Surviving R. Kelly: Bonus - R. Kelly, If You're Watching | Lifetime

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Survivors Asante McGee, Kitti Jones, Lizzette Martinez, Lisa Van Allen, backup singer Jovante Cunningham, performing artist Sparkle, and ex-wife and survivor of R. Kelly, Andrea Kelly, address R. Kelly directly in this bonus clip from Episode 6 of Surviving R. Kelly, "Black Girls Matter." #SurvivingRKelly
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Comments • 3 782

  • x x
    x x 9 minutes ago

    "One who winks his eyes to plot perversities, One who compresses his lips, is bent on evil." Watching the videos of allegations against rkelly one can notice that all of the woman wink with their eyes and especially his former wife compresses her lips at all times when telling they were abused … ALL LIES!

  • MJ R
    MJ R 48 minutes ago

    He picks young girls because they are star struck and naive enough to be charmed by him and not see his flaws right away. This is a common pattern in abuse, R Kelly is no different. In most abuse cases, the psychological abuse happens first. they make you think it is you with the problem and you become trained to try to please them so you both can be happy again like in the romance period. by the time you realize what is really happening, that he is not going to change, you are in trouble, afraid, abused, ashamed and controlled. Its rare for men to be in these situations but a lot of abusing men have been abused as children. So yes, parents educate your girls AND boys about abuse and make sure they have high self-esteem. HAPPY PEOPLE DO NOT HURT OTHER PEOPLE!

  • Rafael Yohannes
    Rafael Yohannes 4 hours ago

    They all lying

  • Dr.Deni
    Dr.Deni 4 hours ago +1

    Cookie monster

  • Michelle Lopez
    Michelle Lopez 6 hours ago

    But yet these random women chased him & his silly fame & still had the audacity to have more children by him smh

  • Kayloni Adolphus
    Kayloni Adolphus 6 hours ago

    Sorry but I'm not buying this.. it's 25 years later. Y'all where grown 20 & up. Sorry, but I hope you ladies get the healing you deserve & let go.

  • Cyndi Ken
    Cyndi Ken 7 hours ago

    Has anyone picked up on the fact that Sparkle said she met R. Kelly in 1989, wouldn't she have been a teenager (born in 1975)??

  • akuma4u
    akuma4u 8 hours ago +1

    looks like bill cosby has some competition.. or at least a cellmate.

    CENTS DAWEEDHEAD 8 hours ago

    Is this part of the me too movement?

  • laura castro
    laura castro 10 hours ago

    Not victims

  • HeatherMJ78
    HeatherMJ78 10 hours ago

    Breaks my heart for these ladies.

  • factor reese
    factor reese 10 hours ago

    In the end they all SETTELED OUT OF COURT ALL OF THEM$$$$$$$$

  • factor reese
    factor reese 10 hours ago

    They blaming all this on kelly alone.. get outta here.. kelly can't be in two places at one time holding all yall hostage..get outta here... ya'll flew down there...

  • MIsaiah vlonethecomedian

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee it is r Kelly tho. maybe if it was tyrese or bow wow

  • giangstr
    giangstr 11 hours ago

    How is he not in jail????????

  • Lily Robertson
    Lily Robertson 13 hours ago

    After watching the documentary, I asked myself, "how is this man not in prison?" That's what he deserves! I feel for these poor ladies and they are amazing and strong. R. Kelly belongs in prison!

  • Ms. Tonya
    Ms. Tonya 13 hours ago

    His wife Andrea.. Were the kids in the same house with this chaos? Take responsibility for urself

  • Blessed Be
    Blessed Be 13 hours ago

    He's a narcissist

  • Mike Davies Chimutanda
    Mike Davies Chimutanda 13 hours ago

    Nonsense they wanted money and fame!

  • The Thrive
    The Thrive 15 hours ago

    What did R Kelly do?

  • Probably Crying
    Probably Crying 15 hours ago +1

    The comments calling these women liars are the reason many women do not step forward. And then you wonder why it took them so long to say anything

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy 14 hours ago

      This documentary made money and they came forward as soon as they got offered the chance to make it. Hmmm, yeah....

  • Akeem
    Akeem 17 hours ago

    I believe R Kelly is really a dog, but these women are most likely bitter bcuz he prolly promised to put them on & he didn’t. I believe sparkle though

  • Toa A
    Toa A 18 hours ago

    Where's Al Sharpton Marching for these women? They need the help a voice to stand up for them.

  • Brandon Oats
    Brandon Oats 18 hours ago

    Why is everybody coming out now?

