How I broke a wine glass with my VOICE (using science!)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
  • If you sing at a wine glass at its exact resonant frequency, you can break the glass without the help of a speaker! Learn the physics behind that.
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    Mike Boyd Learning to Break a Glass:
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    More Physics Girl:
    MIT breaking wine glass video
    Creator: Dianna Cowern
    Animations: Kyle Norby
    Editor: Jabril Ashe
    Thanks to Kyle Kitzmiller, Dan Walsh and Mike Boyd!
    And to my parents and roommates to endured the screeching.
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  • Jellyn Balongag
    Jellyn Balongag Day ago

    Wow that was amazing

  • Ace06 YT -Games
    Ace06 YT -Games Day ago

    You sound like a whale😂

  • Andrea Vazquez
    Andrea Vazquez 2 days ago

    guess whos been screeching for 3 min straight trying to break a wine glass

  • Van Lan Nguyen
    Van Lan Nguyen 4 days ago

    Physic girl:

  • Kota Dagnino
    Kota Dagnino 5 days ago +1

    imagine calculating the resonant frequency for space-time.... aaaaaand I'm not sleeping tonight

  • bobpeters61
    bobpeters61 6 days ago

    The concept of lead crystal always seemed a little off to me. Why would anyone in their right mind want lead mixed into a glass they drink out of?

  • Yeosang’s Chicken
    Yeosang’s Chicken 8 days ago

    I’m gonna be that person who has perfect pitch....that ain’t no E. That’s an f...kind of.

  • jjeherrera
    jjeherrera 9 days ago

    So in passing you've explained material fatigue!

  • Crizann Lee Y. Retuerto

    Your like albert einstein

  • gerald frost
    gerald frost 12 days ago

    Perdita Nit in Masquerade has met her match. "Champagne glasses exploding like angry thistle down."

  • karroome
    karroome 13 days ago

    Test kyle's "other" theory by simulating the resonance frequency accurately through a sound generator👍

  • The Ramen Bros JC
    The Ramen Bros JC 14 days ago

    I can break glass with my STONE AXE that I forged.

  • FW Dehner
    FW Dehner 15 days ago

    crack that glass like a grain of salt in a supsat solution! Encore!

  • FW Dehner
    FW Dehner 15 days ago

    Resonate frequencies, eh? How about that EM drive? Or virtual to real photons using vibrating mirrors thanks to Dynamical Casimir Effect ( EM Drive actually that Cannae that NASA admits works after Chinese reveal theirs...)

  • FW Dehner
    FW Dehner 15 days ago

    effing c00l!

  • Ërrør
    Ërrør 15 days ago

    She breaks the glass at 6:53 your welcome

  • Yusuf Muhammed
    Yusuf Muhammed 15 days ago


  • Paragraaf
    Paragraaf 16 days ago

    Is 4000 hertz
    enough to break glass

  • Ramon Preston
    Ramon Preston 17 days ago

    Your voice breaks glass? And you're proud of it? I've known women who voices broke glass.

  • Uncle Jun
    Uncle Jun 17 days ago

    "In there tongue she is dovakiin, dragonborn!"

  • Jonas van Nijnatten
    Jonas van Nijnatten 17 days ago

    0:25 that's an F, not an E ;)

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis 17 days ago

    You bought Riedel glasses. &^%$ you you earn too much on youtube.
    Oh, and you bought them "for you guys". For us. mmmmm, sure you did.

  • james harvey
    james harvey 19 days ago

    They can use this same concept with light and you can kill molecules of any kind even cancer cells with a resonant light frequency

  • s.m.mainul islam
    s.m.mainul islam 19 days ago

    6:57 that reaction though. .. . . .
    Thanks for the great effort you gone through to make this video.

  • Ivy
    Ivy 23 days ago

    Same mechanism that makes rockets, space shuttle, etc explode. What causes Resonance?

  • Gopika Gopan
    Gopika Gopan 24 days ago

    Anybody tried this?

  • Rebecca Cohen
    Rebecca Cohen 28 days ago

    Lol (╹◡╹)

  • Rebecca Cohen
    Rebecca Cohen 28 days ago

    You have definitely broken that crystal wine cup in half

  • Navjot
    Navjot Month ago

    I love your channel. I think you can be a great teacher. The way you explained the concept of resonance in this video. It was amazing. can you recommend some books that are filled with fun problems?. Not just thick theory books. But books that are actually teaching physics and These books improve your critical thinking skills. Fun to read. I wish I could meet you someday.

  • Adolf0is0winner
    Adolf0is0winner Month ago

    You need to get two bigger oscillator balls in between your legs to keep your hunger at bay . You get what I meant ?
    Resonate frequencies down there may cause you an unimaginable pleasure .

  • Carlos Eduardo Prescott Naso

    you rock!!!!

