Day in a Chinese High School

  • Published on Jun 30, 2019
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  • Rafipuff
    Rafipuff  Month ago +1211

    Everyone who wrote that this video is a communist propaganda or thinks that I support communism is fucked in the head. xx

    • luiza riello
      luiza riello 10 hours ago

      What's wrong with supporting communism?

    • Li Zhang
      Li Zhang Day ago

      Bob Menendez Thank you for speaking out the truth bro.

    • The Anon
      The Anon 5 days ago

      Rafipuff lmfao 😂😂😂😂

    • Gaa Fai Lok
      Gaa Fai Lok 6 days ago

      ​@diga Melo i dont support communism but it doesnt mean they eat dogs, and i find this racist because you dont see us chinese people telling westerners that they eat crocodile, alligator, kangaroo, ostrich, ostrich eggs, squirrels, rabbits and pheasant or they hunt bear, dear, bucks, elks, seal, and skin them, or hang them like trophy or stuff them. you dont see us complaining why do animal experiment on monkeys in germany and testing rabbits and rats in england and america.

    • rohda
      rohda 10 days ago +1

      A&C Gaming I'm just telling the truth, and I'm not a communist. Ppl have the right to choose which party you want to join in China, and I can only say that you are a very narrow person.

  • ஜ潜SHUI镜镜
    ஜ潜SHUI镜镜 2 hours ago

    中国学校给你的意思,你来学校就只是为了学习,两耳不闻窗外事 一心只读圣贤书


  • Taiming Chen
    Taiming Chen 23 hours ago

    Your's vpn looks very nice😏

  • HCH KH
    HCH KH 23 hours ago

    Hello nice to meet you 🤗

  • Grace Lewis
    Grace Lewis Day ago

    why is no one saying how cute he is??

  • Hamza AlKhatib
    Hamza AlKhatib Day ago

    Why do u guys wear those masks?

  • boting bo
    boting bo Day ago


  • Bts_and_memes _are_life_

    My classes start at 7:30 and end at 12:35

  • Alice云梦
    Alice云梦 2 days ago

    8:23 is the highlight, so funny

  • 天才少年王
    天才少年王 3 days ago

    看到跳课间操那儿 好像看到之前的我

  • Eileen Murray
    Eileen Murray 3 days ago

    wait why was everyone wearing the black and red uniform and you were wearing the pale grey one

  • 網癮少女Lalala
    網癮少女Lalala 3 days ago

    I can speak Chinese but I'm not China's citizen, I knew a lot of their school life from novel, dramas, but I think those are not the real school life, thanks for sharing this video to let me know their school life. (I read too much novel about their school life and I did a lot of imagination of what if I am studying there :P)

  • Johan Ackermann
    Johan Ackermann 3 days ago

    How to become an exchange student?!

  • Uma brasileira de bobeira

    Algum brasileiro gente ?? help hauahaha ❤🇧🇷

  • whozbrian
    whozbrian 4 days ago

    Your face looks so familiar and idk whyy

  • Darling Hong
    Darling Hong 4 days ago

    北京师大附中 was my school!! I studied there for 6 years and I’ve graduated 3 years ago. REALLY miss my school life in 师大附中 and thanks for your video to help me recollect my time there. Wish you enjoy the time in 附中 and in China.^^

  • Korey EDIN
    Korey EDIN 4 days ago

    Damn! This is my high school!! The high school affiliated to Beijing Normal University!

  • Pre114
    Pre114 4 days ago

    Unlike so many other "in China" videos, this one is quite legit because he actually showed us real students in a real Chinese high school.

  • trying to get 150 subs for no reason challenge

    we had 6 Chinese exchange students come to our school!

  • Gacha Kitten
    Gacha Kitten 5 days ago

    9:31 Legit every boy I know

    CORY INJAPAN 5 days ago

    China's cracking down on VPN's. Be careful.

  • Lilac Chen
    Lilac Chen 5 days ago

    Hahaha I miss my Chinese school time, and i love that part "i don't see any 'bullying' ", it's really what lots of boys do for fun with their good friends

    YU LUN WU 5 days ago

    lmao guys in the interview spoke word by word as if they were non-native speakers

  • Personalive
    Personalive 6 days ago

    Did you do AFS?