  • G J
    G J 19 hours ago

    I don't believe his x wife at all

  • JenScaR Ferreras
    JenScaR Ferreras 19 hours ago

    I THINK she was the one to write DADDY'S LITTLE FREAK

  • Iamavarae
    Iamavarae 20 hours ago

    These women knew his reputation as an abuse person even when he was young they knew what they were getting into from the start but wanna act so innocent to their own involvement that brought the situation upon them then, pretend to want “justice” when they have no money left so they get it from him

  • Alex Sunleiluna
    Alex Sunleiluna 20 hours ago

    Wow, all of these women handled their situations so maturely. I thought some of them were gonna be like, “f**k you.”

  • Lilliosa Leila Collett
    Lilliosa Leila Collett 22 hours ago

    Why didn't all these women come up earlier. Some women have been in silent for many years and the younger girls have been damaged by this monster.

  • OsaKilla wilson
    OsaKilla wilson 23 hours ago +1

    Man why do all the Ugly females attack ppl for money like stfu because if u really cared u wouldn't have let somebody do the lies thts been told to you everyone knows what (NO) means. One of the first words we learn I was crying with laughter thought the whole video .

  • Dru Bear76
    Dru Bear76 Day ago +1

    Hey Lifetime can you do an "Surviving Barney and Teletubbies". They were around young kids also. That purple tubby had that shady look to him. Thank you.

  • Sean Sean
    Sean Sean Day ago

    Smear campaign! I didn't see one tear. Just emotions and performances.

  • Jenna Sistrunk
    Jenna Sistrunk Day ago

    What exactly can R. Kelly be charge with?

  • Vantrell Lewis
    Vantrell Lewis Day ago

    He need to be in prison forever

  • Samantha Grace
    Samantha Grace Day ago

    I’m shocked how people are talking about these women, many of them tried to get help that’s how he got in trial the first time and ended having to pay of serveal families. He abused theme and mentally destroyed them it’s so much harder leaving then u think, espically bcs his victims were young teenagers. They were scared to leave because of the threats made by him that they would hurt their families, according to a lot of victims. Victim shaming has to stop and is apart of the problem y’all can’t try telling me that multiple witnesses and ex employees are all lying, some even losing almost everything to help the victim said. Y’all rely ain’t telling me that ALL THE SEVERAL victims families are lying alongside witness and excemplyess and family . NO WAKE UP

    • Samantha Grace
      Samantha Grace Day ago

      I know there is typos don’t be petty and at me

  • Chastidy Merrell

    He probably touched his girls

  • Oka Mckinney
    Oka Mckinney Day ago

    Why they just coming out all these years though you meant to tell me allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll these years no one had the balls to come forward 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • Riri X.X
    Riri X.X Day ago

    Didn’t they all have a choice

  • Kristane Collins

    I am a strong Republican. I believe that he did this. every bit of it. I think its wrong to say that it's fake and that they did it for money!!! I also think its wrong to bring skin colour into this bc we want that to go away and you guys are keeping it around as you own it. It's not okay to deny that this happened.

  • Nehemiah Okonu
    Nehemiah Okonu Day ago

    Huyu Kelly ana damu nyeusi kweli

  • Courtney Highborn

    Everybody is a victim!

  • Shae Prince
    Shae Prince Day ago

    I feel like some are lying

  • talynjalus24
    talynjalus24 Day ago

    When trying to be a gold digger backfires!!!

  • Kiara Singhh
    Kiara Singhh Day ago

    it’s the remix to conviction,
    hot and fresh into prison.

  • The truth is TELEVISION

    Historically it has been white women accusing black men of doing things to them with no proof. Y'all remember a movie called Mandingo. Emmett Till and hundreds of thousands more. Now black men are being accused by black women of things with no proof. I don't think R Kelly is all the way innocent, but he ain't Guilty by himself. Hearsay worked back then and it's working now. The new white man and white woman is black women. First Bill Cosby, no proof. They tried to get Morgan Freeman and now R Kelly. If they find proof, then I'm with it. Who's the next target for White America and black women? Michael Jordan, Keith Sweat, New Edition, Horace Grant, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, who's next? We need to start exposing these female pedophiles and there are plenty. Pedophiles are human beings, not just men. Black men it's time to start looking out for yourself and your children only, if they haven't turn your children against you.

