'It's a cut-throat business...' | Aki on the move | Loyalty and nationalised players

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Do nationalised Irish players owe the IRFU or Irish rugby fans anything?
    Or are they entitled to move on if they get a better offer?
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Comments • 122

  • jean claude bertoni
    jean claude bertoni 26 days ago

    Keep him. He is a reject of NZ rugby. He is no better than when he left NZ.

  • Crus R
    Crus R Month ago

    Euros n pounds cant buy a rugby world cup.

  • Dan Fontaine
    Dan Fontaine Month ago

    weren't they brought in to be in the world cup? If so it's come and gone...

  • Mike Reilly
    Mike Reilly Month ago

    Don't hate the player..hate the system

  • R
    R Month ago

    Do me a favor , The man has been a loyal servant to the cause and belted out amhran na bhfiann, added to and achieved amazing things with this Irish group, If this conversation is about loyalty and allegiance, think about this, the man left his home and traveled to play rugby at a time where his career was in the balance, he had been convinced to play rugby again and support his family. He took a massive gamble coming to these shores and he has been as Irish as anyone on that pitch when called upon. I'd Like to see a bit more commitment and application and desire to play from some of our so called marquee players. Make no mistake, Bundee Aki is Irish in his heart. He is a celtic warrior and will always be respected. Shame on anyone who thinks otherwise.

  • John hhp Emery
    John hhp Emery Month ago

    shelf life of any sports person is short, they have to look after their future . .bollocks to loyalty, family first

  • Reese
    Reese Month ago

    It’s so funny seeing these Europeans, they’re all for “3rd worlders” coming into their nation but god forbid an islander or a saffa come in to prop up their failing sport system and actually positively contribute.

  • Stuart Murphy
    Stuart Murphy Month ago

    Jesus cut he's legs off, that will fix him, pure 💩

  • Séan Muireb
    Séan Muireb Month ago

    I can see both perspectives but I do think there should be a bit of loyalty shown where you play for another country

  • Larry Devery
    Larry Devery Month ago

    How about some loyalty to the player in return for what they've done for irish rugby? Loyalty in terms of what's best for them. Give it over dont be ridiculous by saying "this isnt right".. 🙄

  • d costo
    d costo Month ago

    that's sport , its all about money , but playing for Ireland should be about playing for your nation , aki was great for Connaught ,but its a team sport. Ireland need to start investing more into grass roots rugby ,and get more talent through onto the international stage .

  • John Concannon
    John Concannon Month ago +2

    The IRFU did not mind getting rid of Sean O Brien.

  • keith grant
    keith grant Month ago +5

    You telling me this presenter on his high horse would refuse a big money move to rte just out of loyalty to newstalk for developing him?

  • keith grant
    keith grant Month ago

    Alan Quinlan seems like a nice guy but I find his voice so boring I can't listen to it

  • Dz3n0r
    Dz3n0r Month ago

    This is really silly, Aki doesn't owe anybody anything. He was given a chance and played well, it's not a prison sentence

  • Lord Mick
    Lord Mick Month ago

    If you don’t want players to come in with the risk of them disappearing away again, don’t bring them in. It’s the irfu’s risk if that’s how they want to operate.

  • fionnmckool
    fionnmckool Month ago

    No loyalty to connaught or ireland, send him packing.

  • Rochelle Hart
    Rochelle Hart Month ago +2

    Really troubling sentiment from Adrian, he seems to think these players owe the IRFU something beyond the length of their contract. Just a thought but maybe the IRFU should pay these players what they're worth.

  • Eric Yip
    Eric Yip Month ago +1

    Load of BS from the host. He had been giving everything whenever he play for Ireland. Stay or Leave, he own nobody anything, its his career, his life. Get over it. Are you going to get mad if he want to go home?

  • 8563robbie
    8563robbie Month ago +4

    I can't listen to this... Quinny is dead right..

  • Mark O Callaghan
    Mark O Callaghan Month ago

    Get paid the most you can in life .
    If that means playing in France or England so be it . No player owes anything to Ireland 🇮🇪

  • John O’Brien
    John O’Brien Month ago +2

    He was a professional rugby player before he got to Ireland. Keep it real!

    • Scott Hamilton
      Scott Hamilton Month ago

      Diarmaid O'Riordan Yes he was good player for the chiefs

    • John O’Brien
      John O’Brien Month ago

      @Diarmaid O'Riordan wrong en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundee_Aki

    • Diarmaid O'Riordan
      Diarmaid O'Riordan Month ago

      No he wasn’t, he never got into Super Rugby.

