Why Uber Is Terrible - Cracked Explains

  • Published on Sep 9, 2015
    Of course a concept this stupidly simple would end up maliciously awful.
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    Why Uber is terrible and it's all the CEO Travis Kalanick fault.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • rswingman
    rswingman 3 days ago

    Baby - the other OTHER white meat.

  • Mr. PJ Gannon
    Mr. PJ Gannon 4 days ago

    I apologize a head of time for what I'm about to state. I do not support negative statements. However with that said I needed to schedule a ride for my wife to get to work. I was unable to give her one and her car had major issues. Long story short I made an Uber account had $100.00 dollars available in that account. I scheduled for her to be picked up this morning 05-17-19, the Uber driver never came. Very disappointed they do not except emails and can't speak to another human being. Very bad experience to say the least. I discontinued my Uber account, just awful and awful Uber web -site horrible experience and she missed a day of work WTF, never again. I think I will try another company my God what is this world coming to.

  • Jessica Padgett
    Jessica Padgett 5 days ago

    Fuck you 👶🏻 🤣

  • Finding Happiness
    Finding Happiness 5 days ago

    My baby is a vary good baby she hardly cries she sleeps though out the night for most nights and she is honestly the sweetest baby I have ever met... and no I'm not just saying that because she is my baby lol

  • Bo Blankenship
    Bo Blankenship 9 days ago

    I've been trying to sign up for the Uber Eats program where I shop or deliver groceries or something. Figured it would be easier.
    Over a week and for some reason my license, insurane and registration keeps getting denied. My only guess is they have some sort of automated robot that sucks at verifying documents and pictures.

  • James Shelburn
    James Shelburn 10 days ago

    Debtors prison outlawed homeless maybe next

  • eMBo twentyfour
    eMBo twentyfour 11 days ago

    Uber is more positive proof that people are getting dumber and dumber.

  • Adam Leach
    Adam Leach 13 days ago

    I hate babies too

  • Cam Moto
    Cam Moto 21 day ago +1

    As a former Uber driver, Uber steals fares and creates misleading incentives for new drivers. They said I’d get $600 after 100 fares but they deducted my pay so I got about $150 INSTEAD OF $600 AS THE DEVIL BILLIONAIRE PROMISED. Any rider can steal back the fare if they ask for a refund. You make less than $10/ hour and you’re paying for gas etc. They punish you for using the toilet which isn’t even available everywhere and at all hours. You’ll cue up at LAX and wait over an hour with app glitches. They can’t tell you whether or not you passed your LAX test which you MUST HAVE OR FACE $1000 FINE! Their navigation sends drivers literally in circles which makes a tip unlikely. Navigation says “turn left” when it should be right. GARBAGE COMPANY.

  • bewmdogg
    bewmdogg 21 day ago

    the non existent rivers in the background map is distracting

  • Kane Lono
    Kane Lono 22 days ago

    Uber sucks more than some jobs maybe not as much as others. Being able to work whenever you want is a godsend for some people. Being able to get paid whenever you want is also pretty damn convenient. As a company to work for, I think Uber is about as shady as it can get. But it does have some perks. If you have zero skills and don't care about bettering yourself I guess it's an option. I couldn't imagine doing it for a living with nothing else happening. Around here you will make about $10 an hour after taxes and expenses. And a two-bedroom rents for $2500 a month. That will never pencil out. This is a good job for kids that can live with their parents. Or someone that's retired, and bored and has other income coming in.

  • Sable Burden
    Sable Burden 29 days ago

    Any baby's watching this fuck you.

  • Fagot Reich
    Fagot Reich Month ago

    people are not concerned with the criminals who run this country, they are concern with criminals who are trying to get on the straight side by geting them from bar to bar on saturday night.

  • circusboy90210
    circusboy90210 Month ago

    They're mad at individual drivers. Uber is just another taxi, its not something different

  • circusboy90210
    circusboy90210 Month ago

    Uber Lyft etc are nit ridesharing, they are all illegal taxis

  • Debi Freeman
    Debi Freeman Month ago

    I have used Uber 5 times, and I have had very positive experiences. The drivers were punctual and polite, and by the end of the ride I felt like I had made 5 new friends.

  • Cat With A Dick
    Cat With A Dick Month ago

    The future looks pretty Red.