  • Patricia Jackson

    They say that none of this was done to slander or hurt R Kelly ..... BUT....... Why do all of the VICTIMS HAVE BOOKS COMING OUT!!!!! KMSL... Really.... That's what happen's when you chase fame and fall in love with someone that you know nothing about and it ain't no way in this world these women could believe for one second R Kelly loved them, knowing that it was at least 4 other women at even given time in the same house doing the same thing that you doing. And for the underage girls yes that ain't cool what he did, but that is what happens to you when you decide to go against parents and step into grown people shoes. He asked these girls could they come be with him, and would their parents let them go. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE..... THE PARENTS LET THEM GO!!!! How can I just go in on R Kelly, it was bs in all kind of ways. And to be honest once these girls got out there and seen that it was not what they thought it would be, they always had the option to leave but instead chose to stay, thinking if they took enough that would lock R Kelly down and change him some how and life would be great... Nah R Kelly was just using you like so many men do and when the fun is over he moved around. Point BLANK...

  • Doreen Ambrose
    Doreen Ambrose Day ago

    Are they mad cuz the money stopped all need to take some responsibility too...cuz if not you all will flock to the next star.

  • Byron Umbles
    Byron Umbles Day ago

    R Kelly should be investigated by the FBI. I think this is race related. These girls have been simply thrown away. It’s beyond sad and devastating families. I hope these girls that are being damaged because of their naïveté receive justice and grace. Obviously he had no intentions of doing anything to help these women. Notice, how they looked upon leaving his care. He’s damaging them to the core and stripping them of everything that makes you human. The community must punish this evil man. His music is nothing but a smokescreen to cover his evil behavior and total disrespect for our communities precious daughters.

  • Sunny Poon
    Sunny Poon Day ago

    What did he do? I don't have cable so I can't watch this show 😞

  • Krystal Bowen
    Krystal Bowen Day ago

    This is disturbing not the video but the comments...abuse is abuse whether the women "lied, wanted or deserved" is your view, not the truth for these women the abuse was real and they should be given the benefit of the doubt.

  • Flora SoMo
    Flora SoMo Day ago

    His so sick honestly! I Feel so sorry for these poor girls had to go through this 👌🏼

  • nick luka
    nick luka Day ago

    It's like they made a list of which black celebrities we can destroy but there real quiet about Harvey Weinstein I realize that

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago

    Two sides to a story his lawyer says he is innocent

  • Thinktank Indi
    Thinktank Indi Day ago

    Victim...victim...victim. Most of them made bad choices. The man is keeping no one captive either.

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz Day ago +1

    If R kelly was white he would be HH at the playboy mansion or EB at Graceland. I say him and the people who let there kids do anything should go to jail and that lady that had the 3 way. And I'm still listening

    ALFREDO • Day ago

    All this girls are going to write a book

  • Taylir Jordyn
    Taylir Jordyn Day ago +2

    The only reason R.Kelly has even remotely gotten away with this is sadly because his victims were black women. I believe that if there was a couple white women in the mix he would have been taken down..its very sad that thid monster has been able to involve this many young girls lives.

  • SummerJ200
    SummerJ200 Day ago

    This exposed are R Kelly, but also exposed the black community... mostly the women. Lord guide us all.

  • Cara Lewis
    Cara Lewis Day ago

    Naaaaa how some of you are commenting saying this is lies like you can't see the pain in their eyes when they talk about him is vile

  • toystorylover52
    toystorylover52 Day ago

    Sad that he did this! He should go to jail for this! These women were what all these songs were about! I believe these women! Hope they get the help they need!

  • Bethany Fury
    Bethany Fury Day ago


  • Diana Ikks
    Diana Ikks Day ago

    Ehhh what about the exwife’s drama all of a sudden. Is she trying to save her self with some rich probably spoiled kids.

  • uga 5uga
    uga 5uga Day ago

    Sounds like bullxhit# sack chasing

  • Shedeur Yisrael
    Shedeur Yisrael Day ago

    My thing is why r all these ppl comon out nw if HE REALLY WAS DOING WHAT THEY SAY HE DID🤔🤔

  • ms ray scott
    ms ray scott Day ago

    Drea please🙄🙄😂

  • Lea Rose Barton
    Lea Rose Barton Day ago +1

    Andrea Kelly is a strong lady.

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams Day ago

    U should get his health problems

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams Day ago

    U shouldn't have gone with for money he is sick u want money he was been abused by old sisters u not gone with him for money. Go get therapy for your illness

  • Cocobrown4u
    Cocobrown4u Day ago +4

    Everyone helping R Kelly to cover up his dirty deeds are just as guilty.

  • weepy willow
    weepy willow Day ago

    We all know right from wrong.. everyone is fckd up if you ask me...