  • Diego Medrano
    Diego Medrano 6 days ago

    afeitate el bigote de shaggy
    puberto aweonnao

  • Hao Ran
    Hao Ran 6 days ago


  • 李佳
    李佳 6 days ago


  • Kitcat
    Kitcat 6 days ago

    Do chinese people have their own youtube

  • terry tang
    terry tang 6 days ago

    这已经很好看了吧 这个校服🙊🙊😂😂😂

  • yn 02
    yn 02 6 days ago

    5:18 not gonna tell everyone that's how we Chinese learn Kung Fu.

  • Nicole Y
    Nicole Y 6 days ago

    There are some apps to help you to make fun: WeChat QQ BiliBil 知乎 Weibo Red 抖音……Everything you need is here, including most of the foreign information and video...By the way, I miss my country so much…Thx

  • 420. EXCLUSIVE
    420. EXCLUSIVE 6 days ago

    Chinas kids have something American kids dont have and that's discipline, I'm from mexico but I remember going to middle school and highschool here in the USA and the kids just did what ever the fuck they wanted too they also curse and tell off teachers make them cry and dont pay intentions in class

  • 420. EXCLUSIVE
    420. EXCLUSIVE 6 days ago

    It's called shdjeiendbshav and yeah!😂😂😂

  • 大陆首席鉴黄师


  • Coopinsurf
    Coopinsurf 7 days ago

    I understand some of the Chinese as I did take the language for two years.

  • Master Foxy
    Master Foxy 7 days ago

    Ayy this mans a g. freaking showing us on YT how to watch YT and other shit in china. He's a criminal in China now.

  • li ye
    li ye 7 days ago +4

    it’s my high school, everything looks so familiar..

  • Sherry W.
    Sherry W. 7 days ago

    Good video! Very informative and nice.
    Love the tai chi shangcao. Thank you!

  • Yami Requiem
    Yami Requiem 7 days ago

    ...the first song during the outside music excercise sounds like barbie girl ....

  • Fat KittyDIY
    Fat KittyDIY 7 days ago

    Hey guys! I luv all ur vids. Check out my primary school school video! Nighttime routine 5th grade

  • Lockie Luo
    Lockie Luo 7 days ago

    That is not TaiJi , It is Guang Bo Ti Cao 广播体操

  • Zahir Alip
    Zahir Alip 7 days ago

    nice 4:20 sneak peek

  • xh Li
    xh Li 8 days ago

    I am Chinese, now learning in hfut, i do remembered that I play psp or psv everyday in class during high school

  • Luis P.
    Luis P. 8 days ago

    I love your screensavers

  • Angel R
    Angel R 8 days ago

    I don't know Chinese I only know one

  • Wei Song
    Wei Song 8 days ago

    shit this is literally my home!!

  • Emilia Clarke
    Emilia Clarke 8 days ago +3

    I love how you said it was really hot but then the Chinese students are all wearing their winter uniform.

  • Leonardo Silveira
    Leonardo Silveira 8 days ago

    China is a complicated country , but fascinated me and one day I will go to China, is my dream

  • syafa nabilla
    syafa nabilla 8 days ago

    Do you really able to speak chinese?

  • 黄洁婕
    黄洁婕 8 days ago


  • mx mx
    mx mx 8 days ago

    are you learn Chinese 政治? LoL...

  • whatever orca
    whatever orca 9 days ago

    omg i can recognize those two guys that in the interview

  • Cat
    Cat 9 days ago

    ahh omg the 上操 took me back i used to do it in my school before i moved!! it was so fun

  • Jasmine Downey
    Jasmine Downey 9 days ago

    damn your chinese is very decent

  • 俊Passive
    俊Passive 9 days ago


  • Riko Zhao
    Riko Zhao 9 days ago

    ....omg that’s my old schoolllllll😭

  • 代Adair
    代Adair 9 days ago


  • Shipbuilding Expert
    Shipbuilding Expert 9 days ago

    Wow your chinese is really really good !

  • 杜嘉珺
    杜嘉珺 9 days ago +1

    my school

    • Anxin Guo
      Anxin Guo Day ago

      @杜嘉珺 嗯 我是之前大家pyq看到的 现在闲的就重温了一遍

    • 杜嘉珺
      杜嘉珺 Day ago

      Anxin Guo 我是偶然看见这个了 郭哥不容易啊

    • Anxin Guo
      Anxin Guo Day ago


  • strAy cArrots
    strAy cArrots 10 days ago

    that school is massive....