• Published on Dec 19, 2017
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    In this video I attempted to consume 40,000+ CALORIES of carbohydrate filled treats for Christmas! Follow me in my journey!
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    About Erik TheElectric:
    I'm Erik. I'm more than just a face on your computer screen, stuffing stupid amounts of food in his mouth. I'm a cyclist, powerlifter and fitness lover and am an individual with a passion for LIVING life to the fullest, in every way possible. I've battled hardships in life, as well have, and I love connecting with those of you who have battled just as much as I have. This channel is primarily based around food challenges, reviews, and how AWESOME food it is. But it's also a channel in which I get to share with you, my life. Through a camera lens. Quite recently, I started my own separate podcast channel (which is also on iTunes) which you can find down below. Thanks for the support and for the encouragement!
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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  2 years ago +401

    In 2017, we built the #ElectricEmpire. Who's READY FOR 2018?! Let me know what your favorite part of the video was DOWN BELOW!

  • johnny lozada 2007
    johnny lozada 2007 10 days ago +1

    15:37 what song is that

  • nelly daniela
    nelly daniela 28 days ago

    yea he purged several times

  • Ashley Wester
    Ashley Wester Month ago

    I don’t think that’s the right brand of eggnog.

  • Chantal T
    Chantal T Month ago


  • Theo Irving
    Theo Irving Month ago +1

    Bruh I could barely finish one Krispy Kreme donut and this guy just ate 40 thousand calories.

  • Olessia Zhevago
    Olessia Zhevago Month ago


  • Gothbeast11
    Gothbeast11 Month ago

    I want that sweater...

  • Fitness Daniel
    Fitness Daniel Month ago

    ErikTheElectric vs Matt Stoine

  • Tyson Kingi
    Tyson Kingi 2 months ago


  • Matt Musgrave
    Matt Musgrave 2 months ago


  • Jennifer Dyer
    Jennifer Dyer 2 months ago


  • BatesMotelEvilRegal25
    BatesMotelEvilRegal25 3 months ago

    Dominos and my local favorite Pizza Joint

  • dumb fuck
    dumb fuck 3 months ago +1

    Isn’t it strange that he keeps switching frames ???

  • oren920
    oren920 3 months ago

    at 3:20 your oven sounds like a Turkey

  • SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!!


  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson 4 months ago

    Egg nog is extremely nasty. People who like egg nog are usually alcoholics because they like to spike it.

  • SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Nearly 1 million views

  • DucLife
    DucLife 4 months ago

    Definitely buzzed in the monologue

  • Sheldon Cooper81
    Sheldon Cooper81 4 months ago

    This was recommended to me as a Fitness video.

  • Sheldon Cooper81
    Sheldon Cooper81 4 months ago


  • Lil Chubbs
    Lil Chubbs 4 months ago


  • mrprecision
    mrprecision 4 months ago +1

    How is this guy still so yhin

  • Rachael Ní hÉithir
    Rachael Ní hÉithir 5 months ago

    papa johns all the way 👏🏼😍

  • President Man
    President Man 5 months ago +4

    2019 anybody

  • amardeep sidhu
    amardeep sidhu 5 months ago +4

    Why wouldnt u like eric he is amazing youtuber

  • extra extra
    extra extra 5 months ago +1

    your cringy but in a good way? i like it

  • teju kanaparthy
    teju kanaparthy 5 months ago


  • Alajah Adams
    Alajah Adams 5 months ago

    Hey, Erik you should try the eggnog with melted marshmallow and cinnamon it makes eggnog a hundred times better.

  • Masomza Masomza
    Masomza Masomza 5 months ago

    How do ur teeth survive this

  • Mini McDonald
    Mini McDonald 5 months ago +1


    I will let that one sink in

  • Johnathon Henderson
    Johnathon Henderson 6 months ago


  • Johnathon Henderson
    Johnathon Henderson 6 months ago

    Marcos 🍕

  • Aero Plays
    Aero Plays 6 months ago

    OMG 40,000

  • TetrisIzMiGame
    TetrisIzMiGame 6 months ago +1

    I've watched this video before and I just noticed what his shirt says. Lol.

  • Austin Ferrell
    Austin Ferrell 6 months ago

    I'm all 3 pizza restaurants kind of man

  • Milly Howard
    Milly Howard 6 months ago +2

    For donuts I love raspberry filled donuts! They are the only ones I’ll eat or original glazed.
    As for Pizza I love Papa Johns! Papa Johns is the best in my opinion.

  • Camila Govea
    Camila Govea 6 months ago

    Bruce Bruce Bruce!

  • Karen Bayer
    Karen Bayer 6 months ago

    I'm sorry but Yodels do not taste anything like Twinkies. LOL I do agree with you on the eggnog though, so gross. The red oreo is just for a festive Christmas color.

  • Philbrendan Curran
    Philbrendan Curran 6 months ago


  • Gabriel Iacoboni
    Gabriel Iacoboni 6 months ago

    All I can say is better him than me. Lol

  • Danity Williams
    Danity Williams 6 months ago

    Can you do the donut overload challenge

  • GlutenFreeGirl
    GlutenFreeGirl 7 months ago


  • Lauren Senter
    Lauren Senter 7 months ago


  • Michael Martorano
    Michael Martorano 7 months ago

    had to get my ben and jeerys out of the oven LMFAO

  • Ellie Moffat
    Ellie Moffat 7 months ago

    You can do it bruce!

  • Patrick The Cowboy
    Patrick The Cowboy 7 months ago

    The electric editing is so cool!

  • Martin Quainoo
    Martin Quainoo 7 months ago


  • Hunter Valley
    Hunter Valley 7 months ago

    Use a pack of oreos as cereal, just pour them in and add almond milk, you'll thank me later.

  • Toxic Corrosiv
    Toxic Corrosiv 7 months ago

    Yodels r off brand swiss rolls

  • Vice R
    Vice R 8 months ago

    It’s shocking how underrated this eating channel is. I’m just looking back at his older videos and it’s crazy how many challenges he has done and doesn’t even have a million subs. I think he deserves to be so much more relevant than he already is

  • trevor stroud
    trevor stroud 8 months ago

    Not a bad deadlift

  • Mr Nicks
    Mr Nicks 8 months ago +15

    Erik- eats *DRIED* mango
    also Erik- "that *juiciness* though"

  • Paul mcwheelchair
    Paul mcwheelchair 8 months ago

    you keep saying carbsmas throughout this whole video when it's a calorie challenge lol

  • Grace Santiago
    Grace Santiago 8 months ago


  • xDmnc
    xDmnc 9 months ago +1

    Do a Mint overload lol

  • RaZor swagzzツ
    RaZor swagzzツ 9 months ago

    Eric I mix egg nog with milk so it's not as thick

  • Megan
    Megan 9 months ago

    That icing looks like...........not icing.

  • Havoq
    Havoq 9 months ago

    Lmao She Likes His OutFit 17:00 hes where those pants

  • This guy is just Here
    This guy is just Here 9 months ago

    People who don’t like doughnuts are weird
    Well I guess I am weird