  • Michaels Fox
    Michaels Fox Day ago +1

    Allegations after two decades 😢😢😢

  • The real One
    The real One Day ago

    Can someone please tell me what did he do??

  • Jerisha Jackson
    Jerisha Jackson Day ago

    I really hate when they wait to speak out

  • radiance williamson

    Some of these comments are really sad smh... no wonder people that go through abuse keep quiet... because they think no one will believe them... and the ones that told him they would tell, he said no one would believe them... smh now look. Ridiculous

  • G4M3R T3CH
    G4M3R T3CH Day ago

    I empathize with the victims but people are starting to raise other questions.

  • himynameis
    himynameis Day ago

    If these women were blonde hair blue eyed seal team 6 and seal team 3 would delete him in an hour.

  • Drequis Jones
    Drequis Jones Day ago +1

    Most of these girls are fake af and just wanted there pay check 😂

  • Sanijah McCrimmon

    Umm Jevontae...why do you have that grandma suit on...with jailhouse cornrows

  • Reyola Amos
    Reyola Amos Day ago

    Asante HUSBAND is speaking out and saying she is a professional LIAR..

  • Sparkle Terrell
    Sparkle Terrell Day ago

    I CANNOT with sparkle or drea

  • Hudzsin !
    Hudzsin ! Day ago

    Why would she expose her face

  • Nannett Matthews

    Its they fault they knew what they we're doing and where were their parents and why did they wait until they were grown to say something..where was cps and also they should get charged for keeping it a Secret and the parents should get charge too its they fault...

  • kasenyanku reign
    kasenyanku reign 2 days ago

    Rkelly👑The Greatest 👆

    BERTELANE 2 days ago

    I'm coming with 669 views on the 6th day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,, will understand who will

  • Julie Wambui
    Julie Wambui 2 days ago

    Maybe they should interview Mr Biggs He always seemed to have problems with Kelly in his music videos.

  • Timothy Wanjohi
    Timothy Wanjohi 2 days ago

    Women will destroy you bruh... Hypocrisy 101 and you pay

    RAWLE DUKE 2 days ago

    All these women wanted to sleep with R Kelly because of his fame and money. Now we are to believe you are victims. Oh please

  • Star Light
    Star Light 2 days ago

    "For that" R.Kelly created a stronger and determine women who will be the fighting force behind every single victim of domestic abuse beyond this programme. Love a sister who becomes a survivor🙏🙏🙏

    BLACK BULL 2 days ago

    If you believe anything these crying lying women better go watch a few episodes of the Maury show...YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!

  • lana Ibin
    lana Ibin 2 days ago

    Since non was.forced....let them blame themselves for falling in love with fame and money...women women....stop settling for earthly things...I don't blame him...I blame those who sell their bodies to people with fame

  • Eric Mwakulila
    Eric Mwakulila 2 days ago

    These ladies are as fake as their tears.Fckn opportunists.

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis 2 days ago

    " it's the remix to ignition I am facing conviction sipping on milk and water because I am going to prison"

  • Music Sensation
    Music Sensation 2 days ago


  • Naemi Lukas
    Naemi Lukas 2 days ago +1

    So all these women came of nowhere just to throw false allegations. .. question why would they mess with a celeb to begin with .. Justice must be served ... I know this man R Kelly needs help he thinks he have reason for hurting girls he needs counseling this reminds me of a movie i'd watch whereby the girlfriend died of cancer and he was hurting young girls mostly blond and removing their skulls. R Kelly needs help not only is taking young girls dignity but leave them all with an STD whatever reasons he has behind torture it's not fair

  • Solvieg Zaffirinthos

    Can someone please make a documentary interrogating this women, the tears are not so believable.

  • Queen of Virginia
    Queen of Virginia 2 days ago

    The Harriet Tubman Tribe Movement
    206 Hospital St 300
    Richmond va 23219

  • morgan binene
    morgan binene 2 days ago

    Girls stop lying to the world because none of us we're not there why did you say yes if is true? How do you get inside his room? Who did force you to do so??? Please stop lying....

  • Neha Dey
    Neha Dey 2 days ago

    Why someone dnt kill him

  • arxsyn
    arxsyn 2 days ago

    I have myself wondered why Robert preys on young girls. Maybe he was abused himself when he was young. There's also the issue of the gross power dynamic between an older man and an impressionable, naive young girl who can easily be molded. I also suspect, there's something emotionally stunted with this man that makes him interested in underage girls. Not to mention the fact, there's the rumour that the man is illiterate and barely has any numeracy skills

  • Tha mark
    Tha mark 2 days ago

    2:06 her neck is irritating me