• Published on Dec 2, 2016
    To celebrate we are finally revealing our personal rankings of all the Pixar movies! What is your favorite Pixar Movie?
    Thank you guys all so much for watching us for the past 4.5 years, and making TVclip possible for us, as long as you keep watching we'll keep making vids!
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Comments • 15 596

  • Lakela Deangelis
    Lakela Deangelis 16 hours ago

    The incredibles came out a few months before i was born my mom loved it so much she named me violet after her favorite character

  • Marianne Ghobrial

    are you really brothers

  • Marianne Ghobrial

    my favorite is WALL-E

  • Ashwath Ragade
    Ashwath Ragade 2 days ago

    Rank Harry Potter Books and Movies

  • Heather Jones
    Heather Jones 2 days ago

    Parents one: yes! I hated brave when it came out. Then I had a daughter... now it is one of my favorites.

  • FergusGaming
    FergusGaming 4 days ago

    Monsters, Inc came out before Finding Nemo did. Really you guys??

  • Tim Norton
    Tim Norton 5 days ago

    As a father, Finding Nemo and Inside Out were very different for me than if I weren't a father. Monster's Inc Too really. My daughter looked and sounded exactly like Boo when the movie came out. When Riley was on the bus and then came home and finally cried I bawled my eyes out. It was so bad my kids (teenagers at the time) didn't even mess with me.

  • nyoom nyoomz
    nyoom nyoomz 5 days ago

    1. WALL E
    2. The Incredibles
    3. Toy Story
    4. Up
    5. Inside Out

  • Jolene Chitwood
    Jolene Chitwood 6 days ago

    XD"thank you being here for 4 and a half years"

  • Shelby Gregory
    Shelby Gregory 6 days ago

    MU being at the bottom of the list is a travesty but otherwise well done!!

  • s dm
    s dm 7 days ago

    Finding Nemo, Monsters inc, Inside Out

  • s dm
    s dm 7 days ago

    you 're such nerds and I LOVE IT

  • Elana Rangel
    Elana Rangel 9 days ago

    What about Coco?

  • Juan c Gonzalez
    Juan c Gonzalez 9 days ago

    The sequels are mostly on my middle/tops because I grew up with THEM instead of the first ones.

  • rosasutubechannel
    rosasutubechannel 12 days ago

    DEFINITELY! Everything I watch is colored and effected by being a parent.
    There's so many sceans that just barely even affected me before I had kids. I did understand, but I diden't really comprehend how it would feel. Sceans like that just become heartbreaking.
    An extra thing not everyone realizes is that it dose not just change when you have a kid it drastically changes when your kid is no longer a baby too.

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 12 days ago

    I was born the same year is the incredible

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 12 days ago


  • Silver Twist
    Silver Twist 13 days ago

    More ranking videos

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 14 days ago

    Could you do email GIVEAWAYS? Srry caps.

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 14 days ago

    If you do a giveaway, I won't be able to enter cause I don't have a Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 14 days ago

    I would love it if people would donate me MONEY so I could buy movies from Disney and pixar for Christmas. But instead I get bombarded with hair products because one day I wore something nice in my hair. ....... and my brother gets all the cool stuff

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 14 days ago +1

    I luv pixar but... I apparently don't have a childhood for not seeing mulan and finding dory but... in school I was the only one who liked and knew about Harry potter . Then everybody else found out. Yea, I'm not ashamed of not seeing most Disney and pixar movies. But I'm more of a pixar person. One of my favourite Disney movies is Pocahontas and rapunzel and Moana. My fav pixar movie is The Incredibles.

  • Scarlett Jensen
    Scarlett Jensen 14 days ago

    #ME ME

  • Meghna Sequeira
    Meghna Sequeira 14 days ago

    ummmm that wholleeeee top tier???????

  • trulylashton
    trulylashton 14 days ago

    1)Monsters inc
    2) Toy story 2
    3)Incredibles 2
    4) coco
    5) the incredibles
    6)Inside out
    7) Toy story 3
    8) Toy story
    9) Finding dory
    10) Monsters university
    11) Finding Nemo
    12) The good dinosaur
    13) Cars
    14) Up
    15) Cars 3
    16) Ratatouille
    17) A bugs life
    18) Wall-E
    19) Brave
    20) Cars 2

  • Quick Flash
    Quick Flash 15 days ago

    I kinda liked ratatouille more than nemo

  • Ingvild Kvakestad
    Ingvild Kvakestad 18 days ago

    My top 5
    1 inside out
    2 cars
    3 up
    4 ratatouille
    5 toy story all
    I watched Wall-e way to young so it just bored me but it is incredible

  • Brian Storm
    Brian Storm 18 days ago

    I'd say:
    1. The Incredibles
    2. WALL-E
    3. Inside Out
    4. Up
    5. Toy Story 3
    6. Finding Nemo
    7. Toy Story
    8. Monsters, Inc.
    9. Toy Story 2
    10. Ratatouille
    Yeah, I like Toy Story better than Toy Story 2, and Finding Nemo is just special to me :P A Bug's Life gets an honourable mention.

