Do You Look Like Guillermo?

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
  • The week of October 21st, we are loading our whole show into a container and bringing it to Brooklyn, New York for five shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. If you’d like to join us, live and in person, you can get tickets at Before we go, Guillermo will be driving a welcome wagon across the country spreading joy and tequila along the way. Guillermo will be visiting Dallas on 10/14, Chicago on 10/15, Pittsburgh on 10/16 and Philadelphia on 10/17. At each stop on the tour, we are looking for locals in those cities who look like Guillermo. If that is you, post a picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #IamGuillermo. Then look for a message from us.
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    Do You Look Like Guillermo?
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Comments • 84

  • chinchorrero
    chinchorrero Month ago

    Definitely Guillermo is the man!

  • Kaysi Reyes
    Kaysi Reyes Month ago

    October 21st is my birthday 😭❤️

  • Joarel Barros
    Joarel Barros Month ago

    Guillermo is the best!

  • sandramcanas61
    sandramcanas61 Month ago

    I luuuuve Guillermo😘

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara Month ago

    put some respek on guillermo name

  • All Randomness
    All Randomness Month ago

    Guillermo is a Jimmy Kimmel staple

  • Hristina T
    Hristina T Month ago

    How do you come up with this ideas? I love it..

  • Dat Boi CJ
    Dat Boi CJ Month ago

    No media day for guillermo for the nba ??

  • Cedar Poplar
    Cedar Poplar Month ago +1

    Guillermo! Nobody looks like Guillermo. He's squeegee, and fluffy, and tummy tom. And, short stock. And, he's got pretty eyes

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez Month ago

    I look like Guillermo.. He's my brother from another mother

  • CesarConH
    CesarConH Month ago

    Guillermo 2020!

  • Archie FD
    Archie FD Month ago

    I think I look like him

    I’m Asian too

  • Jesse King
    Jesse King Month ago

    El tio

  • Teresa Moreno
    Teresa Moreno Month ago

    I love Guillermo!!!!

  • nbbim2012
    nbbim2012 Month ago +14

    I don't appreciate even the IDEA of a joke of Guillermo being replaced! I demand an apology on his behalf immediately

  • Kathy Bauman
    Kathy Bauman Month ago +2

    Guillermo is irreplaceable Jimmy!! Love him. From Orange County 🧡

  • Megztheraspberry23
    Megztheraspberry23 Month ago

    Love Guillermo! Best dude on here!

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +5

    I'm not nearly as hot as Guillermo.

  • Jorge R
    Jorge R Month ago

    No, I don’t like Guillermo. Why? Because he’s funny, hilarious and makes your show cool. I’m sure if you replaced him your ratings would go down.

  • J M
    J M Month ago +1

    There is only one Guillermo!

  • Priyanshu
    Priyanshu Month ago +1

    I don't hate Trump.

  • thanks
    thanks Month ago

    Every Latino has an uncle that looks like Guillermo

  • christopher jr dougherty

    This is my by far favorite Mexican in the world

  • youssef bastawisy
    youssef bastawisy Month ago +1

    0:22 thats cool

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Guillermo is bland, witless, slow, and on so many occasions uncomfortably awkward & out of place. If you think he's so damn funny, would you actually willing to watch him do just a 10 minutes comical sketch or telling jokes (or whatever)? I can just see people fake-laughing cringingly along. (You know I'm right !) He's just a harmless nice little foreigner that everyone bounced their jokes off of --AND THAT'S ALL HE IS & EVER WILL BE !! It's almost, as if, if you didn't like Guillermo, then that would make like you're a racist or a mean person. So people afraid to say what they really think about him. If one day, we found out that he abused his wife, called Kimmel an ethic slur behind his back, or got drunk and exposed himself to a 10-year-old girl in Central Park, just you watch how fast people that left these nice comments would turn on him. All these fake adorations & overzealous compliments would vanished faster than you could say "Yo quiero Taco Bell."