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams Month ago

    To be fair we were told how much of a risk it is for these players to move their lives to an entirely new country when these players were getting criticism and now after only two years of international service he’s thinking of jumping ship? I’m a big Aki fan, huge respect for him and I stood up for him when that criticism came. But I have to say it is a bit of a slap of a face that as soon as we’ve hit a hard place he’s decided to jump ship and head elsewhere.

  • Marcos Gibson007
    Marcos Gibson007 Month ago

    Go back Aki over rated player

  • Marcos Gibson007
    Marcos Gibson007 Month ago

    If Aki leaves he will not be pick it for the Irish jersey and Roman O'Gara never left Munster

  • Tk F
    Tk F Month ago +4

    A player should only be playing for country he spent his schooling life in, no cj or aki for ireland, no pacific Islanders for nz, no imports for England Wales or Scotland,

    • Scott Hamilton
      Scott Hamilton Month ago

      Gary O'Driscoll Yeah I would of played Ben Smith but after the performance in the quarters makes sense to pick that side.

    • Gary O'Driscoll
      Gary O'Driscoll Month ago +1

      Scott Hamilton I thought for the game that was in it that SBW should’ve started. And I’m baffled the Rieko was dropped for the Crusader wings.
      Hindsight I guess.

    • Gary O'Driscoll
      Gary O'Driscoll Month ago +1

      Scott Hamilton spot on!! Mako and Billy emigrated when they were 10 and 12.

    • Scott Hamilton
      Scott Hamilton Month ago

      Gary O'Driscoll maybe none I know NZ had one “poach” in the 23 with Reece and England maybe just Heinz they were two largely homegrown sides and NZ lost.

    • Scott Hamilton
      Scott Hamilton Month ago

      Gary O'Driscoll I don’t know maybe the Vunipolas. I don’t know what your asking?

  • Edmond
    Edmond Month ago +4

    He's still irish qualified and available if he moves it's just irfu policy not to pick him

    • fionnmckool
      fionnmckool Month ago

      If he moves then drop him, no loyalty

  • James amy
    James amy Month ago

    Plucking foreign players from “obscurity”, investing in them and developing them into international players, can we not find the talent in Ireland and make the same investment?

  • cmo butts
    cmo butts Month ago +13

    Bundee represented ireland on the pitch & put his body on the line for the country what more do u want geeezus let him be.

  • weximan1
    weximan1 Month ago

    This is a no win argument, both sides have a fair point sure isn't James Lowe gona play for Ireland

    • Finbarr Ryan
      Finbarr Ryan Month ago +1

      The main presenter, his tune will change when it comes to game a Lowe I promise that.

  • Dave Kelly
    Dave Kelly Month ago +3

    Untill we allow Irish players play overseas without the restriction of getting picked for Ireland then we will continue to fail at WCs and continue to blame foreign players for taking their places. irfu policy is the issue. Aki just accepted their offer so he has no obligations.

    • Dave Kelly
      Dave Kelly Month ago +1

      If young Irish players are only getting Celtic league b games time then we never going to get past a wc QF since all foreign recruits will be picked in key Champions cup games. Provinces will hardly suffer as the best players will likely always remain in Ireland. We need a wider selection pool of players to choose from and with more foreign players arriving it is essential otherwise we will always rely on more foreigners to represent Ireland in future.

    • MagicSince 98
      MagicSince 98 Month ago +2

      So all our provinces go down the gutter then? I'd rather keep all our talent at home and manage them.

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne Month ago +5

    Connacht don't get anywhere near the backing of the irfu they should it's not that long ago the irfu wanted too scrap connacht rugby and people of connacht had to protest in eyer square to save connacht

  • Keith Scanlan
    Keith Scanlan Month ago +7

    It's always Adrian coming out with pure nonsense this channel is great every day apart from Friday cause that clown is on

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Month ago +8

    What a load of BS from the host. If you have a policy of trying to expand the player base by short residency qualification you reap what you sow. Also will Quinlan stop saying UK when he means England.

  • DAGATHire
    DAGATHire Month ago

    i bet a pound to a brass penny, if he moves he'll end up being a better player for it.