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 21 day ago

    When i heard 9 toy story i got chills

  • Zach Chambliss
    Zach Chambliss 21 day ago

    My number 1 is moana

  • Elana Rangel
    Elana Rangel 21 day ago


  • Elana Rangel
    Elana Rangel 21 day ago


  • Elana Rangel
    Elana Rangel 21 day ago

    WHY IS TOY STORY 2 SO LOW????!!!!

  • Hannah McKay
    Hannah McKay 22 days ago

    How did toy story 3 get so high it sucks

  • Mfm ad
    Mfm ad 22 days ago

    The incredibles is the BEST PIxar movie hands downnnnn!!! 👏😍😍

  • Jenna Campbell
    Jenna Campbell 23 days ago

    I honestly really did not like The Good Dinosaur. I kinda expected it to be lower down on the list. :P

    THE GAMEZ 24 days ago

    Finding Nemo should be higher

    THE GAMEZ 24 days ago

    Can you rank the emotions from inside out

  • Marvel man 28
    Marvel man 28 24 days ago

    Tbh inside out is pretty low for me I never clicked w it

    • Blair christie
      Blair christie 8 days ago +1

      Yep me too I was quite disappointed when I watched it

  • 1withwolves
    1withwolves 25 days ago

    I wish i could like inside out as much as everyone else. Lol. I just couldnt get into it... like i stopped it half way through and started a new movie. I did finish it, but i just couldnt get into it. :/

  • Sam Galaxy
    Sam Galaxy 26 days ago

    My list 5-1
    1. The Incredibles
    2. Toy story 3
    3. Toy story 2
    4. Toy story
    5. Ratatouille

  • Jolene Chitwood
    Jolene Chitwood 27 days ago

    Omg! do this again I wanna know where coco fits in.

  • NewWaveFreak 1988
    NewWaveFreak 1988 27 days ago

    All 3 toy story movies were amazing. But in my opinion 3 wasn’t as good as the first two. Maybe because of nostalgic purposes. I’m scared 4 will be like modern day overly hyper characters that will be easy to predict. Monsters University was really good too. Not as good as the first but still good. Great prequel and it explains even little details like Randal’s squinty eyes.

  • Sarah Reid
    Sarah Reid 28 days ago

    little do they know.. HEY J CAN U ANSWER THAT NOW haha

  • Samantha Hogan
    Samantha Hogan 28 days ago

    Finding Nemo was the fourth Pixar movie to be released monsters ink was released before it

  • imaginaryobserver
    imaginaryobserver Month ago +1

    Focusing on the villain's back story would also clear up some the problems with bad super sequels.

  • Lena's
    Lena's Month ago +1

    Why for you guys is Ratatouille at 10 one of my favorite Pixar movies other than Finding Dory and up well actually Ratatouille comes up to for me as my second favorite first is Finding Dory and my third favorite is up

  • Lucas Musico
    Lucas Musico Month ago

    My following lists are based off of OPINIONS if you get mad gimme all your hate comments and dislikes and if you think toy story isn’t good you are an uncultured swine... toy story deserves a list of its own.
    My top five are:
    5. Brave
    4. Cars 2
    3. Monsters incorporated
    2. Wall-E
    1. Zootopia

    Bottom 5:
    5. Cars
    4. Cars 3
    3. Finding dory
    2. Toy story 1
    1. A bugs life

    And if zootopia ain’t a Pixar movie then toy story 2 becomes 5 and Wall-E becomes 1

  • XxBlossom-1003579xX
    XxBlossom-1003579xX Month ago +1

    Here’s my Top 5 Pixar Movies List:

    5. Cars
    4. Up
    3. Toy Story 3
    2. Inside Out
    1. Finding Nemo
    And my Bottom 5:
    (The list may be controversial to some people)
    16. Incredibles 2
    17. Coco
    18. Finding Dory
    19. Monsters University
    20. The Good Dinosaur

  • Starpower44 '
    Starpower44 ' Month ago

    Incredibles 1 over everything

  • ArinInQuotes
    ArinInQuotes Month ago

    Top 5 for me:
    1. Wall-e
    2. Up
    3. Finding Nemo
    4. Incredibles
    5. A Bug's Life
    (Haven't seen Inside Out though!)

  • Coolkid_gammez565 Gamer

    My top 5 is
    5 inside out
    4 the incredibles
    3 toy story
    2 toy story 2
    1 Toy story 3

  • denaxion jaxton
    denaxion jaxton Month ago

    Ratatouille wow, yeah I forgot about that disaster. It was such a bad film. it would have been way down on my list.

