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  • John D. O'Brien
    John D. O'Brien Day ago


  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 days ago

    Who cares about training? If you have an insured/safe car and a clean driving record, that's step one. We don't need to train them to drive. So yes, background check for criminals is step two, after searching driving records to make sure they're clean, and make sure they're insured.
    Everything else is open market. Not gonna worry about cabs or protect their racket. Not gonna worry about netting $9/hour... No one's forcing them. Who cares if Uber gets crazy rich? It was a great idea... They deserve it. They got rid of a crappy CEO and hopefully change some policies. Done. A great idea perfected.
    Still don't like it? Buy a car. Take a bus. Take a cab. Take Lyft. Rent a bike or one of those stupid scooters popping up everywhere. Walk. I literally don't care.
    But Uber isn't terrible, and everyone needs to make a living and can get ahead, not just saints. If sainthood is the standard for a living wage, then we are all in the homeless shelter. Most of the content on this channel is great, but complaining about a stupid issue and whitewashing is with sarcasm really isn't a good look. Go back to your strengths.

  • Austin Thatcher
    Austin Thatcher 7 days ago +1

    30 hours of training is considered a professional? and why if someone's time is worth 9 dollars an hour does that have any correlation to how good of a driver they are?

  • Jack Frasier
    Jack Frasier 7 days ago +1

    I agree uber is giving the terrible regulated taxi industry its comeuppance, and that it's also a terrible company run by maniacs. But... will it blend?

  • Captain Yorkie
    Captain Yorkie 7 days ago

    UBER drives sucks
    In London they were kicked out since they were all shit before u become a cab driver you must drive Around London to find the best and quickest route to anywhere

  • liluglydude 666
    liluglydude 666 7 days ago +1

    As soon as I heard "so here's a quote from buzzfeed" I ended the video immediately.

  • James Darby
    James Darby 7 days ago

    I like to drive...so I'll just continue to do that.

  • RShipwash
    RShipwash 8 days ago

    The majority of his "points" are simply untrue. He is so wrong about Uber (and rideshare in general) that I can't even deal. Not every rideshare driver is horrible.

  • Hoople57
    Hoople57 9 days ago

    I was an uber driver in NYC. It sucked, mostly because of the TLC (taxi and limousine commission). I had to rent a car for $440 a week. Was not allowed to have my own car. Total crap. Fuck it.

  • Christian Saofaileta

    I will use my own car permanently thanks to this video

  • Elijah cesspoole
    Elijah cesspoole 9 days ago

    If you´re a muslim you just pass to the front of the line.
    They figure if you can drive in a muslim country and you make it out alive, you must know something.

  • rwrp
    rwrp 9 days ago

    TLDW: Caveat emptor

  • BigBadBeef
    BigBadBeef 10 days ago

    caveat entor!

  • Mark Caporale
    Mark Caporale 10 days ago

    I agree Uber sucks but what is that strange lake/river system in the western US in your background map?

  • jc boy
    jc boy 11 days ago +3

    Im not an advocate of uber, but this is an unfair video of having a good business. Aside from.the background check, the other issues are whiny - nobodys forcing anybody to use uber or any other business. Say the government regulations are terrible, not the business. Besides, blame the consumers if your video is saying a terrible business is making a big profit - the business wont thrive if there are less people advocating it.

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams 12 days ago

    alot of people in my city has been killed or robbed while driving for wack ass uber

  • Marvin PhiRatio
    Marvin PhiRatio 12 days ago

    trust me Uber good .....dude bad people do BAD THINGS fuck you

  • FlyingSurprise
    FlyingSurprise 12 days ago

    Well, any other random taxi on the street is worse. Charging a random fee.

  • V L
    V L 12 days ago

    You can have a convenient service or a quality service. You can't have both.

  • CocaCola4blood
    CocaCola4blood 13 days ago +1

    I will not take Uber under any circumstances. That decision was made three years ago when I saw another youtube vid about top ten assaults by Uber drivers on their customers.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 13 days ago +1

    .... I need more and more everyday

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 13 days ago +2

    this channel is like crack

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey 13 days ago

    Caveat emptor
    Caveat venditor

  • Manny DelaCruz
    Manny DelaCruz 15 days ago +1

    20 hours of training? To do what?!? Smell like funk and be unable to string a coherent sentence together? I’ve only got one requirement for my driver - the ability to drive. And if he’s learning anything about it in that 20 hours, I don’t want him as a driver. Quit shilling for big government and cronyism, Cracked. Also, be funnier. And learn to spell. It’s “gruel” and it’s damn tasty.