  • Leonid Saykin
    Leonid Saykin Month ago

    Taxi driving class, isn't it just a regular driving class?

  • SketchyCat !!!
    SketchyCat !!! Month ago

    Taxi’s= Redbox
    Uber= Hulu

  • heather holt
    heather holt Month ago

    I agree! I have had so many bad experiences with Uber I prefer lyft! I am legally blind and I find it not blind friendly! The app is so horrible to use and the customer service sucks! Plus I wanted my money back and got credit whether lyft let me chose that option even though I would have used it anyways!

  • losthighway53
    losthighway53 Month ago

    Well he ain't wrong.... This would have actually been better if done by Roger

  • AbsurdEdward Games
    AbsurdEdward Games Month ago

    so y don't taxi drivers become uber drivers?

  • Jman 2081
    Jman 2081 Month ago

    Uber is awesome! I Took over 600 rides with uber and never had a problem. If I was taking a taxi it would cost me over $5000 more per year. Fuck taxis!

  • Shane Krause
    Shane Krause Month ago

    Why don't those bitch ass taxi driver sign up for Uber then?

  • Lieutenant Luxury
    Lieutenant Luxury Month ago

    Um, I never went to oovoo javer

  • The Revengers
    The Revengers Month ago +1

    All those taxi drivers and taxi companies can go straight to hell, with gasoline draws LMAO 😂

  • Thomas Abell
    Thomas Abell Month ago

    I believe in the free market and if a business fails to adapt then they can no longer serve the community correctly then the business should fail and the businessman should try again. Taxis failed to adapt to modern situations, therefore they will fail and uber has seen an opportunity to help the community more and therefore they are being rewarded for helping the community

  • Laurent IAD
    Laurent IAD Month ago

    Uber drivers also get some real Lalapalooza riders who are from Hell. TVclip has numerous video's of these whack jobs that wreck car interiors, scratch paint jobs and claim attempted rape by drivers once cops arrive to remove them!

  • Douglas Davidson
    Douglas Davidson Month ago +1

    For all the complaints about Uber/Lyft they are far superior to the triple timed waits for filthy cabs.

  • Fer P
    Fer P Month ago

    I live in Miami and Uber and Lyft are the best thing could happen to the city, a cab used to charge from 40 to 50 bucks just for get me to Downtown, an Uber 15 - 20, also the taxi driver are rude, filthy and they treat you like crap, instead Uber or Lyft drivers are very respectful, nice facts, but anyway I prefer Uber...

  • The Uber Successful

    FOLKS, REMEMBER; THIS VIDEO IS NEARLY 4 YEARS OLD. Wages has increase, restrictions have increased, and states have different rules and regulation. THis video is extremely outdated and limited.

  • Bob Coffey
    Bob Coffey Month ago


  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias Håkansson Month ago

    Sounds like if you don't like to take an uber/ work for uber, then don't get one/ work for them... Holy shit, just solved the problem for you so that we can finally enjoy the fact that Uber is rendering benefits to society that amounts to billions.

  • rhythmandblues alibi


  • Shaun G
    Shaun G Month ago

    I Love ride sharing apps. Just like Sears did unintentionally 100 years ago with mail order in lieu of general stores, just like amazon does today, unintentionally, in lieu of me going into a store and being followed or stared at; They've all allowed guys like me to feel comfortable using them. Ive been told by taxi drivers in many ways to pound sand.. welp, you can stay in debt with your medallion while i use these apps.

  • Butter Johnson
    Butter Johnson Month ago

    Let's exploit poor people by giving them a job where they destroy their own vehicles and end up in the red upon needing to buy another to maintain their income stream!

  • Carsonian The Great

    Lyft is way better

  • Andros Kai
    Andros Kai Month ago

    driven drunk? idgaf as long as they're not drunk now

  • 张朔
    张朔 Month ago

    When I first used Uber it was a cool app, Uber drivers were people with day time job who wanted to make a little bit extra cash or simply have time that they don’t know how to spend, so why not drive around and make some money. My first Uber ride got me a Benz E class that was driven by a very classy madam. We had a nice conversation. This kind of scene continued for around half a year then full-time Uber drivers emerged. My riding experience started to drop.