  • denaxion jaxton
    denaxion jaxton Month ago

    Between the cars trilogy and a bugs life I can't determine which of the four was movies I liked the least.

  • NolanCho
    NolanCho Month ago

    Wall e is the best. The good dinosaur is misunderstood.

  • Greygoose c5
    Greygoose c5 Month ago

    How old are you guys, saying you had Incredibles in your moms mini van as a kid, Incredibles came out when I was in 8th grade 😂 I feel old.

    Rose CAMPBELL Month ago

    My two favs wall-eeeeeeeeee & the incredibles! ❤️❤️

  • Mostafa aboseif
    Mostafa aboseif Month ago

    1- The Incredibles
    2- Monsters Inc
    3- Monsters University
    4- Toy Story
    5- Cars
    6- Toy Story 3
    7- Wall-E
    8- Toy Story 2
    9- Ratatouille
    10- A Bug's Life
    11- Finding Nimo
    12- Inside Out
    13- Finding Dory
    14- Brave
    15- The Good Dinosaur
    16- Up
    17- Cars 2

  • Socially awkward But still awesome

    tables > subscribers

  • Sean Fitzsimons
    Sean Fitzsimons Month ago

    Yes!! Finally someone agrees with me. Incredibles is the best!

  • taylorharmonies
    taylorharmonies Month ago

    My ranking of Pixar movies (using only the ones seen here)
    Low tier
    17. Cars 2
    16. Monsters University
    Mid tier
    15. A Bug's Life
    14. The Good Dinosaur (worth mentioning I never have seen the first four movies on this list)
    13. Brave
    12. Ratatouille
    11. Cars
    High tier
    10. Finding Dory
    9. Toy Story 3
    8. The Incredibles
    7. Monsters Inc
    6. Toy Story
    Top tier
    5. Finding Nemo
    4. Inside Out
    3. Toy Story 2
    2. Up
    1. WALL-E

  • pinkcarnation165
    pinkcarnation165 Month ago +1

    The only perfect trilogy??? ExCuSE ME? Did you guys miss the ultimate trilogy, the absolute, indisputable perfection, the 2001-2003 Lord of the Rings movies???!

  • raerae1281
    raerae1281 Month ago

    Ok I never got this- why do you call the comment section the towel section?

  • Bronson Loftin
    Bronson Loftin Month ago

    Glad you made it out! 1000º is HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT.

  • pretty pessimist
    pretty pessimist Month ago

    My Top 5:
    5.Monsters Inc
    4.Finding Nemo
    2.Toy Story 3

  • Ryan Hota
    Ryan Hota Month ago

    You are 1.7 mil now. Mind blown yet.

  • Baylor Blum
    Baylor Blum Month ago

    1.Incredibles 2 this movie was so awesome that I even think that it is better than the first movie I think they hit it out of the ballpark

  • Taylor Logun
    Taylor Logun Month ago

    My favourite Pixar movie is Brave so I was very disappointed.

  • Cindy Helms
    Cindy Helms Month ago

    Why is the very first Pixar movie I'd ever see and made me actually _want_ to learn to make the Namesake dish at 10? That'd be number 1 for me.
    Brave was the very first Pixar... not even Pixar... just... the first ever *movie* I'd seen at a Drive-in theater... That'd be 2 for me.

  • Cole Coster
    Cole Coster Month ago

    Cars should be way higher. It’s one of the best!

  • TotallyWafflez
    TotallyWafflez Month ago

    Please don't be offended but... Monsters University is a great film.

  • Ethan Klumph
    Ethan Klumph Month ago

    Hate inside up and wally and up

  • David Messer
    David Messer Month ago

    The Incredibles shouldn't be #1. Maybe #3.
    It's really hard to beat Inside Out.

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers Month ago

    2 new Pixar movies, need a new list. Y'all should find some way to just keep a running list

  • Lila Piyel
    Lila Piyel Month ago

    wall-e scares the heck out of me. don't ask why lol it reminds me of that black mirror episode

  • Gordo Mexican
    Gordo Mexican Month ago


    jk... but brace still is one of my top ones

  • Aine Rose
    Aine Rose Month ago

    My favourite Pixar movie is brave..... it was one of the last 😭

  • james hamaker
    james hamaker Month ago

    I watched alot of them. My favorite, is brave.

  • Morgan Stiefvater
    Morgan Stiefvater Month ago

    Are you gonna do an updated list for 2 million subs? Because that would be really cool. As I'm typing this at the end of August 2018, you're at 1.7M, so it's definitely possible, and there have been several Pixar movies since this video.

  • Emerald Soccer
    Emerald Soccer Month ago

    The Incredibles is my favorite too!!!!!!

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James Month ago

    All Finding Nemo did was remind me of how much I hated that stupid, animal abuser of a dentist. I hope the next animal he encounters is an aggressive carnivore.