  • MeMyself &i
    MeMyself &i 16 days ago

    serial rapist uber drivers? Serial rapist Uber customers?

  • Kee Char
    Kee Char 18 days ago

    20% cut? Must be a reaaaaally old video. 😂Try between 25 and 40%

  • MyBrainEatsEverything
    MyBrainEatsEverything 18 days ago +1

    A couple of years ago, I looked into driving for Uber. They had an "age limit" on the vehicles; also, they have you go in to a checkout station to ensure your vehicle is reliable. I'm not sure if this is still true. What is also weird is, lately there seems to be an awful lot of videos showing Uber drivers having issues. I'm sure it works the other way around as well.

  • Harry Curtis
    Harry Curtis 21 day ago

    ==== The rationality behind why you probably will not stop using Uber ===
    GIven the fact that taxi drivers go through the training described at 4:06 and still provide a service which is widely regarded as substandard, it does not seem like this specialised training is a necessary condition for providing a good quality service; therefore, it is not necessary for Uber to provide such training in order to provide a good service.
    Uber does provide criminal background checks and that service is likely to improve in line with technology and experience on the part of the business; there may be several instances where individuals with a criminal record have managed to get through the system, but it is important to know several things first, e.g., were these individuals actively trying to conceal their past and to what extent would that have worked with other professions? The risk of being the victim of a crime at the hands of an Uber driver should also be compared with similar risk at the hands of a taxi driver.
    All across the USA, people buy products from companies which pay their employees low wages; most of the time, these individuals choose to work at these places or have at least arrived their as a result of their free will; if you continue to buy products from any of the companies which employs individuals for low wages, then the fact that Uber pays its drivers low wages is not a sufficient reason to stop using their service; therefore, unless you are willing to stop buying products and services from a plethora of other businesses, then you should continue to use Uber.
    Similar to the point made in the previous paragraph, unless you are willing to stop using products and services from any company or organisation whose executives have expressed morally dubious beliefs, then you should continue to use Uber.
    In conclusion, unless the views expressed by Uber or the treatment of their employees are sufficiently appealling reasons for you to stop using their service, in which case you should stop using other services such as Amazon and, in theory, stop paying taxes if you are from the USA (given the views of Donald Trump), then there is no reason shown in this video for the viewer to stop using Uber.

  • Mark Kerce
    Mark Kerce 22 days ago

    And I still use Uber all the damn time.

  • kingsky68
    kingsky68 22 days ago

    Fuck taxies. You know how much they fucking cost. Fuck them blockbusters, go Netflix

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins 22 days ago

    Uber is trash never used it and never will

  • David Stanton
    David Stanton 23 days ago

    In spite of Ubers flaws it is still Superior to any taxi service. I don't feel bad or sorry for pathetic cab drivers or companies. They provided a horrific experience and I am glad to see them gone. I cringe knowing any taxi services still actually exist.... Sorry taxi services you dropped the ball now you must pay for your horrible service by not having any service at all.

  • Shailendra Paliwal
    Shailendra Paliwal 24 days ago +2

    This is self contradictory!
    The premise is,
    > Old school cab drivers are mobsters
    > The cabs are shitty too
    This clearly implies the "strict" background checks weren't working before either. So it's the same with Uber now?

  • Ken Welch
    Ken Welch 25 days ago

    I'll still take the cheap uber over the expensive taxi.

  • Anon Frank
    Anon Frank 25 days ago

    I stick with Yellow Cab . As dank and beat up as their taxis are and fleets getting smaller , these are usually poorer or older drivers who know where the hell east, west, north and south are without gps . From early on teach give your kids a road map and a compass and teach them how to navigate without gps, while you the parent or adult are driving the family vehicle of course . I always tip taxi drivers even though i am only on a paltry disability income . Taxi drivers, yellow cab have to pay for their own gas and rent the yellow cab for the night . Uber and all these other asshole companies can go fuck themselves .

  • H Walls
    H Walls 25 days ago

    sorry I have had good experiences with uber, and when a driver mistakely took a longer route because of two similiar addresses, they reimbursed me immediately. The Drivers have been 100 percent nice and congential. Sorry I have no complaints about Uber and regular taxis are a joke and cost a fortune.

  • Grant Goldberg
    Grant Goldberg 25 days ago

    Extrapolating the exceptions and trying to make them sound like the rule is not objective evidence. It's misleading, bias and false.