  • jay long
    jay long Month ago +1

    Also I know Uber or Lyft driver that makes almost $1,000 a day profit in Manhattan

    • jay long
      jay long Month ago

      +Shayn Hacker black car driver he pays 500 a week for the car to a person who leases it for about six or seven a month so the person leasing the car makes probably I don't know thousand a month and the driver makes almost a thousand a day

    • Shayn Hacker
      Shayn Hacker Month ago


  • jay long
    jay long Month ago

    Why don't taxi cab companies in these local district have an app

  • kinerry
    kinerry Month ago

    You guys have become partisan wackadoos, wow

  • terrell fillmore
    terrell fillmore Month ago

    I love it when he says he hates babies LMAO.!!!

  • unknown driver
    unknown driver Month ago

    The problem is not Uber the problem is the GOVERNMENT that allows Uber to operate ILLEGALLY and when i say ILLEGALLY i mean Uber dont play with the sames rules as we play, they dont pay benefits, don't provide drivers a car or insurance , phone etc but pay them 60cnt per mile as if Uber would carry with all the expenses.. its like saying hey come to work for me but you have to pay the rent and electricity of my office then i'll pay you minimum wage , hypocrisy at its best 👏👏👏👏 FUCK YOU UBER AND FUCK THE GOVERNMENT

    • The Uber Successful
      The Uber Successful Month ago

      depends on the city champ. I know me in NYC makes $1.09/mi and 49¢/min. I'm in NYC btw, so imagine how much one makes just by sitting in traffic for 30 minutes?

  • Mas Patron
    Mas Patron Month ago

    LYFT!! 👍👑

  • Brandon Wombacher
    Brandon Wombacher Month ago +20

    So Basicly. They Vandalize and destroy public property cause they dont want any competition

  • LTJ Production Official

    French are crazy

  • swayama2050
    swayama2050 Month ago

    There has actually been a case where a woman was raped by one of the drivers. The company was temporarily banned in delhi and faced harsh criticism for less than effective background checks. The driver had four criminal cases pending and yet somehow uber let him be a driver. In another rape case the woman's personal information was misused by the company to defame her and raise questions on her credibility. She is sueing the company now. And there have been many other incidents that show the shortcomings of such business models. We as consumers need to be careful, now more than ever

  • tony gamer
    tony gamer Month ago +1

    Dont get rides from strangers cars
    Dont meat strangers on the internet

    Uber:hire a stranger online to pick you up in their car

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA Month ago +1

    I miss this cracked

  • Patrick H
    Patrick H Month ago

    I work for uber eats, cycling to deliver food, and also deliveroo. I can make $13 - $25 an hour. (Could make more if i lived in a bigger city, only like 100,000 peeps where I'm at. )Signing up so easy was amazing, all you needed was your id and a proof of address like a bank statement. In a busy city especially, uber eats can allow you to make a reakky healthy wage for a fun job, cycling around on my mountainbike and hopping curbs,.Meeting new peeps etc So Uber Eats aint terrible atleast.

  • Steven Som
    Steven Som Month ago

    Did you know that life insurance companies might not issue you a policy if you are a taxi driver?

  • Soul of Cinder
    Soul of Cinder Month ago

    I disliked your video.

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez Month ago

    When drivers stop driving and passengers stop requesting uber rides uber will cease to exist. Therefore your video although cute is moot. Yes I drive for uber. Money aside I genuinely like the social interaction. As for $9 an hour well he drove 3 months. Come on the learning curve alone is longer than that. Uber is not as horrible as you make it sound for one simple reason drivers are out here and riders like the service oh wait supply and demand....capitalism what a "horrible" concept.

  • A Sargent
    A Sargent Month ago

    I was expecting something decent, then a minute in, I get told "Why Uber is a terrible company run by maniacs", when just previously you stated it to be worth, what was it? 50 Billion? So all wrapped up in a minute, bit of a basic video really.

  • Artemis Gti
    Artemis Gti Month ago

    I use Uber and Lyft all the time. I’ve never had a problem with the service. I prefer Lyft because they always have promotions running, like right now 10% off rides. Doesn’t sound like much but when you use it as much as I do, that 10% goes a long way.

