Let Me Play With Your Poodle by Hank Penny

  • Published on Sep 14, 2009
  • Here's a cover of the raunchy "Let Me Play With Your Poodle" by Hank Penny from the King label, 1947. Originally by Tampa Red (Hudson Whittaker).
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  • Joe Postove
    Joe Postove Month ago


  • Marcus Easton
    Marcus Easton 9 months ago +1

    There is an entire tradition of songs with double meanings from the jazz age usually songs on the b side of records or only performed live in clubs that were obviously adult oriented. You will sometimes see such songs performed at Renaissance festivals with some Renaissance flourishes added. they jokes are naughty enough to get a chuckle but clean enough they go over the kids heads. At the ren fairs these songs are usually referred to as "Bawdy songs" Bawdy: Adj. dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent.

  • gauntletfilm
    gauntletfilm 3 years ago

    love it!!!!!!!!

  • playgirlc
    playgirlc 3 years ago +5

    14 cat lovers?

    • crazy burkey
      crazy burkey 11 months ago

      playgirlc I like cats to but I'd love to play with your poodle

  • orangie84
    orangie84 3 years ago +2

    for all you people saying he isn't singing about a dog... umm he does say " > HE"S < the best little poodle i have ever seen" which to me for those of you saying he isn't talking about a dog that then is confusing to me.first off if he was talking about a woman's parts why the hell on earth is he referring to that part as a "HE".what's weirder is...he wants to "play" with a male poodle..Now I am assuming that he wants to through a stick or frisbie and play fetch..that's really not so bad... except if he is actually gay then in this case it could mean he wants to paint the poddle pink and come clean out of the closet...which that IS weird!!But I am now thinking the dirty minded people are thinking maybe he wants to play red rocket with the male dog or something of that nature..Which would be well..... you know...OKYIKES!!!!! ok so there i said it... but now which really is it??????

    • Katie Mae Sarber
      Katie Mae Sarber 2 years ago

      orangie84 Because you couldn't talk about sex back then. Censorship

    • Rhan Wilson
      Rhan Wilson 2 years ago +4

      Everything he says applies to sex, but then he says it's about her dog. It's clear that it is a suggestive song, but he gets out of it by claiming it's about her poodle.

    • John Davies
      John Davies 2 years ago +3

      There, there - you don't need to analyse it.

  • Nobody YouKnow
    Nobody YouKnow 3 years ago +4

    so here we have early rock-a-billy... country inching toward rock and roll via boogie woogie..notice the electric guitar

  • Daeda Lean
    Daeda Lean 3 years ago


  • lynchie137
    lynchie137 4 years ago +1

    Holy shit! Is that a twin guitar lead on here?

  • Alan Hepple
    Alan Hepple 4 years ago +1

    fantastic version the guitar work is wonderful

  • Toto Payne Diaz
    Toto Payne Diaz 4 years ago +5

    Your poodle is worth more than a penny. I mean your little poodle dog...

  • mutleybird
    mutleybird 4 years ago +1

    Actually Henry D. Haynes (Homer) is on guitar, and Kenneth C. Burns (Jethro) is on mandolin.

  • joe stucatz
    joe stucatz 4 years ago

    Oh My!!! LOL

  • Shank
    Shank 5 years ago +1

    0:46 .....watch out make some room for that dere geetar

  • punkinhoot
    punkinhoot 5 years ago +2

    lol, I had a cute little poodle dog, men always wanted to play with it! Miss ya Simmy

  • melissa bickham
    melissa bickham 5 years ago

    Thank you reddit lol

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 5 years ago +1

    i was on reddit and they directed me to "my girls pussy". highly inappropriate when taken out of context.... i saw this on this one on the side bar, lol just as inappropriate with the same mindset

  • Jordan Ninjapantz
    Jordan Ninjapantz 6 years ago

    Actually I am here for the same reason! =D
    I liked the part about Mainstream Pop, but Chuck Berry is amazing.

  • hawaga56
    hawaga56 6 years ago

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  • 91Bear
    91Bear 6 years ago

    How could I forget Smoky Dacus?

  • Evan Murdock
    Evan Murdock 6 years ago +1

    Not precisely true. Lots of bands played live with drums, but they were hard to record because they're so loud they'd cause the recording stylus to bounce. The advent of magnetic tape meant this physical limitation no longer existed, and drums became popular in recording.
    Bob Wills was performing with drummers in the 1930's.
    It is true that they were rather less ubiquitous than they are now.

  • kiss10na
    kiss10na 6 years ago

    im thinking he is not talking about her dog

  • 91Bear
    91Bear 6 years ago

    You can't hear them because they aren't there.
    Country music didn't have drums until the 1960s.

  • johnnyroyblues
    johnnyroyblues 7 years ago

    This kinda "square" kinda "stiff" Texas swing white man's version of a cool Tampa Red song still has some great guitar playing! Hank Penny was no slouch!...plus, he wrote "Bloodshot Eyes"...a great song recorded by Wynonie Harris!!! Thanks for sharing this recording!

  • KarenHlly
    KarenHlly 7 years ago +3

    Hank Penny didn't want to record this because it was a dirty song, but agreed on the stipulation that the song be released under the pseudonym "The Freckle Face Boys." It wasn't, and the controversy around this song basically killed Penny's popularity. BTW, his backing band on this song is Homer & Jethro, with Jethro playing lead guitar.

  • Chinese Mugwump
    Chinese Mugwump 7 years ago

    If it was written by Tampa Red it AINT talking about no DOG

  • A.C. Acquafondata
    A.C. Acquafondata 7 years ago

    "You sure keeps him clean"... thats a plus haha. Great song

  • kegradar
    kegradar 7 years ago

    Oh my land!!!!

  • victoreador
    victoreador 7 years ago +1

    How 'bout Doodle yer Poodle?

  • Lacey Langton
    Lacey Langton 7 years ago

    @Bags9 Boy, have times changed!

  • Opinunate ted
    Opinunate ted 7 years ago +1

    The realy disturbing thing about this song is that he actualy WAS talking about a poodle dog.

  • sonicscreamingblue
    sonicscreamingblue 8 years ago

    Something tells me he's NOT ACTUALLY talking about an actual pup. :: gasps and clutches pearls::......naughty naughty boy you. someone get me my smelling salts I feel faint.....lol

  • Salayo Brown
    Salayo Brown 8 years ago

    @eoj2495 IF U DON'T, U SLOW!!!!

  • Bags9
    Bags9 8 years ago

    Censorship was TIGHT in those days, people got banned/taken off the airwaves for comments and lyrics that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow today. Adding that clarification after each verse may have been necessary so he could get away with the rest of the lyrics.

  • bill chew
    bill chew 8 years ago +1

    Ever hear Marcia Ball's cover?

  • Cenobite3
    Cenobite3 8 years ago +1

    What a polite man.

  • 2CoolDays
    2CoolDays 8 years ago

    Idk why, but old songs are WAYYYY better than the newer ones.

  • msbfd
    msbfd 9 years ago

    At least he doesn't mention his wiener dog...
    And what did he think we thought that he has to EXPLAIN "I mean your little poodle dog" after each verse?

  • LOCO-motix Road and Rail Videos

    great!!! lol! 5*

  • eoj2495
    eoj2495 9 years ago

    Hey great! I think we all know what he's talking about...

  • stlheadake2
    stlheadake2 9 years ago

    I don't think he is speaking of THE PET poodle dog.... 8^}