  • Paul Huber
    Paul Huber 25 days ago

    Lots... actually... All of this has changed since this video was uploaded. Im a driver and Im aware of all these issues he states... however like all businesses they change with the growth of the business.
    The ammount of money you can make lies directly on the driver and how he runs his or her business. The saftey issues have been put nearly 100% in thr hands of the riders, as Uber can and will suspend your account for anything claimed by any rider... even complete lies... and then the burden lies on the driver to prove this isnt true with no consequences held towards the riders for false claimes. There is even motivation for this as Uber will comp a persons ride for any possible complaint they might claim, and the driver gets suspended till they can prove these claims to be false. Our driver ratings will fluctuate depending on the temperment of the rider. They can give us poor ratings (which effects our ability to get rides in competition with other drivers) for any reason they want... or even give no reason at all, and this has a direct effect on our buisness.
    As far as Uber's screening process... you have to have a clean history for absolutely ANYTHING or you will be denied... if you have a court case that happened 30 years ago you will be denied.
    Uber is now safer then ever for the riders as well as putting the drivers jobs at risk with every ride they give. I was once pulled over by undercover cops who were on the look for a dangerous offender who I picked up as a rider. They asked him to step out of the car and he immediately fled on foot. After they apprehended him, the officers told me he had a knife on him. I reported this to Uber, and all I recieved in return was an automated message saying they were sorry for my experience and would not match me with that rider again.
    Now thats not to say everything is terrible for the drivers, they have added a 911 button to the app that immediately alerts police and gives them our gps location. Like any job there are certain inherent risks that come with the territory. I make roughly $17 an hour a very good wage in my area, after expenses. But thats because I treat it like a buisness and not a game where I just expect it to feed me rides. I work 6 hours a day 5 days a week. There are many ways that the riders hold our fate in their hands, but the benefits of being a driver far out weigh the negatives IMO.
    Dont believe everything you hear, things change all the time to improve the quality of the job, just like any other job or buisness.

  • Mad Monkee
    Mad Monkee 26 days ago

    This came out in 2015, but now, in 2019, you don't have to look for a cartoon villain: he's the president of the United States.

  • Chris Florence
    Chris Florence 27 days ago

    Airbnb is sooo much better than horrible hotels owned by corporations. I would rather give money to normal folks and not listen to drunk morons fighting in the room next to me at 2am.

  • Chris Florence
    Chris Florence 27 days ago

    Free market is free market. Choose freedom which is what Uber represents. You can start your own taxi service if you want or not. It's freedom.

  • Dmytrol D
    Dmytrol D 28 days ago

    why Ukrainian mob? why not a Pakistan terry? )

  • Norm Farris
    Norm Farris 28 days ago

    In some, I totally agree that the taxi industry AND Uber are not to be trusted. In the end, driving someone, somewhere is not a position that you can charge a lot for. Both industries thrive by exploiting the regulatory weaknesses, leveraging their political power and REALLY exploiting the average driver. Without a heavy input from politicians (minus the input of industry lobbyists) it will get worse before it gets better. Somebody (Congress? a governor or two? A Senator?) should flush the corruption and predatory license pricing out of the taxi industry. Somebody should make sure that Uber is forced to employ fair labor practices, adhere to background checks, minimum driving standards, and force them to realize that with their success and influence, they need to show more societal responsibility. They can't run themselves like an app and a list of drivers anymore. If they can't make a profit because of these changes? Too darn bad. People talk about welfare moochers? How about companies that get profitable enough to affect society, then use a boat load of lawyers and lobbyists to avoid any responsibility? Conditions change so they have to be more responsible, but they are ALWAYS entitled to a profit? Really?

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith 29 days ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2072

  • Phantom Warrior
    Phantom Warrior 29 days ago

    im not worried about the risk of inexperienced driver because you get the experience from driving regularly. But to the customer, the cost is way cheaper than taxi. the risk is there even when you take a ride in your friend's car.

  • J S.
    J S. Month ago

    I don't know about cabs in other cities but catching a cab in NY city and trying to get to where I live in Brooklyn (out of the way and not trendy area) cabs used to constantly tell me no or if they did pick me up they acted like it was a giant favor even though they were making more money in an hour and a half plus usually getting a 20% tip (counting the trip to my house and back) than I made in half a day. Uber has been amazing for me and the one time I left my bag in the car because I can be an idiot I had the driver's number and he brought it to me the next day. As for the background checks... in taxi cabs the driver and the person who passed the test are rarely the same person. I had a friend get a little too drunk and fall asleep in a taxi and wake up in the Bronx with her driver in the backseat with her. Shady people are in all walks of life; Church, politics, law enforcement at least Uber actually fires the crappy ones after they get reported.

  • S Alan
    S Alan Month ago

    This is so stupid.

  • GamesAreUs
    GamesAreUs Month ago

    Hotel? Airbnb.