  • 01 Waldgeist
    01 Waldgeist Month ago +4

    Ist basically the same Problem with Cartering services like *Lieferando* that deliver Food.
    . paying 5Dpllars an Hour to Hipsters to deliver Tacos at the other Side of the City

  • VelcroTapeBunny
    VelcroTapeBunny 2 months ago

    Before i watch this: I'm from the uk I use taxis because they are not glorified hitch hiking.
    At 2:33 : so all taxi services are basically like uber in the us? In which case if i was in the us i would walk every where so i wouldn't get scammed or killed.
    5:19 : ok so maby uber is worse but that doesn't mean that something doesn't need to happen in regards to the taxi driveing policy in America in general it sound shit.
    7:47 : ok my aunt owns her own taxi and mini coach company an im pretty sure it's law in the uk that your company has to insure you and repair the vehicle you drive mabye thats why uber was banned in london

  • Edwin morgan
    Edwin morgan 2 months ago

    So many holes in this presentation.

  • Robert Eischen
    Robert Eischen 2 months ago

    Skip to 4:05 to cut through all the bullshit

  • PC Router
    PC Router 2 months ago

    Uber failed in Indonesia. Another company bought it out.

  • RumChickenBiscuits
    RumChickenBiscuits 2 months ago

    "Any babies watching? F*ck you!"

  • Mark Crismon
    Mark Crismon 2 months ago

    I used to use taxis to get to the airport. I would call 24 hours before and schedule the ride an hour before I needed to leave, and they would still show up two hours late. Uber could suffocate my puppy in front of me and they would still be preferable to taxis.

  • Andre Triche
    Andre Triche 2 months ago

    But on the plus it reduces people driving drunk off their ass, I've used it when I know I'm going to be drinking heavily.

  • Tyrone Bigum
    Tyrone Bigum 2 months ago

    U scared boy pussys

  • Nicholas Rodinos
    Nicholas Rodinos 2 months ago

    0:15 Die cars! Die! We will not be controlled by your shapeshifting Michael Bay magic.

  • Bill Louis
    Bill Louis 2 months ago

    I love uber😊

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog 2 months ago

    Can we just ban Uber?

  • Our Führer quill18
    Our Führer quill18 2 months ago +1

    it wasnt the consumer who fought against child labour! organized workers were the only ones who changed shit. uber needs a union. and america needs more anticapitalist action.

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard 2 months ago

    I never trusted Uber

  • skaruts
    skaruts 2 months ago +2

    My father's a cab driver, but I still have to say, Taxis are a government monopoly and the sooner it dies out the better everyone is. Those crazy people throwing rocks should just switch out. What attracts people to work for uber and lyft who wouldn't work in a taxi, is that they don't have to buy an expensive license, an expensive new car with an expensive new paintjob and expensive gadgets, and follow stupid rules. That's why most cab drivers work for a boss and a shitty wage. And I suppose what keeps them as taxi drivers is that they commited to those investments and don't want to just throw them away...

  • Christopher Bedford
    Christopher Bedford 2 months ago

    OK Uber's background and vehicle checks are now *much* improved. More stringent than metered taxis, in South Africa.

  • Annabell Mendez
    Annabell Mendez 2 months ago

    People! It's the same ol' story since we switched out horses and wagons for a car! Every time we change into a new and more convenient lifestyle, there's a whole bunch of opposition. I'm waiting for those medical types to switched up to gene therapy instead of chemo therapy.

  • Really REALLY Late Show!!

    "Uber is not perfect, therefore it is terrible"

  • TheInsaneOne
    TheInsaneOne 2 months ago

    What sucks is that Uber is the only viable option in my area. No car, no choice: you must Uber.

  • Papeeshka
    Papeeshka 2 months ago

    What about hop skip drive?

  • chepelapod gaming
    chepelapod gaming 2 months ago

    just fly just flap your arms and fly

  • Chris H
    Chris H 2 months ago

    In Australia most uber drivers are now from countries who can be paid less (which I think is disgusting but it's a sad truth). Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern mostly. So uber can pay the drivers less to get more profit. It's the same with uber eats. It's rare I'll get a delivery from someone who isn't from one of these three countries. But also they screw over restaurants that use them by taking 35% of the profit which drives up the price of the meal. At peak times they reduce the distance I can order from to pretty much walking distance. They're a soulless company. And yet I'd still prefer to catch an uber over a taxi

  • Bruce Lethbridge
    Bruce Lethbridge 2 months ago

    Lol,, ive never met a good baby

  • Nunya Damn Bidness
    Nunya Damn Bidness 2 months ago

    Im not a child or desirable. If youre drunk i sue. could care less about your background or the fact that you are giving rides instead of selling blood or other bodily fluids.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 2 months ago

    On the map in the background China has a crack in it and Japan is wrong what's with that?