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago

      @DAGATHire you really need a better response. you leinster fanboys spend so much time jacking off to leinster players you dont have the time to think of one

    • DAGATHire
      DAGATHire Month ago

      shut up Rachel

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago

      pro14 is a crap standard even james lowe is a worse player after playing pro14 for so long with leinster

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly Month ago +15

    CJ Stander has a IRFU contract Aki has a connacht contract he owes the irfu nothing you cant compare him to CJ who is has a irfu contract

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly Month ago +9

    Give marmion and aki IRFU central contracts because connacht have zero..leinster have 8,munster have 5, ulster have 2

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago

      @Michael Higgins Marmions exclusion was political not based on talent

    • Michael Higgins
      Michael Higgins Month ago

      Marmion didn't even make the world cup squad. Aki should definitely get one though

  • GREG J
    GREG J Month ago +22

    he’s always given everything on the pitch

  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray Month ago +37

    Jesus Christ give me a break. If Bundee Aki or CJ stander got injured in the morning the IRFU would replace them in a heart beat. You have to look after yourself in elite sport. They owe us absolutely nothing.

    • lorcan O'Reilly
      lorcan O'Reilly Month ago

      I agree . When CJs form dropped plenty of us were calling for him to be dropped people exaggerated. He gave 100% for Ireland everytime he played. He paid back the investment in him and at the end of the day bundie hasn't left he is just looking at options.

    • Red Roses101
      Red Roses101 Month ago

      @tom kelly Same applies. Possibly even more precarious from the injury perspective for Bundee.

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago

      You mean connacht right? Stander has a irfu central contract bundee does not and is paid by connacht

  • Amm Music
    Amm Music Month ago

    We do not need foreign players. We have some savage talent in this country. Sorry but I don't agree with it.

  • Andy Walker
    Andy Walker Month ago +2

    Can this Irish anchor please move on,if the World Cup had gone better,you wouldn’t give a toss.........I love how these journos,think pro sportsman care about what the fans think.

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago

      @Thomas Coughlan funny how your comment/reply is moved down the the bottom of the comment section

    • Andy Walker
      Andy Walker Month ago +2

      Thomas Coughlan Thankyou,much appreciated

    • Thomas Coughlan
      Thomas Coughlan Month ago +2

      @Andy Walker www.independent.ie/sport/rugby/other-rugby/paul-kimmage-jamie-heaslip-has-finally-spoken-but-forgive-me-if-i-was-expecting-more-38655646.html

    • Thomas Coughlan
      Thomas Coughlan Month ago +2

      @Andy Walker www.independent.ie/sport/rugby/international-rugby/jamie-heaslip-apologises-for-unintentional-error-of-detail-after-confirming-that-he-did-not-fail-drug-test-38655719.html

    • Thomas Coughlan
      Thomas Coughlan Month ago +2

      @Andy Walker www.independent.ie/sport/rugby/international-rugby/paul-kimmage-i-have-more-questions-for-jamie-heaslip-but-will-he-answer-them-38634240.html

  • Andrew Healion
    Andrew Healion Month ago +11

    He's not a bloody hostage, it'd be the same if any other international left the country.

    • MA9N0
      MA9N0 Month ago

      @tom kelly if you watched the game yesterday, you'd know why. The 2 teams are in different leagues.

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +3

      Connacht should get the credit for bringing him over and developing him further.. The irfu should give him a central contract as connacht have no such players and leinster have 8

    • Liam O Shaughnessy
      Liam O Shaughnessy Month ago +1

      @Andrew Healion ya it's up to d provinces to make an offer attractive enough to make him wanna stay ya no doubt d irfu shou not take d credit for his development to be honest when he first arrived I didn't think he was good enough for d 1st 15 but his prob one of the first names I'd out down on d starting sheet like u said he has a big game temperament I'd put Rory best in that category tougher d test d better he plays

    • Andrew Healion
      Andrew Healion Month ago +2

      @Liam O Shaughnessy I also hate the way he is giving the irfu all the credit for aki"s ability as if he only came into existence when they signed him, and on the flip side of what they were saying he could have came over here and been a flop and not signed another contract. And aswell technically he will still be able to play for Ireland it's the irfu unwritten rule that doesn't allow overseas players play. Which don't like he should have brought the likes of zebo and maybe madigan to the world cup.

    • Liam O Shaughnessy
      Liam O Shaughnessy Month ago +1

      Ya if it's Brian o Driscoll or Johnny sexton goin abriadyno problems but hopefully this is an negotiating ploy aki has always raised his game for Ireland against tier one teams in

  • SuperMandelson
    SuperMandelson Month ago +6

    Bundee the proud Irishman. Ha ha.

  • lennycbs
    lennycbs Month ago +5

    Love how once again cj stander is the example used in a negative way...... what about all the Leinster lads who have qualified on residency??embarrassing once again....