    • Victoria Davila
      Victoria Davila Month ago

      Well maybe but so far he's on TV and making lot's of Cash , he doesn't care what you think I'm sure . Jimmy likes him😜by the way he's not comedian.✌Peace

  • Mr. Web SpIn wEb oVeR yOu Fast


  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez Month ago +4

    Latino's for Bernie Sanders 2020

  • Keren icehand
    Keren icehand Month ago +2

    We all LOVE Guillermo🥰💜👍 He is awesome😍

  • Farabe Islam
    Farabe Islam Month ago +3

    Don't you dare replace Guillermo! He is not only a national but also an international treasure!

  • JH
    JH Month ago +9

    Guillermo, what can I say? He's the best. He has a great sense of humor and great timing. He's the icing on the cake for this show. Love the guy.

  • The Cat
    The Cat Month ago

    All Mexicans looks the same you are not gonna have a problem finding one lol

  • Medicinal Blood
    Medicinal Blood Month ago

    Half of America looks like him, yes I mean Mexicans. Your country is half Mexican...

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 Month ago +4

    Guillermo is the best! He's like the Mexicans on South Park - the underrated go-to guys if you need anything done well, in time and under budget.

  • Abdirahman Stifler
    Abdirahman Stifler Month ago +6

    I don't understand Guillermo English 😂😂

    • Dr. Q
      Dr. Q Month ago

      Abdirahman Stifler, that’s the point

  • The Randomizer
    The Randomizer Month ago +3


    Guillermo-Do u want Academy A Water?

  • Colby Torres
    Colby Torres Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel should do a Batman and Guillermo gig

  • Gigi Schiller
    Gigi Schiller Month ago +5

    Guillermo needs a designated driver😂

  • Luis Navarro
    Luis Navarro Month ago +44

    Guillermo has an adorable face I’m confident his mother loves. 😊

  • Aunika Nicki Hangsing
    Aunika Nicki Hangsing Month ago +6

    We love him🐻He looks like my teddy bear fr😍😂❤

  • Flash Parker
    Flash Parker Month ago


  • Bull Durham
    Bull Durham Month ago +1

    Hey, Guillermo is starring in the TV series, Mayan M.C., as one of the gang members! He rides a cool Harley chopper and beats the crap out of other dudes!

  • Movies&&Highlights!!!
    Movies&&Highlights!!! Month ago +13

    Jimmy Kimmel would lose many and I mean many many ratings if Guillermo wasn’t on the show... he just makes you smile. He doesn’t need to try to hard to put a smile on your face. His battles against Matt Damon was funnier then Kimmel trying to beat Matt Damon.

  • Gustavo Garcia
    Gustavo Garcia Month ago

    So that means i got to cut my chivo beard?

  • DarkSchneider
    DarkSchneider Month ago +14

    Looking fwd to photos of Guillermo Clone Army getting drunk on tequila together. 😄

  • LittleMissPerfect 4eva
    LittleMissPerfect 4eva Month ago +152

    Guillermo is one of the main reasons why I watch this show lol 🥰

  • ki n
    ki n Month ago +56

    Conan is my favorite host
    And guillermo is best sidekick

    • ki n
      ki n Month ago +8

      @Bull Durham and both of them are good at comedy

    • Bull Durham
      Bull Durham Month ago +2

      Conan's hair is as weird as Trumps.

  • Ransford Chester
    Ransford Chester Month ago +18

    Guillermo is awesome!! 💯😂

  • Shadow Kid
    Shadow Kid Month ago

    How many notifs

  • Marius Skaisgiris
    Marius Skaisgiris Month ago


  • ᴊᴇᴀɴ ʀx
    ᴊᴇᴀɴ ʀx Month ago


  • MysticX
    MysticX Month ago


  • One Two
    One Two Month ago +6

    GillermoBILE??? Are you sure he's serving tequila? 🤢

  • Calin en Arizona
    Calin en Arizona Month ago

    Hello Guillermo!

  • Eric Gasca
    Eric Gasca Month ago

    Damn I’m finally early

  • Jonas wethelund Jepsen


  • Jazlyn Peraza
    Jazlyn Peraza Month ago +131

    Honestly though I just love Guillermo! He is amazing 😂 and is the heart of the show

    BRUSS LEE Month ago


  • NickDoesYT
    NickDoesYT Month ago


  • Jazlyn Peraza
    Jazlyn Peraza Month ago