  • Marlon Elias
    Marlon Elias 2 months ago

    IG: @elias_marlon

  • Stew oui
    Stew oui 2 months ago

    9:27 that would make a great "Black mirror" episode.

  • 45HK
    45HK 3 months ago

    his missing one bigger point, if one super company takes all the money, its bad for economy and for middle class.

  • John D. O'Brien
    John D. O'Brien 3 months ago


  • TheAgent SmithV3.0
    TheAgent SmithV3.0 3 months ago

    Who cares about training? If you have an insured/safe car and a clean driving record, that's step one. We don't need to train them to drive. So yes, background check for criminals is step two, after searching driving records to make sure they're clean, and make sure they're insured.
    Everything else is open market. Not gonna worry about cabs or protect their racket. Not gonna worry about netting $9/hour... No one's forcing them. Who cares if Uber gets crazy rich? It was a great idea... They deserve it. They got rid of a crappy CEO and hopefully change some policies. Done. A great idea perfected.
    Still don't like it? Buy a car. Take a bus. Take a cab. Take Lyft. Rent a bike or one of those stupid scooters popping up everywhere. Walk. I literally don't care.
    But Uber isn't terrible, and everyone needs to make a living and can get ahead, not just saints. If sainthood is the standard for a living wage, then we are all in the homeless shelter. Most of the content on this channel is great, but complaining about a stupid issue and whitewashing is with sarcasm really isn't a good look. Go back to your strengths.

  • Austin Thatcher
    Austin Thatcher 3 months ago +1

    30 hours of training is considered a professional? and why if someone's time is worth 9 dollars an hour does that have any correlation to how good of a driver they are?

  • Jack Frasier
    Jack Frasier 3 months ago +8

    I agree uber is giving the terrible regulated taxi industry its comeuppance, and that it's also a terrible company run by maniacs. But... will it blend?

  • Captain Yorkie
    Captain Yorkie 3 months ago

    UBER drives sucks
    In London they were kicked out since they were all shit before u become a cab driver you must drive Around London to find the best and quickest route to anywhere

  • cryptorchid
    cryptorchid 3 months ago +4

    As soon as I heard "so here's a quote from buzzfeed" I ended the video immediately.

  • James Darby
    James Darby 3 months ago

    I like to drive...so I'll just continue to do that.

  • RShipwash
    RShipwash 3 months ago

    The majority of his "points" are simply untrue. He is so wrong about Uber (and rideshare in general) that I can't even deal. Not every rideshare driver is horrible.

  • Hoople57
    Hoople57 3 months ago

    I was an uber driver in NYC. It sucked, mostly because of the TLC (taxi and limousine commission). I had to rent a car for $440 a week. Was not allowed to have my own car. Total crap. Fuck it.

  • C. A. J. S 99
    C. A. J. S 99 3 months ago

    I will use my own car permanently thanks to this video

  • Elijah cesspoole
    Elijah cesspoole 3 months ago

    If you´re a muslim you just pass to the front of the line.
    They figure if you can drive in a muslim country and you make it out alive, you must know something.

  • rwrp
    rwrp 3 months ago

    TLDW: Caveat emptor

  • BigBadBeef
    BigBadBeef 3 months ago

    caveat entor!

  • Mark Caporale
    Mark Caporale 3 months ago

    I agree Uber sucks but what is that strange lake/river system in the western US in your background map?

  • jc boy
    jc boy 3 months ago +5

    Im not an advocate of uber, but this is an unfair video of having a good business. Aside from.the background check, the other issues are whiny - nobodys forcing anybody to use uber or any other business. Say the government regulations are terrible, not the business. Besides, blame the consumers if your video is saying a terrible business is making a big profit - the business wont thrive if there are less people advocating it.

    • jc boy
      jc boy 2 months ago

      +Darth Theo nope. Exposing something thats not totally a companys fault is bad reporting.

    • Darth Theo
      Darth Theo 2 months ago

      I think you missed the point of the video

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams 3 months ago

    alot of people in my city has been killed or robbed while driving for wack ass uber