  • Alan Brando
    Alan Brando Month ago

    It just a fact of delivering your own hesitating. You don´t drag yourself into an extrange kind of device with sort of any kind of regullations that allowed you to make you an improvement of your own developement.

  • Zx Tek
    Zx Tek Month ago +1

    Interesting video but that buzzfeed source kinda defeated this video.

  • Mark Gillespie
    Mark Gillespie Month ago +1

    The taxi industry brought this upon themselves. They had a monopoly on an industry and let it go to s***. They became arrogant and took their customers for granted. So now Uber & Lyft come in and give people what they want. Quick responses, nice vehicles, friendly drivers, and fair prices and now they're the bad guys?

  • Mark Gillespie
    Mark Gillespie Month ago

    Equating a taxi driver with a "trained professional" is a bit of a stretch. Yes?

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter Month ago

    I think it's funny that this guy rambles on about the risks of Uber and how it could be some phyco killer or rapist, but forgets crimes like this was also done in taxi as this was where it came from. Lol! Training or no training aside, you take the risk of anything and everything the second you step foot outside your own home. Yet people still go to work, and live because we have too. As far as Uber accepting basically anything. Is false. I heard their picky about the cars and they must be rather modern, meaning the majority of people will be turned away just from the age of the car alone. Thus why most of my Uber rides have been a Prius or some fancy ass BMW or Cadillac with a huge touch screen dash and a modern computer like screen system in front of the steering wheel. Lol!

  • Dima
    Dima Month ago

    I like how the narrator is scared to say “And the driver was a crazy Indian Punjabi”, instead saying “Ex Ukrainian Mob”... dude knew the backlash was inevitable from Indian community of justice warriors, instead he just shitted on Ukrainians with his dumb stereotype analogy... how about FUCKING PUSSY ASS PC MOVE?

  • Hvedrugr Ikol
    Hvedrugr Ikol Month ago

    This is in fact anecdotal evidence that Uber is bad

  • duke silver
    duke silver Month ago +1

    I'd rather use a "bloated establishment" than something hip and trendy any day

  • Michael steffens
    Michael steffens Month ago

    When you think of an idea and smoke a few joints and go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on but your friend you were smoking with left 11:57 ago... dude this is just you rambling about trash. Terrible video.

  • Abhishek Badhan
    Abhishek Badhan Month ago

    In Delhi when Uber came into the market I ended up buying 4cars because, damn, was the income great! Soon enough,(In 8Months to be exact) all of my cars were free and now I was earning the profit. So much so that I bought 3 more cars and it didn't affect me. As the time passed and they started decreasing the incentives upon the number of rides and also started making deductions from my account because some random people cancelled their rides. By 2016 end I had sell all of my cars and also fire all of my drivers who had been working for 4 years for me as I was finding it hard to keep the boat afloat and pay them on time. Horrific experience.

  • Alisha Will
    Alisha Will Month ago

    Yeah that’s one reason I left Houston and Austin and San Antonio fucking Niggas

  • Beni O'Hea
    Beni O'Hea Month ago

    Also uber will fire someone based on complaints despite not verifying the validity of these complaints or even asking for further information from the person making said claims. They don't even make it so that drivers can easily contact Uber if there's an issue with their account or they need information on how to handle a situation. I used to think Uber was super handy until my boyfriend became an Uber driver and I realized just how fucked up it actually is.

  • brian milligan
    brian milligan Month ago

    Uber and Lyft are terrific. This is nonsense.

  • Zachary Woodford
    Zachary Woodford Month ago

    This automation argument is dumb. Self driving cars and trucks will never be on the road without an operator.

  • Iron Ox
    Iron Ox Month ago

    Never had a problem with any taxi, They were always polite, and got me to my destination as fast as possible.

  • Carlos Caro
    Carlos Caro Month ago

    You spelled gruel incorrectly at 11:01.

  • Ulises de la luz
    Ulises de la luz Month ago

    I don’t use Uber but even this statement is retarded.
    If Uber was terrible, a true terrible thing then it wouldn’t have been a success.

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson Month ago

    It’s spelled “gruel,” not “groul.” Where did you find that spelling, anyway?

  • JDMC Music Aus
    JDMC Music Aus Month ago

    And most of the time taxis take half an hour or more to pick you up where as uber only take up to 10 minutes

  • JDMC Music Aus
    JDMC Music Aus Month ago

    Would still rather uber it's more than half the price of taxis

  • E57384N
    E57384N Month ago

    I subscribed because of Roger, i unsubscribed because of Buzzfeed.

  • alex pitt
    alex pitt Month ago

    this is exaggerated quite a bit :p

  • The Money Maker Sports

    Something ? About this guy .I don't like!

