchod

  • Thimote Soares
    Thimote Soares 2 days ago

    e essa unha suja ai parça

  • trulaxmen
    trulaxmen 3 days ago +2

    asu mare causa pescadito frito o un buen cevichito csmr rico


    Ya medio hambre carajo

  • vanialn
    vanialn 3 days ago


  • Alex. Es
    Alex. Es 3 days ago

    How cruel fuck you

  • viana music
    viana music 3 days ago

    Me impresiona mucho sus manos tan sucias... Tocando la comida ..no no no no

    • viana music
      viana music 2 days ago

      @Marcela Velasco siii. vi luego..

    • Marcela Velasco
      Marcela Velasco 2 days ago +1

      Jajja baje a ver los comentarios para ver quién más le había visto las uñas sucias.

  • Susan Sun
    Susan Sun 3 days ago

    did they used a second fish's bone?

  • Roges Santos
    Roges Santos 3 days ago +9

    Só eu que fiquei reparando as unhas do sushiman?

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez 3 days ago

    Variedad de colores 🌈🦈🐠🐡🦐

  • bert wood
    bert wood 4 days ago +1


  • F1 F
    F1 F 4 days ago +11

    Forget the scrubber for the fish, he needs to scubb his damn finger nails! WTF.... or hes a heavy smoker but either way, WEAR GLOVES ON BOTH HANDS

  • 林以萱
    林以萱 4 days ago +1

    哇 遇到美食就禁不起誘惑
    有哪個小哥哥姊姊 跟我一樣是吃貨
    賴:love0713as 一起分享美食

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 4 days ago

    He butchered that gold fish. Cut it’s shit pocket open all in the meat

  • Wesley M videos
    Wesley M videos 4 days ago

    Que massa curto muito.top. Parabéns👏👏👏👏

  • Rahul Reghu
    Rahul Reghu 4 days ago

    Too much wastage of water👎

  • Alyno es de verdad espero mijaela budeu

    El pez rojo que están cortando es un pez en peligro de extinción

    DIAAFELIZ ㋡ 4 days ago +4

    Sory pero esas uñas... guantes para cocinar, lo mejor.

  • berkay tt
    berkay tt 4 days ago

    SASHIMI MY ASS !!!!!!!!

  • berkay tt
    berkay tt 4 days ago


  • SummEr 7
    SummEr 7 4 days ago

    Que manía de desperdiciar el agua

  • Max Valdez
    Max Valdez 4 days ago +2

    Hey! I need that scrubber thing he has for taking those scalp from the fish.
    My back is itchy I need it!!

  • Mateus Martins
    Mateus Martins 5 days ago

    Olha A cor da unha do cara

  • Stefan Alexandru
    Stefan Alexandru 5 days ago

    my mouth is sweating

  • tainä
    tainä 5 days ago +1

    looool you could use some gloves huh?

  • myyou tubeaccount
    myyou tubeaccount 5 days ago

    Bet this video went down well with all the soy boys

  • Chase McClure
    Chase McClure 5 days ago +11

    Put that hand anywhere near my food and I will..... well I dunno what I will do honestly, but something bad!!

  • agustus gloop
    agustus gloop 5 days ago

    Shouldnt be able touch peo9les food wit nasty ass fingers like tht

  • svily0YT
    svily0YT 5 days ago

    Mouth salivating by just watching this... what was a fork doing there? My, my... wished we had such sea food around. Yum. A piece of bread wouldn't hurt though :D

  • Niña Mendez
    Niña Mendez 5 days ago

    Que uñas tan sucias y que delicioso todo

  • Baby Criis22
    Baby Criis22 6 days ago +1

    Digan hola los latinos 😂😂👌🏻y comenten si bandera 🤣👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻😂😂😂

  • Mercy Margaret
    Mercy Margaret 6 days ago

    Can't eat those food.colourd 🐟

    DOCTOR UREX 6 days ago


    DEMİR 6 days ago

    Amk az pişirin

  • Tony Studio
    Tony Studio 6 days ago

    hay ghe

  • Jen jen de SARAPen
    Jen jen de SARAPen 6 days ago +1

    Hello po sana po maka subscribe din po kayo sa channel ko, kung ok lang po looking for new friends😊 maraming salamat po!😊😘🤗

    BRIX RABARA 6 days ago

    Japan has the most healthy food in the world!

  • Kaur Amar
    Kaur Amar 6 days ago +12

    too much wastage of water

    • svily0YT
      svily0YT 5 days ago

      Hmmm, water is... not a problem in some parts of the world, it's not a desert everywhere. Rains a lot here and all the water we drink is from the rain (dams)

  • Mos TV
    Mos TV 6 days ago

    thouse fucking yellow dirty nails no thanks! 0:48 blææææ

  • TEEZ From The Area
    TEEZ From The Area 7 days ago

    I’ll have 2 of em thanks 🐠🤤🎣

  • Chernaya Pantera
    Chernaya Pantera 7 days ago +1

    Фу голые руки! Грибок на ногте! Как люди едчт такое?

      M1KOJIA БАРЕБУХ 6 days ago +1

      Как и у нас шаурму или где ещё уличную еду

  • Aydan Kamilova
    Aydan Kamilova 7 days ago

    Azerbaycandan salamlar 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Tyas kevin
    Tyas kevin 7 days ago

    Dimana restoran di indonesia nya yg kyak gini
    Saya jadi penasaran pengen coba

  • Peri
    Peri 7 days ago

    Bok gibi

  • L DH
    L DH 7 days ago


  • Wirda Siti marfuah
    Wirda Siti marfuah 7 days ago


  • saferain22
    saferain22 7 days ago

    Filthy nails

  • coss crosss
    coss crosss 8 days ago

    Close the water idiot

  • Yisedcardozo Love
    Yisedcardozo Love 8 days ago +3

    GASTA demaciada Agua💧💧

  • Ricardo Beltran
    Ricardo Beltran 8 days ago +1

    Filthy Nails, Clean them you Minion.