  • DolphinNubsRcool
    DolphinNubsRcool Month ago +1

    My personal top 5:
    1) InsideOut- Its so funny but sad at the time. The storyline is amazing and this movie makes me wonder
    2) Finding Nemo- I'm very passionate about the ocean and this story is just so good!
    3) The Incredibles- This movie is just so good! The family I feel like could be a real family with or without the power concept. And one the only Pixar movies that doesn't try to make you cry
    4) Coco- This movie was so beautiful and the animation was incredible! And don't let me get started on the storyline.
    5) Up- in the first ten minutes I was crying like a baby. But I love the storyline so much. They made a obvious myth into something that seems true!

  • Aarem Emmen
    Aarem Emmen Month ago

    Mine is big hero 6 . The last scene made me cry😭

  • Anna Swayne
    Anna Swayne Month ago +2


  • Chris Lockhart
    Chris Lockhart Month ago

    Toy story is the worst

  • Danielle Garris
    Danielle Garris Month ago

    My list is literally the same as Ben

  • Super Everything King


  • Little Quiet Heart
    Little Quiet Heart Month ago

    They got a Table. Table. Table.

  • I'm a Dancer
    I'm a Dancer Month ago

    yassssss the incredables is my fav and its #1

  • Annie Colton
    Annie Colton 2 months ago

    They can't drive a truck.... Lol

  • Christopher Entsminger
    Christopher Entsminger 2 months ago

    Monsters inc came out before finding nemo

  • Ashley Hammond
    Ashley Hammond 2 months ago

    UPDATEEEEEE especially with Incredibles 2

  • Lucy Graham
    Lucy Graham 2 months ago

    How could you have the good dinosaur and finding dory in tier 3! They're amazing.

  • Lucy Graham
    Lucy Graham 2 months ago

    Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc.

  • Brent V
    Brent V 2 months ago +1

    *My list of the (now) 20 Pixar movies*
    (I haven't seen Incredibles 2 yet, but I know that Cars 2 will still be at the bottom)
    20. Cars 2
    18. Brave
    17. Cars 3
    16. Monsters University
    15. A Bugs Life
    14. The Good Dinosaur
    13. Finding Dory
    12. Cars
    *TIER TWO*
    10. Toy Story
    9. Toy Story 2
    8. Finding Nemo
    7. Toy Story 3
    6. Monsters Inc
    *TIER ONE*
    5. Up
    4. Inside Out
    3. The Incredibles
    2. Coco
    1. Wall-E
    I have a feeling that Incredibles 2 will fall somewhere in tier 3...It looks great, but not incredible. I doubt it can crack what is already a damn solid top 10.

  • Kolton Delong
    Kolton Delong 2 months ago +1

    My top five
    1)ratatouille- it was one of the first Pixar movies I remember watching and it was phenomenal every time!
    2)coco- while newer I loved the story and oh my god don’t even get me started on the animation! Also the ending made me cry so hard and I learned that family is what matters most and that even if you fight you still love them.
    3)the incredibles- it’s a classic! I loved the story and how it wasn’t all about the super hero’s it was about family, it was insanely funny and I fell in love the second I watched it
    4)Up- the reason why up isn’t at the top is because I never understood it as a kid, but re watching it I fell in love and just Jesus I cried so hard and laughed a lot too!
    5)toy story 3- the animation was amazing and the story was more compelling than the others they had a great villain and I’m so happy they didn’t do what most movies would do and keep the no aging thing to milk it! But over all it was an amazing movie and I cried a lot.

  • Benjamin Lura
    Benjamin Lura 2 months ago +1

    19 Inside Out
    18 Brave
    17 The Good Dinosaur
    16 Ratatouille
    15 Coco
    14 A Bugs Life
    13 Cars 3
    12 Toy Story
    11 Monsters University
    10 Cars
    9 Up
    8 Toy Story 2
    7 Toy Story 3
    6 Cars 2: Don't care what the haters sees.
    5 Wall-E
    4 Finding Dory
    3 Finding Nemo
    2 Monsters Inc
    1 The Incredibles.

    • Lamborghini Cars
      Lamborghini Cars 2 months ago +1

      Benjamin Lura WALL-E is the best

    • Brent V
      Brent V 2 months ago

      Not gonna hate on your opinion of Cars 2, but shocked on how you have Inside Out at the bottom :o

  • Narjie La Mangue
    Narjie La Mangue 2 months ago

    The incredibles!!!!!😍

  • Narjie La Mangue
    Narjie La Mangue 2 months ago

    Cars is my baby, like that's my childhood all of it - crushed me to see it in the third quarter

  • Soshi 0805
    Soshi 0805 2 months ago

    I'm really not fine with Ratatouille being so low 💔 2nd on my list. It's a beautiful movie. The one movie I would never mind rewatching hundreds of times