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo Month ago

    Oh shit! Travis Bickle!
    Just awesome.

  • like,share and subscribe

    Biased review. But, I do push my wife very hard not use uber or lyft, not will I use either to go the airport when leaving the family at home. So biased....but not without some merit.

  • BVSchaefer
    BVSchaefer Month ago

    Being a commercial cab driver is one of the most dangerous jobs there is, and the whiniest group of people are the ones who use their service while feeling victimized by those very same workers.
    It is more likely that the passenger will assault the driver than the other way around and yet there are still no background checks required to be a passenger in a cab, Uber or Lyft car.
    If you're too scared to be a cab driver, don't be a cab driver.
    If you're too scared to be a passenger in a cab, buy a goddamn car.

  • David Kibler
    David Kibler Month ago

    Interesting he used NYC's rules on cab driver training and cab safety. Obviously he's never ridden in a NYC cab... it's regularly the most unsafe vehicle and driver ever. Every Uber trip I've had was good. Every cab ride I've had was bad.


    You, absolutely, did not present a good case. Absolutely nothing, is 100% perfect. Everything has flaws. 1-3% bad peoples get through. Even in law enforcement.

  • James Ahrens
    James Ahrens Month ago


  • Ian Stallings
    Ian Stallings Month ago

    You're no Rodger Horton sir.

  • nicolas jacobs
    nicolas jacobs Month ago

    They don't make 90 k bullshit, certainly not in Chicago market

  • codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeats Month ago

    uber like delivery service was an idea I had before uber came out... the more I thought about it the less I liked it.

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Month ago

    What about liability


  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Month ago

    Taxi driving is not hard in Florida I just went and got the license and I worked for a local company had good cars and good driver's

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Month ago

    Uber is terrible they are going to destroy the economy . They literally started without permission or any legal control they are not a successful business. They don't pay much after you include driving your own vehicle . They will fail and leave us with no taxis period

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    You also have to have been driving with a license for three years its not just a 13 minute video

  • masarati 73
    masarati 73 Month ago

    The government should require that Uber drivers have a NO CRIMINAL RECORDS, I BLAME THE DAMN SOB POLITICIANS THAT DON''T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE.

  • Max keeble
    Max keeble Month ago

    Oh no! Not a driver with a conviction for child exploitation.
    Nobody is putting their kids into an Uber vehicle to be taken to school or daycare. Get real, knock-off the sex-predator paranoia.

  • Max keeble
    Max keeble Month ago

    This 6 month old says fuck you too!
    I need my diaper changed now, so bye.

  • adinahwithkaden
    adinahwithkaden Month ago

    Taxi companies just need to come up with an app. It's the app that makes it cool. Payment is disclosed ahead of time and you have all the contact info of your driver. You can watch the drive in real time. It's the app that makes it. Why can't a taxi company do that too?

  • Jason Rockefeller
    Jason Rockefeller Month ago

    Taxis drag trips out to squeeze every dime outta you and they never have change when you want to pay with cash

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy Month ago

    Uber driver is a joke you make more money working at mcdonald

  • Brannen Thompson
    Brannen Thompson Month ago

    90k a year ? my arse 90k.

  • Green Envy
    Green Envy Month ago

    What's his point? That we should taxis instead of Uber? No thanks.

  • SEAL
    SEAL Month ago

    We the *Association of Albanian Taxi Drivers* approve this message

  • Michael str
    Michael str Month ago

    I didn't watch any video when I signed up for Lyft.
    It's in the best interest of the driver as well as the passenger to arrive safely in one piece.

  • Iain M. Uttridge
    Iain M. Uttridge Month ago

    And the drivers pay all repair and maintenance costs.

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez Month ago

    "Strangers come n pick you up" so like a taxi service.

  • Add Infinitum
    Add Infinitum Month ago

    I love this show and Daniel specifically because he's really good at presenting, but even better he says stuff like, "...To cut out the middleman, but here the middleman was a trained professional who was supposed to be looking out for your safety. I'm not trying to stand in the way of progress..." and then immediately follows it with "...People want convenience, and these services are just convenient as shit." It's great.

  • catothewiser
    catothewiser Month ago +1

    Cracked is so cucked that they have to fantasize the foreigner cabbie is a "Ukranian." No, they are likely from some shithole African country. And everyone knows this.

  • audiotron1003
    audiotron1003 Month ago

    In the UK I see these cars and prefer to use my usual local private hire taxi company. I won't support these drivers they just use database and the hard work and training that taxi drivers do goes out the window.

  • Christopher saberhagen

    Uber is for AP raised idiots.