  • Yaneth Iguerra
    Yaneth Iguerra 8 days ago

    No no no las uñas de ese señor😦

  • Luigina2. Michielan2

    Buonoooo.....io magari lo metterei 5 minuti in forno.

  • maia
    maia 8 days ago +2

    O tempero melhor vem dessa micose nas unhas...😂

  • Robinho hasta
    Robinho hasta 8 days ago

    Isso e bom bem assadim no azeite e manteiga

  • Asumake
    Asumake 9 days ago

    Olha a unha desses caras pqp

  • Rahim Lashari
    Rahim Lashari 9 days ago

    why raw???

  • Carine Souza
    Carine Souza 9 days ago

    A mão dele ta super limpa ne, trabalhando sem luva nojooooo.

  • serial gamer
    serial gamer 9 days ago

    Why this japenese wasting so much water for nothing

  • gerlie cabahug reyes boyles

    Yummy food

  • Hein Khon
    Hein Khon 9 days ago +1


  • Xuan Thach
    Xuan Thach 9 days ago

    Lấy đầu cá dư lại làm món ms ák...dm

  • Elias Villalba
    Elias Villalba 9 days ago

    que uñas mas asquerosas tiene .... ascoooo

  • Khairul Gaming
    Khairul Gaming 10 days ago +2

    why im even watching this... now im hungry in the midle of the night

  • lynn anderson servan tafur

    Puta que asco esas uñas todas con hongo y en una parte que sacaba las espinas se ve gotas de sangre 😷😵

  • 二姐美食 Nicole’s Cooking


  • Marcus Ramon Ronnie Tuco Bender O'Soolivan

    У нас бы просто пожарили и съели, чего здесь понт разводить!?

  • Maren Obaja
    Maren Obaja 10 days ago


  • _herokiller.stvin_ YT
    _herokiller.stvin_ YT 10 days ago

    I'v seen better knife skills, theres a place in called Meghalaya in India where they can cut off the scales with ease

  • Rahul J
    Rahul J 10 days ago

    Did they eat raw fish???

  • caihui weng
    caihui weng 10 days ago

    disgusting nails...

    TRAVEL MASSA 10 days ago

    it's really special ..........

  • Carl Esc
    Carl Esc 10 days ago +18

    Can that person clean his/her nails please

    • Bored
      Bored 8 days ago

      What do you mean ‘her’ it’s a dude with nasty hairy arms lmao

    • Felipe Farias
      Felipe Farias 9 days ago

      yes please lol

    • Mahesh Sharma
      Mahesh Sharma 9 days ago

      dirty people

    • Martyn Nooy
      Martyn Nooy 9 days ago +2

      I can't unsee that :-(

  • niasha mahase
    niasha mahase 10 days ago

    This is street food? We on the west here like nigga our street food look street😂

  • Dianne Garcia
    Dianne Garcia 10 days ago

    Gross nails

  • Lorena Rodriguez
    Lorena Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Comida de mar ...MMMMM. con radiaccio... Benson puro

  • Edwin Perez
    Edwin Perez 11 days ago

    He should close the tab when not using it

  • 鄧炳禧
    鄧炳禧 11 days ago

  • Yeaaoh
    Yeaaoh 11 days ago


  • Giulio Personeni
    Giulio Personeni 12 days ago

    I would give you a michelinstar

  • Оксана Л
    Оксана Л 12 days ago +1

    Ногти -жесть полная

  • Alexandr Neverov
    Alexandr Neverov 13 days ago

    Все , сука, сырую рыбу и мясо жрете..!!!?? От огня и готовки отвыкли.... Одичали совсем.... Ну дай вам Боженька глистов побольше... Может хоть численность ваша поубавится....🤗

    • Сергей Юнин
      Сергей Юнин 10 days ago

      Я не знаток, но кажется глистов от морской рыбы получить сложнее.

    • Мих Крив
      Мих Крив 13 days ago

      Ты серьезно? Среднестатистическая длительность жизни в этой стране самая высокая в мире, там шансов получить глистов от сырой еды меньше, чем у тебя от жареной)))

  • Pratama ap
    Pratama ap 13 days ago +1

    Mana ki orang Indonesia 😂

  • Son Frances
    Son Frances 14 days ago +2

    Looks amazing, apart from the dirty nail😅 pls wear gloves

    • Son Frances
      Son Frances 12 days ago

      @T3000 YouMe 🤢

    • T3000 YouMe
      T3000 YouMe 13 days ago

      that's what gives you good taste lol😜🤙

  • adrian repz
    adrian repz 14 days ago +1

    Indonesia mana suaranya

  • Berlin Piste
    Berlin Piste 14 days ago +1

    Mucho adornó y poca carne.

  • Berlin Piste
    Berlin Piste 14 days ago

    H2O off

  • Berlin Piste
    Berlin Piste 14 days ago

    Whater off

  • 이응리을
    이응리을 14 days ago +1

    색이화려한 물고기는 뭔가 맛이없을것 같은 느낌. 근데 맛있겠지..ㅜ 궁금하다 어떤맛인지

  • Роман Филин
    Роман Филин 15 days ago

    грязные ногти грязный нож

  • Adrian Ceballos
    Adrian Ceballos 15 days ago

    tiran mucha agua estos japoneses hijos de puta