    • stephen sheridan
      stephen sheridan Month ago +2

      What players are you talking about??..only one from Leinster that might! play for Ireland is James Lo...

    • Big Sham 69
      Big Sham 69 Month ago +2

      Tough to watch

  • michael O sullivan
    michael O sullivan Month ago

    Well said adrian

  • Bradley Gaju
    Bradley Gaju Month ago +31

    The Irish anchors on THIS CHANNEL are insufferable.
    CJ Stander was SA Schools Captain and was recruited by the Bulls and was touted as future Bok Captain, one of the most talented young prospects in SA rugby at the time(.2011)
    Heyneke Meyer told him he couldn't play anywhere on the back row for the Boks and should try out being a hooker. That's what ruined him and contemplated quitting rugby, the Irish caught wind of this and swooped in like virgins at a Brothel.
    What a load of kak this channel is

    • SavageArfad
      SavageArfad Month ago

      Ger is Insufferable.

    • Big Sham 69
      Big Sham 69 Month ago +2

      Sure they haven't a clue. No mention of Conancht not having central contracts for Marmion and Aki either. Totally ignorant

    • Aphiwe Mvovo
      Aphiwe Mvovo Month ago +1

      They do no research on the topics they talk about. It’s really frustrating.

    • Andy Walker
      Andy Walker Month ago +1


  • bodhid
    bodhid Month ago +40

    I'm sorry lads but hold up - Ireland didn't 'develop' him. He was developed in NZ and shipped-in by the IRFU with a view to qualifying by residency. This is a silly argument. He was a fully-realised professional when he arrived, not a kid. There's 'no honour among thieves' as the saying goes and likewise, you cannot expect loyalty from professional mercenary players.

    • JLM 01
      JLM 01 Month ago

      Red Roses101 maybe in the northern hemisphere they’re discarded. NZ held onto known massive injury liabilities such as read, retallick, crotty and Williams. Sure we didn’t win the World Cup but it wasn’t due to their previous injuries

    • Big Sham 69
      Big Sham 69 Month ago +2

      That red haired clown has zero clue. Hack journalist

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +1

      Connacht helped develop him and paid him and were the ones who brought him over not the irfu . Why dont the irfu offer him central contract??

    • Joseph Cavanagh
      Joseph Cavanagh Month ago


    • Red Roses101
      Red Roses101 Month ago +2

      bodhid it’s not even that. Whether he would be loyal or not. Rugby players are thrown out at the first sign of injury. Where is talk of loyalty then. Quinny knows - this civilian ankor doesn’t know jack and has never stepped foot on a professional field of play.

  • Joseph Cavanagh
    Joseph Cavanagh Month ago +6

    He's not Irish and never will be. Loyalty for Aki was as far as his abilities could take him, the black of NZ was too hard, so Ireland opened her legs. Glad he won't be wearing green any more

    • Mad Man 1
      Mad Man 1 Month ago +4

      @JF Murphy idiot

    • Joseph Cavanagh
      Joseph Cavanagh Month ago +1

      @tom kelly as in the All Black's, the color of their jerseys?! Aki isn't black anyway; it would be racist to make that connection to him. Ahem. ;)

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +1

      the black?

  • mickser101
    mickser101 Month ago +14

    If Aki Stays or leaves, he'll always be a Connacht Legend. There is no loyalty in professional sport and because he's an international he could potentially double his money in France. Don't blame him, it's a short career and getting max. money is essential. Galway in the wind and rain or beautiful South of France ??????

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago +1

      Why dont the irfu give him a central contract like stander has??

    • Red Roses101
      Red Roses101 Month ago +2

      Rugby of all sports. I’ve seen many “loyal” players come to a team get an injury and be thrown on the waste pile quicker than you can say Bundee Aki. This is quite arrogant stuff - god forbid should an English person say this!

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Leonardo Da Vinci Month ago

    Is Aki thinking of moving abroad?

    • tiarnan
      tiarnan Month ago

      @Mad Man 1 exactly...I'm surprised Delaney wasn't made their CEO after getting kicked out of the FAI....

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly Month ago

      The irfu should give him a central contract like stander has. At the moment bundee is paid by connacht who have no central contracts leinster have 8

    • Mad Man 1
      Mad Man 1 Month ago

      @tiarnan IRFU has turned into the FAI

    • tiarnan
      tiarnan Month ago +2

      @Mad Man 1 they dont even sing the anthem at games - the Irish rugby team is nothing more than a club team now - as we speak theyre looking to recruit a number of young players from NZ and SA...

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Month ago +21

    A lot of the rugby conversation on this station is very precious..