  • Muskan Siddikee
    Muskan Siddikee Month ago +1

    Hey but brilliant is quite expensive as an Indian

  • Abhilash Gupta
    Abhilash Gupta Month ago

    7:05 when i did something wrong and my mom is looking at me

  • maca awww
    maca awww Month ago


  • suspended suplex channel

    Indian glass are very thick, so don't try it at home yae but these are Chinese product coz made of china clay um........ U may try😂😂😉

  • suspended suplex channel

    I want to understand "singing flame" plzz do that practical for me🙏😥🙏🙏

  • suspended suplex channel

    Because physics is hardly ( not for) girls👈⛑

    I JUST COMMENT Month ago

    This was released on my B'day

  • Juhi Gudsoorkar
    Juhi Gudsoorkar Month ago

    I couldn't believe at first it was her voice

  • Süleyman katrancı

    I want to ask you something.If the sound can be lit with fire?that is, vibration is required to produce fever, and since the sound is vibration and the glass can break, can the fire be burned?please you can try it.

  • PJNinja
    PJNinja Month ago +1

    You know if that guy is right about the glass getting weaker and weaker with each attempt because the defects grow more prominent each time, then you've weakened your mom's wine glasses.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says Month ago

    as I mentioned in your another video, Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” so, we didn't really need look much further (Hawking and others).

  • k.p anurag
    k.p anurag Month ago

    opera dianna...

  • pitii 0810
    pitii 0810 Month ago

    why it fails easy fatigue thats why the first every jet airliner straight up imploded in mid air bc square windows and the corners build up more stress the round ones so more stress combined with the pressurization meant that small hairline fractures formed which then lead to fatigue failure and tada

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza Month ago

    The Lexus LFA can also do this aha.

  • Jakison Ojha
    Jakison Ojha Month ago

    Well explained... Practising at home was great.😂😂

  • IXBlackPearlXI
    IXBlackPearlXI Month ago

    You even couldn't scream when you did it 🤣

  • Normando Moura
    Normando Moura Month ago

    so you just break a glass if it has cracks.

  • Normando Moura
    Normando Moura Month ago

    of course I'll try this at home. hahahahha

  • Geekboy NZ
    Geekboy NZ Month ago

    It's truly wonderful to see that other people also disrupt their households with their tenacity in trying something out! Thank you for making our behaviour more normal / normative.

  • Marcello Branca
    Marcello Branca Month ago

    k now i know what i need to do to break all the glasses in the wine shop thx man hehehehe 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • David Wilkie
    David Wilkie Month ago

    This Universe is a Hologram of pure relative motion, a time duration timing wave-package, "an oscillating system" all at once in sync, meaning that it's an elemental Superposition-point Singularity positioning system (GPSUniverse, not only Big Bang, simultaneous modulated Crunch in Black Hole recirculation = vanishing point distributed connection of modulated wave-package pulses) here-now-forever.
    No surprise that everything in it operates at a resonance? Breaking wine glasses is probably good for your health and finances.., as well as being fun.. and feeding your (universal) imagination.
    The time duration it takes to break the glass is probably an aspect of Chaos Theory analysis, like the ejection-evaporation rate of water molecules through the surface tension of the liquid, or ice crystal sublimation, and the liquid drop model of nuclear/atomic decay, Quantum Operator Fields Modulation Mechanism of probabilities in Tunneling->displacement resonances.
    Quantum Operator e-Pi-i Fields Modulation Mechanism of probabilities in potential possibilities.., the cause-effect of resonance structuring recognized in Math-Phys-Chem and Geometry in Spacetime sequences of e-Pi-i resonance imaging Holo-graphically.., is "dramatically" modeled in the Wine glass breaking exercise, and the same techniques apply in more constructive pursuits such as composing music to suit compound arrangements of instruments, performers, venues and social circumstances. The Principle In-form-ation formulae in conception, this modulation mechanism applies in the universal wave-package continuous creation connection.., "it's always now" so timing-shape compositions "flow" across the cross-sectioning Big Picture landscape in Perspective. Ie there's one Time Now, of shifting proportions reshaping according to the Observable Math-Phys-Chem and Geometry in Spacetime existence. Infinitely complex, with some limited components that are actually understandable within the boundaries of human comprehension. ., enough to know not to get carried away with fantasies +/- ?

  • Werd2jaH
    Werd2jaH Month ago

    The drawing of physics girl looks more like physics girl than physics girl lol
    “I’d buy that shirt!”

  • Yamesh Pant
    Yamesh Pant Month ago

    I think girls can break glass more easily than boys as they have high pitch

  • Brian Criswell
    Brian Criswell Month ago

    I absolutely love your videos You Are very easy on the eyes and very intelligent not a combination that is calming in this day. Thank you for everything you do

  • Sabrina McNeil
    Sabrina McNeil Month ago +1

    6:57-7:13 *When you actually get a decent score on a test you didn't study for* 😂😂😂

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage "Critical Crack Length"!

  • Atomatonic Girl
    Atomatonic Girl Month ago

    Yay Mythbusters!

  • Jone Davila
    Jone Davila Month ago

    Great now I want to buy wine glasses

  • A C
    A C Month ago

    7:30 FINE... smash. It just couldn't take any more of that annoying sound. lol